• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Rogues: Rise of The King

    Trouble came in the form of a beautiful five-foot nine-inch woman with a sense of adventure. Alexian Victor never believed in love at first sight until Sloane Vanderbilt strolled into his life a little over a year ago. Within weeks, his life was tossed into a summersault he thought he'd never get out of. Things seem to settle down, yet he fears that the worse is yet to come. The Werewolf King demands for a partner, to help reign over those who choose the life outside the packs. Alexian finds himself in a bind when he is chosen to become the king he doesn't want to be. The mark on his arm is proof enough of the task that has paved a new path in his life. A path that can lead him to greatness. The last thing Sloane wanted was the burden of what it means to be the Royal Family to all Rogues. Yet, she sees the potential and ambition starting to shine in her mate. Rogues are nothing like pack wolves. Rules bind a pack wolf but nothing holds a Rogue back. She knows Alexian is holding back the Don she's heard so much about. It's time for him to do what he was born to be. (Rogues Sequel)

    Lily Pierce

  • 3.Mated to The Shadow Wolf

    Ripley heads towards the Council of Wolves when her cousin, the newly appointed alpha of a more conservative part of the werewolf world sends out a distress call. In her search for Riley, Rip finds that a war is about to break out in the center of all wolf kind. Rip and Mikhail don't want to get involved, but fate says differently when they come face to face with the youngest alpha inside of the council.

    Lily Pierce

  • 4.SOULLES | Sold my soul

    “The Devil is real. And he's not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. Because he's a fallen angel, and he used to be God's favorite.” They say sometimes in life, you make choices you'll regret in the future. I made a choice, and now I have to live with it forever. I made a choice that changed my life, and I'm the one responsible for that. Because I'm the one who sold her soul to the devil. And i'd do it all over again. Because I might have lost my soul, but I gained his heart.


  • 5.Pluto (Aries Sequel)

    SEQUEL TO ARIES [BOOK TWO OF ARIES] It's been three years since Selene granted him his wish. Her words of warning engraving themselves in his skull. *3 years ago* "Be careful what you wish for Hades. She's a two headed spear. She'll either save you or be your greatest downfall. I will not be blamed for what will happen then. Am i clear?" "Crystal." Selene tapped her perfectly manicured fingers against her sleek glass desk, "Do you agree to the terms of our agreement?" I nodded. She raised a perfect brow, second doubting her decision before eventually sighing, "Sign here." She ordered, as she handed me a shiny silver contract that came out of thin air along with a silver quill. I took in a deep breath before re-reading the last couple sentences. In case of the spiraling downfall of Lord Hades, Son of Cronus, The Reign of the Underworld will be transferred to another sibling of Cronus' children to rule as he/she sees fit. Lord Hades will, in consequence, be condemned to a life-sentence rotting in the Styx river. Signature: HADES SON OF CRONUS. Now that this was done, all i had to do was find her. ~•~ She was sin and i was sinful. She was fire and i wanted to be consumed by her flames. She was ruin and i wanted to be ruined. Shaking her hands was like loving the devil, but I didn't care, as long as she loved me the way she loved hell. She was Feyrouz Sullivan.


  • 6.Married to The Shadow Wolf

    Grayson Hemingway is finding his place between his Shadow Wolf sister and alpha brother. He wants to leave his mark like they have and has no idea where to start. All while a little dark-skinned seeker has all of his attention. Emily is driving him crazy and all she has to do is walk by him without so much as a glance. The world is changing. Rip and Reggie are trying to find a balance between their pack and Rip's hectic family all while adjusting to this new era. Not everyone is happy with the Supernatural world stepping out of the shadows. Danger comes in the form of a man everyone knows as the Werewolf King. A man that only wants what's best for his people. Salvation lies in a tomb where a dark evil sleeps. A Dark Evil that only our favorite Shadow Wolf can handle.

    Lily Pierce

  • 7.Death Do Us Part

    “Have you ever hurt a woman?” I knew what she meant but decided to play dumb, “Well, I would like to believe that I have wounded some of their hearts…” I replied then with a tell-tale wink added, “…and hurt at least some of them to their liking.” She had the nerves to look annoyed! She rephrased the question, “Have you ever, intentionally, physically hurt a woman in a way that caused her distress or physical injury?” -“No” -“A child?” -“No” -“An old person?” -“No” -“Have you ever sexually assaulted a woman…” -“I believe, I have already answered this question…” I cut in, unable to control anymore. Unfezed by my protest she finished her question, “...or became an accessory in it or, helped someone to get away with it, willingly or unknowingly?” -“No” -“A child?” She had no idea how much danger she was in. I somehow controlled the rage that was threatening to surface and said, “No” Her interrogation was over, but I was just getting started. -“That’s it?” I asked and she looked confused. -“So it’s alright for me to assault people unless they are women, children or old men?” I prodded. At least she had the decency to look ashamed. "Just because I said that I did not, can you be sure that I actually never did hurt any of the people you just listed? What makes you think that a master deceiver like me would be honest with you?" “What if I killed a hundred men, savaged women double that number, brutally mistreated an innumerable number of children, yet lied to your face? Is my “no” enough for you to let go of that suspicion? Are you that gullible? Or is your ego that easily satisfied, because the salary that I am paying you is too difficult to let go of? ...Can you be sure that I am not shuffling through ways of torturing you in my mind, right at this moment…and that once I am done shuffling I would not turn your life into a living hell?” I couldn't recollect crossing the distance from my chair to hers and towering over her in my blinding rage, but when I realized what I was doing and prepared to back off, she surprised me with her reply... *** Please express you opinion about the story in the comments. Follow me if you like the book.


  • 8.Thousand and One Hours

    Zahra Abadi was, literally, a princess. The only daughter to one of the most powerful Monarch in the Arabian peninsula, she led the life that the entire planet envied. But the reality was much different. She was trapped, bound and miserable. And so it was inevitable when she fled her homecountry to apply as a political refugee in London, having to make a pitstop in the USA for 40 days while the application processed and, more importantly, confuse the fleet of men her father sent looking for her. Christopher Jones was a famous rom-com actor looking to prove that he was more than just a handsome face and the vacation back in his family home in Boston was supposed to clear his head. But the mysterious raven-haired woman who left behind a heady scent of Oudh was doing the exact opposite. . . >

    Siya Navas

  • 9.COLDER

    ********** When a nine-year-old boy suddenly vanishes from school, it shocks the entire town. It is even more shocking when his dead, naked body is found beside a grave. But this eerie murder is just the beginning... The ghosts of the past are back... It is Darker... Colder. ***********

    Rinah Githaiga

  • 10.Hitman's Hunt

    Jayvyn Lionel is who gets paid to kill, he is on the run, though no one saw his face even once. He was hired much time by mafias to kill. It didn't matter to him who was it? or why? he just killed. He is who we called a hitman, and he is called Von. But after all, even if he's dangerous and heartless, he is a human who is suffering from aplastic anaemia. Griselda Elior used to be an intelligent and smart detective. She was strong, flawless, loveable and respected. She wanted the best for her brother and her only family. Her mother and father were detectives too When she was sixteen they were killed by a shotgun while working. She never knew she will lose her brother, the only one left for her, because of her. She lost her parents, her brother and the consequence was losing her sight. What will happen when she is his next mission? Will he be as usual? Will he just kill? Will he dare to kill a blind woman? Will he just give up on his mission? Will he take risks for her? __________________________________________ " Are you okay? " Griselda snapped out of her thoughts and cleared her throat. " This is weird, right? We don't even know each other and we are getting married, " She sighed and took a bite from her lasagna. " It's like you've never heard of an arranged marriage, " Jayvyn said and swirled the glass of wine. Griselda scoffed. " This is nothing like an arranged marriage and you know it, " She glared.

    Taif Alkabi

  • 11.Layla's Seduction (FRS)

    "Is it bad that I can't stop thinking about you, daddy?" Previously named Layla's Seduction and Daddy's Desire Part of The Forbidden Romance Series. *description* When a not so dotting daddy, can't get his 18 year old vixen out of his mind, after he catches her pleasuring herself. This is the second, of three versions, older than the other one I uploaded before. *not for the faint-hearted, if this kind of content offends/disturbs you, please DO NOT READ, thank you, if you love the story however, you can check out my other stories. ;)


  • 12.Always HIS

    When a relationship webbed with strings of lust, attachment, love and possessiveness is put to its final test, it has all come down to one question: will they fight through the odds, or will they lose it all? [ Zach Davis is an infamous CEO by work, and a rockstar by passion. Anna Collins was his personal assistant. After two years of a platonic relationship, when a one night stand changes equations between them, they soon come to realise it wasn't just lust. There was more. However, there was a lot of difference between only wanting to be together and having to fight the world and circumstances for it. As their relationship is exposed to the public eye and the two get caught up in a scandal, they begin questioning every thing. Was their relationship doomed to failure? Or is their love stronger than what they thought of it to be? ] It gets deeper. It gets bolder. It gets better. Sequel to my first book, 'HIS'.


  • 13.His Insane Lust

    “Love sometimes can fool the human heart and bring them to the edge of making an enormous mistake. Shady shadows will always be around us. We are going daily through temptations and no matter how hard we try, we will always crumble and fall on the rock, losing everything that we worked for so hard. That is life, isn’t it? The morning ray of sun was shining on me and the sun's light was jumping from one cheek to another. I wanted to sleep more. It was Sunday. The sun wasn’t the only one who was playing with me. My love, Helena, was smiling with sparks in her eyes and she was making jokes early in the morning. I always wake up laughing. She is something. This morning was special. It was my birthday. She was early bird this morning and cooked breakfast while I was sleeping. She made pancakes with strawberries. My favorite. We laughed all day. She did not buy me a present, she said that she didn’t have time to buy it. It's ok I don’t need a present. The only present that I need is her in my life. Later that day while we were enjoying my birthday she spoke: “Honey, I have to tell you one secret that I can’t hold on to anymore”. I was curious and stunned. “I… I am pregnant.” she continued. I was thrilled. I screamed from happiness. We were trying for so long. I thought she gave up. I was always afraid that she would leave me. But she stood, right here by my side. That is the best present that I could ever get. This is the best birthday ever.”

    Neha Kanade