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Two people in need came together to see themselves out of a tight corner in the Larkround Empire. The King of Larkround, Princess Violet’s father had passed away, leaving a huge debt to pay back to the state. A state project led by the Royal Family had failed, and the King died amidst the protest that the state had started at the Royal family, demanding that they be killed for failing at the project.

While this was going on, the illegitimate son of Duke Blooming, Winter Blooming, needed a title in order to become the Duke after his father. He was the oldest son of Duke Blooming and should have easily been awarded that title, but the mere fact that he was an illegitimate son as well as the fact that his mother was a foreigner, made it difficult, and nearly impossible for him to earn that title.

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Part 1: Main Story of What It Means To Be You

What It Means To Be You Manga

What It Means To Be You narrates that in order to earn a title in Larkround, it usually came either by succession or by marriage and for Winter Blooming to acquire the position of Duke after his father, he had to get married to royalty to cement his chances. He was in luck, however.

I say so because it was at a time when the King of Larkround had died, leaving his family in debt and in need of a way out following the protests of the people of Larkround. Winter Blooming was wealthy and offered most of his wealth and property to help the Royal family pay their debts.

So, he got into an arranged marriage with Princess Violet, the daughter of the late King of Larkround after paying off their debts. Being such a charming young man, Princess Violet fell in love with Winter Blooming at first sight. But on the day of their wedding, something happened.

After paying off the debts of the Royal family, and successfully getting married to Princess Violet, an announcement was made by Violet’s older brother, Ash Lawrence. He announced and thanked Winter Blooming for helping to pay off the debt of the Royal family, and at the same time, made the announcement that the Royal family was ridding and stripping themselves of all titles of nobility.

There was nothing Royal about them anymore, and they were now merely the Lawrence family. This single move made by Ash Lawrence had made the reason Winter Blooming married Princess Violet turn to waste.

Winter Blooming could no longer become the Duke anymore given that Violet was no longer a Princess. He had been robbed and turned into a laughing stock in Larkround. Of course, Winter Blooming was mad.

In What It Means To Be You, right there during the wedding reception, he abandoned and walked out on Violet. The Blooming family was also upset, and attacked Violet, telling her that she was a scam and had no right to be in the Blooming family. But, well, they were already officially married.

This was the beginning of the tragedy of Violet Lawrence’s life. The last straw of frustration that Violet Lawrence could take was when Winter Blooming was leaving for a business trip on the day of an event his mother was hosting. Violet wanted him to go to the event with her, but he refused.

Of course, he was still upset about what her family did to him, especially for the fact that he lost a lot of money as a result.”Return my money or bestow me a title.

If not, just stay quiet and don’t make any trouble, Winter Blooming had said to Violet. She was sure that she would be ridiculed at the party, and she was not wrong at all.

From the family doctor not believing that she was ill, to the fact that Winter Bloomings’ half-brother, Lord Diev Blooming who was the heir to the Duchy since Winter was illegitimate made sexual advances at her, it all came crashing for Violet Lawrence. She could not take it anymore.

She over dozed on a dangerous pill and died on her bed. But Violet woke up the next day, feeling brand-new. Even the regular headaches that she used to feel were no longer there. She felt like a new person, unknown to her that she was no longer Violet Lawrence but had switched bodies with Winter Blooming.

Yes, Violet woke up as Winter Blooming. Shocked, she took on Winter Bloomings’ life, attending to his businesses and acquiring everything that he handled, except that, she still carried her usual”Violet Lawrence aura, and had to consciously make adjustments anytime she was suspected.

The real Winter Blooming, on the other hand, had become Violet Lawrence, with a”Winter Blooming temperament. Read the book to find out how Violet Lawrence and Winter Blooming lived their lives feeling What It Means To Be You, and what it means to be each other.

Part 2: Main Characters of What It Means To Be You

Violet Lawrence

What It Means To Be You Violet Lawrence

The lead female of What It Means To Be You, and a former Princess of Larkround, she faced a devastating life after her father, the King of Larkround died.

Already married to Winter Blooming in order to make up for the debts that her family owed, her brother connived with other members of the Lawrence family, and scammed Winter Blooming, preventing Winter Blooming from acquiring the title of Princess, which was the reason he married Violet Lawrence in the first place.

As a result of this, Winter neglected Violet throughout the three years of their marriage until Violet decided to end it all by committing suicide. However, she died, but then she woke up the following morning in Winter Bloomings’ body, feeling his thoughts, and experiencing life as Winter Blooming, thus, understanding What It Means To Be You – Winter Blooming.

Winter Blooming

What It Means To Be You Winter Blooming

The lead male of What It Means To Be You, he was the illegitimate son of the Duke of Larkround, and his mother was a foreigner. Ordinarily, he would have been heir to the position of Duke Of Larkround, but because of his controversial status in his family, he didn’t stand a chance.

As a result, he sought to acquire the position by marrying into a royal family, since he could not acquire it through inheritance.

He paid off the debt owed by the Royal family and in return was handed Violet Lawrence as a wife so that he could acquire her title and become Duke Of Larkround, but he was scammed and double-crossed by the Lawrence family, and despised his wife Violet for it, even though she had no idea that her family planned to scam him.

When Violet Lawrence committed suicide and swapped into his body, he, Winter Blooming took over Violet’s body, feeling her thoughts, and experiencing life as Violet Lawrence, thus, understanding What It Means To Be You – Violet Lawrence.

Part 3: Evaluate What It Means To Be You

What It Means To Be You Full Book

What It Means To Be You is a solid book. The author did severe justice to the book and it is easy to acknowledge the fact. Little wonder the reader’s comments about the book are full of delight and praise.

The pace, the plot, the characters, and the continuity of the book are all top-notch and guaranteed to make What It Means To Be You a choice read and recommended book by readers. I guarantee a hundred percent that this book is worth every page and second of your time.

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