• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Agent 34

    "You're forcing me to work with them and I'm telling you now that I can't do it." "You've worked with teams before." "Yeah, but none with a jackass in charge." ----------------------------------------------------- They're all a part of the biggest secret agency in the world and they've begun disappearing. Agents have begun disappearing. Gone without a trace, only to show up weeks later. Dead. Everly Kingston is the best agent the agency has, and now she's been put in charge of finding the missing agents and preventing more from vanishing as well. She's forced to team up with another team of agents after one of their team members, Agent 34, vanishes during a mission. And she's none too happy about it. With one overbearing and controlling team leader, one agent who really can't focus, an agent with an all-around bad attitude, an agent who redefines the term bitch, another who's stuck trying to keep everyone from killing each other, and one agent that's best described as a sociopath, this mission is bound to be a disaster before it even starts. Fortunately for Everly, she's got a handful of friends she can count on to help pull her out of this mess and keep her from killing her new teammates. But this mission just might be the toughest one she's ever had. She'll have to learn to put aside her differences with her new team as agents continue to disappear. Because it soon becomes clear that the last target, the last agent to disappear, will be her . . .


  • 3.My Bothersome Life

    I was captured and put onto a stake to be lit on fire as part of the ongoing witch hunt conducted throughout the land. I had to do something. But, this life really sucked. This all started when I was accidentally killed by God. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill you. It was just that I was overworked lately by my superior and I just wanted some time to relax and vent my stress out," he confessed. "So, while I was snacking, I accidentally dropped one potato chip into the human realm where the child tripped over the potato chip onto a den of steep stairs." God guilty admitted. So I reincarnated into the most adorable girl with the largest orange-speckled eyes that contrasted her pale white skin void of any imperfections. 'How could someone look this pretty?' I thought as I admired my new appearance. I was nowhere close to this pretty in my previous life. Did God put me into this new vessel as an apology? But some things were too good to be true... Few months later, I was at a party that I planned to escape from my fiancé’s family. "I still get to continue with my naps on the weekends?" I tried to confirm with them. No one answered as I almost cried from giving up my rare nap times from the mess I got involved with. This life was too bothersome!


  • 4.Heroes of Veritas: Crafting Bonus (Book 1)

    When Elise started playing MMOs she'd intended to use them as an escape from the grind of her everyday life. But, after spending years under the thumb of her guild's dominating leaders, she started thinking it was the game she really needed to escape from. She just didn't think she'd get away from both her real life, and her fantasy life, by going backwards through time and space. With her fantasy world now a reality, Elise uses her knowledge of crafting and game lore to help her make the most of her second chance at life in the world of Veritas.


  • 5.Darcingtowne Wolves: The Misfits (Book 1)

    After being accepted to the prestigious Promenade Collegiate university, young Alpha female Penelope Silvius finds herself thrown into the complex world of inter-alliance pack politics, rude royal relatives, and a complicated mate who can't seem to decide what he really wants. Will she fight for not just for her pack of Misfits, but her true fated mate - even if he says doesn't want her?


  • 6.The Moon Goddess's Blessings

    Loiza Mirabal is a Gamma and Priestess of the Moon Goddess Selene and member of The Osupa Pack of Karaya Island in the heart of The Caribbean. Over 500 years ago they were in the brink of extinction during the Age of Exploration. Once venerated as gods they became the hunted. After uniting and reinventing themselves they were determined to never allow invaders to hunt them again. With their strong attachment to Avalon their dwindling numbers grew to become the largest pack on the planet. Their devotion garnished them The Blessings and gifts of the Goddess. Their ease to adapt and strong code of life brought forth the envy and fear from The Warewolf Council who coveted their technology that they had achieved and making them exponentially powerful and untouchable. Yet an unexpected inner cataclysm changes their fate and leaving them exposed to being once again the hunted. With the destruction of what they hold dear and tragic lost of leadership, it is up to the young, yet well trained Priestess to rally her people. Kayden Black is the immature playboy Alpha of The Blood Moon Pack who owes a sacred Blood Oath to The Osupa. Yet hidden dark secrets unknown to him by the people he trusts most, create a dangerous rift and potential loss of something he never expected would change his fate and change his perspective on the life he lived, the mate and a Bond more powerful than he ever imagined possible. In the middle of the not so natural disaster, Loiza must find the answers to what happened or risk her people to having history repeating itself. The answers to those questions could expose her mate as the enemy. With the backing of her pack and The Blessings of the Goddess she lets her intuition guide her to raise a New Dynasty. With her hands tied by her own destiny, it's up to Kayden to discover and remember ancient secrets to the source of what makes their Bond so powerful. Destinies collide and war is in the horizon as secrets reveal a conspiracy of g******e.

    S. Coll

  • 7.The Princess of Krystallos

    Being the only kid of her eloped parents, Alba has grown up to be a joyful and easy-going person. But behind the awesome girl that everyone loves, is the hidden secret that nobody knows. Now 18 years old, the secrets lead her to a new world, whose existence she didn't even know. How will she survive there?? Will she be able to unravel the secrets about herself??

    Clarice Clark

  • 8.The Kings Blood Calling

    WARNING! (18+ Rated for Mature Audiences) A MUST-READ! His fangs call for her blood and her blood for that of his fangs. Problem? She's human and vampires don't consume human blood any longer. A sure death sentence for those who break the law. To make matters worse his very blood calling is soon to become his second wife.

    Mandy Mays

  • 9.Love Between Law and Life

    Florence Lowell is a 28 year old psychic with the ability to see spirits, helping provide information for quite a number of cases before she technically retired to take care of her son from a marriage that never happened. After a visit from a ghost carrying quite valuable information, she finds herself pulled back into the world of ghosts and laws in order to solve a rather large case. Bobbie, a 32 year old detective from the mainland working on the case, assigns the psychic as her partner without much of a choice in the matter. Along the way, she tries to find her foundation in a world so unfamiliar to her in many ways, both in the 'beyond' and a possible love interest. Together they realized that it's easier to stand up supported than it is to stand up on their own. Along the way, they learn that love isn't always a bad thing. And Florence really needed to have a talk with the Captain for having her assigned to hot people, honestly, he just wants to see her have a heart attack one of these days.

    A. D. Quinn

  • 10.Mark of The Demon

    *“I wish there was… another… way.” "There is a way. You have a choice. I will be your tool, your weapon of destruction, set to carry out your every task. In return, you shall feed me, your eternal soul becoming mine." "I accept."* Sapphire Sinclair is taking her families power back and getting revenge on those that killed her family. She was willing to pay any price for it. Including her own soul. With the power of hell at her side, she plans to stand upon the corpses of her enemies. ... *"Ah, at last. It has been a long time since I have tasted the sweet air of humanity... But now, lets get to business. You wish for something, is that not correct?" His lips pressed into hers, the hand on her cheek moving to clasp over the left side of her neck, black magic bloomed and a sigil appeared. One that would be there for the remained of her short life. "The contract is sealed."* Fayeline Thornerose was declined the position at the head of the main family tree despite being the only close relative still alive. They had rather let the remains of the castle grow dusty with time then let her rule. They claimed it was because she was a girl. But, when she receives a call from her little cousin saying she is the new head... Rage, Jealousy, and spite form a dark path for the girl. She makes a contract with her own demon to overthrow her little cousin and take over. Who will win the race to the top? When they find out a third demon has been set out to cut them both down things get a little bit tricky... May the best demon and human pair win.


  • 11.The Lost Secret of the Silver Sea

    Humans have argued the existence of intelligent life in the underwater world. Sailors and Captains of ships sung tales of creatures with a tail instead of legs, carrying the voice of an angel. Similar to a human, but not just quite. To find one meant the blessing of eternal youth. They don't tell you, however, of the tales of the merciless hunts that took place by those that could afford it. People who had everything but wanted more. War raged and many lost their lives. Merfolk are real creatures, living in the depths of the sea, unwilling to reveal themselves to the creatures with two legs for as long as they could. Fear of another war and anger at the loss of so many of its dwindling kind as constant on their mind. Centuries later, a new problem arises, war among their own, over a very precious, stolen relic. Kaelonne, the royal of his time must find a way to end this before they suffer losses that they may never be able to recover from. This is the story of the youngest royal, Kaelonne. A tale about the hardships he would have to endure and new things he would have to learn as he tries to save and protect his endangered kind. It is the story of the first underwater creature to walk on land with his own two feet. This is of the friends he would make along the way, the bridges he would build, and the lessons he would learn.

    A. D. Quinn

  • 12.THE NASTY

    In an unknown world, a king is murdered… His young son, Prince Nana, should be the next king, but sinister forces in the kingdom do not want this to happen! They plot and twist the fates, and the throne falls into the hands of Biko, a man everyone assumes is the rightful heir. To fulfil their evil agenda, they force Nana into the deadly Circle Hunt where the fight for survival against deadly adversaries begins in a hostile, horrible environment! The odds against the prince are daunting! It is obvious that Nana cannot survive the Circle Hunt because he is so ill-prepared! However, no one took account of a strange creature that was forced into the hunt purposefully to offer a weak link to Nana's struggles. This horrible creature had been in a cage at the Sightings, a cage labelled only as: The Nasty! Now, they’re together in the hunt… A nasty little thing and a gentle prince who abhors violence, pitched against a horrendous bunch of wicked combatants in a terrible terrain… That is just the first level, the beginning…

    Aaron Ansah-Agyeman


    Samantha Wilson was just an ordinary girl who moved back in with her dad and attended the small town’s community college. When her life is turned upside down and she loses her dad, a new kind of family is born. Her eyes are opened to a new world. However, her new world is in danger from the dark demons of the Underworld Realm. She must fight with her new found family of werewolves and magical creatures to save their world. Can they survive traveling to all the realms and the outer realms to save their world and restore the balance of the magical scale? Will they make it to the Jungle Fire Realm in time to save Bartholomew, the guardian of all realms from the destruction of the Underworld Realm’s most dangerous demon? 

    Ginger (Tonya)

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