Werewolf Paranormal Romance Books Series

“Fate”and “destiny” are two central themes that almost always emerge when we read any werewolf paranormal romance books series. Even though these werewolf paranormal romance book series have at least one male and one female MC, the invisible and all-powerful Moon Goddess is the central character of the books.

In other words, the Moon Goddess is always regarded as the most powerful and knowledgeable entity that mating becomes a thing that every werewolf and Lycans should agree upon. Werewolves and Lycans who haven’t got their mates yet would usually make guessing games, or let the Alphas in their packs match them with other creatures from outside the pack.

The plots in these werewolf paranormal romance books series almost always leave us with questions as the characters undergo trials with other so-called “mates”Break up, rekindle, break up, rekindle...sort of thing.


"werewolf paranormal romance books"Book Series:

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    The Long Lost Alpha

    Joanna Jacksonread8.6KFantasy

    The Crimson Crest pack hasn’t been the same ever since the cold-blooded murder of the Alpha’s family almost two decades ago. But, everything changed when a bloody rogue fugitive werewolf stepped foot into the pack. However, as soon as the mysterious handsome green-eyed stranger sneaks into society and sparks a friendship with the gorgeous, wealthy and elegant Alpha’s daughter, news of him being a rogue outcast reaches the ears of her merciless father. Will the cruel Alpha of Crimson Crest set them apart, forbidding their love to blossom? Will the rogue be killed or banished by the ruthless Alpha that feels threatened by him? Within all the tension and drama, a shocking revelation about the stranger's white wolf brings forth a new unforeseen possibility: Could the mysterious lone wolf be the long-lost Alpha heir of the Crimson Crest pack? (COMPLETED & PTR)

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    Huntress or Mate?

    PS Gyllenhaalread26.9KParanormal

    A fearless huntress seeks vengeance only to discover a shocking truth. She finds herself not only mated to the very thing she wants to eradicate but embodies the very essence she despises–she is a werewolf. Will she succumb to her inner darkness, or will love guide her towards a different path?

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    There was no such thing as sensing your mate, scenting them from afar, or that spark you feel when you touch them. It is general knowledge that the haze season wasn't just for pinning your mark; it was an entire night of s****l release; to imprint and copulate with your chase anywhere on the hazing ground. Every three years packs gathered on the hazing ground closest to their territory, no matter their hatred, three days is, set aside for peace. The day before the haze, the day of the haze and the day after the haze where each partner receives blessings from their Alpha. Aztec Romulus Alpha heir of the WOLF CLAW is ecstatic as his return from the Alpha camp falls on a day before the haze season. What more could an Alpha heir ask for, he is 20 years old the perfect age to Ascend as Alpha of his pack and once he completes the haze ritual with his long-term girlfriend, he would be more than qualified to Ascend as the new Alpha. What happens when on the haze day instead of completing the ritual with his girlfriend, Aztec wolf chases after a different wolf, and completes the s****l haze with the grey wolf imprinting on him. What if this grey wolf is Torak Skull, the 25-year-old Alpha heir of the SHADOW BLADE pack? Torak Skull was eager to have his mark this season because that was the only thing preventing him from Ascending as Alpha. He needed a luna. What will Aztec do when he finds out that not only did he claim a male wolf, which was a taboo, the male wolf had to be the heir of their rival pack? Will the elders permit a union between the strongest pack and the most brutal pack? Wolf Claw is a pack known for their strength and agility, the largest, most respected and powerful. Shadow Blade pack, known for their brutality and corny ways. What will their fathers say when they find out the truth? More so will Aztec and Torak accept the union or will they fight tooth and nail to break it. Follow me on this journey as we unravel their Story.

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    Dying for the Rose

    A Andersread1KRomance

    In a near-future dystopian world, ‘The Bachelorette’ is turned into a reality show where contestants have to find love or die. The flawed but easy-to-love hero will fight for his woman through suspense, laugh out loud humor, and surprising moments of heart. What if you were a Bachelorette secluded on a tropical island with an emotionally-distant marine, a cutthroat survivalist, a sexually-charged bisexual and 9 other equally winning bachelors. Which one would you choose to spend the rest of your life with? Think that's a tough situation for Rose Kaitlyn, the bachelorette? Imagine being Ford Stone, the bachelor who discovers that once a guy gets eliminated he dies. That was not what Ford signed up for when he agreed to be on the show. And if the show's producers knew who he really was, they might not have tricked him to be there. Ford’s dystopian world might not have made him boyfriend material, but it did teach him how to hunt down a killer. So if Ford can survive the show's crazy challenges and the other psychotic contestants, he is going to figure out who is murdering everyone and make them pay. But can he find the killer before his relationship demons get him eliminated? And in spite of everything, could this be the best shot Ford will ever have at finding love? Only time will tell, and Ford’s time on the show is running out fast. ‘Dying for the Rose’ is a romantic suspense with laugh out loud humor, surprising moments of heart, and flawed characters who are easy to love. Written by international bestselling author A. Anders, this page-turner is a life and death race against time that will thrill you and keep you guessing until the last page.

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    Alpha Werewolves & Little Angels

    Arian Wulfread1KSteamy Stories

    Damian feels a peculiar combination of horror and awe as he stands in front of the glass cage. Inside, there is a lovely young woman with large, trusting eyes, red lips pursed in curiosity as she peers at him. Her giant white wings flare out behind her, like an angel. Except he knows she's not an angel because there are papers in his office telling him when and how she's made. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Damian's first memory of her on a picture printed on a huge file. She was just a ball of cells then, so small that she's barely visible in the large tank she's kept in, floating in the middle of a mass of orange goo that appears to glow because of the twin light sources at the top and bottom of the tank. She was so small that they zoomed into the picture and magnified the picture in a separate section, making sure he can see there's something  in the tank- that it's not empty. The man in charge, a businessman who had gotten the project going under the guise of something else is explaining all the things they'll be doing with her. There are werewolves in the world, why shouldn't there be other shifters, he says. She will be the first bird-human hybrid, because people have always been obsessed with flight and wings and she will be able to have both. He can't see it yet, but she will have wings soon and they're accelerating her growth process until she'll be at growth in a few weeks. Once she's fully grown, they're going to study her, and then take her apart to study her, clone her, sell her as a sort of exotic pet for the rich. He tells Damian many things, but he's not listening because he's staring at the papers in his hand in horror. He didn't approve of this. He has no memory of approving this experiment- very much the opposite, in fact. When the first proposal was laid on his desk, he had fired the man who suggested it. And now- now it had gone ahead regardless in a department that didn't know when to stop. It's an experiment, a life form created in a laboratory by splicing the best of human genetics with animal genes that will make her more animal than human. Make her animal enough that she won't have basic human rights. Genetic manipulation of this sort just isn't done. It's playing at being God. He had assumed that the department would be disbanded after his clear rejection of the very idea. He thought too highly of his team, perhaps. Everyone knew it was wrong and shouldn't be done, but they can't help but be curious as well. What would happen if the program wasn't shut down? The first steps have been taken already, after all. It is not as though they don't have the equipment or the money to get it done. They didn't even need to do much. Just close one eye and let it happen. And now- He flips through the rest of the pages. It's a thick file, a documented progression of her growth from one tiny ball of cells. Now, there is a team of scientists who doesn't know that he's here to tell them to pack up and go home because he's shutting down the program once and for all after discovering something wrong in the numbers. It's not tallying up. There's a whole separate department that he thought he had put a stop to months ago. Now, there is a living being in a cage, blinking up at him with innocent large eyes.

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    Only you, Alpha

    S.M Roryread26.8KRomance

    #ROMANCE SUSPENSE WINNER #5 Alison an Omega born into the Angel pack family, but due to lack of knowledge of her origin, she lived as a human. Alison lost her Dad quite too early to a mysterious fight in her street this made her so quiet, fearful and a peaceful person despite her 6 ft plus man-like muscular physique. Her classmates sought opportunities to terrorize her because her physique looks intimidating to them and Allison will never fight back. One day Alison's classmate Luna conspired with Ryan and others in her class to kill her because Alison was falling in love with Ryan their school head boy whom she loves too. Ryan never realized Luna's intention and agreed to her plan. Ryan approached Alison on that day and pleaded with her to help him get his kid sister out of a dark and abandoned building close to the school. Alison went in because of the love she felt for Ryan, then she saw scary masks ghosts. They chased her inside the building, she fled to find safety and ran upstairs, then Alison heard a loud shout and turned around to see what had happened. one of the masked ghosts that chased her upstairs had fallen off the stairs, suddenly the ghost all stop chasing her and went to meet the one who fell off. Alison was stunned to know they were all her classmates when they began to take off their scary face masks but they had killed Stella. How will they explain what happened to Stella? so they agreed to say Alison killed Stella. *********************************************************** Four years later Alison was released from prison and turned into a monster werewolf. The only thoughts on her mind were revenge for her accusation and fight to get back Ryan but things changed.

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    K. A. Salidasread1KRomance

    Honor or freedom. Mira can only choose one. Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Magistrate, and with the Iron Gate army close behind, Mira travels west, toward the coast with three human fugitives, searching for the mythical land of Sanctuary.  After encountering a pack of wolf shifters, headed by the charismatic-and brazen-Stryker, Mira learns that Sanctuary is real after all.  Caldera Grove: home of the Otherkin. Hidden in the mouth of a dormant volcano, it has protected its residents from humans since the early days following the great cataclysm. For Mira- a vampire-Caldera is a land of peace; an escape from the relentless persecution of the humans who once enslaved her, and an end to the daily struggle and bloodshed of being a gladiator. For the humans accompanying her, Caldera Grove means death. Trespassers are destroyed before they can penetrate its borders.  Follow Stryker toward freedom and peace, or honor the humans who risked everything to aid her escape, and stand and fight against the army of humans closing in on them?  A choice must be made, and Mira alone will have to shoulder the consequences. 

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    The Grey Wolves Novella Collection

    Quinn Loftisread26.6KRomance

    A pack is made up of many members. And each of those members has his or her own story to tell. The following isa collection of four stories of the Romanian Greys and their allies.Sacred SilenceI thought nothing could be eviler than Desdemona, or Reyaz, or any other villain we’ve faced down. I was wrong.I read all the books I could devour on the beauty of parenthood. I thought I was ready. But nothing could have prepared me for the hurricane of jacked-up emotional chaos otherwise known as post-partum hormones. ~JenResounding SilenceDuty, sacrifice, service, and discipline. These were the characteristics that described Cyn, the warrior fae. Though love was out of her reach, she thought this life was all she needed. She had never been more wrong. A chance meeting with the Prince of the Elves turns her carefully structured world upside down.Piercing SilenceIt’s been six months since Jacque Lupei was imprisoned in the dark forest with her female pack mates, wondering if they would ever see their mates again. Six months since she and Fane found out that Jen and Decebel would not be the only couple adding a new pup to the pack. Six months of peace and quiet…other than Jen running her mouth incessantly about Sally getting to go on an adventure with Peri while she has to miss all the fun. When she isn’t complaining about that, she spends her time commenting on how Jacque’s butt is getting wider by the minute. Jacque doesn’t know it, but the reprieve was about to be over.Forgotten SilenceFilthy. Disgusting. Unworthy trash. The same thoughts keep swirling in Sally's mind. She's broken and no one can fix her--not her friends, try as they might, and not her beautiful mate. She'd thought when Costin had rescued her from Jericho's clutches, broken the spell the rogue werewolf had cast on her, and left the cur lying in bloody pieces on the floor of an Ocean Side bar, that one day she might find some peace. Perhaps, with time, she could forget the horrible things she'd done. Perhaps she could forget how she had betrayed her one true mate. Now, several weeks later, the memories and the nightmares have only grown stronger.

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    The Grey Wolves Series Books 1-6

    Quinn Loftisread358.5KParanormal

    Read the series with over 100 thousand five star ratings ★★★★★ across all platforms.Readers love being a part of the Grey Wolves Pack!This is one of my absolute favorite series. Quinn has a way of telling a story with so much emotion you can almost feel what the characters feel. She tells the story with great detail and enthusiasm. ~sss verified review.This collection includes the first six books of the series at a discount of 50% off the regular price.Prince of WolvesBlood RitesJust One DropOut of the DarkBeyond the VeilFate and FuryThe Grey Wolves series follows the adventures of three high school seniors, Jacque, Jen, and Sally, as the girls are introduced to the hidden world of the Romanian grey wolves. The grey wolves' universe is populated with dominant male Alpha werewolves who slowly succumb to the darkness within them unless they find their true mates. It just so happens these three ladies are destined to become true mates to some of the most powerful males in the Canis lupus world. But destiny won't be fulfilled without a fight. Female Canis lupus are few and far between, and sinister dominant wolves will rise to challenge for the right to mate with these new, unique females. Then ensuring chaos will undermine the strength of the packs, just when a new threat to the Canis lupus world emerges, one that can only be defeated by the strength that comes from the special union of true mates.What readers are saying:★★★★★ All-time favorite Wolf Series★★★★★ My new favorite series!★★★★★ ...this book was my escape from all of it... The way Fane and Jacquelyn meet is right out of every girls' dreams.....★★★★★ This book is completely awesome I'm loving the series can't wait to read the next one... I totally recommend this book.If you like shifter novels, then you'll love the Grey Wolves Series. Don't start this series unless you're ready to join the pack. You will get hooked!

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    Alpha's Amore


    “Thank you, Mr. Xavier,” I told him while looking into his eyes. He shakes hands with me and as soon as our hands got touched with each other a spark went all over my body. What the hell just happened to me, it was like a current went all over my body, and the next thing, I saw I got more shocked. His eyes went chocolate brown suddenly and within a moment it came back to the normal eye color. I shook my head and looked clearly. He didn’t let go of my hand and he squeezed it. I quickly pulled my hand and said thank you and got down from the stage. Are you a crazy reader of werewolf stories? Does your every nerve filled with werewolf romance? Read my new book Alpha's Amore, the best medicine for your craziness.