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Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood is one of the most unique online novels you will read out there. It’s more on a following-your-dream theme than a romance novel. So if you want something fresh and unique, make sure to read until the bottom of this page.

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood will make you feel like you are reading and watching at the same time in the comfort of your seat.

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Part 1. Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Main Storyline

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Novel

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood will show you how stars of Hollywood are created through the eyes of this novel. Aiden Silvereye from India is a Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood. It was his dream to be an actor and a singer but rough life in the US led him to a different path of being a driver and a waiter.

But the appearance of a strange, yet unique System in his life turned everything in his favor. Aiden takes another chance on his dream of becoming part of a Hollywood star by joining the X-Star singing audition.

Winning is still out of his reach but with the help of the System, Aiden will upgrade his skill level to be pronounced the winner at the end of the competition.

Part 2. Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter Review

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 1

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 1

Aiden Silvereye was finally taking his chance at singing after struggling for two years in the United States. He was among the many people who gathered in the Manhattan arena to audition for X-Star, a singing program known worldwide. He had his guitar on his back while standing in line and waiting for his name to be called.

His plan before coming to the States was to be an actor, and not as a taxi driver and waiter-but that’s what he ended up doing to make a living in the first chapter of Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood.

That’s one reason why Aiden was once again trying his luck and this time through singing. Another reason is, strange things had been happening to him for the last two months. It was a System, and it shows him that his singing level is in Basic Grade 7 and his acting is in Basic Grade 9. With this, he was confident he would win the audition.

But unlike any other video game interface, Aiden’s system doesn’t have mana or fighting skills. There were no superhuman villains to defeat. It’s more on his talents and his journey as Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood.

And finally, content number 526 was called, and Aiden was led by the staff to the stage.

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 2

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 2

Despite the confidence he got from the System, Aiden was still anxious on the stage, wondering if he would pass the preliminary stage of the audition. The judges were Andrew Maxfield, a famous singer decades ago; Steven McDonald, record producer and creator of X-Star; and Allysa Williams, a model, and songwriter.

With his guitar, Aiden tried to impress the judges by singing his original song “I can’t seem to forget” while strumming his guitar. As he sang, his Empathy ability came out from him in a white light and towards everyone in the hall but only Aiden could see it.

And did great. The Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood impressed the judges and got their big yes.

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 3

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 3

Aiden was satisfied with his performance. After exiting the stage, his singing level increased to Basic Grade 8. The host of X-Star, Marlo Aniston followed him with the cameraman and asked the protagonist of Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood for an interview. Aiden was among the few contestants in that audition who made it to the next round.

Aiden got many points to appeal to the viewers and the judges: his skills, confidence, his back story, and what had happened to him in America.

In the interview, Marlo explained that his reason for leaving India and moving to his Uncle living in the US was in search of an opportunity and to prove something to his parents and himself. Aiden sounded smart in his answers and he intended it to be like that.

But when Marlo asked to tell about his struggle as a taxi driver since great stories could sell, Aiden refused as he didn’t want his story to be like other contestants. They simply agreed that Aiden would show it to him and let the host decide how he wanted it to appear in public.

After the interview, Marlo was pleased with his answers but he still doubted Aiden would be one among the sixteen contestants who will make it to the Star Week, the special round after the third round.

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 4

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 4

Aiden let himself enjoy the celebration once and did not indulge too much in it, afraid that he would lose in the next round. Instead, he practiced hard. He continued being a driver in the morning and in the bar where he worked, he would sing to the customers as his way of practicing.

He knew that contestants of the audition would be asked to sing random songs so he practiced both the popular and unpopular songs.

Two weeks later, the second round was held at a theater on the 4th of April. The hero of Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood was overwhelmed by the number of people inside. After taking his seat, a girl about his age approached him and introduced herself as Emily Jung.

She was also new to the country. Another man named Jackson Brown from New Jersey butted in so Aiden introduced himself.

A model-like contestant from New York also introduced herself as Rachel Rose. Aiden used the System to see the singing ability of these people. Jackson was at Basic Grade 6, Emily is 10, higher than Aiden, and to his disbelief, Rachel was at Intermediate Grade 2 Level.

And when the judges arrived, they announced that the second round would be a team mission.

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 5

Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood Chapter 5

The contestants could choose their team for themselves. There would be 5 in the group and there would be 40 teams in total. They were given an hour to pick their teams before the registration.

Rachel bravely asked Aiden to be his teammate. Aiden was a little dumbfounded, thinking that Rachel would choose Emily and Jackson. But Jackson won the audition with a team, and Emily joined them to make them five.

Aiden began searching for other teammates by opening his System and assessing everyone’s ability. He decided not to choose someone with already high-level skills.

He chose Sam Denver and his friend who were both in Basic Grade 7. Time was ticking and Aiden was yet to find another person for their team. Then she saw Michelle Jansen panicked as no one would accept her on their team. All teams were already complete with five members.

Michelle was at the same Grade Level as Aiden but with a special skill Harmony. When he asked him to be part of their group, the girl immediately said yes.

After registering their teams, the contestants moved to their hotel where they would be staying during the audition as most of them were living outside New York. This meant that everything from the audition would be broadcast in Versatile Superstar Rise in Hollywood novel.

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