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What we find in the story is a young woman completely isolated from the world by her very protective father. Why does she have to hide? What is it that the man isn’t telling her?

The Luna’s Hidden Destiny may not flit by seamlessly like some others, but you gradually come to feel its unrelenting grip.

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Part 1: Main Character of The Luna’s Hidden Destiny


The Luna's Hidden Destiny: Mila

She is a young woman just entering adulthood. Mila is a character that is really sort of hard to put in one category. Her random thoughts mean she’s unpredictable. Her attitude is neither arrogant nor indulgent. She really tries her best with whatever she is given.

I’m sure not a lot of people have the patience or the emotional bandwidth, to be isolated from society or other people for years. Mila copes however, learning everything she needs to from her very capable father who would do anything to keep her safe.

When trouble comes knocking and Mila is consumed with fear, she doesn’t cower or wait to be saved, but finds courage to protect her loved ones.

However, while Mila’s character in The Luna’s Hidden Destiny does seem typically of the strong heroine variant, I can’t help the slightest bit of impatience at her way of leaving things unsaid. Granted the emotional factors involved make a lot of things hard to say, nevertheless knowledge that concerns you should never be treated as trifle.

Mila lost her mother to an overly possessive Alpha who would rather see the woman dead than in the arms of another. However, the story seems to carry a lot more detail than her father is willing to admit. But of course, the truth always comes out in time.

Part 2: The Story of The Luna’s Hidden Destiny

The Luna's Hidden Destiny: Mila and Rowan

The Luna’s Hidden Destiny follows Mila who lives in seclusion with her father. They have lived this way for years, separated from the outside world for fear of the people who are after herself and her father. However, one cannot hide forever, and there are always the usual set of eyes watching your every move.

Mila has no idea what her life is supposed to mean. Her father is closed-mouthed about a lot of things and Mila learns to shut up and wait for the words to fall out of his mouth at some point when he cannot hold them in any longer.

As a wolf, it’s only natural that the moon goddess would bless you with your mate who will love and cherish you; Mila finds herself in a peculiar situation when she finally meets her mate. It’s not every day you meet your life partner, and through prison bars no less.

I enjoy how the author makes you really hyperaware of how suspended the future of the two people is. Kind of makes you burn with curiosity.

Rowan has always had strong opinions about the future Luna who would stay by his side. But how quickly everything he expected changes before his eyes when he meets his mate. Was this what they talked about? The absolute willingness to do whatever in order to please your mate?

He is scared that he might end up being a weak Alpha, but how quickly those worries go out the window. She’s right in front of him.

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Part 3: Evaluation of The Luna’s Hidden Destiny

The Luna's Hidden Destiny - Rowan

It might be a lot to take in for some, but The Luna’s Hidden Destiny is quite fascinating in what we can only call ‘its simplicity’. The author gives us some wonderful action scenes and plays with conventional themes. It works to give us that nostalgia we seem to crave at the best of times.

If I’m being overly critical, the characters sort of make me want to sigh. Their cluelessness is overbearing and frustrating. It is not that hard to open your mouth and question your existence. If something feels suspicious, why not say something about it?

The protagonist is the most shrouded in mystery. She goes about life, not knowing that her future might just contain the turbulence of a century. The adversity, the shadows of the past, the pain and sorrow of loss. It’s not unfounded to say the author did something right with the piece.

I must add though, that the novel is slow-paced, perfect for those who love something that will last long and give you a cool aftertaste. The plot feels like the run-of-the-mill werewolf story, but truly, the author advances the whole thing by a full 360.

You should expect a ton of love and anger from The Luna’s Hidden Destiny. The themes are sufficient to attract your full attention to it.

Part 4: Hot Chapter from The Luna’s Hidden Destiny

The Luna's Hidden Destiny: One Heart

Chapter 6 – Visitors in the Night

Mila awakened to a loud noise somewhere in the house. Her wolf, Calypso suggested she try to reach her father through the mind link. When Mila does so, she hears her father tell her to hide.

Her father’s frantic and strained tone caused Mila to turn anxious. Panic filled her as she felt the air grow thick around her. She noticed the two glowing, red eyes that rose at the end of her bed and Mila was frozen in place.

The deep voice of the intruder commented that they’d been watching her for a while.

After an exchange of words that confirmed that Mila’s father was in danger, she jumped up, catching the man in surprise as she lunged for the door. Though he was right at her heels, Mila threw back her leg and landed a hard kick straight to his gut.

She quickly ran to her father’s door that had already been ripped off its hinges and saw two other men holding him down. Her father yelled for her to run as anger filled him. However, Mila was reluctant to leave. She grabbed an iron fire poker in the corner and ran into the room. She slashed one of the intruders and her father fought his way out of that situation.

However, Mila and her father were unable to escape the situation completely and together.

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