• 1.Rewrite The Stars

    This is not a love story, but a story about love. It's a story about walking the path that our stars have lightened up for us. This is a story about Zoe Coleman; a young girl who decides to leave her old life behind and run away from home, in order to follow her dreams. But what Zoe doesn't know is that, she is about to enter a new crazy world which belongs to a boy, standing along her path. This is the story of how she learns to rewrite her stars.


  • 2.The Alpha

    Faber Ayres; a scammer, cat burglar, and an artist, decided to give a final shot of her life and earn the highest reward of her life in this final strike. for that she ends up meeting with... Blake Ewing Rodriguez; the future king of Maltra, a country of 50 Million people. it was a well-planned scenario, all Faber need is to go and play the big shot. but this single decision, change the course of her life for eternity. Well, let me clear one thing— if you're thinking this going to be a happy thing then you're wrong! Things can't be simple and plain; life can't be just about fairy tales! There's always something peculiar about beautiful faces. Plus, you can't expect smiles and Roses when it comes to Crown!!

    Anam Azam

  • 3.Sound of Your Heart

    He once dreamed about being a champion in men single ice skating category, but a single accident caused his hearing to worsen to the degree that would make him unable to listen to music he was supposed to skate to, his dreams of winning gold have been shattered and with nothing to do, he completely gave up on his passion, on ice. That was, until he met a certain redhead stubborn girl that hit him with her violin. She has always been sickly, so she grew up on village being home-schooled. Eventually, she found interest in music - violin, more precisely. She had a rare talent, but didn't get a chance to show it since no music college would take her without any diploma, and out of anger, when a man barely older than her passes by and cracks her phone, she doesn't hesitate to hit him with her violin. Meeting by chance, knowing each other through disaster and falling in love by fate, Daniel and Rose came to understand the ability to help each other. Being able to compose music fit for his skating program just by watching him dance, and being able to perfect her music just by listening to her, they try to once again challenge the world that has once thrown them away as failures. Having only song of their hearts to rely on.

    Ayla D. Viktoreva

  • 4.Decisions and Mayhem

    Antonio Martinez has a hard time fitting in. For one, he wasn't born in the USA and as a result, has a funny accent the kids at school made fun of. New money was looked down on in his private school, and so the former top of the class had it out for him for stealing her spot. Antonio didn't think things could get any worse until his mother asked the son of her long-term boyfriend to keep an eye on him and his siblings - in other words, become their permanent babysitter. And that was how Antonio's social life was completely ruined.


  • 5.The Writer

    Xander is a writer - a wordsmith by nature and training. He's an upcoming talent that people are sure will receive future success. Despite his way with words, Xander finds himself unable to speak to his crush, Maxwell, who's a music student in the same college as him. Due to his lack of confidence, Xander does away with trying to talk to Maxwell and writes about a fictional reality where he's not so shy and he's able to date the man of his dreams. What happens when Xander losses his journal with this story? And what happens when it's returned to him by no other person but Maxwell himself?


  • 6.Symphony

    Alejandro is what you would call a prodigy, a musical genius. Growing up as a blind student of the piano had always been hard. He'd had to prove time and time again that he was worth the effort and eventually clawed his way to the top. But his handicap threatens to shatter his future dreams and aspirations. How on earth is he supposed to play in a symphony if he can't read music? There comes help, there comes hope, and there comes the biggest compromise in the form of love from another man.


  • 7.In Blood

    Gen promised herself that she would live a full life, she promised herself that she would move on and find happiness for herself. Yet, a week before her wedding she finds herself at the doorstep of a man she swore she would forget and have nothing to do with but here she is drawn and pulled back into the world that promised Theo, indulging a world that she knew spelled trouble for her. She falls deep into the world of Royal Vampire's and Disgraced Alphas'. Bound by blood she is torn between the man who is her mate and the man she is in love with, her heart wants one while her soul wants the other. She has obligations. Sworn to one and a contract made in blood. **UPDATES ONCE A WEEK EVERY SUNDAY** Copyright © MagnoliaPax2019 Copyright © FJMIAH 2019 All Rights Reserved.


  • 8.Surrendering To the Dragon

    No one says no to the Oracle. No one. And that’s how Ami finds herself the fake fiancé to the insufferable welsh dragon David “Dewi” Llewelyn. They need a witch to protect his young son and for some reason she’s it. David is everything she hates, to overbearing, to dominating and to full of himself except the dominating thing is kind of a turn on if she’s honest. She’s there to protect his son and nothing else. She won’t be swayed by his devilishly handsome face, no matter how much her body wants him. David has other ideas. He wants the little witch in his bed, he knows he shouldn’t be pursuing her for real and he definitely shouldn’t be falling for her. Especially when he knows she will hate him forever when she finds out who is he really is.

    Emma Mountford

  • 9.The Game I Was Destined To Lose

    Larry Stylinson fanfic -- "When you said you loved me, for the first time. Was it real? " Louis's voice cracked towards the end of his question. What if he wasn't strong enough to hear Harry's answer. So much time into their marriage, what if all of it was just a scam? On getting no answer Louis shifted in Harry's lap, he scooted closer and tucked Harry's long silky hair behind his ear, nudging the man to answer the question," Just one last question Hazza. Please?" it was the only hope I have left. He finished the sentence in his head. "Promise me you won't leave me? " Louis was taken a back by the request and his heart started to tug painfully in his chest because even though his head knew Harry's answer, his heart refused to believe it. " I promise. " Louis said in a heartbeat, still hoping the answer wouldn't be what he thought it was. Harry would never do that to him. His husband would never betray him like that. Never. Not after all that happened between them. Harry took in a deep breath and said the word that broke Louis's heart all over again. "No." __ Harry married Louis to get the Styles empire under his name. He thought the odds were in his favour when he was trying to get Louis to fall in love with him. It changed Harry in many ways. He was playing a game he was destined to loose. But was losing for the better or for the worse?


  • 10.ODD

    Imagine a world where the un-natural was considered natural. Where people where born with superpowers. Where fantasy become reality. Luna Shigeki a normal high school teenager is sucked Into this parallel universe with no way to escape. Her only hopes are to survive in this strange world of superheroes. -Well......this is ODD-

    Shoko Akatsune

  • 11.Hollow Hills Academy: Love and War

    Penelope Peters enters the world of elite, posh boarding school Hollow Hills. Where sons and daughters of politicians, celebrities, and CEOS are her classmates. She has one goal: graduate without making any trouble. Prince Cadoc of Wales has one goal too when he sees her: make Penelope Peters his future Queen. Whatever it takes.

    Cambria Covell

  • 12.The Tech Wiz

    Benjamin Maxwell is a Tech Wiz. He brings crashed computers back to life, gives gadgets whole new operating systems, recovers long lost data, and hacks into secure networks without even breaking a sweat. Benjamin already knows he has a secure place in his dad's tech repair shop after he graduates from high school. But what happens when Felix, a senior Ben has been crushing on since he got into high school asks him to join a young inventors contest as his partner? Will Benjamin realize his talent is worth much more than he's been giving it credit for?


  • 13.Learning to Love

    Riches aren't everyone's taste and that's the case of Zeus Darcanius. Zeus Darcanius; rich, powerful and influential hasn't always been the confident strong headed man he is. A pained past refusing to fade away continually hunts him, memories continually weighing down his heart making it heavy. The taste for riches only powered by the taste for revenge. Love and marriage isn't everyone's treat and by everyone I mean Julian Andrews. He finds himself swayed into an unhappy marriage he can't even remember how he got into. Love isn't something he's experienced until he finds something unexpectedly close with Zeus Darcanius. But what in the world is Zeus hiding?


  • 14.The Artist

    Caleb is an artist, he's a master in every possible medium, and nothing less was expected from him as a Wilson, an extended family of high aspiring artists. Caleb enjoys creating art, but he doesn't enjoy the pressure that comes with it, and the expectations his parents weigh on him. Creating art slowly became a chore, and Caleb lost the spark that made his work shine, but things change when he meets Toby, a new teacher fresh out of college in his high school's art department. Toby helps him rediscover his love for art, and Caleb comes to a realization that his feelings for Toby were starting to head towards an irreversible direction.


  • 15.All Over Again

    Vanessa Colbourne had everything she wanted in life, a stable job and a roof over her head. She was the top accountant in her office department, the best worker there is. But all that changed when he came along. Stanley Warren, the egotistical CEO who thought that the world was his playground, he could have anything he wanted at the snap of a finger. He set his eyes on one woman and by any means necessary he will have her. But will all that come crashing down with an unexpected news? Continue reading to find out. All rights reserved.®

    Tashae Jones