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Who said that cultivation depends solely on a person’s fate or karma in the past? In The Immortal Emperor Returns novel, Chu Xun has been a prisoner for a couple of lifetimes ago due to a false charge. There, he died due to his cellmates’ endless beatings a moment before he was released.

Death transmigrated Chu Xun’s physique to an entirely different realm, where he has no other choice but to cultivate. Having revenge in his mind, he hopes to initiate The Immortal Emperor Returns in himself. So, The Immortal Emperor Returns three thousand years afterward, with his ability to manipulate heaven and earth.

Now that Chu Xun has returned as the immortal emperor, he still wishes to find out the truth about the person behind the scene of his death in the past. Only then, he would be the master of his destiny and make sure that the destiny doesn’t repeat itself. Can Chu Xun, do it all?

Part 1: The Breath-Taking Cultivation Stories Of The Immortal Emperor Returns Novel

The Immortal Emperor Returns Dreame Novel Read

The stories of The Immortal Emperor Returns novel on the Dreame platform start by telling us the background stories of Chu Xun, the MC, in Kongshan Prison located 25 kilometers south of Gujiang City. Chu Xun was here because of a false allegation, and every day, suffering from his cellmates has been his bread and butter.

Fortunately, the heaven is merciful toward him, and Chu Xun is granted a cultivation opportunity a few seconds after his terrible and painful death in the hands of his cellmates.

He only requires three thousand years to reincarnate as The Immortal Emperor Returns, who has the ability to manipulate heaven and earth… However, magical ability is never his goal. Instead, he wants to find out the backgrounds behind his murders in the past.

So, Chu Xun decides to use his entire cultivation points to get back to his physically vulnerable human form. Even so, his cultivation abilities in The Immortal Emperor Returns novel permit him to release techniques to adjust to the outside’s temperature by controlling his Qi’s streams. Such things surprise the warden and also his former cellmates.

Now, it’s all up to Chu Xun in learning the truth behind the people who murder him and the murder scenes that happened in the past. The Immortal Emperor Returns and Chu Xun intends to be the master of his destiny. History shall not repeat, and he would learn something through the cultivation phases!

Part 2: Meet The Awesome Characters Of The Immortal Emperor Returns Book

Chu Xun

The Immortal Emperor Returns Chu Xun

Chu Xun was one of the prisoners in Kongshan Prison before the start of The Immortal Emperor Returns stories. He was there because some people accuse him of committing crimes that he never does, and he died after several brutal beatings from other cellmates.

Since heaven is merciful toward Chu Xun and he has an impressive cultivation ability, he gets to reincarnate as Immortal Emperor Chu. In The Immortal Emperor Returns, when Chu Xun gets back to his human side, he still has the techniques and cultivation abilities that permit him to stay physically prime while studying his past life.

Li Hu

The Immortal Emperor Returns Li Hu

With his nickname as the Old Tiger, Li Hu of The Immortal Emperor Returns is one of the most ferocious and brutal cellmates of Chu Xun. He is also the most persistent cellmate to physically hurt Chu Xun, and use dirty means to make excuses to the warden. The warden trusts him more than Chu Xun for some unknown reasons.

Unlike Chu Xun who ended up in prison because of a false accusation, Li Hu in The Immortal Emperor Returns used to be a gang leader before he was thrown into prison. So, fist fights are not foreign things for him. However, Chu Xun’s magnificent Qi restoration skills drive him crazy as he thinks it doesn’t make any sense.

Warden Li

The Immortal Emperor Returns Warden Li

Warden Li is the prison guard in charge of the Kongshan Prison in The Immortal Emperor Returns novel. As the warden, of course, Warden Li knows the physical capacities of the prisoners, including Chu Xun and Li Hu.

In The Immortal Emperor Returns book, Warden Li is the first person to feel astonished upon seeing Chu Xun’s magnificent Qi manipulation abilities. Yet, unlike the merciless Li Hu, he is willing to set Chu Xun free when it is officially his release time.

Part 3: Meet The Author Of The Immortal Emperor Returns

The Immortal Emperor Returns by Xiu Guo

Reading the novel’s themes and the author’s name makes us think that Xiu Guo, the author of The Immortal Emperor Returns novel on the Dreame platform, is Chinese. Like any other Eastern Asian author, the platforms where the author publishes the novel become the only hopes for us to witness the novel’s updates.

Xiu Guo may be a new writer on the Dreame platform with only more than 200 visitors to the profile and no followers up until now.

However, The Immortal Emperor Returns has been well-known on many other online platforms, as well as Xiu Guo’s name is the person behind the novel’s success. Until now, Xiu Guo is still actively updating The Immortal Emperor Returns, and the novel itself has reached more than 900 chapters.

Like any other Eastern fantasy reincarnation novel, The Immortal Emperor Returns has more than ten free chapters to read. It’s because the reincarnation (or cultivation) world’s timeline can go for thousands of years, just like Chu Xun’s cultivation of his Immortal Emperor self.

Another thing: There are so many lessons from the past that Xiu Guo as the author wishes for the readers to learn through Chu Xun, the MC.

I would say that this novel is one of the most believable cultivation novels. Even though Chu Xun’s power sounds like overpowered, it really doesn’t… All you need to do:

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