"Warrior Executioner"Book Series:

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    The Warrior's Abused Mate

    Z Aliread231.2KParanormal

    *Completed* Monica's life takes a bad turn when her mother dies. It gets worse when the Luna commits suicide. She was an underage, unshifted wolf, yet that didn't stop her ruthless alpha from torturing her. She endures the pain and humiliation hoping to shift soon so that she can finally escape. Alas, the alpha poisons her before that happens. weak and disappointed, she leads her life in misery. Until she learns a secret of the past. A dark and disturbing secret. That day, she flees. Never to return. Despite being unable to shift. Little did she think that she would meet her mate in the process and the start of her journey begins.... the journey of becoming the strongest woman alive...

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    The Warrior's Child (Completed)

    T. Nikkiread39.8KFantasy

    In a world where Warrior wolves are a special breed born with the Warrior's Spirit, the moon goddess doesn't award Warriors with fated mates. Most Warriors focus all of their energy on their training instead of taking a chosen mate. A one night stand under the moon between Warrior Abe and Dr. Clara brought them Kamaria. They weren't looking for love amongst each other and decided to raise their daughter between their two separate packs, making her a rogue by definition. Kamaria grew to have the Warrior's Spirit like her father, but she rejected her role and moved to London to live a normal human life. When her father is killed in a mysterious attack she returns home to find that the moon goddess made an exception. She does indeed have a mate. Not just any mate, but the Alpha of her father's pack. Will Kamaria find out who is behind her father's death? Will she accept the mate bond? Or will she reject it to go back to her quiet, human life?

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    The Female Alpha Warrior

    Melissa Callahanread14.7KRomance

    Annalease is a rare white Alpha female. Born to Alpha John Anderson of one of the largest and richest packs, the Harvest Moon Pack, not only is she beautiful and rich, but also extremely powerful. She was to take her father's position on her 18th birthday, but recent rouge attacks and vampires have pushed the Alpha ceremony back. There warriors have been divided out to neighboring packs and Annalease and the warriors assigned to her have to go to the Crescent Moon pack. Alpha Jason of the Crescent Moon pack who is 19 recently became Alpha after the death of his father. He is very ill mannered and stubborn. He believes he should be able to still do as he wishes without consequences, knows nothing of discipline let alone how to run a pack. Now he is requiring the help of Annalease and the warriors due to his incapabilities as an Alpha. What will happen when the very disciplined, structured Alpha female realizes that she is putting her warriors lives at risk for this spoiled brat?

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    The Warrior's Equal


    Evanne was orphaned at the age of five, being taken in by a nearby pack she lived alone and forgotten. By chance, she meets the Alpha's son who begins to treat her like family. Until war breaks out, causing her to be kicked out of the pack. Running away from her past, she accidentally runs straight into it. Meeting a long-lost relative who takes her in and helps her discover who she truly is.

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    Karen Lynchread11.0KRomance

    The warrior has finally met his match.Nikolas Danshov is the Mohiri’s finest warrior, fearless and lethal with any weapon. For almost two hundred years, he has devoted his life to keeping humans safe from the demons that walk the earth. Revered by his people, he is a legend in his own time, a warrior undefeated in battle, and prepared for anything. Until her.On a routine job in Maine, a twist of fate brings Nikolas face-to-face with the one person he had never expected to meet – his mate. Sara Grey is unlike anyone he’s ever met. Beautiful and fiery, she ignites his desire, while her innocence and vulnerability awaken a fierce protectiveness in him. Now all he can think of is keeping his mate safe from the dangers that hunt her, even if she fights him at every turn.You know Sara’s story. Now read it again, through the eyes of her warrior.

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    Rebirth of the Bedridden Warrioress


    Aramis Bronx Davina was named by a beguiling and vigorous warrior that her mom had taken a liking to through her teenage years. Sadly, Aramis grew up the opposite of that. She was a nerd, an otaku, and only lives her life stuck inside her darkroom playing games and reading novels about warriors. She hates the sun, she hates anything that tries her or makes her sweat like sports. One day, her mother offered her a deal to go out and do some groceries for her to play and read that rare story that she was curious about. Bribed and blinded, she went out that day. Unfortunately, she died being hit by a truck and woke up in a different world where she was called a bedridden warrioress that was chosen to be one of the candidates to be the Devil King's wife or their families will die. “You’re chosen to be one of my candidates, be my wife or die, may the best warrioress win,” the King of Devon Kingdom announced with an evil smirk plastered on his plumped ripe lips. From that day forward, Aramis was forced to survive and win that challenge to protect herself and her new family. Will she be able to adapt or be someone that isn't her before?

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    The Jaded Assassin

    SJ Harmonread9.2KParanormal

    Sequel to “The Alpha’s Fated Phoenix” Jaessa was born from a mixture of good and evil. Her biological mother was a witch/werewolf hybrid, executed by the Crystal Lake pack following the ultimate betrayal of her Alpha and Luna. Raised by her father, Jaden and his mate, her adopted father J.T., Jaessa eventually learns the truth of her heritage upon her 18th birthday. Vowing to never love another to the point of losing her own self-control, Jaessa begins to construct a wall around her heart. With her Jade werewolf-witch hybrid DNA and having spent her life being trained by Valerie, Jaessa is a master at hand-to-hand combat with incomparable stealth and the abilities of projection. Jaessa relocates at the urging of her fathers to undergo training over her magical gifts with her Native relatives of Black Hills. After uncovering how extensive the supernatural trafficking ring really is, she makes another vow to protect those who cannot protect themselves, crafting herself into the Jaded Assassin. During one of her search and rescue missions, Jaessa is hired by an Alpha whose pregnant, chosen mate was supposedly kidnapped by a trafficker. Jaessa is thrown off guard by the undeniable pull she feels towards the Alpha, when he turns out to be her mate. The Alpha wants her, but since he is already mated, cannot take her as his Luna, so he moves on the prospect of her becoming his mistress. Appalled by such a proposition, Jaessa fights against the bond, while cursing the Moon Goddess. Jaessa only agrees to rescue the Luna, on the condition that once she is recovered, the Alpha must reject their bond. Will Jaessa be able to save the Luna, while remaining firm in her stance against the pull to her mate? Is the Luna who she really claims to be?

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    The Rogue Warrior


    Alina Gray is a fierce warrior and the future Gamma of the Full Moon Pack until she meets the stunning and brutal, Alpha Damen. Alpha Damen is her mate and takes her to the Blue Moon Pack where her once simple life crumbles to her feet. Her mate betrays her, her pack home is destroyed, and her family is missing. Alina decides to reject her unfaithful and abusive mate, and become a Rogue along side her best friend Nova Wixx. On her adventures, Alina is slowly discovering that she is not your ordinary werewolf. She holds a gift from the moon goddess that grants her the ability of great destruction. Along the way, Alina meets her second chance mate. A rogue warrior, who is a run away Lycan Prince. However, Alina is not so easily won over by this mysterious rogue who tries to warm her stone cold heart.

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    Warrior's Slave


    Book One of the Historical Love series: "You are my slave from now on female. You will do as I say and will not speak unless spoken to. If you disrespect me I will punish you. I will not remind you again, understand?" Marcell's body shook with fear as she starred in the eyes of the Roman beast. Julian Costello. The greatest Roman warrior to walk the Earth. Some Romans say he's the son of the war god Mars. She's heard many Greeks talk about how he brutally took the lives of many Greeks, showing no mercy, and now she was at his mercy, forced to do as he pleases or face punishment. Will Marcell be able to fight off new desires that emerge from deep inside her. Will Marcell be able to escape Julian? Will she be able to make it back to Greece? Or will the merciless beast lose interest and kill her?

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    The Wounded Hero

    Marysol Jamesread3.2KRomance

    Four years ago, Keegan Sinclair returned from Afghanistan a very different man: left with one leg, a heaping pile of rage and regret, and no sense of what to do with himself next. Hard work and sheer will have brought him to the place that he is now, but still alone. One night he meets Trish and decides to try - yet again - to see if a woman can look past what he is missing and see all that he is. Trish Montgomery is a woman who is in the process of rebuilding her whole life, not altogether successfully. She's survived her brutal childhood, she's moved beyond her alter-ego Thalia Flame, and she's (finally!) working a job where she can keep clothes on. But Trish has a secret, and she's still paying for the mistakes of her past. Trusting themselves and each other is a tall order, but they decide to try and share their truest selves one piece at a time. Can they accept each other, flaws and all? The Wounded Hero is created by Marysol James, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.