• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.The Lycademy - Fire and Death

    Dare to be a Teen - Elite Academy - Writing Contest BOOK IV I highly recommended reading books in the following order for a better understanding of characters and storyline: BOOK I - THE LYCADEMY BOOK II - THE LYCADEMY - VICTOR'S YEAR BOOK III- THE LYCADEMY - REJECTED LYCANESS BOOK IV - THE LYCADEMY - FIRE AND DEATH When one group is playing puppet masters trying their luck with resolving issues that's been going on for way too long the other one starts to see that nothing is as it seems and the world they live in is full of secrets. What will happen when two completely different boys, polar opposites at first sight, will finally start seeing similarities in their lives and start putting pieces back together. Will the two estranged brothers be able to overcome the curse hanging over their family for centuries or will they become the next victims of inevitable burying chances for something greater? Are they even able to avoid Fire and Death? Join Seth and Kein in journey of finding out who they really are and face destiny with them.

    Joann Pole


    A story about two individuals who started as best friends and became lovers. But their relationship was put to a test when Louie pursued his life-long dream—to become a singer. Everything runs smoothly at first. But since their relationship was decided to be kept secret, small fights and arguments come and go between them. But with Gari’s patience, they survive for four years until they had their huge fight. That same moment, Gari knew she was two months pregnant. At first, she was hesitating to tell Louie about it especially that she was badly hurt by their breakup. But then, she chooses the right thing. She texted Louie to meet at the usual place. But Louie didn’t come that day. Gari patiently waited for him since she knew he might be busy with work. She waited even days to hear from him but she got none. That’s the sign she needed to leave the country and decided to raise his child alone. She left without anyone’s knowledge except his mother. She started a new life in Amsterdam with the help of her friend, Ali, and his newfound friend—Harry who has been very vocal with his feelings for her. Unexpectedly, Gari and Louie meet after five years, and everything flashback like a memory. Louie wanted her back. He wanted a second chance with her. But, Gari won’t give him any chance at all. He tried at first, but after seeing how Gari was so happy with Harry, Louie conceded with his plan to take her back. Despite having hard feelings, he accepted that everything was done between him and Gari. But right before he wanted to give his blessing, he overheard a shocking secret that would change the course of his decision. Blake was his son. And now, he rejected the idea of giving up. He wanted Gari back as well as his son. But, can he fight for his paternal rights over his son especially that his career was at stake? Was he brave enough to take all the backlash after his secret will be revealed to the world? And, would Gari let him be part of her son’s life after experiencing so much pain in the past because of him? Is a sorry enough to mend all the broken pieces? Are second chances meant to start all over again? Or are they just an opportunity to put an end to something that’s left unfinished in the past?


  • 4.Royal Academy: The Beginning

    Eliza's POV "She's not ready for the life you planned for her mother!" I heard my mother's hushed protest as I walked towards my father's study. "She is almost of age, she needs to know about the prophecy" my grandmother's soft but fierce voice replies in an urgency that elicits a resigned sigh from my mother . "Henry we can't send her there! She's never been that far up north." my mother pleads with my father. "I know Jane, but your mother is right, she needs to be close to the elders". The sound of defeat in my father's voice scares me. "Eliza is gifted. She was born for this special purpose" my grandmother replies as I push the door open. "And what purpose might that be?" I ask, opening the door and facing my parents and grandmother. "Elie, we were just talking about-" began my mother. "I heard what you were talking about mom. I want to know all of it. Right now" " Come sit child" my grandmother motioned to the spot on the couch next to her. I notice my parents exchange a look before facing us again. I sit next to my grandmother folding my hands on my lap. "Many years before you were born, the elders of our pack consulted the royal Oracle. The Oracle proclaimed that a she-wolf born to our pack would bring peace to our kind. She would be destined for a mate of royal blood and bear the mark of the gifted." My fingers of my right hand reach for my birthmark at my left wrist. "When you were born you had that mark on your wrist" my grandmother's warm, wrinkled hand touches my left hand. "That mark is an exact replica to the symbol of the elders" my grandmother continues. "So what does that mean for me? I'm only 16. I still have two years before my first change" " Indeed you do sweetheart, but there was one thing we haven't told you until now" my father interjected. My mother walks towards me and crouches infront the couch, taking both my hands in hers. "Elie, please understand that everything we did until now was what we was best for you" a single tear flows down her cheek and she swipes it away quickly before continuing. "Mom, what's going on. what haven't you told me?" I ask, looking between my mother and father. "You were born gifted, child. You are destined to bring peace to our people. But you cannot do that from here. You must go to Crystal Lakes. You must train and prepare for what is to come" my grandmother looks at me solemnly. "Wait, what!? I'm not leaving and going anywhere! I need to be here with you for my first change!" I stand from the couch and clench my fists at my sides. "Eliza it's not that simple, your change requires you to be with the royal Oracle. At the Crystal Lake's pack house." my father replies. "Elie, honey listen to me." my mother tries to embrace me but I step out of her reach. "Why do I have to leave?Tell me now." My mother sits on the couch, holding her head in her hands. "You are not only of wolf blood child" came my grandmother's voice in the corner. My jaw hangs open as I look around the room. Shock and confusion taking over as I try to process what I'm hearing. "What are you saying? Am I some sort of freak?" tears start blurring my vision. "Oh honey, no no no" my mother walks towards me and rubs her hands up and down my arms to calm me. My father gets up from his desk and walks around it towards us. "What am I then? what haven't you told me?" My grandmother stands and looks at us. My parents stand beside me, each holding one of my hands "I am Georgina White. Former queen and head elder of the Fae. You my dear child, are of fae royal blood." A gasp escapes my lips as beads of sweat speckle my forehead. Life as I knew it was never going to be as sweet and simple as I was hoping it to be.

    CJ Chin

  • 5.Betrayed & Pregnant

    Krista Matthews has always been a trusting and a fun loving person. She has her mind set to go to college and to good for herself and her family. That is until she meets Landon Kingston. He makes her feel things she not supposed to. He is dark and mysterious, yet he is the sweetest person to her. After a night of sweet passion and giving him her virginity, she decided to be his girlfriend. Months later, she finds out she is pregnant and she is so excited that she runs to tell Landon. But what she finds breaks her heart, he is making out with another woman! She feels defeated and decides to run away. She doesn't think he deserves to know about their child. She has to be a woman and raise her child by herself. Landon Kingston has always gotten what he wanted. He was the heir to the Mafia King. His father was getting ready to step down and give Landon everything, but then he met Krista. She was like a breath of fresh air. He decides to keep who he is a secret. He wants her to love him for him and not who he has to be. He had been with Krista for a couple months, but then one day she just disappeared and never said goodbye. He was heartbroken and in pain, he felt his anger rise to an uncontrollable level. He takes over for his father and now that he will be Mafia King, nothing will stop him from finding his Krista and making her pay for leaving him. No one leaves him, unless he allows them too. Once he finds her, she will truly know who he is.

    Rebecca Cuevas

  • 6.My Crown for Your Heart

    Saroya Montquain's life has never been easy. A gruesome murder committed by her when she was small sends her running from home, and she has been running ever since. Cadeon Thyrdri has felt the presence of the Throes, natural hunters of people with magic, in his mind ever since he was little. But when it feels like they are suddenly breathing down his neck, he knows he needs to find help with an alliance with Saroya. With magic that she does not know how to control, the dark wings of the Throes at her back, Saroya and Cadeon must unearth the important secrets buried in her past. But will they both live to tell the tale?


  • 7.The Prince and His Involuntary Bride

    "I hate it that I have to spend each and every second of my day, having your presence around me." Charlie grunted his anger out on Celeste who stood looking straight at Charlie, her face void of any expressions. She simply rose one eyebrow at him and put up a faux smile and Charlie could tell that she was about to hit him back with her strongest weapon - Sarcasm. "You know, I don't enjoy seeing your face either. You are not a luck charm for me and I don't win a lottery or hit a jackpot every time I see your face. If it makes you feel any better, even I cannot wait for all of this to be over and get out this jail that you have locked me up in!" *** Celeste is a small time waitress who aspires to be the hostess of the club she waitresses at and open her own club one day. Her dreams are about to become a reality when she gets an opportunity to serve as a replacement hostess for a secret event at the club. But things go down hill for her when the secret event turns out to be the bachelor party of the Crown Prince and when one of the guest tries to create a scene with Celeste and her team, the groom's brother Charlie steps in and saves Celeste. But soon Charlie finds out that Celeste is not just some common girl and instead has a past which questions Charlie's responsibility as a prince and now he has to look after Celeste and keep her under his surveillance, that also without anyone getting suspicious about the two. But how would he do that without anyone doubting him and his intentions? Well you guessed it right, he forces her to marry him by trapping her in a cunning situation where she can not say not to him. And what would Celeste do in a situation that she doesn't want to be a part of? She would not only just fight Charlie but also rebel against each and every decision he would make, making it difficult for him to survive their marriage as well. But how would love and romance brew in such a situation where hate and loath are housed? This is a sequel to The Prince and The Charming. Could be read as a stand alone!

    Amy Shahid

  • 8.The Tribrid's Return

    Dare To Be A Teen- Meet My Hybrid Girl Writing Contest Athena had been part of a powerful pack from the day she was born. Being a part of the River Crescent Pack, she thought she had her life planned out ahead of her already. Just like every other werewolf in her pack she would finish school, start warrior training, hopefully find her mate, and do anything and everything her Alpha asked of her. On Athena's thirteenth birthday though, she all of a sudden started showing signs of magical powers. When her parents learned of her new powers, they sent her away to live with her grandmother in New Orleans, afraid the Alpha would find out. After years of being away and learning how to control her magic, Athena suddenly and unexpectedly has to come home. However, learning of her family secrets from her grandmother changes everything she's ever known about herself. Athena returns as an entirely different person that no one even knows anymore, to a different pack than the one she left, ran by an Alpha she's never met. *** "I don't believe I've seen you around here before. Are you lost or something? You really shouldn't be wandering around at night, all alone in a place you've never been.", he says to me as he furrows his brows, straightening his stance defensively. I scoff at him, "Trust me, I can take care of myself." "Oh, yeah? Is that right?", he asks me as he lifts one of his eyebrows questioningly. "Yeah, this is my home. I know exactly where I'm at.", I say as I turn around to walk away from him. He walks up in front of me, blocking me from walking any further, "I know for a fact that this isn't your home. I know everyone in this town, and you aren't from around here." I squint my eyes at him as I grow more irritated, "Actually no, obviously you don't know everyone. I lived here until I was thirteen, and then I left for five years. I just returned to town because my mom is sick." "Why exactly did you leave for five years? I haven't heard of anyone from this town leaving when they were younger. I would know about it, trust me.", he says to me, stepping closer and letting out a low, threatening growl. I start laughing at him, "Oh, I see. You're the new Alpha, Callan" His serious face drops and amusement takes over his features, "You...you've heard of me? Exactly who are you?" "My name's Athena.", I say to him before looking down at the ground, "I thought maybe my brother was joking, but I guess my parents really did keep me a secret." "Now I don't know why anyone would want to keep a beautiful girl like you a secret.", he says to me as he smiles at me and bites his lower lip, lifting his hand and brushing his finger softly against my chin. I furrow my brows at him and scoff with amusement, stepping back from him, "Trust me, I'm too much woman for you to handle.", I say before I wink at him and turn around, walking away towards my house.

    E. Jones

  • 9.Typhon's Revenge

    Aileen, Andrew, Mason and Kalani travel to the underworld to complete their training and to await the Gods' instructions and plan of attack. Kalani tries to apologize to Aileen but it is clear neither of them want anything to do with the other. While Andrew tries to redeem himself in Aileen's eyes, no matter what it takes. As for Alex and Mason, they finally formalize their relationship and head into the unknown as a team. Meanwhile, outside of the underworld, the monster going against them makes himself known, and chaos and disaster start to brew as he starts to unleash his powers. Secrets will be revealed, trust is going to be broken and love will be tested as the war draws nearer and nearer. Aileen and her friends will have to use all their knowledge and strength to defeat their enemy and trust themselves.

    Katherine Sanchez

  • 10.The Billionaire’s Hired Wife

    Fall For A Billionaire - Billionaire Romantic Suspense Contest ~*~*~ "I'm warning you for the last time, get your filthy hand off me!" He seethe through gritted teeth. Fury burned in Kayla's eyes like a lightening bolt and before she could have a control of her mindset, she connects her palms with his face. "Filthy huh? You called my hands filthy!? Now you should get a taste of your own medicine" One slap wasn't enough for her, she raised her hands again to slap him for the second time, when he held them mid air. "Just because I allowed you to raise your hands on me doesn't mean I will let you for the second time and talking about filthy? Yes, your hands are filthy as well as you. Before I lose my temper, I advice you to apologize before you regret the day you are born" ~*~*~*~ Alexander Carlo, the youngest bachelor in New York. His reputation comes first than any other thing. However, his life is about to take a drastic turn when, Kayla Parker, a simple, yet hot headed woman is keen on destroying his hard earned reputation. Will Alexander be able to maintain his image or will Kayla succeed in tarnishing it? Two totally opposite people settled on the same roof. Imagine the chaos that will occur between these two.

    Zainab Hassan

  • 11.Deviant Academy

    So you think you want to hear our story. I can understand the appeal, from an outsider’s perspective. We’ve got sex; we’ve got lies; we’ve got murder; we’ve got magic. We’ve got student-teacher affairs, cheaters, liars, dead moms, and daddy issues. We’ve got a world teeming with disorder and chaos. We’ve got Telepaths, Empaths, Teleporters, Firestarters, Sirens… The list goes on. And to top it all off, the heroes of this story are teenagers. I suppose, to you, that might sound appealing. I’ll tell you right now, though—think again. This isn’t a story for the faint of heart. It’s a fucked-up, dark, twisted whirlwind of a story that’s going to leave you wondering what kind of shit show you’ve walked into. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. - - - - - "Deviant Academy" is a magic school story that's about as far from Hogwarts as it gets. Told from the alternating perspectives of six teenage students, it's a steamy, intense roller coaster sure to leave you wanting more.


  • 12.Anger of the Devil

    The third and final instalment of the adventures surrounding Lena, Logan, Nadia, and the others. Make sure to read both 'Desires of the Moon' (book 1) and 'Pride of an Alpha' (book 2) - both books are completed. Be warned: Spoilers will occur in this blurb. ... Lena slowly entered the cell block. A loud banging noise rang in the air as she stepped inside. The wolf-like creature in the cell closest to her was the source of the noise, and it wasn’t long until she saw smoke fill up inside its cell which made it calm down. “This way, Luna.” Kendrick guided her towards the end of the corridor where Lena noticed a small sensor. Kendrick swiftly put a keycard on the sensor and a door opened. Lena could feel her heart pounding hard in her chest as she stepped inside. There, behind armored glass, she saw a man sitting calmly on the floor. His head gently turned, but only a little, as they entered. “Can he see me?” Kendrick shook his head and Lena let the tears fall down her cheek. A small creepy smile formed in the corner of Logan’s mouth as he started to speak. “My love. You finally came.” As if the mate pull guided him, Logan suddenly looked right at her through the tinted glass. Lena swallowed hard as she saw the dark flames dancing within his eyes. ... After the attack on Lake Maroon Pack, Lena and the others find themselves surrounded by death and despair. However, they refuse to give up hope as they all start to work on a plan that’ll hopefully end the Red Cross Crows once and for all - but at what cost?

    Cat Carr

  • 13.The Bad Boy's Redemption

    Formerly known as: SECOND CHANCES This is the sequel of "The New Girl Next Door". The story follows Jake and Kaylie's daughter Alexis Kay Walker. This is a stand-alone book for "The New Girl Next Door", I will be adding bonus chapters to that story soon. * Alexis was bullied by Jason Humphrey in middle school. The two of them were friends growing up but he chose popularity over his friendship with Alexis. After 8th grade, Alexis and her family moved away for a couple of years because her dad was stationed there. But now she is back and the girl everyone knew as Alexis Kay Walker is no longer that girl. Now that Alexis is back, Jason has his eyes on her, but she has no interest in her former bully. Follow the story of Jason and Alexis. This story is all about second chances.


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