• 1.The Be(D)st Friend (18+) I COMPLETED

    "I think my pussy and your dick has a tryst. Just saying." After several years of being best friends, Ethan Kane and Kiara Sharma's senior high school experience is about to get more excited, like a roller coaster ride; going up and down - literally and figuratively.


  • 2.Catching a Shewolf

    (Completed) "There is only one female, I will get down on my knees for." He whispered huskily as he trailed his hand down my jawline. "And who is that?" I asked hesitantly. A slow predatory smirk crept on his face. "You." ---- He was the king--arrogant and demands obedience. On the first day that he was holding a royal courting to find a chosen to become his queen, his mate lands in his court. To him, it was simple. Mate her and make her his queen and she will be under his rule. To her, she was anything but obedient. Giovanni will quickly come to realize just how disobedient his little mate was and how she might just be what he needs to sweeten up his tea and straightened his order. Highest Ranking #10 Werewolf


  • 3.Married to Gangster

    In this world gang members can come in every way, shape, or form. Whether they are arms dealers, drug smugglers, female, hitmen, or family men, they still can brand the title gangster. Eleanor Shield's is ordered to pay her fathers debts by moving to Italy and marrying the alarmingly elusive Francesco DeLuca. Just by name this man sounds dangerous and Eleanor is already unsure as to what she is getting herself into. What she was expecting was a disgustingly fat man who was so hideous that he had to buy a wife. She wasn't expecting a man with oozing charm and the body and face of a God. Francesco has issues with cops. Francesco has issues with trust. Francesco has issues with family. The LAST thing he needed on his already full plate was another issue. After the betrayal of his brother Francesco becomes a recluse and focusing only on gaining power. But when he realizes the only way to stay safe from a short list of suspects is to get married, Francesco has to add a few more things to his problems.


  • 4.I sold myself to the Billionaire

    Danny, a handsome man from a local rich family ran into a strange woman on a rainy night, thinking that she was sent by his assistant as a tool for his sexual gratification. This strange woman named Leena didn’t reject Danny because it was an opportunity to earn 250 thousand dollars by selling her virginity. She thought they would never meet again, but destiny brought them together again. And Danny even found out that Leena was pregnant at the time he was fighting for the rights to inherit the wealth of his family. Danny decided to use this as his chips in this fight and offered Leena a marriage contract. In order to protect her baby, Leena had to choice but say yes to this contract unequal to her. Danny thought of Leena as a shameless gold digger and he was just playing with her all this time. --------- Leave your comments for this book, I'll reply as soon as possible


  • 5.The Five Princes [COMPLETE]

    ******Complete****** [Warning: Sexual Content] "Oh, Zeph!" I moaned, my breathing being more difficult to manage than necessary. "Yes?" he winked deviously. "It feels...so good..." It came out like a vicious growl and for a moment, I wondering if it was really me saying those words. He didn't say anything. Instead, he latched his mouth around my core, his long tongue darting inside me. I screamed in bliss, it staying within me for the longest, exploring every centimeter. "OH!" I shouted, fingers digging in his hair. He licked, every fluctuation making me bite down hard on my lip to quell a scream. He pulled me close, throwing my legs over his shoulders as he dug his tongue deeper, faster, harder inside me. I could hardly control myself, shrieking when his teeth tugged on my bud. I gestured for him to fill me up more. To completely take control of me—if that was possible. Then he stopped. Why did he stop? Princess Serene is the heiress to the Dominic Kingdom who must choose her husband based on a sexual compatibility competition used for generations with five distinct princes. However, each has their own agenda for wanting to be king and will have to persuade Serene intimately and emotionally...at any cost.


  • 6.Sex with a Beast

    * Book 1 completed* *Book 2 Taming His Beast: http://www.ficfun.com/novel/1962124-Taming-His-Beast-(Book-2).html "Anything for you." He turned to me. He walked over to me and stood between my legs; he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He leaned in, unknowingly sparking that stupid sensation I got every time he touched me....


  • 7.Pregnant By My Bully

    Aaliyah Fox had a rough life while growing up. She was bullied for where she lived, what job her mom had, how she has no dad, and the typical one because she was ugly. She didn't have any friends. They either didn't want anything to do with her or because they were afraid to catch an unwanted disease from the trailer park that Aaliyah lived in. With no friends to help her out, Aaliyah had to suffer through the bullying that she got every day. It wasn't just because she had no friends to stand up for her, it was because no one wanted to stand up to Tyson Bradford, Rydell High School's star boy, and Aaliyah's bully. So what happens when a project is assigned in one of the many classes Aaliyah and Tyson share forcing Aaliyah to go over to Tyson's, only to have sex with Tyson and get kicked out of the house the next minute? More importantly, what happens when Aaliyah falls pregnant with Tyson's baby?


  • 8.The incest

    Recommended [ His Ugly mate ] and [ Ruined her Innocence ] "The heart crave what he wants... And Esteban wanted only his younger sister to be his and he would do anything to make that happen... even if he used forgery to change her last name!" Sherry was looking at her elder brother as if he was a god! she admired him in a different way, she didn't know back then that her feelings were wrong because it felt so right. she wanted Esteban the powerful man to be her man not only her brother.... and she would do anything to trap him in her bed.... but was that easy? Excerpt*** I pressed her head to my chest and tapped her back gently “we can’t be with each other as lovers. But we will be sister and brother forever.” I smiled at her. She shook her head and inhaled and exhaled, “we could be lovers but in secret. Let it be a secret. Please.” I spaced out for a while thinking about what did she just said “secret lovers?! you mean that… no, I can’t touch you! You are my sister. I can’t do that to you.” I shook my head in disagreement to that idea. She pushed me slightly and stepped away, she raised her brows “then you will let someone else take my virginity and pleasure me at bed?” she asked me seductively with competitive eyes. “fuck! Are you still a virgin?!” I cleared my throat dumbfounded. .... She didn't know That she was adopted But deep inside her, she was sure that he can't be her brother... And she was right...

    Bosy Elselhdar

  • 9.Love My EX-wife

    Rison Golden was handsome, tall with a good figure and of superior ability. It was a pity that his personality was so cold. Just like a robot. He agreed to the forced marriage brought to him by his parents without hesitation because he had never loved any woman anyway. The woman who broke into his office and dared to look him in the eyes... That woman sparked his interest! He decided to divorce his quiet and docile wife and pursue his one true love. However, the one he thought was his true love had him bored in just a few days. Of course, he involuntarily and uncontrollably began to deeply miss his ex-wife... Sarah Watson Golden couldn’t have imagined that such a big event in her life could have been decided so easily! Her father was only a driver for the Goldens. How could she refuse to marry the son of the Goldens family? After she married, she had a daughter and even fell in love with her husband. The two of them had always been respectful to each other. She couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams he would disrespect her this way.  He told her he had found his one true love. So he had decided to abandon her and his daughter?!

    Ash Z

  • 10.Blindly Mated to Badboy Alpha

    Recommended [ His Ugly mate ] and [ Ruined her Innocence ] She didn't mean to bump into the most dangerous bad boy in her school. she was already keeping herself hidden from those bastard werewolves. She knew she wasn't like them. even though she was born to the warriors of the most powerful pack. even though she was holding a royal bloodline. but she wasn't like them, she won't be able to shift. she was the weakest even though she wasn't omega. But she was blind! and that was her bad day ever when all of the suffering started. She didn't dream of her mate. she was sure he will reject her when he finds out how useless she was going to be. Only being wolf helped her to use her nostril and her instinct to walk in the school pretending she was normal. no one knew she was blind. because no one noticed her. until that day...

    Bosy Elselhdar