• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham



    UPDATES ON MONDAY, THURSDAY THE VALIENTE'S SERIES 1. DOMINIC'S CLAIM( COMPLETE) 2. BILLIONAIRE'S DESIRE P.S BILLIONAIRE'S RUIN is in no way related to this series even though I used the same surname. *** Reed Valiente has three rules: 1. Do not f**k a company's employee even if she is so damn hot(He may have broken this particular rule about fourteen times) 2. No love 3. Do not sleep with the same woman twice Except there is the sharp-tongued, witty CMO of the company, Scarlett Simpson with her nerdy glasses, pushing him to his edge, threatening to break every single rule in his book. Even with her innocent looks, Scarlett comes with a lot of baggage and secrets that won't let her have a moment of peace.

    Lyn Monreal

  • 3.The Hybrid Beta (#4 of the Denali pack)

    Seb is the Beta of the Denali pack, as a child, he was taken from his home. Looking for answers on his family and old pack, Seb, his best friend Mason and his mate Ava, go on a journey to find answers. But end up finding themselves in a very though spot...

    V Verhoeven

  • 4.Alpha's Twisted Love

    Ophelia always knew that she was different than the rest of her pack, she just didn't know how. Being the alpha's youngest daughter meant that she was always being watched. Whether it be by her overprotective brothers or the packs best warriors, she never seemed to get a moment of peace. Being 17 and turning 18 soon would mean she was soon to be bound to someone else for life. She's made it her life's mission to figure out what happened to her long lost sister. The only problem is she doesn't know where to begin.

    Payton Adams

  • 5.Her Past Mate

    When you think you have met the one, who makes you see the better vision of you. One that makes your heart pump sugar instead of blood. But not all is as it seems, secrets are revealed at crucial moments but can love be the cure and defender of fear?

    Dorah Matshego Sefala

  • 6.The Billionaire's Desire

    "Do you..." The Priest peered into the tiny piece of paper where I had hurriedly scrawled by name. "Miss Amy..." He paused slightly as he looked at me over the rim of his glasses. "What is your surname?" he whispered. Darn, I forgot to write that. "Cheong..." I whispered back. I was wondering why we were whispering. The priest scrunched his face in confusion as he struggled to get the name. "C-H-E-O-N-G" I spelt out. The priest was shocked so was my husband-to-be, I didn't look a bit like my name. "My Mum is American" I hurriedly explained, I just wanted this ceremony to be over. The priest cleared his throat again. "Do you Amy Cheong, take Mr Sebastian Carter as your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part, according to God's holy law, in the presence of God do you make this vow". "Y-Yes ..." I stuttered, trying to calm my racing heart. I hesitated as I sneaked a peek to my would-be husband, in less than 24 hours my life has changed so much. I knew nothing about the man whose name I would now answer. All is fair in Love and War. "Yes, I do" I crooned as I sealed my fate.

    Dorcas Joseph

  • 7.My Highschool Bully

    This is the story of two guys who are first best friends, then enemies,then lovers... Maxwell Santiago I am your average high school student. My life is a complete cliche. My high school life is pretty non-existent just like my dating life....probably because nobody wants to date a "fag" in the words of an egotistical dirtball a.k.a my ex-best friend Demetri Valentino or now you could say my greatest tormentor and my bully.He used to be my best friend but now he is my biggest enemy. He always teases me about the fact that I am gay and nobody could love me.....but I don't care what he says or his god-forsaken "squad" says because i know that there are people who do care about me...I have two really wonderful and supportive parents and an amazing little sister. But to be completely honest, it hurts a little when he bullies me........because i just have this teeny-tiny crush on him. Demetri Valentino I am the son of the world's biggest corporate lawyer. My father keeps pushing me to become a corporate lawyer just like him but I have a different dream....I want to become the greatest musician in the whole world but nobody knows about this because nobody really wants to know the real me. All everybody sees me for is the money, the cars and the luxurious parties. I was raised by my father and was told not to show emotions and that's what I do and good at.The only person who could see through my facade was my best friend Max..but now he is the person I bully the most. I don't know why I am so attracted to him and want to be next to him all the time......maybe I like him but I am not attracted to guys.....

    Seline Rose Brighton King

  • 8.My Birth Right

    Lilith lived in the human world believing that she didn't have any family in the world. Nightmares had been invading her dreams at night keeping her up. When her best friend Cathy convinced her to see a witch about the nightmares, the witch accidentally releases a protection spell from her, revealing her to the supernatural world. the witch disappeared scared, bun not before telling her to run and hide, but who could she be hiding from? Now family is contacting Lilith asking her to visit, family she didn't even know existed before. she discovers that she comes from a family of Werewolves and the reason why she had no memory of them. Right when she meets her destined mate, she gets kidnapped, her parents had hidden her from all of the supernatural world to keep her safe. but safe from what exactly? Join Lilith as she discovers who she is and where she comes from, why she's in danger and what she will have to do to keep her new found family and herself safe.

    Abril Stubbs

  • 9.Marrying The Wrong Alpha

    Simone Johnson was the only daughter of the west pack Alpha. Her father always protects her from the outer world and raised her as a tough woman warrior. Deep inside, she also longs for a normal life. But being a daughter of the Alpha means she carried a lot on her shoulder. She gave up many things because of her father and the pack, including when her father suddenly arranged for her to married the Alpha of the east pack, Marcus Cooper. She always dreamt of marrying her own mate. That special someone that she would willingly give herself up without a second thought. Being an innocent woman, she instantly felt a connection with Alpha Marcus for the first time they met. So she agreed to marry him. Later one night, fate had brought her to met Alpha Caiden Steele, who turned out to be her real mate. What will happen to her when Alpha Caiden also wanted to claim her as his? Will Simone give up on her marriage with Alpha Marcus?

    Fernanda Stephanie

  • 10.Revenge

    Isabella Johnson was the only daugther of the Johnson family. She was not the favorite child her oldest brother was always the crown prince and heir to the Johnson family fortune James Johnson, Isabella was only good enough to marry the player and heir to the Stevens family Paul Stevens, but since she was a bit chubby and did not really care how she looked (as her mother always put her down and her father could not stand the sight of her), he divorced her the night after he had sex with her in his drunken state. She left and went back to her parents home, but they chased her out as she was not even good enough to keep her husband. Her brother James was not there for her either as Paul was his best friend and he never picked up his phone when his sister called him. She got in her little car she got for her sixteenth birthday, just a normal little Mazda not like her brother's Porsche he got for his sixteenth, she drove off into the night. Still thinking about the divorce papers she just signed and the last sentence stuck in her head, no child born out of the short marriage will be acknowledged as a heir to the Stevens fortune, she did not care as it only happened once between her and Paul and surely she could not be pregnant. She still had her money she inherit from her grandmother and started a small restaurant because the only thing she knew about was making good food . 9 months later her son was born her restaurant have grown into one of the most favorite place in LA and she was making so much money that she opened another branch of her restaurant in New York. Six years later she was the CEO the boss of the most famous restaurant group in the States. She lost her extra weight, take care of herself and was ready to go back to her home city to take revenge on her family and her ex husband.

    Emmarentia Snyman

  • 11.Transmigration: Return of the villainess

    Mia Davis had two choices. One, to bind with a system and transmigrate into god knows who. Two, to happily spend her time in the void until all her memories are erased. She could have chosen to stay which was the easiest option but humans are unfathomable and curious creatures. Hence when she opened her eyes again, there was a divorce agreement in her hands and two kids, a girl, and a boy crying by her side. The words Amelia Martin were highlighted in the document. Muttering something incomprehensible, Mia frowned. Did she just transmigrate into a dog blood novel and as a third rate villainess? ~.~ All this just for a man? Mia questioned the original Amelia who lowered her head in mockery. "You can do whatever you want with my life. Just make sure he pays." She spoke disappearing slowly while Mia sighed. "If revenge is what you want then revenge is what you get."


  • 12.His Purposeful Love

    Anastasia has been constantly put down and bullied her entire life, that is until she meets the one man who loves her unconditionally and always stood up for her. For the first time in her life she felt special and it was all because of him. There was just one tiny problem. He was a vampire. No matter how hard she tried not to, she fell in love with him and they got married soon after, but Anastasia's life was turned upside down when she finally woke up from a deep sleep to find that not only had she been turned into a vampire, her beloved husband had died, had been murdered. With the help of a witch Anastasia travels through time, to not only try and save her husband, but to unmask his killer. Who is her beloved's murderer? Is everything really as it seems? Will Anastasia be able to save her husband before her time is up? Would Anastasia even want to save him after what she learns? "You never loved me. Your love was purposeful. I hate you. You are worse than everyone else who bullied me my entire life. You turned me into this monster against my will. If you had wanted my powers you should have just asked I would have given them to you. You didn't need to betray me in the worst way possible. I hate you and I hope you rot in hell!"

    S. Maham Hassan

  • 13.She is not my Luna

    DAILY UPDATES The proud and almighty Alpha Hunter found out that his long-awaited mate is an omega. As one of the strongest alphas of the Realm this would have been a terrible stain on his reputation. Omegas were known for being weak wolves and for being very submissive in nature. An Omega couldn’t ever become the Luna of the powerful Black Forest Pack. Nevertheless, Hunter and his wolf couldn’t bring themselves to reject her, although they didn’t want to accept her either, at least not as their Luna. That would be ridiculous, or so they thought. “The Alpha King let you take me here?” Clair asked. “Of course, he did! I’m an Alpha and your mate.” Hunter answered matter-of-factly. “But you said you don’t want me.” “I said I don’t want you as my mate. I never said I don’t want you.” He muttered grabbing a fistful of her hair and bringing her close to him. Clair wanted to pull him away, but her body begged for her mate. She couldn’t deny her desire, her urge to be taken by him. “Now, be a good little omega and do everything I say.” He muttered in her ear, his husky voice made goosebumps rise across her neck and collarbone. She breathed deeply, breaking the spell. Alpha or not, mate or not, Clair wouldn’t let Hunter treat her like this! She pulled away and looked into his eyes, something that not many did, since Alpha wolves normally took it as a challenge. “I, Clair Valois, reject you Alpha Hunter of the Black Forest Pack as my mate and Alpha.” Hunter only laughed, placing two firm hands on her shoulders. “Do you think you can reject me? A feisty omega!? That’s new!” he said between chuckles. An Omega going against an Alpha’s wishes was unheard of. What to do of an Omega that tries to reject her Alpha mate? Edited by Momo. Pic's from: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/sexy-fashion-portrait-hot-male-model-109909271 https://pixabay.com/sv/photos/vargar-wolf-howling-månen-stjärnor-1400819/ https://pixabay.com/de/photos/wolf-frau-fantasy-felsen-m%C3%A4rchen-3678069/

    T. R. Durant