Top 6 Action and Adventure Books Online in 2022


If you are a sucker for a good love story with the right taste for action and adventure, I think you will be excited about the online book list of action and adventure books we listed here. It’s the perfect blend of romance and adventure that doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to be either one always just the right amount.

Part 1: Best 4 Action And Adventure Books Online

Wants something new to add to your action and adventure reading list? Look no further. These recommendations make searching easy for you!

Best Action And Adventure Book 1: Three Swedish Mountain Men: Reverse Harem Romance

Score: 9/10

Tags: Action, Adventure, Romance, Reverse Harem

Excerpt: Daisy packed all her things to escape the scandal circling her online thanks to her ex-boyfriend. She found herself in the mountain with her car, and a moose suddenly appeared before she woke her up from her reverie. Afraid of hitting the moose, Daisy took a swerve behind the wheel, and her car came crashing down for what she thought would take her life.

But thanks to the car behind her and the gorgeous men who stepped out to help her, she was still alive to witness the coming storm.

Action Adventure Novels

Cole, the blonde ranger with icy blue eyes, wasn’t fond of the idea of her almost hitting the moose, while Eli remained nice with his charming dimples while they tried to help the poor woman out of her car and before the storm found them stranded in the road.

Daisy had no choice but to leave her wrecked car with the rugged Nordic-god-like men. Who could complain anyway? Those are two ripped, hot Swedish men!

After she was brought inside a cabin, Daisy was introduced to Riven, another gorgeous man who wasn’t first welcoming towards her until he realized she was hurt and his doctor instinct kicked in.

When the storm finally came, the three had nothing to keep them warm but a scorching fire and themselves. If you are looking for a quick steamy read that is light and fun at the same time, this action-adventure book is for you.

It’s full of sizzling adventure between the three sizzling mountain hot men and Daisy until someone went looking for her, and the past she could barely admit threatened to ruin their roaring relationship.

Action Adventure Novels Online

Pros: It was a refreshing read with a bit of angst on it. The characters are interesting three men, including Daisy’s heartbreak and betrayal from her past, but I like Cole better. Of course, readers can always choose between the desirable Swedish men in this story and take them home all they want.

Cons: Although fun, it is an emotional read. And the cons for me were that the intimate scenes were too descriptive plenty of steamy moments, I might add. Also, some readers might feel off with Daisy falling for sex between the three rather quickly. Or perhaps, the story is past-faced, that’s why.

Best Action And Adventure Book 2: Emmalyn: The Cage Fighter

Score: 9/10

Tags: Gangster, Forced Love, Brave, Abused

Best Action Adventure Books

Excerpt: If there’s anything Emmalyn’s parents don’t know about her, it’s that she has two characters in this lifetime. One, they have always been proud of her as a well-mannered, well-behaved, soft-spoken daughter. Two, she was a fighter, I don’t mean someone who bravely faces challenges in life.

Well, that’s her, but she’s a fighter, a brave mafia clan leader. Not just any ordinary so-called mafia gang in the street because Emmalyn’s mafia family is the most wanted. If this information is not enough to make her parents faint, Emmalyn is also a cage fighter with beastly skills in martial arts.

Unfortunately, they would never hear about it. Emmalyn came home and found them lifelessly covered with their blood. Emmalyn was out for a revenge-driven fight to haunt the people responsible for the crime.

There are some interesting twists along the way in this novel. It’s a great read if you’re looking for something new and different! It’s very well written and easy to follow. It will keep your interest from beginning to end!

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Best Action Adventure Books Online

Pros: This is a fast-paced action and adventure book with plenty of twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end. This book is perfect for fans of romance, adventure, action, thrillers, or anyone looking for something new! I swear you will root for Emmalyn’s adventure from the start to the end.

Cons: It was a nice ride of adventure read, but some parts of the book felt overly descriptive sometimes (especially when describing some of the characters), making it hard for readers to visualize what was happening on screen.

Best Action And Adventure Book 3: Washed In Blood

Score: 8/10

Tags: Crime, Action, Adventure, Romance, Thrillers

Action Adventure Books Online

Excerpt: As the President of the Heavens Guadian MC., Priest thought he’s seen all the nasty things on Earth. Murderers, rapists, pedophiles. Name if and Priest have bloody encounters with them.

At sixteen, he was shot to death by a man driven with anger. But he has come alive safe from the incident and has a life darker than anyone else.

And here comes Willow entering his dark life. She found herself hiding in the safe of the clubhouse’s outback. Pregnant, starving, and broken beyond repair.

The priest was introduced to things he’s never aware of, and now he’s willing to surrender his soul to the devil to keep his young woman safe. But there’s this whole other side to her that he doesn’t know about yet and what happens when he learns about it?

Washed in Blood is the first in the Heaven’s Guardians MC Book series, so expect to have more thrilling adventures from Ashley Lane once you get your hands on this fantastic book!

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Pros: This action adventure book is an absolute delight. It’s a perfect mix of romance and paranormal don’t think you’ve ever read a book like this before. The priest is a biker’s club owner who has never really been in love before, but he meets this girl who’s everything he could want in a partner: funny, smart, talented, although broken.

Cons: There’s just something lacking with the details about the plot and the action of the characters, especially Willow. The inconsistencies were glaring but could still go past the reader’s eye. It will depend on the type of readers or how often they have read the same genre and storyline.

Best Action And Adventure Book 4: My Sapphire-Eyed Luna

Score: 8.5/10

Tags: Action, Romance, Adventure, Werewolves, Kickass Heroine

Action and Adventure Books Online

Excerpt: The memory of her mother dying before was fixated on Raven’s memory. Life was anything but easy for her after the tragedy, and the only thing that kept her going was the thought of turning eighteen. Little did she know life was only about to get another rough turn, especially when she discovered her connection with an ancient prophecy of her world.

Suddenly the future of the supernatural world was in her hands. A chance to see her future and past fell over her on the night of the Full Moon Ball, followed by her fate transforming into something only known for legends. This odd yet special chance gave her a title she never expected and a role she had to play well to win the war and save the people.

Amidst this, will her mate still be able to accept her for what she becomes? Twist after twist turns after turn. Raven’s only option is to take what fate brings to her and make sure to achieve success in all trials she must face.

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Action and Adventure Books

Pros: The characters both seemed very realistic in their struggles with life and love. You will also like how the author showed how neither of these characters was perfect or super-duper amazing at everything they did, which made them more relatable to the readers who are into the same werewolves’ action-adventure romance.

Cons: The twists are fun until they become too overwhelming for the readers. I suggest the author takes a break from the first twist before giving yet another hint about the prophecy connected to Raven. Also, I would like more interaction between the two main characters; that would be awesome.

Part 2: Must-read Action And Adventure Books

We’re not done. We added more action adventure books for you to enjoy! Here are more of your to-read lists with all the elements we love in a good romance: witty dialogue, a satisfying story arc, and characters we root for who are also flawed and complicated. Overall? A great read!

Best Action Adventure Books Download

Must-read Action And Adventure Book 1: Wild Heat: A Motorcycle Club Romance Bundle

Another bundle of action and adventure books filled with scorching romance will warm your insides and heart with affection. Get ready to meet these three new satisfying reads to add to your list and the three sinfully hot men to conquer your dreams!

Score: 9/10

Tags: Possessive, Dominant, Gangster, Drama, Arranged Marriage

Wild Heat: Devil’s Love

Excerpt: Emily’s father is the head of the biker gang, the saddest guy in town the Devil’s MC. He arranged a proposal for Emily, who refused to be part of a sham marriage. In all fairness, Kyle, the man in question, is also part of the gang, gorgeous, and Emily knew her father wouldn’t choose him for anything.

But her hardheaded nature didn’t want to be told off what to do. Kyle could stare at her like prey all he wanted, but Emily would not agree to the marriage. Never. And still a no for a one-night of burning desires released.

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Heat: Dark Love

The bad alpha biker is already a piece of bad news, and his obsession is another bad news. His steel body covered with tattoos makes wonder to Valerie’s body at just the mere sight of it.

Things happened unexpectedly, and Valerie found herself whining in pleasure beneath the bad biker. It was a one-night mistake. One that Valerie didn’t wish to repeat. But the alpha biker had one thing fixed in his mind. He wanted her and the ring fitted for her finger was already ready.

Ruin: Wicked Love

He was in her life to protect her. She chose him. He was hired to keep her safe. But now, he was doomed to fall for the mesmerizing beauty.

But Katie was reluctant to accept her in more than what he was supposed to be in her life. Her past still lurked behind. She was afraid he would hurt her, too. Deacon assured her that was not going to happen. No one could get hurt between them, but how far this dangerous promise could go?

Best Action And Adventure Books

Pros: You will love how this action and adventure book is composed of three different stories at once! It’s written with three fantastic perspectives of the characters, which helps you understand what each character thinks and feels without having them tell you directly (which would be cliche). You just get there through the dialogue or actions of other characters around them.

Cons: There’s a lot of sex in this action-adventure book (and it’s hot), but it doesn’t feel gratuitous or over-the-top. It feels natural to the storyline without overshadowing anything else going on. Well, that’s not a con, but it could be for readers who are here for adventure and actions rather than full intimacy moments.

Must-read Action And Adventure Book 2: She Is A Badass

Score: 8/10

Tags: Badboy, High School, Bad Girl, Sex

Urdu Action-Adventure Novels Online

Excerpt: The story follows an eighteen-year-old young woman Rylee as she enters a new school. Her father trained her with fighting skills since she was four.

She’s never really thought much about it, but she knows that there are some different things she will encounter in this new environment some are violent and scary, and some are gentle and kind. She feels like she fits into one category or the other, but when she meets Jayden, things get complicated. Still not enough to scare her.

Nothing about her new school will terrify a skilled fighter like her. Not even the so-called bad boy who acts like they own the entire campus. Not even the man who won every battle in the fighting arena as Black Skull. Not even Jayden himself.

I highly recommend this list of best action and adventure books to anyone looking for a quick and lighthearted read!

Urdu Action-Adventure Novels

Pros: In one action-adventure novel, the author does a great job developing her characters and making them come alive on the page. She keeps things moving at a steady pace that doesn’t feel rushed or draggy. The plot is well thought out and believable without being cliche or too predictable.

Cons: I felt like some parts of this novel where things got kind of weird like when Jayden’s friends start to bully her (or at least try) or their encounter in the fighting arena. These scenes seemed awkward and out of place compared to everything else going on in the story up until then.


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