Steamy Chapters from The Baller By Vi Keeland


The Baller by Vi Keeland is a refreshing story that has gained the hearts of millions of readers around the world. The author has created a unique love game narrative that is amusing, invigorating and sexy.

The constant witty remarks between Delilah and Brody are delicious and you’ll find yourself flipping page after page without taking a break. You’ll see that it’s the kind of novel that lures you right into the story as you’ll find yourself madly in love with Brody Easton.

He is the perfect jock. He is, of course, good-looking, amusing, he always has the right answer for everything but he is also compassionate and caring towards others.

It surprised me that such an arrogant ladies man was so friendly to everyone around, including his staff and that he was acquainted with their personal problems! He even knew that the guard’s daughter recently broke her arm! If that’s not a keeper, I don’t know who is!

The female lead character, Delilah, is his match made in Heaven. She is the feisty daughter of a former football quarter-back, who doesn’t care about the rumors of her having a ‘magical vagina’ for winning a football sport reporter position over the thirty men who applied.

She does her job well and professionally carries on with her interview even when Brody drops his towel and remains butt-naked in front of her.

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Part 1: The Main Story of The Baller

The Baller Romance

The story is actually a romantic game between a famous sports player and a professional sportscaster. He is a player both on the field and in his love life and the girl is adamant in keeping things professional with sportsmen.

As a new sports reporter, Delilah Maddox has to cover the New York Steel vs the Cowboys game. As soon as she reaches the men’s locker room, Brody lays his eyes on Delilah, completely taken aback by her beauty. He agrees to offer the interview but teases her throughout.

Instead of answering her questions, he has his own agenda and tries to embarrass her. He tugs the corner of his towel and drops it to the ground, revealing his package to Delilah. Fully surprised by his nakedness, the girl manages to compose herself and carry on with her interview.

Once their meeting is over, they both agree that the man is an asshole and carry on with their lives. Brody and Delilah meet again at the Baxter Bowl when the jock interrupts her dance with Michael.

She is there to take another interview and Brody takes advantage of the situation and flirts without shame. He keeps asking her out and she keeps turning him down. Curiously enough, the man even gets aroused during the interview, surprising the girl even further.

Their love game continues as they keep encountering each other on different several occasions until the girl finally sees a different side of the insensitive jock. Will she give in to his charming moves? You can only find out by reading the amazing Vi Keeland novel.

Part 2: Hot Chapters from The Baller By Vi Keeland

The Baller Story

Mark my words when I say this: if you haven’t had a good laugh in ages, you should definitely read The Baller chapters. The author has written the novel in a very entertaining way, super funny and engaging.

The Baller Chapter 1

Delilah Maddox is the new sportscaster for the World Media Broadcasting’s staff. She competed with more than thirty journalists for the position and she was the most qualified for the job. She goes to cover the New York Steel playing the Cowboys.

Delilah changes into something nice and goes into the men’s locker to interview the best player of the night, Brody Easton. The man only wears a towel wrapped around his waist and he is more than willing to offer the girl the interview she wants.

Brody asks his own questions to Delilah, interested in knowing how the girl feels about being in for the first time in the men’s locker. Before she could provide her answer, the man dropped his towel, revealing his nakedness. He even asks if she likes what she sees and the girl can only be amazed by the size of his… thing.

She congratulates him on the win, and as soon as the camera is off, she tells him he’s an asshole and the man totally agrees with the statement, smirking proudly.

The Baller Chapter 3

Driving to the Baxter Bowl with Indie, Delilah complains about how rude Brody was at the game. He is arrogant and she only wants to date nice and mannered guys. Michael invites her to dance and they are interrupted by none other than Brody.

The handsome man proceeds with a series of invitations to dinner and dessert that the girl declines. She reminds him though that he is a very rude person and he again agrees with her.

The next game, the two meet again in the locker room, Brody wearing just a towel, again. This time, he keeps his body parts wrapped, but he get aroused, much to the girl’s surprise. For a moment there, he takes over her interview but Delilah regains control soon after, embarrassing the player.

Part 3: The Baller Review

The Baller Novel

I’ve only recently gotten familiar with Vi Keeland’s books, but I have to admit that I am obsessed with her writing. She doesn’t waste any time with unnecessary details, she bluntly introduces us to the plot.

Brody and Delilah are far from being a boring couple. You will love their bickering and their cat-and-mouse game. Our hero will chase our heroine from the first chapter of the novel and their weirdly interesting interactions will totally get you hooked.

I recommend reading the first chapters, The Baller will totally absorb you into the story. It’s the kind of book that you can’t let go of until you’ve finished it. You can find it on Dreame platform, and, there you can read the first few chapters for free.

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