• 1.Bear's to Mate

    COLE He had never met anyone like Tarsha White. Curvy, sexy as sin, smart and sassy, the works. Billionaire bear shifter Cole Barron knew he had to have her. Knew he had to claim her as his own mate. She doesn’t know he’s a werebear. It doesn’t matter. He’s going to take her and make her scream in ecstasy. Heck, he might even put a baby inside her. * TARSHA She had never met a man like Cole Barron before… …but she knew the type. Rich, cocky, arrogant, think they can get whatever they want. She had him pegged from a mile away. And yet, when his eyes devoured her, she felt herself melting in his gaze. When his fingers touched her, she felt herself wanting to give in. One night, only fun, and no expectations… what could go wrong? But just one night was all it took… …for him to put a baby in her. * BEAR’S TO MATE is a steamy, full-length paranormal shifter romance that depicts an alpha shifter billionaire willing to do anything to claim his mate, a surprise pregnancy, and closes with a happy ending.

    Milly Weaver

  • 2.His Claim: A Bad Boy Romance

    He wanted something from me… a child. So he tied me to his bed and told me… …That I had to bear his baby. * I never expected this. Tied up, used… In any way he wants. I was given to him. He owns me. And now I obey his every command. He wants a kid. He wants an heir. He wants me to be the mother. I never asked for this. He’s a bad man. He’s going to take what he wants. Over and over again. * His Claim by Jana Winter is a sexy, steamy, full-length bad boy romance featuring a hard-bodied alpha male who will do anything and everything to make the woman he’s fallen for his, and to put a baby inside her. This romance novel concludes with a happy ending and NO CLIFFHANGER!

    Jana Winter

  • 3.Wolf's Heir

    The moment he saw her, wolf shifter Jalen Hunter knew Jassie was special. Knew he had to have her. Knew he had to claim her as his own. She was delicious, sexy, curvy… smart. His wolf clawed for her. His wolf growled for her. His wolf wanted to mate her. And what kind of shifter doesn’t listen to their animal? He was going to make her his. And not only that… …he was going to put his heir inside her. * Men like Jalen Hunter don’t pass through a gal’s life much, but we all know the type. Way too sexy for their own good. Cocky… arrogant. So bad for you they should come with a warning label. They’re the kind you want to spend one night with… …and only one night. And even then, you’re taking a risk. Jassie knew she was going to take that risk. Jassie knew it was just going to be one night. What she didn’t know was that one night was all it would take… …for the wolf shifter to put his heir inside her. * WOLF’S HEIR is a steamy, full-length paranormal shifter romance that depicts an alpha wolf shifter willing to do anything to claim his mate, a pregnancy, and closes with a happy ending.

    Milly Weaver

  • 4.The Nurse

    She patched me up then kicked me out. But it was too late. I was already obsessed her, and I had to make her mine. I don’t do love. I get laid then I get out. I live a dangerous life, and that means living everyday like it"s my last. I never wanted to settle down... I never wanted to plan ahead. No attachments. Not until I met Jasmine Faye. She"s got a body I want to worship every inch of. A smile that makes me feel some kinda way. And eyes that see me deep inside... somewhere I"ve closed off to even myself. I thought my heart died long ago. But Jasmine has made it start beating again. I"ve never fallen so damn hard for a girl before. The kicker? She wants nothing to do with me. She"s good, pure, and in her own way, a total bad ass. I"m just a total ass. She saved my life, so now I owe her one. And that means I"m going to make her mine. That means I"m going to make her scream in ecstasy. That means she"s going to be my goddess for the rest of our days. * The Nurse is a full length bad boy MC romance featuring an ink-and-leather alpha bad boy who thought his heart died along ago only to have it restarted by Jasmine, a smart, strong, and beautiful nurse who saves his life, and who can handle a bar full of bikers. This full-length contemporary romance novel ends with a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

    Paigely Snow

  • 5.Eight Weeks: A Secret Baby Romance

    One night. One time. She was never supposed to get pregnant. When I first saw Issy, I knew I had to have her. She stumbled into my life, and into the best lay of her life. That was supposed to be it. One night. One time. One white-hot memory. Then I moved on. I don’t settle. I don’t stick around. But… she never told me about the pregnancy. Eight weeks later, I’m still thinking about her. Eight weeks later, I can’t get her out of my head. Eight weeks later, I find out. Now I’m coming back for her. I’m coming back to make our family whole. * Eight Weeks (A Secret Baby Romance) is a contemporary secret baby and second chance romance novel featuring graphic scenes of a dark romantic nature. This is a full-length love story and ends with a happy ending.

    Olivia Sinclair

  • 6.The Two Mr. Kings

    Eden was 15 when she met her new neighbors Harper and Jasper King, the billionaire brothers who her alcoholic abusive mother has her eyes on. Eden expected them to be like all the other men who walked into her life. They surprise her by being nice and understanding. Now that Eden is 19, she thinks of them as brothers but do they think of her as a sister

    T.C. Bosarge

  • 7.Dragon's Heir

    Getting pregnant was something Tamara didn’t ever really expect. But when she agrees to be the surrogate mother of a wealthy client, and for a hefty sum, she decides to accept. But what she doesn’t realize is that the client is a billionaire dragon shifter, a man reclusive and enigmatic, but gorgeous as sin, with eyes that seem to pierce her very soul. This dragon shifter is determined to have an heir to his empire, and for that task he has chosen Tamara to bear his child. She’s more than just a suitable candidate. She’s the woman he’s fallen in love with, one who doesn’t even know it. And he’s going to claim her as his own mate. She won’t just be the mother of his child… He’ll make her his loving, dragon’s mate… forever. Dragon’s Heir is a sexy, steamy, full-length paranormal dragon shifter romance from Gena Callahan, that features an alpha dragon shifter determined to do whatever it takes to get the woman he loves, a happily ever after, and a little dragon shifter heir.

    Gena Callahan

  • 8.The Alpha's Possession: The Choice

    “Do you really think you ever had a choice, my little one?” The alpha devilishly asked while kissing the nape of my neck. “I wish I did,” I whisper, not fighting the blazing trail of kisses down my collar bone. “Then, stop fighting me. Accept me. I am your alpha, after all.” “I will never accept you as my alpha nor as my mate.” “We shall see my little one. We shall see.” ****** Pearl is at the bottom of her rope. If she doesn’t find a job, she will be out on the streets. Day after day, she desperately hopes to hear at least one, yes, but they turn her away. Some are running from Pearl the moment they hear her name. Pearl receives a blank envelope with a stamp made of red clay and the initials CH engraved in the center. To her surprise, it is an application to work at Charleston Inn. Once she discovers the truth, will she ever have a choice, or was this Pearl’s fate all along?

    Serenity Warren

  • 9.Married to the Alpha

    *Complete* Mariyah Aragon's only goal in life was to give her family a better life. In order to achieve this goal, she needs to study and work hard to pay off her parents' sacrifice for her. And she achieved it. One night, she was ordered by her mom to return a white handkerchief and pay a sum of money her mother borrowed to her Aunt Helen, she obeyed her by thinking it was just the only order to her. But she was deceived by the person she least expected to do it. Her mom literally paid her debt. Neither a money nor a letter of extension for the payment was given, she was the payment. She is the payment. She swallowed hard as she stared at those pair of dark grey eyes. She's standing alone with him in his open balcony, doesn't know why she was there and how did she get there. But her mind can't seem to perceive what is happening after hearing those words to him. Did she hear him right? Was she really married to him? And what really shook her world, was she really married to the Alpha?


  • 10.Married with Single Daddy (Indonesia)

    Pernikahan yang dilangsungkan karena sebuah kecelakaan yang tak disengaja. Meisya Holand terpaksa harus menikah dengan seorang duda beranak satu yang memiliki sifat begitu dingin dan tempramental padanya. Alando Xaverius, seorang duda beranak satu yang menikahi Meisya karena kecerobohan gadis itu sendiri. Jika saja ia tidak ikut campur dalam kehidupannya, maka pernikahan ini tidak akan pernah berlangsung. Dan semenjak pernikahan mereka berlangsung, Alando selalu berusaha menjauhi Meisya untuk kebaikan mereka berdua. Karena tanpa disadarinya, Alando telah terpikat pada Meisya sejak kejadian itu. Kejadian yang membuatnya tanpa sadar selalu memikirkan Meisya, hingga berlanjut pada mimpi yang membawanya pada fantasi liarnya