Time To Howl Romance Again: Bride Of The Alpha King


The idea of living someone else’s life could be thrilling, exciting, and maybe even exhilarating. You get to start fresh a brand new life, in a completely new world, alongside new friends and family.

For Aria, who never experienced a mother’s love and a lover’s fidelity, transmigrating into the body of the Lycan King’s fiancée is definitely a dream come true. She is treated like a princess, she’s respected and most of all, loved.

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Part 1: Bride Of The Alpha King Storyline

Cheated by her boyfriend with her best friend, the girl decides to get her revenge and leaks a video of the two of them, trying to embarrass them in front of all their friends and family members.

Standing at the edge of a bridge, the girl doesn’t realize whether she jumps or she is pushed, she just knows she’s losing consciousness. Upon waking up, she’s confused as to why everyone keeps calling her Aria, tending to her, and assuring her that her parents are about to come to comfort her.

Bride Of The Alpha King Aria

As far as the woman knows, she has always been a lonely girl, an orphan, and unloved. So, who do those people mistake her for? When taking in the surroundings, she notices that everything looks strange, as if she’s in a different era, surrounded by strangers.

Soon enough, a beautiful woman saying she’s Aria’s mother shows up, trying to comfort the girl, promising to find a way to break her engagement with the Lycan King.

Lycan and King were definitely not words that Aria would use on a daily basis, as she never encountered in her life werewolves or high-ranked people.

Immediately after the mother, also comes the father, who also promises Aria to break her engagement, as her life is more important than anything else. It doesn’t matter if their kingdom is in danger, as long as Aria is happy.

The concern in the parent’s eyes determines Aria to protect them, so she decides to marry King Rhysand. After all, this is her new life, she can make the best of it, and feeling the warm love from her new parents means everything to her.

Soon, King Rhysand comes and the two of them finally meet. To Aria’s surprise, the Lycan is a hot guy, tall and has a dominating allure. He requests to speak with her alone and Aria agrees, even though she’s intimidated by his presence.

The Lycan King only searches for the approval of his wolf to marry Aria, so he gets close to her, smelling her enticing scent, and quickly turns around to leave, promising the girl they will see each other at the wedding.

Aria is left dumbfounded, curious whether the man’s wolf approved of their marriage or not. They eventually become husband and wife but there are many secrets that Aria will uncover regarding her new husband and his life.

No matter how drawn she will feel towards him, she will have to make a decision. Will she give the Lycan King a second chance or go back to her new parents?

Part 2: A Short Glimpse Into Bride Of The Alpha King

Bride Of The Alpha King Rhysand

Intimidating, powerful werewolves are sexy. The Lycan King has this poker face and sometimes indecipherable attitude that confounds Aria. This is what draws her even more towards him, her need to read her husband.

Without a doubt, the King’s attitude is enticing and hard to resist, especially when he gets so close to Aria, practically nearing his lips mere inches from her skin, without actually touching her. His mere proximity is enough to drive the woman crazy.

I adore their little love games, as they keep teasing and teasing each other, driving the other crazy with lust. Bride Of The Alpha King is definitely a book worth reading, as it’s a true seduction masterpiece.

Let’s take a look at one of the chapters!

Bride Of The Alpha King Chapter 7


Saying goodbye to her new parents was the hardest thing that Aria had to do. She kept crying, just as her mother did, but eventually left with her new husband. Fortunately, Meryl decided to accompany the girl, so she happily packed her things and tagged along.

To get to Nethilor took about three days. The ride in the carriage was awful, but Aria managed to get some rest during the two nights they spent in the woods. Even though they were newlyweds, Aria and the Lycan King barely spoke during those three days.

The man only answered his wife’s questions and spent the rest of the time reading book after book. Bored out of her mind, Aria often thought about jumping off the carriage and screaming at the top of her lungs.

When they finally reached the king’s place, he left to attend to his stuff, leaving Aria to find her way around the house. Fortunately, the maid was more than happy to show her to her room.

All alone and feeling dirty after the three-day carriage ride, Aria decided to take a bath. She rushed to wash herself and afterward realized that she hadn’t brought fresh clothes with her in the bathroom.

When she returned to the bedroom, wearing just a towel, she was surprised to see that her husband returned. With cold eyes and a demanding voice, he asked Aria to get on the bed.

Part 3: For More Transmigrating Novel, Read This Apart From Bride Of The Alpha King

Bride Of The Alpha King Novel

If you like exciting books, you should read Her Highness’s Second Life. Second chances and love after suffering are the main themes in this wonderful novel that will fascinate the reader within you.

After transmigrating into the latest book she read and becoming Raena Magrath from Lydia Miles, the girl is stunned to learn she is the wife of Prince Kassian, a handsome, sexy royal. The woman’s initial plan was to just step aside and don’t meddle with the story, but she finds herself right in the middle of the events.

Trying to survive her new life and dealing with the changes, Raena will try to find a way to return to her old life. Got your interest?

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