• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Sinfully, Yours...

    "You can protect me from others," She whispered. "But how will you protect me from yourself?" One night. One patient. One incident. That was all it took to change Scarlett's normal life into that of a prisoner... a survivor and lover to the person she would never even have dreamt of loving. Ever. As she is thrown into the dark world of Dominico Elia Moretti... Scarlett's life spiral out of ordinary into an extraordinary dream...or nightmare. One she is f****d to live everyday as she struggle to cope with betrayal, lose, and a never-ending world of sin.

    Red Johnson

  • 3.The Mate

    *COMPLETED* Miles Johnson starts school in Denver Colorado after a hard life in his hometown of Michigan. Being gay in a small town is hard. When he moves to Denver, the life he once knew has now changed once he meets his English teacher.


  • 4.King Domain (The Blood Moon Riser)

    3 July 2020 ongoing King Domain is finding a necklace to raise blood moon but what happens when he will get to know that the human girl with the necklace is his mate... King Domain has already a beautiful wife that is his Queen!!! How will Domain get out of this situation? What effect will be on his life with the mate pull towards the human girl... Come let's get to the journey of King Domain and his mate Valencia...


  • 5.My Mafia Heart

    **Prologue** “Dammit, Giovanni!” I hiss to myself. He’s so infuriating… He’s gone and left me again. All I have is this stupid text from him. “Ciao amore, mi dispiace, devo andare fuori citta. Tornero presto.” I quickly text him back “English please!” “Sorry baby, I have to go out of town… there are some pressing matters that need to be handled. I’ll miss you.” “Fine go! See if I care” I wrote back, but the truth is I did care. I cared a lot.


  • 6.Keeping It Stereotypical

    She's the head cheerleader, he's the mysterious new badboy. She's popular so is he. Their lives are perfect to the outside world but in reality it's far from it.

    Ife Aroboto

  • 7.Replacing Delilah

    Daily updates ***Delilah runs away on her engagement night and leaves Delores with no choice but to replace her that night because they were twins and Jordan wouldn't be able to tell the difference. That decision she makes crosses out a lot of plans in her life and leaves her no choice but to accept since their family solely depends on the rich and very arrogant Jordan Lancaster. Join her on the roller coaster to kill time till Deliah returns to take back her position as the real fiancée or maybe not.


  • 8.Saving Tesla | #1 Devil's Army MC

    Being an outlaw, I was used to the blood and pain of others. I was used to the look of fear in my enemies' eyes. I knew what I wanted out of life. Until I found her. She was like a goddess to me, a siren. And I was determined to save her from the life she had escaped from. * * * I've experienced loss more than once in my life. I guess you could say I kind of welcomed it. It's the only thing I have ever known. I was used to feeling empty and broken. He was my knight in a leather cut. He helped me escape from a life of despair, but then the pain was f****d to the surface and I was drowning in it.

    Paige E. Carlin

  • 9.Prince Reagan

    "Soon, Ellie." He takes a whiff from my neck before whispering sensously into my ear, "Soon you'll be begging for me to finally take what's mine." A shiver runs down my spine as his fangs get dangerously close to my neck. I feel his lips pull up into a smirk as he adds, "And I'll gladly oblige." Being rejected by your own mate leaves you broken and weak. But not for Ellie. After her mate, also soon to be alpha of her pack, rejects her for another she-wolf she so hates, she doesn't lean in defeat and let others walk over her. But she stands tall, confident, and strong, ready to face the world on her own. But what happens when a Lycan Prince, Reagan, declares her his mate even though she doesn't feel the sparks. Read to find out what happens next in 'Prince Reagan.'


  • 10.Secret has it...

    Three single girls on vacation in a party resort. Three single boys on a vacation in the same resort. Friendship, love and trust is put to test between these young people when the vacation is over and reality is a fact. Hard decisions has to be made, hearts are going to break and lives are going to be turned upside-down. Sometimes you can't know what the right thing to so is, all you can do is try your best.



    Nate Archibald is a drop-dead gorgeous actor with a very annoying and egoistic attitude. Summer Knight is a clumsy production Assistant that answers to everyone's need onset. The duo path cross on a production that rewrites their fates and seals their destinies. Summer's life changed when she filled in for an act and unexpectedly becomes famous overnight hence making the writer write more scenes for her and thus making her a permanent cast on the production. All she ever wanted was be in a courtroom defending the innocent and jailing the guilty. She wasn't prepared for the world of glitz, glamor, fortune and fame. A knight in Emerald....... A Summerella Story of happy ever after.


  • 12.Midnight Cry

    Rease Standford , a nurse at Cleveland, familial and a caring daughter working to support her sister Anne, a College student. Rease Standford is a 30 year old single who spends time at 34th street to visit her best friend Shayne during weekends. Although her best friend is scared of horror films, she manages to conquer her fear because of Rease, who’s fond of horror, who broke Richard Thompson's heart during their College Sophomore year. A nerd wearing braces who has a big crush on her. Her best friend knew about him but why is it that she couldn’t remember his name? What will happen if one day, she met a stranger and that was the guy whom she broke? At the same time zombies are about to thrash the whole city without them knowing. It was indeed a bad timing for a reunion. Will they be able to survive with the two genius siblings who happen to be College students, a College spoiled brat, who is a legitimate child of the richest man of the world, and a professional Sales Manager, who’s looking for his long-lost family member? It all happened at 3rd November. No one knows where did all the zombies came from. No one knows how to protect themselves from death. If you would be in the same situation, who will you save first?

    Princess Ching

  • 13.The General's Son Whore

    Josephine Scvalse is living in a slum where she is not treated properly by her parents until one night, she meets in her favorite place a man which is Sebastian, The Grand General's Son that was assigned to spy by her parents, unfortunately, her sister was failed to be close with Sebastian. Nevertheless, she replaced her by being the maid of Sebastian that is becoming close with her however, it will be married to the Grand Duke's daughter, Isabela that is always won in the competition of the Royal Ball. However, one day Josephine was chosen by the Viscount to represent one family that is dying in the Circle World of Fame. And by that, she will be the payment for the debt of her family but there is one condition that the Viscount wants her to do and it's to make the General's son fall in love with him. Can she make it or the Viscount will sell her into the House of Entertainment where all the noblemen are going there for fun? — Backstory of Josephine Scvalse in Human Blood. — Elysian Series 1/3