"player who returned 1000 years later"Book Series:

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    The Millionaire player has met his match

    AyrGal89read316.0KSteamy Stories

    Grayson Rhodes, a name that makes women weak to their knees just at the mention of his name. He is sexy, confident, and a player, the kind of guy that women should stay away from. All he has to do is smile at them and they are putty in his hands, the way he likes it to be. He is used to getting what and who he wanted and when he decides he wanted Alexa Lively the millionaire player has met his match without even knowing it. Alexa Lively, sexy, confident and a bit of a smart-a*s. She is different from the other women; she does not fall for his charm as easily as the rest. He wants her; he plays by her rules. He needs to work for it. When he sets his sights on her, he has no clue what he has gotten himself into. She can play games like he can, better even. When these two worlds collide, it is the start of something neither of them has experienced, the start of something that is going to get too hot to handle.

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    His Forever

    Sakshi Ahirraoread495.6KParanormal

    Rosalyn Alice Claire a shy girl who has lived her whole life as a pack slave in the Blood Hound Pack. She has been through a lot, the only hope that keeps her alive is finding her mate someday and he may rescue her. But this hope gets crashed when the Blood Hound Pack’s young alpha returns home after the training camp and rejects her. Her whole life comes crashing down. What happens next? Will she find love or will she end her life for better? Damon Jace Roberts is the cruellest and the most dangerous Alpha King you will find in the world. He is a stonehearted man with a dark history. Though having a background as dark as night he is a best alpha the Blue Moon Pack also the royal pack has. It’s the strongest pack in the world. He is a wise leader and a true Alpha. He is the epitome of Justice. What if fate has decided to cross his path with a girl that destroys the peace and balance in his life? Will he accept her? or will his dark past stand between him and his one true love?

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    His Forever


    COMPLETED His forever-His assistant Warning! Not for readers below 18 "Tell me how you feel about oral s*x," he asked, stroking my chin softly. "For me, or you? Because I do enjoy it when you do that..." I said shyly, looking down. He lifted my chin to meet his gaze, "Say it," "Say what?" I asked, feigning ignorance. He looked at me with warning eyes, and I licked my lips, before speaking. "I do enjoy it when you..." I paused, and my eyes met the floor again. "when you um...suck my clit." I said, wincing as the words left my mouth. I was comfortable having him do all the things he did to me, but it was harder when I had to say the words out loud, and from the wicked grin Drey had on his face, I knew he had more in store. "I know that, tell me how you feel about sucking my c**k." he said casually, not minding that I was already as wet as a pool as he spoke. I bit my lips shyly. I had never done any of that before, and honestly, I had never imagined I would want to do that with anyone. The thought just never excited me, but hearing Drey say them only made me more aroused. "'Have you ever sucked a c**k before?" he asked I shook my head. "Would you like to know how it feels?" he asked, extending his arm down to my collarbone and neck. He caressed softly, not putting too much pressure, just the right amount. "Yes," I mumbled. "Yes, what?" "Yes sir," I said, but he still had his brows raised as if to say 'complete it,' "Yes sir, I would love to suck your c**k," I looked up at him, wetting my lips again, why did it feel so dry tonight? I could not believe those words had just come out of my mouth, but the reward was worth it. Drey held me up and smashed his lips into mine. Slow at first, but it soon escalated into a fiery, passionate kiss, and when he released me I was almost breathless. We were almost breathless. "Now that we know how you feel about spanking and oral s*x, I want you to know that you can snap your fingers twice in place of your safe words. Once for yellow and twice for red. These will be used when your mouth is otherwise...busy." He smirked as he spoke, sending a shiver down my body, I could not help but imagine how he was going to keep my mouth...busy. I got my answer, as he spread his legs further, and placed each hand on his thighs. He lifted his legs to me, and I got the hint, taking off both his shoes, and exposing his long and large feet. He was like a mini giant. "Come here," *** After a fatal accident that claimed the life of her mom and sister, Alisa had always lived a quiet life in guilt and self-denial with the only two men in her life being her dad and very gay best friend. Everything changes though when she meets the very infuriating, very arrogant, very handsome, and very hot as sin Drey Carlson. Her life becomes a roller coaster where she has to deal with her new unlikeable boss, new feelings, desires, orgasms, and of course obsessed childhood friends who want nothing more than to see her six feet under.

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    Married to the ex player (Sequel to the millionaire player)


    *SEQUEL: To the millionaire player has met his match* Grayson and Alexa are now married, starting their new life together and gave up their old ways of random hooks up and refusing to give their hearts, giving all that up for each other. They have both changed for the best, but not everything has changed...the passion is still burning like fire between them, only this time is comes from love. Though just cause they are in love and married it don't mean things are gonna be easy for them, but nothing worth it is ever easy. Will they be able to make it through together or will their past mistakes catch up with them? Follow their journey as they start the new chapter of their life together. It will be filled with love, passion, games, drama, heartache and possible tears.

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    Playing The Player


    Jordan Walker was not a goody two shoes, nerdy or shy. She was loud, a troublemaker and has a hot body with a very attractive face, but under that bright smile is a girl with hidden secrets and destruction. Pioneer High School's player, Daniel Johnson was a heart breaker, man-w***e and treats girls like a piece of garbage for his own pleasure, but that's all about to change. *** Jordan was a new student, which caught the popular crew's attention immediately especially Daniel's. When Daniel saw her, he planned to get her and use her as his own toy then dump her, but not without making her fall in love with him first of course, or will she? Jordan was a girl who doesn't fall for easily at the sight of hot guys, she already got first hand experience and use that to her advantage. She knows what player likes and what they do to get girls, time to put this knowledge to the test. *** "how does it feel to have the table turned?" I smirked at him. "b-but I.. how?" _________________ This isn't a love story, this is war, the downfall of the player. Let's see what happens when the player gets played at his own game and the table is turned.

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    The Legacy : His Mate

    Jennifer Knightread54.5KParanormal

    The descendant of the moon goddess, Elsa, and her mate, the midnight wolf, Rafael, have finally reunited. But to her dismay, her best friend and the royal guard, Noah, have left her after getting rejected. No matter how much comfort she gets from her mate and her foster brother, Alpha Lucian, she finds herself in a whirlwind of questions, awaiting to disrupt their peaceful lives. Horrible, forgotten dreams of Elsa's past haunt her every night. Rafael is resolute about protecting her from outside threats. Elsa is determined to find her legacy to get rid of the nightmares. Their and their friends' lives are far from becoming perfect when an evil, greedy witch with a vicious agenda of her own lurks around them with a malicious intention to destroy everything they care for and want to protect. Let's read the story to find out more about Elsa, Rafael, Noah, and Lucian's unique journey where they each discover their intertwined fate prophesying for a danger bigger than they can apprehend. It is the book Two of the His Mate Series. It can be read as a standalone. Please read the first book- The Claiming : His Mate for a full experience of the His Mate Trilogy. Book 3- The Fate : His Mate is coming soon...

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    Mr Player's Game

    Lechna Baramread29.4KRomance

    Nya is a seventeen years old girl who just moved at his mother and his step father's house. She will be living with her best friend Shane and Emma who are also her siblings. Shane's best friend , Jake but also their neighbor started feeling strangely attracted to Nya. The two decides to play a game. Will the player change for the only girl who he might be falling for? Read to know.

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    Saving Mr. Player

    Amy Shahidread29.2KRomance

    Lieutenant Amy Danvers of Spanish Intelligence Forces is ambitious and strong headed and had been hunting the faceless, Italian Mafia kingpin, Carmen Roman for the past four years. Every operation she ran against him failed. But when one of the football players is assassinated by Carmen's gambler son during an international football game, Amy finds out that the original target was the Team Captain, the entitled king of soccer - Alessandro Ricci or infamously known as Ricci - 6. Amy had been pushed around her entire life for being a woman in men's world. She always had to prove herself by working ten times harder than her male colleagues and when she finally got the golden chance of luring Carmen into her trap by using Alessandro, the only thing standing in her way is Alessandro himself. Alessandro is a man of humble background but having long forgotten his roots, he earned success through his talents becoming world's best football player and now loves his life filled with sinful pride, arrogance and billions of dollars. A strong headed woman collides against an egoistic arrogant billionaire, who smokes on his success and stays high on his pride. She needs to keep him under protection to save him but he refuses to hide behind a woman. A woman who is already fighting to earn respect collides against a man who is stoked with chauvinistic believes and sees women as nothing but playthings for timely pleasure. Arrogant and incompetent clashes with humble and ambitious. "I don't need to hide behind a woman to survive, Alessandro Ricci is not that weak... I don't need your protection..." "I will protect you... even if you don't want to be protected." A perfect blend of - Action, Thriller, Mafia, Billionaire Romance and Sports.

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    Playing the players


    *** Part of Chapter 6 *** * “I don’t really understand how a girl like you can have a good guy for a brother like Justin.” Jace says, and I roll my eyes. Justin left, along with the nice Jace. I guess he couldn’t wait any longer to insult me. “A girl like me?” I asked him with narrowed eyes. Amy and Logan are flirting with each other, so they don’t really pay attention to us. Jace turns to me with a hard expression. “Yeah, a sl*t, a spoiled brat who gets everything she wants in her whole life, not caring if she hurts someone in the process.” He says sternly. “So that’s what you think about me, huh?” I asked him while I tried to hide how much his words hurt me. “That’s what I see,” he says with a shrug. “Well… I don’t give a f*ck about your opinion, since you don’t know sh*t about me or my family. Who do you think you are to judge me?” I asked him but I didn’t wait for him to answer and decided to walk out to buy some popcorn before the film started. That would give me time to calm down a bit. ‘That stupid b*stard needed to open his mouth again , he didn’t even wait for my brother to walk out of the room.’ I thought to myself as I walked to the popcorn stand while taking deep breathes to calm myself down. * The 23 years old Kyra Smith was determined to take revenge on all the players who crossed her path, after her second break up. In the name of all the heartbroken girls she vowed to teach the 'playboys' a lesson and let them taste their own medicine by making them fall in love with her, then dump them in the same way as they did to innocent and naive girls before. Her plan was working out fine till she met her third victim's cousin, Jace, who insulted her at every chance he got for breaking his brother's heart.

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    The One Who Left


    Delilah Kade has lived on her own for four years. Relying on her wit and skill alone to provide for herself. After a deal gone wrong Delilah meets her father, who she hasn't seen for eight years. He bails her out on one condition. She stays with him and his new family for one year. Delilah gives up her way of life for the luxurious lifestyle of the privileged. But when things start going wrong... will she end up making the right choice?