• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Unspoken Love

    She lay on a bed trying to hide her naked body with bed sheets He throw modelling contract at her and said this is your payment for the work you does in my bed and left the room leaving her in misery Hailey and mason are friends from childhood who forced to marry each other due to their parents but are they hiding something from each other or there is more to their story so to know further join them in their journey Hailey-22 years wanna be model Mason-25 years known as president of entertainment industry

    harshika malhotra

  • 3.Mysterious She-wolf

    The biggest dream of every werewolf is meeting their mate. Life of every werewolf is a blissful fantasy story. But every theory has few exceptions right? Obviously yes,! This story revolves around such an exceptional she-wolf who had a strong reason to despise the idea of MATES. She wants to live lika a independent humans. She never wanted a random man showing up in her life out of nowhere in the name of 'Mate' and dragging her out of what she built all her life. Her idea of a life partner filled with love, not with mate bond. She has her goal and she wanted to fulfill it in her own way without any compromises. But that doesn't stop the mighty Moon God to bless her with an irresistible mate. Learning from our past mistakes is a good thing. But all the decisions out of such learning need not be correct! Some mistakes will make us happy. Some mistakes lead us to the thing which we have been dying to get. Will she commit the mistake that could fulfill her wishes or will she stick to her decisions to write the pages of her own life which has more mysteries than she could ever imagine? Give a try to my book and join her life journey :) Disclaimer :some character in my story might test your patience and you might think that they are insane. But if you read past that, you will surely realize the reason for every behavior of the characters. As the name denotes, the story has lots of mysteries which would be unfolded over the time. Have patience and enjoy reading!! Thank you very much in advance;)


  • 4.The Only Blood

    A small smirk crept up on Adrian's face and a very dirty image ran through my mind, making my face burn. Oh Goddess.... If it had been just me alone, I might have just let me fingers slip between my thighs. It was like a p**n movie was going through my head. I didn't know about Aiden and Logan but Adrian could surely smell my arousal from where he was. I wanted to fucking stop this invasion of my thoughts; I didn't want him to toy with my mind like this anymore. Adrian's naked image in my brain smirked while fucking the shit out of me, and said, "You can't stop this, Celeste. I'll keep doing this until everyone in this fucking room gets it into their head that you are mine." ******************************* Moon Winters, a simple woman leading a simple life among humans, is suddenly thrust into a world full of Werewolves, Vampires and Witches. With only her two inner voices and her gut feeling to guide her, she has to find out a way to survive... And make a choice between her two mates, Adrian Wolfe and Aiden Vamp, both of them being sworn enemies. While Adrian Wolfe is already married to his pregnant wife, Aiden has other secrets to hide. Will she find out in time? Or will it be too late for her?


  • 5.Vampire King's Second Chance

    He stood there, all tall and mighty, fooling the world around him into thinking he was different. That he didn't feel pain and didn't shred tears, that he was invincible to every poision nature had to offer. But his pain filled eyes screamed out loud, asking for a company that could pull him out of the endless abyss of loneliness. So I stepped forward, I took the risk so he wouldn't have to give up his only remaining treasure; his life. Because that's was the right thing to do. --------------------------------------------------------- King Zavian was the crowned Vampire King of the kingdom of Tarnan in the supernatural world. His endless life was a burden on him since th day his mate was killed by his enemies in an attack. He never got to know her, he never got to love her, but the thought that he would have to live alone for the rest of his immortal life was enough to threaten his sanity. But he held on to his responsibilities, he held on until he couldn't anymore. And just as he was ready to give up, he found a reason to live again. ********************* Davina Taylor was nothing special as the daughter of a farmer in an unknown village in Tarnan. She was a regular mortal as were half of the kingdom where vampires and humans lived in harmony. She grew up learning, listening and dreaming about the king that ruled over them. Her only wish was to see him once. Her wish came true in the most unusual manner. When she stood in the presence of the admirable King, she offered to be his Queen.



    BOOK 2 OF FIND ME Lucas and Darren were mates. They were meant for each other since they were born, but how come they couldn’t be together? Is it because they’re both guys? Is it because both of them have someone special already? Or is it their pride?


  • 7.The Devil's Dessert

    Valerie Rikkers does her job as a freelance private investigator well so it's only fitting that she's recruited by an anonymous non-governmental organisation to bring down one of the biggest drug lords the country's ever seen, Caspian le Roux, otherwise known as The French Devil. It seems easy at first until Valerie discovers a whole new world that she didn't know existed. The man she's undercover spying on has more to hide than she thought he ever would. Things get complicated when she starts seeing the man being the mask. Valerie finds herself falling for the man she's supposed to put behind bars... When you're fighting on opposing sides, you should not get into one bed.

    Kutlwano Malete

  • 8.Unleashed

    Born a healer. Betrayed by family. Beast unleashed. As a child, Aliyah’s mother was murdered. Aliyah is raised by her father to despise the creatures that killed her – wolves. Created as a weapon to seek revenge, her mission – annihilate the soon-to-be Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. Just months from his 18th birthday, Ryder is eager to find his mate and take his place as Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. When a new girl arrives at the academy escorted by his nemesis Carter, he can’t help but feel the rumblings of protectiveness. Like a moth to a flame, Ryder the soon-to-be-Alpha of the Blood Moon pack is drawn in by the new girl at the Academy but can't put his finger on why. When the assassin known as the Masked Bandit arrives in town with their next target in sight, will this witch's dagger strike true or will fate have other plans.

    Kathryn Fuller

  • 9.Loving Bad

    they say love and chance happens to everyone but what would happen when the new girl at school meets the charming bad boy that would change it all for her Would she fight for what's she feels for him or fight to stay away from the bad boy that might ruin her

    Crystal Luna

  • 10.Walk of two lives

    I live two different worlds one am a stripper the other am a personal assistant , my new boss doesnt know my partime job , how will he react ? Lets find out

    Loraine Kat

  • 11.Too good to love

    I love him, he loves me too but my lifestyle is fool of blood shed and greed for power,To protect him I must let him go as much as it hurts me .

    Loraine Kat

  • 12.In a world on fire

    I always wondered what it would be like to have two men at the same time what didnt occur to me is the possibility of loving two men at the same time especially in a world where racism is still at large, regardless they love me deeply. We were married as a gay couple despite the odds but we felt we were missing something to make us complete, until she came our way , our African queen .

    Loraine Kat

  • 13.Lucifer's Mate

    After foolishly betting with her sister, Diana, that she could spend a year in the human realm, Lucy is f****d to do just that, no matter what happens during the time. After getting a dog she hates, a mate she doesn't want, a daughter she adores and a whole lot of new friends that come with a whole lot of trouble, will she still want to return after the bet is over? No matter what, giving up is not an option when betting with Death.