"The Wife I Never Met"Book Series:

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    Tyrant Mafia’s Purchased Wife

    Leizell Roseread27.5KRomance

    “Well, News flash Marcus, I’m not yours! You don’t own me,” Cassandra said while battling their eyes.. He dangerously closed their distance and said coldly, “That’s where you’re wrong, YOU ARE MINE..ONLY MINE..” He said each word out angrily. “Even this...” he grabbed her hot wet v****a, “ also mine..” with that, he pulled her into a deep hungry kiss. ********** Cassandra Welsworth, a 21-year-old broken soul who was sold off to an auction by her own father at the age of 16... In her life, she was just like an old thrown garbage to everyone but not to one Pacific person who vowed to keep her safe even if it takes his life! Marcus Knight, a 29-years-old most Ruthless Mafia Lord who rules the whole Underworld on the tip of his finger.. Everyone Fears him while every girls wants to get into his bed, but he only vowed to love one girl in his life.. To whom he devoted his life..His mate.. His destiny.. His love.. Both belong from two different worlds in the same universe.. One is broken, Destroyed, Traumatised and the other one is a Ruthless, Cruel and a Devil.. They should never cross their path, but maybe destiny has some other plan for them..!!! “People says, No one can buy love with Money.. But, what if you need to buy your love to keep it treasured and safe from this cruel filthy world..??” When the dark secrets of their lives will start to reopen, will things remain the same as before? Or will it make their lives a living hell?? #Dreame Writing Marathon—Love Story Contest

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    The Billionaire's Imperfect Wife


    Emily Duke will never forget her college experience in a million years. Once she got up on her feet her sister Bridget decides to disappear on her. It is never simple enough to be forced into a marriage with the one Billionaire that she despises most of all Raphael Haunt. Will she survive this possessive beast or would she rather pick the easy way out? ------------------------- His lips came closer to mine. I tried not to close my eyes but this very moment felt so unreal. His lips move from my cheek up to my ear where he whispers something: "Your mine and mine only therefore no one in this universe will lay a hand on you or wish to even look at you sweetheart!"he said then pushed me away leaving me speeches and more confused than ever! What will happen when the devil had met his match in the end game will the angel fall for his devilish ways or will she be making her ways?

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    The Doctor's Wife (A Sequel)


    Emily Maxwell's life took a 180-degree turn when her dangerous menstrual problem was "treated" by Dr. Alexander Greene. Her fairytale dream came true when the doctor finally proposed to her. She believed she had found her happily ever after with the man of her dreams. Little did she know that being engaged to the hottest gynecologist alive comes with a price... ...a dangerous price. The question is, will she be able to handle it? **** A sequel to "The Red Side of Dr. Greene". You can find the story in my profile.

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    Potent Billionaire's 'Ugly' wife

    Author Marika Andersonread19.7KRomance

    Beth has tried everything to get out of the arranged marriage: Step one: hide beauty under an ugly makeup on herself to scare him away Step two: dress up as a beautiful woman and blackmail him Step 3: turn into a delinquent girl to molest him ...... But to his surprise, Beth asked him to marry her initiative. Micheal, the most authoritative billionaire in this county, has been looking for the girl in his memory for ten years, and now Beth has come toward him, he found out there were no reasons to refuse.

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    Obsession With My EX-wife

    Elk Entertainmentread55.0KRomance

    Catherine had loved Leonard once. After marrying him, though, Leonard took his childhood sweetheart home to be his mistress, which caused Catherine's abortion, and the end of her love for him... Out of sorrow, she divorced with Leonard, but Leonard didn't want to let her go... After found out the truth, Leonard decided to make up his mistakes and chase his Ex-Wife again. But this time, Catherine was not his obedient wife as before... * * * * * * * * * * "Don't try to get rid of me," he said. "It is a waste of time. As I said before, I will win your heart once more." "You were the one who abandoned me, Mr. Campbell!" she hissed. "I will not give you another chance. And besides, I have already begun to move on and see other men!" -Daily Update-

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    His Disgusting Wife ✔ (COMPLETED)

    K S V SINDHUread143.4KRomance

    *Daily Update* #1 in hotlist of Romance on w*****d many months and crossed 4.7 Million reads. You are a living corpse to me. I can use you as I wish. You are just my slave and will be treated as one. He said making her s****m by holding her hair. Please leave me, please  She said begging him. Remember, never speak before me unless I ask you to speak. From today, you are denied all your humanly rights. Never smile. Never talk. Never do anything without my permission. He ordered her. Aarti, a beautiful and an innocent yet confident girl. She loves everyone around her. She loves even the people who hates her. Her parents expired in her childhood. Grown up by her aunt and uncle who treats her just as a maid. Marriage made her life more miserable. Now she is a slave to her husband. All her dreams about marriage had been shattered hearing the unthinkable words from her husband on their first night. Vihaan, one of the world's most handsome but ruthless billionaire. No emotions. No love. For him love is a game, girl is a toy. He is living for his revenge. Unfortunately Aarti became his prey in the game of revenge. This is a romantic novel which makes you feel sweetness of love with selflessness and sacrifices of one another. At the sametime, you can learn how to live a life with the hidden treasures of life lessons incorporated in the story. After reading this story completely, every girl feels she should get a husband like him who loves her immensely and every boy feels to get a wife like Aarti who supports and understands him so well correcting his every mistake and healing his every wound.

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    Deserted Wife to Warrior Queen


    The story of princess Nur Jahan and king Shazeb He claimed to love the most but a year after marriage when she couldn't conceive he took another wife. From being a most loved wife she became the abandoned wife. "What are you saying, Seema?" Anger flashed in his eyes. "My beloved, sultan please listen to me, I don't want your barren wife near me, people say it's a bad omen. Please think about our child." "As you wish my queen, she will not be near you, I will make arrangements for her to move to a different palace."

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    Bad Boy's Wife


    (SEQUEL TO THE BAD BOY'S OBSESSION) NOT A STAND-ALONE NOVEL! BOOK 3 "You like pissing me off." He tapped my cheek with his free hand as he whispered near my ear. "Dressing like a slut begging to be punished." He stated viciously squeezing my throat that I ended up wheezing to breathe properly. "Pl-please." I pleaded but he had no remorse, just malice dripping off his face. — But now, Valenie had had enough of Rafe ruling over her life, it was time she took the charge. dive in to read how Valenie's surname changes from Ms. Baker to Mrs. Valenie Rafe Marcello. — MATURE CONTENT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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    Protected Ex-wife


    "I'm pregnant!" The woman said indifferently. Elsie Lawson was stunned. The woman continued, "It's my brother-in-law's." "Nonsense!"Elsie Lawson questioned. "I'm not talking nonsense. It’s been three months!" The woman handed her a medical report. When she saw Charlie Gardner's signature on it, Elsie's mind went blank. At this moment, her world was destroyed. On this day, Charlie handed her a divorce paper and drove her out of their house.

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    The Pregnant soon-to-be Wife

    Jane Lanettread188.8KRomance

    Annabelle Vaughn never thought of coming so close to seeing a billionaire much less fall in love with one. Now it has happened and she can't live without him. After being in each other arms for a while, he destroys her because of what everyone told him. Now she's back to her previous life which he also ruined. She's trying her best not to break down because of her unborn child. Matthias O'Connell was a wreck after breaking up with Annabelle, she was his life until he found out that she was using him. A few days after he broke up with her, he found out the truth. Now he wants her back; as his matter what. Will Annabelle have him back or will she seek for revenge? Will Matthias realize in time that his soon-to-be wife is pregnant? And the billion dollar question; with his child or her lover's?