• 1.My Zombie Army

    *Daily Update* New type of zombie theme story. “Say hello to the end of the fucking world,” said Elvis White when he found that the street was occupied by disgusting, wandering zombies. After a strange foggy day, the whole world changed upside down. Colleagues, friends and even family members became stupid, drooling monsters. Wait, why did this zombie eat a beef hamburger? Elvis White realized that zombies could be trained and had wisdom!

    Olivia Holaday

  • 2.My Super Aquatic Power

    Samuel had been happily living in Vancouver for nearly a decade and, up until recently, things had been going very well for him. After four years, he’d graduated from the University of British Columbia. Then, on the recommendation of his best friend, he’d been offered gainful employment with Bankers Petroleum Lmt. as an H.R. Manager. Looking back on his life, he would come to call those years, his “Content Years”. Over the last year though, things had begun to go wrong. He’d made more than one bad financial decision; then, when it seemed that things couldn’t get worse, they did. Samuel was let go from his job. A month after that, his landlord came knocking on his door demanding missed payments. Now, with only three hundred dollars to his name, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen when the police come for him.


  • 3.Path to Wizard

    **daily update According to legend, the Devilish and the Chosen coexisted together before the time of humans. They had great power but completely different personalities. The world stayed in harmony until they competed for control of human beings, resulting in the Glory War. After the war, a powerful force split everything and several worlds were consequently formed. Thousands of years later, humans rebuilt civilization and took over the world. But the Devilish and the Chosen continued to terrorize humans, determined to achieve world domination. Brian Cloon, the young son of a small grocery store owner, was born in this age of change. Despite the fact that he was not a person suitable to practice magic, he became the student of the unscrupulous magician Ron Bloomber by accident. Together with his three friends, Ken Millerys, Betty Frien, and Norry Fosteroy, he went on a journey to pass the test to become an apprentice of magic. Their adventures led them to what was later referred to in the scriptures as the Creation of the World of Seers.

    Best Wand

  • 4.My Super Evil Power

    When Alex moved to LA for a fresh start, he had no idea that he was in for the change of a lifetime. By chance Alex discovers that he is able to summon and speak to demons, at first, he is reluctant to make use of their abilities. Alex soon discovers that taking advantage of the demons’ powers will earn him fame and fortune, he can rebuild his shattered life. Along the way, Alex faces many challenges; there would be those that needed genuine help and those that wanted help purely for greed or vanity. If Alex found that he could not help, there was always the option of summoning another demon, right? Could he walk into Hell and find the demon for the job?


  • 5.Blade in the Dark

    Dancing at the fingertips of Death, Writing a legend of a lone thief, Telling the story of the thief’s road to the kitchen knife. Ancient spells of the necromancer from the immemorial tombs, The devil in the dark abyss of distant hell sighs, Ancient war songs by old bullhead priest from the orc tribe, The technological civilization lost in the goblin kingdom, Ancient ruins of the Tula Lyon Forest, The mysterious treasure on Emerald Isle, A strange race in the endless sea, There are different legends, With the same Enzes.


  • 6.All Started With A Forced Marriage (Completed)

    “You... You don't come near me! Sir, you…. you are good-looking and so rich, you can find any beautiful woman you want. Please, please keep your composure.” “Of course, women like you would never get in my bed. But you are the selected woman, only you could give birth to my child. “ She had been made the laughingstock of the whole city. Taken away by force before she could prove her innocence by the Lord, Charles Williams. The one and only “King of the Sea” and the only duke rising from a civilian in the beautiful British Columbia. That dangerous man forced her to married to him. She tried everything to get away from him. But He told her that she could never leave without giving birth to his child...


  • 7.Once Upon a One-night-stand

    "You pleased me," Said the man. "I had no interest in pleasing you.” She said, covering up her nakedness with a quilt. “Last night was a mistake. Please, forget that it ever happened." "I don’t think I can," he said, tucking her hair behind her ear. “You have me utterly spellbound. I can’t get your taste from my mouth. YOU ARE MINE NOW.” This is a sweet love story with a little twist. Once upon a time, the noble prince has a one-night-stand with a...


  • 8.Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress

    *updates everyday and back to Bad Sex* Alessa is sent by her fiancé to his Uncle Brian’s bed. Shocked and disgusted, she tries to escape but he doesn’t give up so easily… At the same time, Kevin, Alessa’s childhood sweetheart arrives out to save her from the abyss but soon the three of them are pulled into a whirlpool of power, money, love and desire. Thanks so much for loving my book Bad Sex! I am so flattered for all your comments and support. Love you all, my dear readers. Please support my other ongoing story What a Dominant Master!, a love story between a thief and a gangster!

    Alle Adames *

  • 9.Hungry Wolf With His Queen (Completed)

    “I want you,” he said to her the first time they met. She sneered, “I have high standards for a boyfriend.” He calmly replied: “For as long as you want, I’ll give you what I have. I think I can fulfill your demands.” “I have three requirements—first, you must be a virgin; second, you can only love me; and third, you must be pretty good in bed.” “Deal!” he said, with confidence. Then, they got married... She had just agreed to become a stranger’s wife!


  • 10.Forced Marriage With The Billionaire

    The competition was sponsored by Charles Luke, the handsome, high-profile, mature president and CEO of Luke Group. Elena’s roommate signed her up for a "competition" and she only went to the photoshoot to support her. However, owing to the trick played by an evil, little did they know that Elena would end up breaking into the world of Charles Luke.


  • 11.Love My EX-wife

    Rison Golden was handsome, tall with a good figure and of superior ability. It was a pity that his personality was so cold. Just like a robot. He agreed to the forced marriage brought to him by his parents without hesitation because he had never loved any woman anyway. The woman who broke into his office and dared to look him in the eyes... That woman sparked his interest! He decided to divorce his quiet and docile wife and pursue his one true love. However, the one he thought was his true love had him bored in just a few days. Of course, he involuntarily and uncontrollably began to deeply miss his ex-wife... Sarah Watson Golden couldn’t have imagined that such a big event in her life could have been decided so easily! Her father was only a driver for the Goldens. How could she refuse to marry the son of the Goldens family? After she married, she had a daughter and even fell in love with her husband. The two of them had always been respectful to each other. She couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams he would disrespect her this way.  He told her he had found his one true love. So he had decided to abandon her and his daughter?!

    Ash Z

  • 12.Dangerous Love With Mr. President

    The public never expect that one day the president would marry Anna, the eldest daughter of the Chapman’s who has bad reputation instead of the second daughter who is likeable and popular among the people. ------------------------ “I really like you, Mr.president,” Anna said. “Sorry, but it is not a mutual affection.” The president Edmund replied with a poker face. ------------- Anna and Edmund grew up together. Back to those years, Anna loved him with all her heart, but all she got was the betrayal. She was devastated and decided to escape from those so-called friends and relatives for three years When she came back, she still wanted nothing to do with them. However, Edmund gave her a proposal.


  • 13.Being Loved by My Possessive Alpha

    Eighteen-year-old Chloe is violated body and soul one night on her way home by a handsome young man ... Now, Four years later he is back ...

    Sirius Black

  • 14.Laying Beside My Heartless Billionaire

    He was her superior and she was his secretary. Every night, he would make passionate love to her into the early hours of the morning. She loved him and gave him everything he wanted. Her love was never reciprocated however as there was always another woman in his heart. One day, he was finally willing to put everything aside to get married to her, but he was still calling that woman’s name on their wedding night. As tolerant and patient as the woman he married was, she simply could not withstand the hurt caused by her beloved man. At long last, she left with her unborn child. He caught up with her again but this time she wouldn’t indulge him like before. She was not the same naive girl that she used to be.


  • 15.The Fate of Fire

    Iris Bowman is a student from a top university. In order to pay the medical bills of her brother, she lost her virginity to Damien Hale, which should have been a single deal but became a long-term nightmare for her. Damien Hale is a typical coxcomb. After enjoying Iris’s virgin night by chance, he missed her sweetness very much. As he wanted more, Damien simply confined Iris to his prison. So, what happens when one is running desperately and another is chasing crazily. This is a fire for both of them, whose flames will engulf them and burn them deep.