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Let’s begin with introducing the novel… the boss behind the game fandom is just incredible as I have earlier stated. We readers, have grown used to gaming and level-up novels that have games we never cared about knowing the origin. We just begin where the players have entered the interface… but in this story, it is different. This is about the creator, owner and beginning of the game called Battle Online. This book would make you view the virtual interfaces of the advanced gaming world from a different perspective.

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Part 1: The Main Characters Of The Boss Behind the Game

Lu Wu, is the main protagonist of the boss behind the game, he was a game creator, but was a loser in the business. He was about twenty seven years old, tall and surrounded with a dark aura.

Little Lolita who is actually Bei Li, is the second protagonist of the story. She was an ethereal being came to find Lu Wu in the human world. She was ageless at over three hundred years.

What happened? Let’s find out in the storyline…

Part 2: Alluring Storyline Of The Boss Behind the Game Fandom

First off, this novel is fat, like very long, ten pages won’t be enough to talk about it… therefore, we can only do a snippet of the storyline…

Lu Wu studied the practice of game development and had hopes for the profession, only problem was he had no audience. It was like he was invisible to the population of virtual game lovers. This continued until one day, when he was dejectedly seating at the park in Indigo City… a mini looking girl suddenly appeared before him. She sat on the wooden bench before him and informed him that he was to be the emperor of the underworld. She said it was his inheritance since his ancestor, the previous emperor, had lost his life trying to protect his world.

 the boss behind the game lu wu's ancestor

She explained that after his ancestor’s death, his subordinates rebelled against him and divided the underworld. Lu Wu couldn’t believe the nonsense this miniature being was spewing. She was so little that he began to address her as Little Lolita. But Little Lolita insisted she was telling the truth. Lu Wu was inclined to believe her after he suggested that they get a horse that would transport them to the underworld, since Little Lolita had insisted it’s where they had to go. But instead of accepting his suggestion, she would give him a gift. She said it was left behind by his ancestor.

It was a weird looking ring, and as soon as Lu Wu wore it on his ring finger, a dark portal opened before him, and he was swallowed by it. He was terrified, shut his eyes and after a few seconds, he opened them to find that he was in another world. This world was scary and dark, the moon was bloody and the rain drops from the sky was also red. He looked around to find Little Lolita who informed him that he was in the underworld. Wow, the place was real… she pointed out the palace to him. It was in ruin… she said that’s the only thing left from all he should have inherited from his ancestors.

Lu Wu was mad… he was angry at the subordinates who rebelled against his ancestor. But how was he to raise an army and fight them to reclaim his mandate? Little Lolita gave him another gift, it was a little dark orb. She said it was a war machine his ancestor was working on before his death. It had the power to raise an army of the undead from the spirit of the dead. Second problem was now where to find the spirit of the dead. There was none readily available, and therefore Lu Wu suggested that Little Lolita updated the orb and connect it to one of his games in the human world.

 the boss behind the game little lolita

When they returned, Lu Wu uploaded the orb as a game on his website and they began to wait for the first set of gamers to stumble upon the product. The plan was to use their spirits to raise the army of the dead. To attract gamers, Lu Wu and Little Lolita made the game free and on lower megabit. Now, who would be their first victim? What happens when a gamer die in the game? Does their spirit remain the same when they came out? Let’s see what we find in the hot chapters below…

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Part 3: Hot Popular Chapters Of The Boss Behind the Game

The Boss Behind the Game Chapter 4: the first batch of players

A gamer saw a blink on his computer, saw that it was a free game and with a low megabit, so, he downloaded it sharply and decided to explore…

He put on his headset, clicked on begin and unknowingly to him, his physical body slumped, while he found himself in a super real interface. He was shocked as to how real the environment looked, wondered why such an expensive game would be free and decided he loved it after he was killed.

The Boss Behind the Game Chapter 5: Experiencing the game

After this gamer was killed in the game, he returned to his body and tried to go back in immediately… but he was to wait for three hours. As he was lost in thoughts about this new game, his team contacted him.

They were about to enter their previous game. This player asked them to try the new one, offered money and they agreed. Lu Wu and Little Lolita watched as more victims trooped into the underworld.

 the boss behind the game first batchers

Part 4: Evaluation of The Boss Behind the Game

The boss behind the game fandom is quite an intriguing level-up, gaming story. It is the horror aspect of the gaming genre. It could almost be considered to have traits of science fiction based on the evidence of portal usages and appearance in other worlds. It is quite a good story to read while passing away time. I can assure you that there’s no dull moment i this action laddened story. A reader could forget their problems for a moment.

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