• 1.Accidentally in Love

    In my life, I've been playing with those jerks. I dated them because I wanted them and then I dumped them when I got bored with them. But then he came along and changed everything in me and made me feel special. He was annoying as hell at the first time we met but now I'm in love with him, something that I never feel to those jerks. Life is really beautiful and unpredictable sometimes. - Jade Puckerman. ~~~~ Jade Puckerman. Jake's twin sister and Noah Puckerman's half-sister. A tough girl who is like another Santana Lopez in William McKinley High School. The player and the one who never believe in love or trust a guy until everything is changed when she help Jake with his love problem. What happened? Read the story to find out.

    Fara Kurnia Pramesti (ryderlynnfever)

  • 2.More Than Friends (Glee Fanfiction)

    They said they're only friends but they kissed a lot. They cuddled together. They take glance at each other. They sit down next to each other even they have their 'first time' together. And no one of them want to be separate from each other. Then what is this friendship called? Friends with benefits? Kate Hummel. Kurt Hummel's little sister. A straight, junior girl in William McKinley High School. A girl who never believe in love and give up with relationship. What happen when Sam Evans also feel the same way? Will they stay being friends or will they fall in love to each other? Read the story to find out.

    Fara Kurnia Pramesti (ryderlynnfever)

  • 3.Childhood Friendship (Glee Fanfiction)

    What happen when your childhood memory is back? What happen when your childhood best friend who havent meet you about five years is back? The one who not just a best friend for you but it's also your first love and your first kiss and this is happen to Madison when she moves to Lima and meet the one and only Finn Hudson. What happened? Madison Collins, a 17 year old girl who lives only with her father has to go out from Montreal and moves to London and leave her best friend, Finn Hudson until she finally moves again to Lima and something surprising happened.

    Fara Kurnia Pramesti (ryderlynnfever)

  • 4.You, Him, and I (Glee Fanfiction)

    For some people, love someone is not a big thing but what if you love two person at the same time and you have to choose one? And this is happen to Madison. Madison Collins is the head of cheerio in William McKinley High School. She is dating the quarterback, Finn Hudson. Everything was fine until one day, Finn and her join the glee club and there is some kind of "weird" feeling between Madison and Noah Puckerman. How come? What happen? Who will she choose? Finn Hudson or Noah Puckerman?

    Fara Kurnia Pramesti (ryderlynnfever)

  • 5.The Sophomore (Glee Fanfiction)

    I never know that The Sophomore guy can change my whole life. He is my first love and my first experience in love since I never find the right guy but then he came along and changed everything in my life. He is the best thing that I ever had. He is the blonde one. ~~~~ Emily Hudson. Finn Hudson's twin sister. A student in William McKinley High School. The one who were waiting for the right guy in her life but she never found anyone until she met The Sophomore named Sam Evans. What happened? Ps: I changed the whole plot from the real one on TV so the story it will be totally different from the tv and maybe only some parts and songs that would be just same. Also the culture on this story has been changed like high school year is only has three years not four years.

    Fara Kurnia Pramesti (ryderlynnfever)

  • 6.Beautiful Statue (Indonesia)

    Sepuluh tahun sejak ditinggal oleh cintanya, Nico Hartawan pun berhasil menjadi seorang bedah saraf yang dikenal sebagai 'Tangan Tuhan' karena kepandaian dan keterampilannya yang luar biasa. Namun, dibalik semua keberhasilannya di rumah sakit Nico adalah seorang lelaki dengan separuh jiwanya yang telah mati sejak perempuan yang dicintainya pergi untuk selamanya. Walaupun terlihat kuat, namun kelemahan seorang Nico hanyalah satu, yaitu masa lalunya. Laura Carani, seorang atlet muda dengan prestasi gemilang yang terpaksa pensiun, dan banting stir untuk menjadi dokter. Selama ini, seorang Laura selalu antipati dengan laki-laki karena pengalaman buruk keluarganya dengan laki-laki. Dia pun menutup hatinya untuk cinta. Pertanyaannya, bagaimana jika Nico, seorang dokter bedah saraf yang terjebak pada masa lalu itu bertemu dengan Laura, seorang calon dokter yang tidak pernah berharap untuk jatuh cinta? (The Sequel of Kaleidoscope)

    Abigail Prasetyo

  • 7.Kaleidoscope (Indonesia)

    Nico Hartawan, seorang pilot muda di Eagles Air dengan rute Asia-Pasifik. Memiliki hobi dan bakat dalam melukis, jika sedang tidak berpergian dengan pesawatnya. Hidupnya sempurna sebagai lelaki muda dengan karier yang bagus, keluarganya mapan dengan bisnis arsitektur dan desain yang dimiliki ayahnya. Namun, semuanya menjadi rumit ketika dia pulang dari tugasnya dan mendapati kabar bahwa sahabatnya akan segera menikah. Alicia Aryapradana, seorang artis terkenal sejak usianya delapan tahun, untuk membantu menunjang ekonomi keluarganya. Si Cantik yang terkenal di seluruh penjuru negeri itu akan segera melepas masa lajangnya kepada seorang dokter bedah plastik bernama Arie. Sejak pertemuan Nico dengan Arie, dia yakin bahwa ada sesuatu yang aneh dengan calon suami sahabatnya itu. Namun, alih-alih mengatakan hal tentang Arie, Nico malah menyatakan perasaannya pada Alicia. Then what will happen next?

    Abigail Prasetyo

  • 8.Mute Howls

    "Baby?" I frowned when no response came from her. All of a sudden she stops, and the monitor goes completely silent now. She's dead. --- ~*~ -- 17 year old April Woods takes abusive blows from her pack every second of each day. The neighboring pack has poked their noses in, and sent their pack doctor to inspect April. That very day she realizes she's not getting any better, in fact she's dying. A week after she was examined, Doc and the neighboring pack's Alpha come to take her out of the pack house. To their Alpha Taylor's surprise, he finds his mate in her home. Read to find out what happens next


  • 9.Endangered

    Werewolves, Vampires and all manner of supernatural creatures are now borderline extinct after the slayers had their way. Only very few remain and they live in a sanctuary. Though the sanctuary is not as it seems. The creatures are forced to make appearances and perform for crowds that come to visit them on a daily bases. They are trapped like zoo animals, but with even worse living conditions. Sophia is one of these animals. A former Omega in her pack, she was whisked away and sold off because of her submissive nature. One day a new attraction is brought into the zoo, another werewolf and Sophia is overjoyed to have a new companion though sad that another must face the same fate as her. The new wolf is an Alpha and causes quite a stir with his violent nature. Will he be her ticket out of here? Or will he just make things worse for her?

    H. Latham

  • 10.Protecting Ellie! (Werewolf) (Rated-R) ✔

    After a lovely evening with a man she met online, 17-Year-old Ellie is drugged and raped down a dirty Alley while on Summer vacation with her family in Hawaii. All she remembers before blacking out, Is a group of large dog-creatures attacking her rapist. Waking up in Hospital the next day, A mysterious man is there with her. As the two become friends, She learns how he and his ''dogs'' saved her that night, but there is much more to that evening's events than Ellie realises. How will she react when she learns Michaels secret and what really happened that night? (Warning! This story is Rated R for Detailed Scenes of Rape and Violence)

    Vampire Whore

  • 11.Redemption

    **Sequel to 'Impulse'** Carlton Smith had everything a man his age could want: looks, money, women falling at his feet. When he meets a younger, more innocent woman than he's accustomed to, what will happen when he finds out that she is not only different from the other women he's been with, but also one of his best friend's daughters? Excerpt: A devious smile played on Carl's lips as he watched the girl smile. "I'm Carlton, Kitten- but you can call me Daddy any time you like," Carlton said, his lips coming up close and personal to the girl's ear. "Hmmmph? Carlton Smith?" she asked, not letting his proximity get to her. "The very same- you've heard of me?" Carl pondered. "You could say that your reputation precedes you, Mr. Smith," the girl said. If it hadn't been for the fluttery tone of voice, Carl would have thought her invulnerable to his charms. He smirked a little bit at the fact he did indeed affect her. "And your name, Gorgeous?" Carl asked, stepping back to give the girl a little breathing room. "I don't know if I should tell you," she said with a frown. "Next, you'll be asking for my number and I have no intention of giving that out to you." Carl was astonished and he let it show in his face for a moment. "And why is that?" "When I say your reputation precedes you, I meant your reputation as a womanizing, egotistical pussyhound that drops his pants for anything with a vagina." The crass language that slipped from her mouth made Carl even more eager to bring the girl to her knees.

    R.K. Knightly

  • 12.His Little Fighter

    I slip on my dark hoodie, pulling it down enough that it's shielding my eyes away from everyone along with my identity. Staring into the crowd, I instantly recognise Indigo sitting at the front cheering me on and I smile to myself knowing that he's the only person that gives me motivation. I give him a quick nod and put my mouth guard on before walking inside the ring taking my place in front of my opponent. Based on every opponent I had, I can already tell that this one will be hard to beat. His 8 rock hard abs protrude proudly instantly showing of his v- line with his loose white shorts barely covering it. His tan skin glistens with sweat indicating his success with his previous opponents so far and as my eyes travel up to his face, nothing was there but a shadow. A shadow formed from his own hat. A baseball cap to be precise. As cringy as it sounds, the front of the cap did well to hide his features. Mysterious as this man already is, what makes him more mysterious is the one word he uttered under his breath: "Mate." ~~~ In the real world, I am known as Amy Gonzales. The girl who was left without her parents and the girl who was left feeling so down in life that she truly believed that there was no such thing as going up. In the boxing ring, I am known as The Shadow. My moves are faster than however long it takes for you to fall. My accuracy is more accurate than a mans aim at a urinal and my confidence is debatably larger than the devils horns.


  • 13.Womanizer Trapped in love

    "W-what are you doing? Don't touch me!" She squealed crawling on the bed away. But I pulled her closer and spread her legs, While unzipping my pant and pulling out my hard dick "Too late baby, I will take your virginity now... Because you are fucking mine!" I pushed my dick all of sudden penetrating her by force. Her tears, her begging didn't soften my heart. I was blinded by jealousy and Yes... I raped her! What if you wake up next day after a long night of drinking almost hangover and found a girl next to you in bed?! Not just naked but married to her!

    Bosy Elselhdar

  • 14.Taming the gay

    *completed* What would be your actions if your four year long relationship gets broken over the phone with a simple, "it's over". Anye Smith could not bare it, Harvey was her treasure. He was all that mattered to her. Out of frustration, she got trapped in the fire she had created. Then came David. When David saved her from the fire and was immediately tagged her saviour, still fresh from the wounds Harvey had made, she attempted to kiss him unknowingly. "What the fuck are you doing? I'm gay..."

    Faith Odulesi

  • 15.I Was Created Like This

    “Well__My name is Hayfah Talhah Muhammad. Leave, go and laugh to your fill. But know__ I was created like this! And I believe it's a blessing in disguise. Why could'nt everyone understand? Why?" She wiped away her tears with her hijab, which were not stopping anytime from now. She left him confused, what is she going through? Is everyone making fun of her? But why? Nothing is wrong with her voice. He love her voice!. A story on how a lady struggles through pain until She finds true love!