• 1.His Bodyguard

    "They are undercover and are here for your protection." "What? Are you crazy? I don't need protection. And these two bulls undercover?" I said pointing towards the bulky men. "There's nothing undercover with them following me around." "Oh no you got it wrong. They are not following you around. They are here for information and delivering your bodyguard." "What do you mean by delivering my bodyguard?" Now I am totally confused. "Giara here is your bodyguard." He said patting that brunette's back. "WHAT?!!??!?" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This is a story about two different people, leading different life, brought together.A girl who never had a normal life. And a boy who never had a such complicated life before. Follow the journey of Giara Edwards and Jay Olsen's life and see where it leads them to.

    Alba Arcarius

  • 2.The Hired Daughter

    How far can you go for your deams? Sheina was a poor girl who dreamed big. But life wouldn't easy for someone like her as she was born poor and grew up without her family. She worked hard to get herself into school and delt with the family who took care of her when her parents died a long time ago. For her, finishing college was the only key to success why she stayed strong. She believed that in order to make her dream come true she had to do anything and everything, even achieving her dreams means.. she has to let him go. "..Ladies and gentlemen.. Our long lost beautiful daughter.. Sheina Dela Francia.." This is it! The time of my life. If I would take that stair, surely my life will be changed. I was nervous while taking the steps upstairs. I took a deep breath before nearing my Mommy and Daddy. Yes, my Mom.. Mrs. Dorothy Dela Francia and my Dad Mr. Michael Dela Francia. I kissed them both on their cheek before we hugged each other. I had met them a month ago and they were my new family since then. "Welcome to the family, sis.." a deep baritone voice greeted me and I almost fainted. My dear crude of a brother! He kissed me on my cheek and hugged me so tight.. so much for my like. "Tha-thanks, Cast." I almost grinned at him. "I still don't like you as my sister." he whispered before he let go and started walking to our parents. I was stunned. He was the only one who’s not in favoured of me, being a Dela Francia. So I needed to get on his good side to make my life easier here in the mansion of Dela Francia.


  • 3.His 18 Year Old Wife Mistress (18+)

    "Too addicting." he murmured and stared at me longingly. "Your lips." "Why did you kiss me?" I bit my bottom lip and stared back. "I don't know." he looked confused and bothered. "But I really really wanted to kiss you the first time I saw you." his thumb traced my bottom lip and it made me close my eyes at the contact. "I settled myself not to touch you, everytime you're near me. Coz I know you were a minor. Too young for me." I heard him chuckled. "But dammit!" I opened my eyes and saw his dark eyes. "Nolan.." "You're eighteen now, not a minor.. anymore." he then again kissed my lips that I responded instantly. I felt his hand on my waist trailed up to the neckline of my dress. And as if taunting them, my boobs. He managed to open my door as we both got inside. I felt him pressing me against the wall and I made sound that turned into moan.


  • 4.Knight's Quest Of Love (Book 2 of 'Knight' Series)

    ****** DAILY UPDATES ****** Book II of the 'Knight' series. Elliot had many beliefs, destiny wasn't one of them. Not until his brother fell in love and got married. Now his bachelor life was slowly coming to an end and his future only flashed with office walls and white paper. One accident threw him in a blackhole called Nigella Crawford and he let himself get sucked. Until he found himself falling in love. Nigella Crawford had given up many things in her life in order to live a peaceful life away from the pointing fingers, but her pride wasn't one of them. Elliot Knight was a puzzle she could never finish, a painful mystery that dug deeper into her heart the more she tried to solve it. Her trust issues are put to test in his company, her identity in question before him. Nigella wasn't ready. 


  • 5.Blue Eyed Devil (18+)

    The first time I saw his sinfully face, I know I was captivated by him. He's tall with pitch black hair, thick eyebrow, pointed nose, red lips that you'll crave to be kissed by, perfect jaw, well-toned body and above all he's got blue eyes, as if you were bewitched and hipnotized by its charm whenever you stared at.. He's so perfect, sometimes cold but most of the time.. He's hot! "What the hell are you doing?" his jaw tightened, his deep voice was cold as an ice. My jaw dropped. "Ki-kissing y-you." I stuttered answering him. Biting my lower lip. The edge of his lips quirked up. "That's not a kiss." he said. "Let me show you how to make a good kiss." I did not quite understand what was happening when I felt his warm hand against my waist, pulling me closer to him that our bodies almost molded to each other. And his hot lips to mine, I was overwhelmed and panicked when I felt the penetration of his tongue, savouring my mouth. It's a hot and passionate kiss. I opened my eyes when I felt his kiss moving, from my lips to my jaw and it went down to my neck.. s**t. I did manage to push him away, still panting from our kiss. I stared at his sleepy eyes, he looked like he got out from a deep sleep. "That's how you kissed." and then he smirked..


  • 6.The Playboy's Bodyguard (18+)

    "I said.." I held his gaze. "Make love to me.." "I heard you clearly. And I suggested you not to ask that again." he moved upward. Damn. I thought this would be as easy as killing my target. "Do I need to beg?" I stopped him. His face was darkened when he gazed me. "Why do you want? Did I make you feel horny? I know it's my fault, I'm sorry.. I just really want to-" "Don't you like me?" my lips trembled on that question. I felt I was rejected by him. He's really a jerk for misleading me that he liked me somehow. "I-I understand." I nodded when I got no answer from him, I get it. I let go of his hand and looked down. "You don't really understand. Don't you?" he snatched my hand and pulled me into him. I was shocked with his action. Why we almost kissed each other. "Do you really understand what you were asking for Axl Singson?" I was speechless with our closeness. "You awakened the beast in me, sweetie." he whispered. "There's no turning back now." then his lips covered mine.


  • 7.Un Amour Entre Trios

    "When they ask," Luca mumbled, before tugging on my earlobe with his teeth. "You tell them daddy did it." A love between three.


  • 8.Fino alla Fine

    Meet Vanessa, a sassy spitfire with nothing to lose. Except her daughter of course. What happens when circumstances brought upon her by the woman who had given birth to her , lead her into the clutches of Valentino, one half of a twin and one obnoxiously gorgeous, short tempered, arrogant son of a bitch, according to Vanessa at least... Follow their journey to find out if Vanessa would be hit by a bullet or cupids arrow.


  • 9.I have 8 mates

    "You don’t get it do you we want you not some other skank you " Dante shouted "Why you could have any one you wanted why me I’m nothing special an-" I whimpered though my tears my vision blurred. My chest burning with a feeling of dread and denial. My brain couldn’t process all of this information. It had sent me into overdrive. "Why can’t you just accept we want you, you’re sexy, smart, and you love us not our money." He replied frustration clear in his tone. His face showing the sheer disbelief at my words. " But- " I tried to reason. "f**k this" Daniel said as he marched right up to me pushing me against the nearest wall to us. Holding with one hand on my hip and the other holding my throat in a tight grip. Not hard enough to strangle me but tight enough for my focus to be solely on him. "What are you-" Was all I was able to get out of my lips before he covered them with his own lips as they descended upon my own and I forgot in a instance what we were talking about the only thought going through my mind was the burning need for him to be inside of me filling me to the brim. Luke must have read my mind because in an instant my feet were no longer on the ground and I was away from Daniel and in Luke's arms; half way up the stairs with the seven of them following behind at a rapid pace. Jessica Brown was a ordinary 18 year old girl with normal problems such as rude teachers fake friends and of course what she didn't think she would have to deal with was 8 sexy controlling mates.

    Jade Baton

  • 10.Bad Boy's Girl

    Have you ever wondered what happens when the bad boy gets possessive over you? Skye is just finding out. Skye is just a normal young women wanting a normal life. What makes her special to the Bad Boy? She doesn't know, but neither does he. Damon Perry is not who anyone expects. Everyone thinks they know him. But no one knows anything about him. He has a dark life filled with street fighting and an even darker life at home. So what happens when he begins to get possessive over a quiet girl that just wants to move out of home. Even finds himself surprised with his protectiveness.


  • 11.The Streetfighter and the Gang Lord

    The Streetfighter and the Gang Lord. One would expect the guy was the gang lord while the girl was the feisty streetfighter right? Oh how are you so wrong. .............................. Xavier Collins was the streetfighter known as 'The Crusher' at night and the 'bad boy' at school. He was known for being arrogant, reckless, and has a pride of a boxer. But don't get me wrong, he doesn't sleep around like those players. No, he would rather spin his motor than sucking a girl's face. Now, Meet Annalissa Winters. The 16 year old loner at school but the leader of the most feared yet respected gang in the town. Black Blood. Like her last name, her demeanor was of an ice princess in the cold winter, but that's what makes it more scarier. Both of them are different yet in similar situation. Read the first page to read to summary further..


  • 12.LEGACY one made out of blood

    My name is Themis and I am not supposed to be alive. I survived the hunt which a maiden had not survived for hundreds of years and now I am saddled with a husband. Waves from both the empire and outside the empire are coming. I might be dead at the end but I will try my best to be alive. I will use everything in my arsenal. Including my gift of prophesy. Even if the gift will get me killed. My name is Themis and this is my story.


  • 13.Mr. Popular and Me

    Evan is a student that everyone avoids, Waeland is the most popular student in the school, aka; Mr. Popular. Evan isn't afraid to say what he wants to people, but he never allows anyone to get close to him, leaving him a loner. This piques Waeland's interest and he decides to try and take a shot at Evan to see if he can get under that hard shell of his. Will the persistent Mr. Popular be able to break through Evan's walls, or will his fear of losing his reputation ruin everything?

    Rayven Fox

  • 14.Saving Tesla | #1 Devil's Army MC

    Being an outlaw, I was used to the blood and pain of others. I was used to the look of fear in my enemies' eyes. I knew what I wanted out of life. Until I found her. She was like a goddess to me, a siren. And I was determined to save her from the life she had escaped from. * * * I've experienced loss more than once in my life. I guess you could say I kind of welcomed it. It's the only thing I have ever known. I was used to feeling empty and broken. He was my knight in a leather cut. He helped me escape from a life of despair, but then the pain was f****d to the surface and I was drowning in it.

    Paige E. Carlin

  • 15.Loving The Billionaire

    (THE BILLIONAIRE'S SERIES BOOK ONE) VICTORIA CAMPBELL the ever forgiven heart of a maiden found herself toss into an arranged marriage to THE SMITH'S family. With hope that all will be well with the man she would call her husband Victoria agrees. After all familiar face of the past can offer a bit of a comfort. But she couldn't be more wrong. JUSTIN SMITH the CEO of J.Smiths enterprise desire to buy MCB networking station but it doesn't come without a price. Justin must marry the daughter of Michael Campbell in order to gain control of what he so desire. With a heavy heart and reluctant soul, he sold his life and soul to the marriage. Hurts and heartbreak endured by Victoria seems on natural bit what can she do when her heart has always belonged to the man of her past, Justin Smith? But will the secret and past Justin kept destroy everything they newly built? The main question on in mind, who is Briella? Read and find out about the too forgiven heart of Victoria. Is she stupid or stupid in love?