• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    [Update table: one chpater every Monday] *Writing gudies for specific genre will update irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.A Night With A Vampire

    A one night stand with a vampire was defiantly not what Charlotte expected. After learning that cancer was taking over her mother, Charlotte settled a deal with her boss, Marcus Le Doux. In exchange of one night, with no strings attached, she received the money she was hoping to get for her mother’s chemotherapy but things take a twist when she learns that Marcus is a creature – a two-hundred-year-old vampire who just found his mate and won’t stop chasing her until he devours her completely.


  • 3.Dragon Street series bk1: UNFORTUNATE MATES

    At seventeen, Meredith thought she had her life figured out until she found herself caught up in a wrangle between two brothers. It doesn't help that one is a dragon shifter and the other is a vampire. Suddenly all she thought she knew about herself and the town she grew up, turns foreign. A red dragon mate, an unforgiving vampire hell bent on making everyone's life miserable, a witch on a quest to get power for herself, a warlock with a sweet side, a pack of leopard shifters tormenting the small town and not forgetting the undeniable truth of her being made up magic. The innocent small town is not so innocent after all. As a matter of fact, it is the realm of both pure and dark magic. One wrong move and Meredith could put the entire town in jeopardy. **** “Really? I doubt you’ll make it half as miserable as you make Meredith’s life. You pretend not to care about her and then you don’t want to see her happy with someone else. Just what the fuck is your problem Brian?” Reid spit. “My problem is you being near her,” Brian spat back. “And why is that Brian? Why does it bother you that I’m near her?” “Because she is mine. Meredith is fucking mine,” *** DAILY MULTIPLE UPDATES

    Lyn Monreal

  • 4.Nothing Like Tomorrow

    Love happens unexpectedly. They were in Rehab trying to survive their demons and that's when they found peace in each others arms. Maybe love was ready to give them second chance.

    Perfect Heart


    He Knows she is the priest's daughter, a saint who shouldn't be touched and yet he just can't keep his hands off her. Just a mare thought of her nails his enough to melt him and just as life will make it easy for them, he is her University lecturer and she is his course rep, But! Remember, life isn't a bed of roses as their difficult love is being tested in so many ways. “Kiki?” I find my fucked up self calling out to her again and she turns to look at me. “You need to wear it, even if other students are dressed half naked. Your body shouldn’t be exposed for males to see.” I say and she nods before opening the door. “Okay Sir.” She says and I can sense a bit of anger in her tone. “You still owe me, remember? The fact that you are my student and I am now your lecturer doesn’t stop you from repaying me, Kiki oteodola.” I say and she laughs. “I am sorry, but you didn’t pronounce my last name properly. It is Kiki Otedola.” She corrects me, as she lays emphasis on each word she pronounced. [I double dare you to read this story of two different worlds and race fall in love and fight for it.. The first non-cliche Professor x student erotica story.]


  • 6.Mated to Vampire Hunter

    Princess Ashrina Petriokias the daughter of the Vampire King Asheron Pertriokias reached her age 18. On her birthday she came to know that she is being mated to a Vampire Hunter. She asks the hunter Alexander Steele to reject her as his mate, but he refused to do so and tells her that she will be his and only his. He doesn't care if she is a vampire or not, even he agrees to leave his hunter group. But Ashrina knew that their mating will cause a war between the vampires and the hunter. Because they both have been enemies for a century. When Alexander refuses to reject her she ran far away from him and her family. After few months Alexander tracks her down and mated. They were living a happy life until threats rise and the war was planned between vampires and hunters. The hunters decided to stop the war if and only if they kill Ashrina. What will Alexander do? Can he save Ashrina and his unborn baby? Can Ashrina and Alexander have a happy life? " Alexander no we can't do this, we cannot be together it will cause a war" Asrina whispered in a low voice as Alexander was nuzzling and kissing her neck. " I don't care, Rina, you are mine," he said sucking my neck. "But, I do. I am a vampire Princess and it's my responsibility to keep my kingdom and it's people save. No matter what I will choose my kingdom over you. Please reject me" she says. "No, I won't darling, you are already in my veins" with that said he smashed his lips on mine.

    S. Maham Hassan

  • 7.Driven By Instinct

    UPDATED DAILY, EXPLICIT CHAPTERS HAVE WARNINGS - He moved like a serpent. In one fluid, short motion, he grabbed her wrists and shoved her back down, pinning her hands as far above her head as they would reach... "I'll kill everyone in this house if you make so much as a sound." ------ Mages control the court, and magic is the law. The appearance of a rogue mage running rampant in the countryside outside the Capital's jurisdiction rankles the nerves of those in power. The rogue is using their power for mundane things with no authorization, and their alignment and motives are unclear. The mages of the court are furious: using magic to assist the undeserving cheapens its prestige. One way or another, someone needs to handle the problem. Constantine is contracted to capture this mage alive and bring them to the Capital. As an elite assassin, keeping his quarry alive is not one of his specialties, but there is no one else for the job: not only is he a Resistant, an anti-mage, someone whose mere presence can suppress magic - he also possesses the ability to track mages in much the way a bloodhound tracks its prey. Constantine has been paid an immense fortune to bring in the mark and ask no questions. Unfettered by matters of conscience, Constantine has agreed; now all he has to do is drag the rogue mage and deliver them to his employer. But she is nothing like he imagined, and he may yet learn that though he is immune to magic, she may capture him with a different kind of spell altogether.


  • 8. The Heartbreak Prince

    My name is Cecelia Porter. I wasn't born royal. My sister married a Prince. She's the classic Cinderella everyone wants. My parents died. And now I'm a commoner, thrust into this world of royals, revolutions, and rules. I don't belong here at all. I'm just a girl from Brixton. So, I've made rules for myself to survive. The most important rule of all is don't fall in love with the other Prince. . But then again, rules are made to be broken. Aren't they? Part of The Royals Of Coleum/Hollow Hills Academy universe.

    Cambria Covell

  • 9.Sirens of the Abyss

    I never would of imagined I'd be the future Queen of the Seven Seas. Faleen Sires had become a killer of the deep on her 18th birthday;She didn't get a card by the way, just a tail with a deadly spike at the end. Following in her families planned destiny for her. She realizes it isn't what she wants and starts the veer off the path. In doing so she meets the Charming, Flirtatious and quite cocky Theo of the Seven Seas, Poseidon's Son. Her father gives her a black pearl necklace that unbeknownst to her will change her life forever. Tragedy strikes when her father is murdered and now the murders are coming after her. Theo brings her to the Kingdom of Abynea and the pearl that was given to her starts to slowly change her. She starts to obtain abilities like no other Siren has in the Seven Seas but it comes at a price. Theo and Faleen soon fall for one another but will Faleen surrender to the black pearl's allure and lose herself to what dark secret is hidden in the abyss or will she rise above it all and fulfill her own calling in life? Two souls collided and there fate decided. For what was hidden in the Abyss Theo and Faleen Could not resist


  • 10.The Devondale House

    Addie Bennett is human. All she wants from life is to play sports, read endless amounts of books and see what's out there. However, in her small town is a mysterious dark house covered in vines and hidden by thick trees. Everyone knows to avoid the intimidating house but Addie is equally drawn and spooked by it. She can't help but peak through the tall black gates every chance she gets. The arrival of an expensive car right outside the interesting abandoned house turns Addie's life upside down. Because with the car comes a man armed with a charming smile and an aura that demands your attention.


  • 11.BURN

    MULTIPLE UPDATES ON WEEKENDS *** They say bad boys bring heaven to you. Some of them are just messengers of hell. Yet one thing was clear when it came to Malcolm; No matter how much he made a hell out of my heart, I could never have enough of him. He was my addiction and I could never have had it any other way. *** Sophie is a naive freshman who had been guarded her entire life but when she almost has a one night stand with Maseno University's most notorious playboy Malcolm, her life is bound to change forever. *** “Well, I lost my mind that Friday night when I first saw you,” My cheeks heated up at his remark. “Trying to flirt your way out of this, really?” “I’m not flirting Munchkin, I’m bloody serious,” he grinned infectiously, his lips slightly parted before he added,” And I’m just trying to pay a debt I owe,”

    Lyn Monreal


    I knew all to well about mates and other supernaturals,what i never expected,is to be mated to Some rich arrogant alpha who thinks i'm a weak pathetic simple girl,not only did he embarrass me,he rejected me in front of everyone without knowing anything about me,the man is a total jerk who only wants to be mated to a fellow female alpha just to gain power and be the most strongest and feared alpha in the world. Unfortunately the bustard has no idea of my true origin, hi am Bella a pure blood witch who could manipulate the 4 elements of the world, that's earth,water,fire and air,me and my kind have always been hiding our Powers in fear of how this cruel world would reject us if they knew what we were,for years we have learnt to live like humans and practice our powers and spells secretly. After this embarrassment and heartbreak i have vowed to revenge the heartless alpha not only will i strip his pack,power,status and strength,i will strip his soul and make him berg in tears and blood. (Please don't forget to like,comment,favorite )

    Kathrine Kayz

  • 13.Sinful Indulgence

    "This is all wrong Vincent," my breath was labored, head angled back to give more access to his mouth. "You think I don't know that?"He whispered against my neck. "Then why don't you stop?" He snapped his head up, the lust in his eyes mirroring the one in me. "Tell me to stop then because unless you say it, you know I can't bring myself to stop," He leaned towards my lips.

    Lyn Monreal

  • 14.A Glowing Figure

    Layla Murni is a member of the Crimson Pack, a pack well known for its strength and extreme power, however, in a pack filled with dangerously strong wolves, there was Layla. Recently turned eighteen Layla is the weakest link in her pack, she has no strength, no fighting techniques, she couldn't even defend herself, and to make matters worse her mate is the big bad alpha Eanraig Romulus, a man who despises weakness Layla felt useless to her pack and decided to leave, better a rouge than an unwanted mate, her mind was made up until she is told something she just can't believe, Layla is told she is the strongest wolf alive, but how?

    Uproar Dobby

  • 15.Billionaire Stole My Panties

    "You wanted to see me, Mr. Pereira?" I asked, as I closed the door behind me. He smirked. He twirl his black pen between his fingers. "Yes. Please sit down," he says. I bite inside of my cheek as I sat down. Oh my god what ridiculous errand does he want me to do now. "Ok--" I trailed of when I saw the tape. I looked at him flabbergasted. Where did he find this." How did you--" "Not important," he says cutting me of," all you need to worry about is me...advising it?" No. He can't. He just can't. Tears burned my eyes." Please you can't. It'll--" "Ruin you? Why yes, yes it will." he smirked." But I'll have a proposition ." He gets up, and strides behind of me. My heart began to race when his large hands drop to my shoulder then slowly glides down my jacket and began buttoning it. ______ Aubrey has a secret that she has been trying to hide for the pass three years. Determined not to let that prevent she from moving on, she gets a job as a secretary for multi billionaire Joseph Pereira. When Joseph announces his retirement and that he's giving the company to his sons. Aubrey finds out just how fatal attractions can become.