• 1.Coming Back as a bad girl

    The Red Wedding. Poisoned at her own wedding, Laura Carter died full of hatred for her father and fiance. How could she accept that they murdered her? Laura gaped at Sally Carter, her step-sister, who was now laughing at her stupidity. Monsters. They are all monsters. She thought. With rage and tears, Laura closed her eyes. Yet, God gives her a second chance and she is allowed to come back to seek revenge. This time, by the name of Furies, she will not be so naive.


  • 2.Before Divorce (MxM) √

    Leo Wilson was a 29-year old actor. He was low-key, respectable, and influential in the film industry – a true professional. Henry Davis was a 23- year old celebrity. He was widely popular among fans for his looks, but ill-received within the entertainment circle for his mediocre acting and singing skills. Leo and Henry are married, though in name only. The two have signed a three-year marriage contract as a publicity stunt, boosting both their careers as a result of their star couple status. With Leo’s hectic filming schedule throughout the three years, the two did not even have the chance to develop a relationship. But a few months before their marriage contract came to an end, Henry made a proposal to Leo to be his booty call if Leo agreed to participate on a reality show with him called Hold My Hand…

    Miss Lonely

  • 3.Dangerous Love With Mr.President

    The public never expect that one day the president would marry Anna, the eldest daughter of the Chapman’s who has bad reputation instead of the second daughter who is likeable and popular among the people. ------------------------ “I really like you, Mr.president,” Anna said. “Sorry, but it is not a mutual affection.” The president Edmund replied with a poker face. ------------- Anna and Edmund grew up together. Back to those years, Anna loved him with all her heart, but all she got was the betrayal. She was devastated and decided to escape from those so-called friends and relatives for three years When she came back, she still wanted nothing to do with them. However, Edmund gave her a proposal.


  • 4.I'm Not Only A Beauty

    When Tiffany's father said to Martin Gold, a loan shark, “I have no money. Instead, you can take my daughter. I make the decisions here,” Instead, she sold her father to Martin Gold. At that moment, she never thought she would fall in love with this handsome, but dangerous man.


  • 5.Back To My Devil Billionaire

    Caldwell was known for his great fortune and a heart of stone. When Aurora was forced to marry such a man, she would rather die. So she tried her best to run away. She fell in love with another man, which led to her early grave. When she was given a second life, she realized Caldwell is the only one who cared for her. This time, she would not run away. She would get married to Caldwell and take her revenge on the bad.

    Isabelle Sweet

  • 6.Devil's Intense Love

    Everything felt hopeless. After struggling for days, Ellie still had no clue why she was here on this strange planet. Ellie was running, desperately trying to escape a group of guys who were chasing her. She was well aware of what would happen if they found her… Before long, one of the men caught up with Ellie and tackled her to the ground. He laughed obscenely as he unbuttoned his pants, while Ellie waited for the pain. But after a few seconds, all was silent. Ellie opened her eyes and found that the man was dead! A tall gentleman stood before her, offering his coat. She was saved! However, before she could thank the man, Ellie heard two chilling words: “KILL HER!” *OMG, are you sure you want to kill your wife? You’d better think twice, buddy. *

    Isabelle Sweet

  • 7.Came Across A Lost Billionaire

    Vivian Yale has fallen into the mountains during an expedition. Once stranded there, she meets a wild man that more accurately resembles a wolf than a man. He is strong and fierce-but always loyal and around when she needs a protector. He sticks to Vivian’s side- helping her make her way through the mountain wilderness. When they came back from the remote mountain area, his extraordinary skills of computer gradually shows up, who he is at all?


  • 8.Hungry Wolf With His Queen

    “I want you,” he said to her the first time they met. She sneered, “I have high standards for a boyfriend.” He calmly replied: “For as long as you want, I’ll give you what I have. I think I can fulfill your demands.” “I have three requirements—first, you must be a virgin; second, you can only love me; and third, you must be pretty good in bed.” “Deal!” he said, with confidence. Then, they got married... She had just agreed to become a stranger’s wife!


  • 9.I'm a loser? NO WAY!

    *Daily Update* Anna was a good student who believed that knowledge can change the world. Until one day when she entered a superpower school. Because she did not have an awakening superpower, she was sent to an academy called the gathering place of losers. It was said that she was a loser there...


  • 10.Love Begins On The Basketball Court[BxB]

    The sweet story of how a boy, inspired by the star player of a basketball team, is taken on as his trainee. Despite the proud star’s cruel training regime, he loves his pupil unswervingly, and finally moulds him into a shrewd and competent point guard. “Alexis, I have decided to declare you as my best friend!” “You know, Denis, I can tell by your tone you don’t have any friends.” “Hey, you don’t mean that. I bet you didn’t know how great it would be to be friends with me, did you?” “Go to sleep, Denis.” “Man, even now I still have no clue who I’ll end up marrying, but I’m sure you’ll be my best man.” “I won’t be anything but the groom.” “Alexis, how can you say that? I can’t believe you’d try to steal a guy’s bride like that.” “I mean, I would be your groom, Denis.” "..."

    Monnie mon

  • 11.I Was Never Yours,Mr.Billionaire

    #Daily Updates# Vichy, the daughter of the President, comes from one of the powerful family of this country. Having fallen out with her father, she left the family with her true identity hidden. She then met a man who is handsome and super rich. Even he didn't know her past and true identity, they still got married. Vichy thought she met her Mr. Right, however, the only reason he married her was that he needs the marrow of their children to save his first love... --------- It was just a game of love, I didn’t expect to really fall in love with you.


  • 12.Living With The Beast

    He came out from her bathtub. He was such an ugly creature. But she kept him and raised him in her backyard. He said, “How lucky I am to have you accompany me! You redeem me from my meaningless life.” Then he turned crazy and ...

    Kid Abesh

  • 13.The Dancing Ghost

    The plane flying from Bangkok to New York encountered a violent airstream. Passengers and crew members were terrified, but one couple continued to sleep soundly. They remained seemingly undisturbed. As the plane landed in New York safely, the young couple was found to be, in fact, dead. Weirdly, ground staff from Bangkok airport claimed that there was no departure record of the two tourists at all. More weirdly, the forensic investigation team alleged that the couple was, shockingly, already dead two days ago…

    Rosemary Newton

  • 14.The Abandoned Wife

    Fay Blake never would have thought her husband would divorce her after the way he had relentlessly pursued her when they were in college. She devoted her whole life to the family, however, her husband still left her for another woman. With no warning, her world suddenly turned upside down. well, Things happened, now what she can do? struggle to regain her husband’s affections or leave the one who cheated on her to find true love? -------------------------------------- On the same day she divorced with her ex, another man broke into her world suddenly. --------------------------------------- Thank you for leaving me, so I can become a better one. --------------------------------------- The very hero is Brent. They first met each other in the elevator.


  • 15.Horror in the Dark

    I intruded into an unknown city. Something must have gone wrong here, I found. Everybody seemed to know me, yet, at the same time avoiding me. Often I saw those in the corner or in the darkness talking in whispers or keep whispering about me. Their facial expressions showed ambiguity and so did their words; all were liars…those policemen, doctors, businessmen, the authorized, and scoundrels. Even the gloomy windows turned into eyes without eyeballs, spying on me. However, what made it more horrible was that…

    Rosemary Newton