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Like dragons, werewolves are mythical creatures that can blend into the human world. Just read any of these best shifter books - you’ll find vivid descriptions about what forms are these fantastic werewolf creatures shifting into, and what are their superpowers. As you delve deeper into the shifter universe, you’ll find out that these creatures will stop at nothing to use their superpowers to protect their loved ones.

Authors often categorize best shifter books along with best shifter romance books, because the shifting moments usually interject with their romantic relationship moments. Awe and fascination are two emotions that we often find in these creatures’ mates as they witness the shifting processes and superpowers.

These best shifter romance books are your go-to solutions to see romantic elements like kissing and fighting scenes in one book! Note: Some of these best shifter romance books are available in series."


"best shifter romance books"Book Series:

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    She is not my Luna

    T. R. D.read1.0MFantasy

    COMPLETED *Book 1 of the Helcadia Series* Book 2: The Beta's Redemption? - completed Book 3: My Unfated Mate - Free and ongoing. * The proud and almighty Alpha Hunter found out that his long-awaited mate is an omega. As one of the strongest alphas of the Realm, this would have been a terrible stain on his reputation. Omegas were known for being weak wolves and for being very submissive in nature. An Omega couldn’t ever become the Luna of the powerful Black Forest Pack. Nevertheless, Hunter and his wolf couldn’t bring themselves to reject her, although they didn’t want to accept her either, at least not as their Luna. That would be ridiculous, or so they thought. “The Alpha King let you take me here?” Clair asked. “Of course, he did! I’m an Alpha and your mate,” Hunter answered matter-of-factly. “But you said you don’t want me.” “I said I don’t want you as my mate. I never said I don’t want you,” he muttered grabbing a fistful of her hair and bringing her close to him. Clair wanted to pull him away, but her body begged for her mate. She couldn’t deny her desire, her urge to be taken by him. “Now, be a good little omega and do everything I say.” He muttered in her ear, his husky voice made goosebumps rise across her neck and collarbone. She breathed deeply, breaking the spell. Alpha or not, mate or not, Clair wouldn’t let Hunter treat her like this! She pulled away and looked into his eyes, something that not many did since Alpha wolves normally took it as a challenge. “I, Clair Valois, reject you, Alpha Hunter of the Black Forest Pack, as my mate and Alpha.” Hunter only laughed, placing two firm hands on her shoulders. “Do you think you can reject me? A feisty omega!? That’s new!” he said between chuckles. An Omega going against an Alpha’s wishes was unheard of. What to do of an Omega that tries to reject her Alpha mate? Edited by Momo. Please check my FREE book "Torn between mates".

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    Fated (Completed)


    R18+ Explicit scenes, s****l content and trigger warnings inside. Long time ago, the world only had two genders—the male and the female until the world made a drastic change that would affect the humans lives forever. The world’s population was slowing for years and the people weren’t interested to reproducing that’s why the human bodies have evolved to save the population. In this new world, the humans have been divided into three different genders—the Alpha, Beta and Omega. The Alphas are highest of the three genders, they’re on the top of the food chain. They have the superior genes and the skills that the other two lacks and there are only a few of them that’s why they’re looked up to. The Betas are the normal ones, they still live normally like how the other humans did before. They have the most stable lives among the other genders. And the Omegas, the lowest of the three genders. Their lives are made to reproduce to make up for the gradually slowing of population in the world. Because of the pheromones that they release when they’re on their heat. Seducing and making the Alphas lose their sanity after smelling their pheromones, they’re usually seen as ‘pests’ of the new world. They’re looked down by the society and denied by the rights that they deserve as a human being. Minerva always believed that she's an Alpha because like other Alphas, she's capable of working on her own, she's smart and very attractive. She also doesn't like kids and never in her twenty years of existence she had experienced being in a 'heat'. Until one day, she finally experienced her first heat but in the middle of her private business meeting in a private room with her rival Gavin who's an Alpha.

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    The Alpha's Cinderella


    An orphaned girl, Eliza Black, was left with her little brother after her former pack was m******e when she was 15 years old and her brother only 3. Now, the remaining members of her former pack joined the neighboring pack, Moon Knight Pack, the pack that aided her former pack in fighting against the rogues. Eliza and her brother moved in with her friend in the Moon Knight Pack and had lived happily for 3 years. But Everything change when she joins the Venari Lunae. Venari Lunae, the Hunt of the Moon, is an old yearly traditional pack run where unmated wolves from pack all over the area are obligated to join and it starts when the Moon shines the brightest. The reason of this hunt is for unmated wolves to find their mates swiftly. Unmated Omegas and Sub Betas will run first and the Alphas and Dom Betas will chase them. If both parties has a liking to each other, the Alphas and Dom Betas will court them or for those who want to make it official straight away, they'll mate. This year, Eliza is obligated to run. Eliza just want to end the run quickly and coming out without a mate so she can take care of her little brother. Unfortunately, she caught the eyes of an Alpha. She manages to escape from his grasp but he remembers her scent and vowed to find her no matter what. Eliza is happy that she managed to escape her potential mate but what if her pack is obligated to join a party organized by the royal werewolf family? Is the Alpha nose and memories strong enough to recognize Eliza when everyone around him is wearing masks? Will she be his mate? Or will she escape? Again.

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    Accepted and Adored

    Maggie Irelandread581.2KFantasy

    Book II of the Forsaken Series Lily has found the happiness that she has always craved with Finn, her second-chance mate. Moving to Seattle was the change they both desperately needed, and they're ready to spend the rest of their lives together as newly bonded mates. Shadows and secrets still lurk in the corners though, threatening Lily's safety and digging up a past that would be better left buried. Alpha Erikson doesn't want to let Lily go, and with a member of the Council showing up to ask questions, Lily and Finn will need to prepare themselves for the danger that awaits.

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    Princes of Mischief


    Lykos and Lynox. They were known as the princes of mischief. They are certified party animals, prank masters and known for simply having fun. But as they age, they finaly realize that their antics are taking them nowhere. They have to do something to make a name for themselves. So they left America in a mission from the council. Upon success, it landed them the reign over the European continent, as high alphas. Since then, they were looked up to. Some feared them, many respects them, and some despises them. Women throw themselves at their feet. But not once they entertained them. Like their siblings, they vowed to wait for their mate. Mate. The only person the moon goddess created just for them. But what if the moon goddess has given them one mate to share? Not really a problem. But what if this mate is as stubborn as a mule? Big problem! Especially if she's human. Or is she?

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    Call me 'Alpha'

    Dominika read252.6KParanormal

    WARNING: STRONG AND S*XUAL LANGUAGE. 18+ COMPLETE "This is a mans world," they say. f**k that. This world is whatever I make it out to be. And I am making this my world. You think I'm his Luna? You think he's in charge? b***h.. call me 'Alpha'.

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    Kim Wernerread70.1KYA&Teenfiction

    Ryder Black was the type of Alpha who made you close your windows when he made an appearance in your pack. He was nothing more than a selfish, greedy, power hungry male, who wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of what he wanted. Therefore, it came as no surprise to anyone when they found that he was the highest bidder for one of the only white wolves ever to be seen outside of palace grounds. But of course, he soon gets a startling awakening when he realises that Aurora Stone is so much more than just a white wolf. She is his mate. The Luna of his pack. This development complicated things as he already had an attachment to a different she-wolf, an attachment which created many problems between the two mates. Ryder, unwilling to accept his fate, and Aurora, having dealt with enough ill-treatment, separate, ending their bond. But of course, nothing is ever that simple. Ryder starts to find himself fascinated with the mate who he had lost, constantly wondering whether or not he had come to care for her, whether he had grown fond of her and just hadn’t realised it... Or whether his feelings had only surfaced because it had become known to the world that she was the lost princess, the heir to the throne?

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    The Oracle


    (Completed) Aiden was staring at my eyes with shock and I knew that my unusual violet eyes would be glowing right now just as the prophecy says: Born as a human, Raised with the wolves, Eyes glowing violet, She who walks in the fire, Flies as the wind. She is the past, present and the future From her broken heart, Comes the sparks of power.. Born will be the legend, With power so mighty, She who knows the fate of all, THE ORACLE “The Oracle..” Aiden gasped. Just before I vanished into the Portal , I touched his hands in farewell. As tingles erupted from our fingertips, he realized what I had always known. “Mate?” he choked out in disbelief. “Goodbye ,mate!” I whispered .He tried to pull me back. But it was too late and darkness engulfed me. ************* Synthia Williams is the orphan human adopted by the Beta couple of the Blackwood pack .When she marries Aiden Black, the man she has loved from her childhood, she believes that life is perfect and she is going to get a happily ever after. Aiden Black, the Alpha of the Blackwood pack always wanted to find his true mate. So when his father forces him to marry Synthia, he resents her. After two years of this facade of a marriage and a broken heart, when the power hidden within her rises and Synthia realizes that she is the prophesied Oracle, she decides to leave the pack to fulfill her purpose and set Aiden free. When Aiden realizes that the wife he never wanted was the true mate he wanted to find and cherish, is it too late? Powers to master, a powerful relic to destroy and an ancient evil to be stopped; will Synthia be able to fulfill her destiny ?

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    Mated to the royal lycan king

    GT Majaxread58.6KParanormal

    Tris is a teenage girl transitioning into adulthood. People around here are happy to find their mates but she doesn't want that. And when the time comes, she learns how impossible it is to deny a mate bond. She later gives in, and she gets married to the royals and has to endure the challenges that come with being a queen and her monster mother-in-law. Will her journey with her mate king Tobias be what she expected??? Let's find out.

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    WANTED by the ALPHA

    Siobhan JKread122.8KFantasy

    A werewolf tale with a twist. ************* Alpha Caspian is content with his life. His pack is thriving, he has a mate whom he loves and occasionally he feels like snapping his Beta's neck off. Other than that he's happy. Then in comes Celeste who falls on his lap. Literally. She's the most beautiful, fragile creature he's ever seen and he's intrigued by her. He has this overwhelming feeling to protect her even from Isolde. But that is just not right because Isolde is the one he should be protecting right? Not this woman who he knows nothing about -------------- Celeste is on the run from a dark witch who wants to use her blood to become powerful. In a moment of desperation, she finds herself begging for lodging in the Prime Howlers. She doesn't like the overbearing Alpha but when trouble comes knocking, she decides to leave in order to protect him and his pack. However, fate has other plans for her. ******************* Looking for that one story with a kick-ass female? You got it. Instead of being a damsel in distress and waiting for others to save her, Celeste will be the one doing the saving. Without further ado, dive in