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All her life, Emery have only wanted one single wish to come true.

That is to escape the hellhole she’s living, and be free to create a simple, harmonious family. For someone who’s been beaten, humiliated, and despised for her blinding beauty, she had lost interest of dreaming things lesser than that. A simple, peaceful life is enough to make her eternally happy. However, with her status as a slave of a powerful pack, she could only remain dreaming and rely on fate.

One particular night with the leader of all alphas and Emery’s life will never be the same.

Know if The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel is a good choice to read this month!

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Part 1: What The Alpha’s Hidden Child Is All About

The Alpha's Hidden Child - Emery and Kairo

Emery, the main heroine of The Alpha’s Hidden Child by Sand Kastle, can summarize her current status using two simple words: inescapable, and tormenting. As a slave of an infamous pack, Emery has seen and experienced every cruel things a werewolf is capable of doing. The devil will surely be astonished and embarassed once Emery begin telling stories of the horrors that happened in her own version of hell.

She’s been working as a slave for years since her mother was unjustly persecuted for a sin she didn’t even commit. And Emery has to pay the price for that, too, despite being such an innocent child when it all happened. Her freedom and control over her life has been taken as trophies, and it will take her for an eternity before she could regain that.

Not only was she bullied for her mother’s reputation, but for her timeless beauty, as well. Imagine that? They fear she might lead a battalion of men with just a whip of her hair, and steal their partners with her sweet smile. Which is why they’ve been trying their best to keep her on the leash, and strictly forbidding her from any unnecessary contact with the members.

(You’ll read all of Emery’s struggles in The Alpha’s Hidden Child Chapter 1 to The Alpha’s Hidden Child Chapter 7.)

What Emery thought would last forever abruptly changes soon as Alpha Kairo comes into the picture.

Alpha Kairo Huxley Ford is the beast in the entire universe of The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel. He’s infamous, and well-known throughout the town for his unmatched power, influential background, and relentless intelligence. Dubbed as the ‘alpha of the alphas’, Kairo has been hypnotizing, and charming the werewolf race since he was an infant. Just a mention of his name, and anyone who hears it will bend their knees.

The Alpha's Hidden Child - Alpha Kairo

On the night of his eighteenth birthday, Kairo receives the greatest, and most shocking surprise of his entire life. He just bumps into the most beautiful she-wolf he has ever seen. Right off the moment their eyes locked, Kairo knew she’ll be his mate for eternity.

Unfortunately, Emery is a slave, and Kairo has a long-term girlfriend. But even if the world ends that night, nothing will ever stop the both of them from consummating the bond they shared.

Their encounter bore a child, and Emery thought her ultimate dream has finally come true. Fate twisted the story even further when Kairo’s girlfriend announced they have a baby on the way.

Will Alpha Kairo sticks to his decision to claim Emery as his mate? Or he’ll put her aside as to not taint the immaculate reputation he’s been maintaining? And what will Emery do in the midst of it? Will she fight for her right on Alpha Kairo and their child and be selfless just for once?

This is what The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel can offer. The themes used to further intensify the plot—that provided substance for Emery’s story—are slavery, intense love, injustice, motherhood, and perseverance. Emery’s journey throughout the The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel perfectly captures the issues and problems that aren’t looked enough in our fast-paced society. Though the settings is ridiculously far from reality, the author discussed it with facts, and accuracy, making it believable and trustworthy.

Narrated in first person point of view, The Alpha’s Hidden Child Free Online novel will have its newly gained readers experience a fantastical and emotionally-provoking journey. Don’t stop reading and you’d know if it deserve a spot in your library!

Part 2: The Mind Behind The Alpha’s Hidden Child

Sand Kastle is the pseudonym of the mind behind The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel. She has written more than five novels, all published online, and each have its respective fanbases and over a thousand following. Her known masterpieces so far are The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel and Running Away with the Billionaire’s Baby. She attracts readers by diving into the mainstream fiction, and providing stories that perfectly aligns with the taste of young readers, and the female audience.

Because of that, she has gained enough recognition to call her a rising star. And like most of the authors I have met, she’s also an avid reader of romance. That became her inspiration to write her own.

Check out Broken Wolf

Part 3: Introductory Chapters of The Alpha’s Hidden Child

Chapter 1

The Alpha's Hidden Child - Emery

In The Alpha’s Hidden Child Chapter 1, Emery is introduced and right away, we get the glimpse of her inner and outer struggles as a slave of the pack. Her backstory, and how she ended up in such position was also put out. Emery’s reminisce was then interrupted by Caitlyn, the daughter of the Beta she’s serving, when she demanded her to be fast on washing the gown she’s going to use at the party.

Chapter 4

The Alpha's Hidden Child - Emery at the Party

Jumping to The Alpha’s Hidden Child Chapter 4, the day of the party has come. Secretly, Emery is gushing over with excitement. It’s the alpha’s birthday, and her first time to attend the pack’s party. Soon as she stepped into the forming crowd, each of the attendees were immediately blinded by her beauty, wondering, and in shock as to how they never seen such a maiden before.

Part 4: Thoughts on The Alpha’s Hidden Child and An Alternative Book from Dreame

Now that we’ve gone over the basic information of The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel, let’s finally answer the question, ‘should you read it?’.

It crucially depends on what the reader wants. If you fancy an easy-to-follow, fast-paced, and entertaining, then you’re on the right place. However, if you’re yearning for a story that will leave you sobbing, and staring at the wall for minutes, The Alpha’s Hidden Child novel might not be the avenue you’re looking for. You might find that experience in The Broken Wolf, instead.

The Broken Wolf is a book from Dreame, a werewolf fiction that will hook your attention from the very first line!

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