• 1.Alpha's Magical Mate

    BOOK 1 of "Mate" Series. She is a moon sorcerer. The chosen one. The future queen of the dominion of Amarz. Loved and respected by all. But then why was she stripped out of her own title. Why was she banished from her own land? Why must she live a life among the humans. Why must her identity be kept a secret? Wait?! Her mates an alpha werewolf? But aren't they extinct creatures? *********************** He is the strongest Alpha ever known. Handsome. A billionaire. Only sadness? Mateless. He had search far and wide for his Luna. To find his missing soul. To find the one who he can pamper and treat like a queen. Then he meets her, his quite secretive human mate.... Or so he thought he was. ***************************************************** ***************************************************** I am a sorcerer. The princess of my realm. I am a werewolf. The Alpha of the largest pack in the Country. I am the daughter and holder of the moon. I am one of the creations of the moon. I was betrayed and banished from the land I once called home. I lost hope in finding my Luna. We are destined mates and we are bound to cross paths. We are proof of co-existence and we are the choice of the Divine above. Join our mystical adventure filled with love, confusion, rivalry and lots more......

    Ruby Faizal

  • 2.The cost of my VIRGINITY

    Paano kung yung gabi na inaakala mong magiging pinaka masayang part ng buhay mo ay siya ring wawasak sa simpleng pangarap mo? Shayphan Edrillan Cheng's life turn upside- down when she gave her self to the only man she ever loved. Who would have thought that the one night stand blow up into something bigger, meaningful and full of heartache. One night, one baby on the way...


  • 3.I Am Chosen

    In Pleasant Hills, Washington, everyday citizens are killing their fellow residents seemingly at random. Each murder begins with the killer saying the words "I am chosen." The grisly crimes have authorities scratching their heads, until detective Kacey Dean connects them to a popular local resident named Declan Crowe. When Kacey shoots and kills Crowe, she thinks the nightmare is over. However, the killings continue, and it is up to Kacey and her intolerant, obstinate partner Hollis to uncover the secrets and solve the case. Little do either of them know, the true horror has just begun.

    Micky Neilson

  • 4.50 Days to His Heart

    Lorraine and Henry may have what they call as May-December love affair but there was no doubt that they are made for each other. Their eyes will tell you that they are in love with each other. And yet they ended up facing each other in court. Broken In pain In tears... Will 50 Days be enough to heal their brokenness? Join Lorraine and Henry in their journey of experiencing God's overflowing grace.


  • 5.Forget Me Not

    Malta Myer’s doesn’t remember who she is or who her family is. All she knows is her name and that she has been abused, sexually and physically. She’s sponsored and fostered by the McAdam’s family who took pity on her. Jace Simon Adam and his brother, Ezra, has done it all. The parties, the sex and sometimes both. Living the high life in New York both figuratively and literally until finally their grandparents shipped them off to Tennessee where their grandfather lives. They never expected to meet a girl who is uninterested in life or more especially, them.


  • 6.Blood and Victory Academy

    A school for vampire hunters. Ash Miller is a notorious girl who got kicked out of high school. Little did she know that destiny is already waiting at the front step of her door. Simon Hale is willing to help her through her training in becoming a vampire hunter whilst Tyrone Eastaughffe is ready to make her life a living hell. Juggling being a vampire hunter and falling in love is one of the things that made everything so difficult. What will become of Ash Miller who has her heart torn between two opposite predators?

    Fumise Love

  • 7.Living with Guys

    'He didn't have any idea of what I'm feeling towards him...Maybe it was better that way in the first place.' Aubrey Tanner is your almost perfect teenage girl. She got the looks, the brains, and the popularity. But one thing's not right. She got kicked out of her own house. Now, she found a place to stay that has a low rating fee, a charming housekeeper, and four handsome guys to live with. Five Guys... ...One Girl Not to mention that four of the guys are sex addicts. Now, what do you think about that?

    Fumise Love

  • 8.Mute Howls

    "Baby?" I frowned when no response came from her. All of a sudden she stops, and the monitor goes completely silent now. She's dead. --- ~*~ -- 17 year old April Woods takes abusive blows from her pack every second of each day. The neighboring pack has poked their noses in, and sent their pack doctor to inspect April. That very day she realizes she's not getting any better, in fact she's dying. A week after she was examined, Doc and the neighboring pack's Alpha come to take her out of the pack house. To their Alpha Taylor's surprise, he finds his mate in her home. Read to find out what happens next


  • 9.Endangered

    Werewolves, Vampires and all manner of supernatural creatures are now borderline extinct after the slayers had their way. Only very few remain and they live in a sanctuary. Though the sanctuary is not as it seems. The creatures are forced to make appearances and perform for crowds that come to visit them on a daily bases. They are trapped like zoo animals, but with even worse living conditions. Sophia is one of these animals. A former Omega in her pack, she was whisked away and sold off because of her submissive nature. One day a new attraction is brought into the zoo, another werewolf and Sophia is overjoyed to have a new companion though sad that another must face the same fate as her. The new wolf is an Alpha and causes quite a stir with his violent nature. Will he be her ticket out of here? Or will he just make things worse for her?

    H. Latham

  • 10.Protecting Ellie! (Werewolf) (Rated-R) ✔

    After a lovely evening with a man she met online, 17-Year-old Ellie is drugged and raped down a dirty Alley while on Summer vacation with her family in Hawaii. All she remembers before blacking out, Is a group of large dog-creatures attacking her rapist. Waking up in Hospital the next day, A mysterious man is there with her. As the two become friends, She learns how he and his ''dogs'' saved her that night, but there is much more to that evening's events than Ellie realises. How will she react when she learns Michaels secret and what really happened that night? (Warning! This story is Rated R for Detailed Scenes of Rape and Violence)

    Vampire Whore

  • 11.Redemption

    **Sequel to 'Impulse'** Carlton Smith had everything a man his age could want: looks, money, women falling at his feet. When he meets a younger, more innocent woman than he's accustomed to, what will happen when he finds out that she is not only different from the other women he's been with, but also one of his best friend's daughters? Excerpt: Carl reached over to grab a condom. He had been patient enough and his body was screaming for release. "Turn around and bend over," he told her as he ripped open the foil packet. His tone was enough to have her scrambling to do as he told her. After rolling the condom over his length, he reached between her legs and found her wet and ready. Cracking his palm against one smooth ass cheek, he thrust his entire length in her without waiting for her to adjust to his girth. It was not a slow gesture. She instinctively tried to move forward she was so surprised at the slap and sudden intrusion of his dick inside her. "Hold still," he told her. "Daddy's gonna fuck you now." She gasped out at his words and felt herself get even wetter. "And you're going to love every minute of it."

    R.K. Knightly

  • 12.His Little Fighter

    I slip on my dark hoodie, pulling it down enough that it's shielding my eyes away from everyone along with my identity. Staring into the crowd, I instantly recognise Indigo sitting at the front cheering me on and I smile to myself knowing that he's the only person that gives me motivation. I give him a quick nod and put my mouth guard on before walking inside the ring taking my place in front of my opponent. Based on every opponent I had, I can already tell that this one will be hard to beat. His 8 rock hard abs protrude proudly instantly showing of his v- line with his loose white shorts barely covering it. His tan skin glistens with sweat indicating his success with his previous opponents so far and as my eyes travel up to his face, nothing was there but a shadow. A shadow formed from his own hat. A baseball cap to be precise. As cringy as it sounds, the front of the cap did well to hide his features. Mysterious as this man already is, what makes him more mysterious is the one word he uttered under his breath: "Mate." ~~~ In the real world, I am known as Amy Gonzales. The girl who was left without her parents and the girl who was left feeling so down in life that she truly believed that there was no such thing as going up. In the boxing ring, I am known as The Shadow. My moves are faster than however long it takes for you to fall. My accuracy is more accurate than a mans aim at a urinal and my confidence is debatably larger than the devils horns.


  • 13.Womanizer Trapped in love

    "W-what are you doing? Don't touch me!" She squealed crawling on the bed away. But I pulled her closer and spread her legs, While unzipping my pant and pulling out my hard dick "Too late baby, I will take your virginity now... Because you are fucking mine!" I pushed my dick all of sudden penetrating her by force. Her tears, her begging didn't soften my heart. I was blinded by jealousy and Yes... I raped her! What if you wake up next day after a long night of drinking almost hangover and found a girl next to you in bed?! Not just naked but married to her!

    Bosy Elselhdar

  • 14.Taming the gay

    *completed* What would be your actions if your four year long relationship gets broken over the phone with a simple, "it's over". Anye Smith could not bare it, Harvey was her treasure. He was all that mattered to her. Out of frustration, she got trapped in the fire she had created. Then came David. When David saved her from the fire and was immediately tagged her saviour, still fresh from the wounds Harvey had made, she attempted to kiss him unknowingly. "What the fuck are you doing? I'm gay..."

    Faith Odulesi

  • 15.I Was Created Like This

    “Well__My name is Hayfah Talhah Muhammad. Leave, go and laugh to your fill. But know__ I was created like this! And I believe it's a blessing in disguise. Why could'nt everyone understand? Why?" She wiped away her tears with her hijab, which were not stopping anytime from now. She left him confused, what is she going through? Is everyone making fun of her? But why? Nothing is wrong with her voice. He love her voice!. A story on how a lady struggles through pain until She finds true love!