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The novel starts off in a light, upright tone with Ms. Cilo being appreciated for her work by her boss, Trivor. They had an interesting relationship, considering Catherine had to inform Trivor beforehand that she had no romantic interest in him and that she wanted to keep things professional. Despite still liking her, he accepted.

As things progressively get busier after Catherine’s promotion, Trivor messages her asking to go with him for a meeting to negotiate a partnership. In the process, we get introduced to their casual nature with each other and Trivor’s clear yet subtle interest in her. They eat at a restaurant after work, discussing the proposal for Texno on the following day.

Catherine wakes up the following morning and goes to the meeting with Trivor. Though, as they started procedures one thing was rather off. The use of Spanish was quite heavily emphasized, as Texno’s guard introduced the two in Spanish to the person who the meeting was with. As the person in question’s chair revolves around them, Catherine jumps back and freezes as she finds out that it was Raze.

Trivor asked Raze in Spanish whether the two knew each other formally. Raze replied, in Spanish, that they used to be lovers. In the meanwhile, Catherine very adorably freaks out and comes to the realization that she still loves Raze.

This was a pretty satisfactory beginning to the series that left a little to be desired and much to be found out, though like other novels it wasn’t convoluted or overly confusing for the reader. It felt natural, cool, and precise.

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Part 1: Main Theme of The Bride of the Billionaire

Representation of Bridal Events in the Novel

The Bride of the Billionaire is quite obviously a romance novel. Though, this takes on romance feels refreshing not in the sense that it’s unique, it just feels amazing in the simplicity and proper execution of what the author felt like. That in itself is a good description of the novel.

It is, on paper, what the author felt like writing without the need to censor feelings to appeal to a wider mass. That is the character of this novel!

The romance was done in a wholesome way, Raze and Catherine’s relationship is one that you envy but also detest considering the process leading up to it. Comedy is a common trope throughout this novel and I felt it was acceptable. The comedy isn’t out of place, feels right, and is hilarious on most occasions.

The novel has an overall lighter tone to it, it won’t get you crying over the tragedies of the characters but instead, it’ll have you crying in envy over the sheer beauty of the relationships that the author has formulated, the beautiful ending the author masterfully created and the ambient environment that you feel while reading through the novel.

Part 2: The Simplicity and Personality of Writing in The Bride of the Billionaire

Simplicity of the Writing

The author had no intention of making a novel that had any sort of emphasis on using dramatic words that fit the situation perfectly. Instead, a simple approach was undertaken which gets the message across, and that’s about it. This could be viewed as a negative by many, though there are various reasons why that isn’t quite the case.

The writer conveys their feelings and the character’s attitudes and personality through this simplistic stylization of words. Catherine’s character isn’t one that exerts an aura of being overly proper.

Therefore, scenes that revolve around her are usually written informally, as if the author was just having fun with it. There were even some scenes that broke the fourth wall, like Catherine reading The Bride of the Billionaire and telling people to check it out, considering that’s the reason she exists.

Moments like those really bring out the potential of this simple writing and I am all for it. When it needs to be, the words adapt to the situation. For example, Raze, being a billionaire probably has to deal with his fair share of formal situations, which is why the writing dials the informality down in his presence.

The only gripe I have is that grammar is inconsistent in the novel on some occasions and the novel could have overall been presented better in this regard, though the beauty isn’t especially tainted by this too much.

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Part 3: The Bride of the Billionaire Is Way Too Wholesome!

Wholesomeness in this Novel

This novel is a spiritual treat, nothing less than that. It is perfect for the type of reader that just wants to sit back, relax and tear up envying the situations that happen in the novel. The slight hints of realism in this novel paired with the happy moments after loads of buildup produce this wholesome aura that encompasses you and proliferates positive emotions.

Reading this novel makes you dislike darker-toned romance novels a bit more, considering they plague my level of enjoyment so much despite being master crafts in their own ways. The ending of this novel will have you perplexed in a good way. You desire more, and you start to understand that you should have been appreciating the novel way more beforehand but failed to do so.

The characters in this story are the selling point. Catherine and Raze fit each other so much despite their numerous differences, their drawbacks, and their tragic pasts. Both of them have so much personality and they develop throughout the novel to the point where they feel dependent on each other and inseparable.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks

Catherine and Raze Together

The Bride of the Billionaire is a novel that deserves, most certainly, deserves a read. Not just a read, but numerous reads.

The imperfection of this novel is its biggest strength, you not only form a connection with the characters, but you also form a connection with the author themselves. The characters are written nicely, the comedy is great, the romance has you feeling fuzzy and the beginning, middle, and end sections of this novel all felt strong.

There might be a slight inconvenience pertinent to the presentation of the overall text, but getting past that presents you with a beautiful amalgamation of personal feelings that were all put on paper by the author passionately. I definitely recommend you read this novel, there will be little to no regrets.

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