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Claire and her sister, Jennifer, were orphans. Their parents mysteriously died, and they had not the slightest explanation to it. Following the loss of their parents, Claire and Jennifer were taken to a foster home, and from there, different families adopted them but there was always a problem. None of the families that adopted them ever agreed to take to of them, and the sisters were not going to accept being separated, so they threw tantrums in these houses until they were returned to foster care.

Eventually, luck shone on them as a couple took an interest in both of them. Yes, Claire and her sister, Jennifer were adopted together and would live under one roof. Oh, the relief, the excitement they had. Claire could not let go of her sister for anything according to The Human Mated To Three Novel. She had to have her eyes on Jennifer, especially after losing their parents. On the day of the adoption, the girls packed up and left with the new couple who seemed to like them a little out of the ordinary.

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Part 1: Plot Of The Human Mated To Three

The Human Mated To Three Read Online

Claire and Jenniffer were sisters. Claire was seventeen and she was human even though her parents were werewolves. She had no idea by the way that her parents were not completely human and in fact were creatures that she never imagined actually existed. According to the plot of The Human Mated To Three, Claire’s parents died all of a sudden. It was as if they knew that they would die because of the aura they displayed while they were leaving home that day.

The news was told to Claire and Jenniffer who of course, didn’t take it lightly but at the end of the day, they were taken to foster care since they had no relation to trace. From foster care, different families adopted them, but none seemed to work out because they always adopted them separately and the sisters wanted to be together. Due to their longing to stay together, they always caused deliberate mishaps in these families, and the families would be forced to send them back to foster care, especially Claire.

One day, a fortunate family came by to adopt both girls. It appeared as if the family already knew about their existence according to The Human Mated To Three. Indeed, the family knew about the existence of the girls. The family that came to adopt the girls was the Alpha family from the pack that Claire’s parents belonged to. Claire’s father was the Beta of this pack before he died, and the pack had been looking for Claire and Jenniffer since they lost their Alpha.

Bear in mind that Claire and her sister did not know that they were from a lineage of werewolves. The Knight family adopted Claire and Jennifer and took them back to the pack. Claire could not believe her eyes when she was faced with what would now be her new home. The house was massive, and because she was not used to seeing so many people live together under one roof, she thought she would have a problem. Little did Claire know that she was looking at a packhouse and was surrounded by werewolves.

While that was a thing, Claire and her sister were given rooms in the massive house and received a cozy welcome from anyone they came across. It was much to the amusement of Claire because that was all she had ever wished for. A home to call for her and her sister. The girls were getting used to the place when Claire saw her mates. There were three of them. Yes, Claire was The Human Mated To Three. Claire’s mates were Alpha’s twin sons Stephen and Steven Knight, as well as their best friend Gwen.

Claire didn’t know what to make of the heaviness she felt whenever she saw them, and oh, these three stared at Claire without hiding it. Claire didn’t understand that either, but she could not deny that she felt a strong pull towards them, especially when they were with someone else and showing affection to that person. Because Claire did not know that werewolves were real, and that she might be one, she did not know what to make of her feelings, so she never approached them in an intimate way.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Human Mated To Three

Chapter 1

The Human Mated To Three Chapter 1

This chapter of The Human Mated To Three is important because it starts the course of Claire’s life especially her life after the death of her parents. After rejecting each and every family that had tried to adopt her, the right family eventually came through.

“Hello, my name is Tonya Knight, and this is my husband, Sean Knight. Sean and I grew up with your father, and when we found out about his passing, we looked for the two of you but could never find you until now.”

Those were words said by the wife of the Alpha of the pack that Claire’s parents were from before they died. Claire and Jenniffer were going to start a new life at the pack following what Tonya said to her. Tonya and her husband Sean were there to pick up Claire and Jenniffer for adoption.

Chapter 8

The Human Mated To Three Chapter 8

This chapter of The Human Mated To Three Novel is written from Stephen’s point of view. Stephen is one of the mates of Claire and the Alpha of the pack since the pack had been handed over to him and his twin Steven. Stephen was talking about Claire being his mate in this chapter. He stated clearly that he knew that he would share a mate with his twin brother, but what he did not see coming was that he would also share the same mate with Gwen, their best friend.

Gwen was born a day after Stephen and Steven, and they became close. Stephen also narrated that his mother had always known that he would have to share a mate with his brother, and she always made them promise to be able to share especially if the said mate is willing to accept both of them. The fact that Claire was The Human Mated To Three did not come as a surprise to her mates.

Part 3: Conclusion Of The Human Mated To Three

The Human Mated To Three Novel

An adventurous werewolf novel such as this is worth the read. The author took time out to create an appealing book that would keep readers in a trance. The Human Mated To Three first of all has a catchy title. How can someone have three mates? Can you imagine the sort of escapades that these mates would have with their one human, mate? I love the fact that the author, via the title of the novel alone, leaves a lot to our imagination.

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