• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Married to The Jarl of Dragons

    "Brynjar..." Eira cried to her husband. "Please, wake up." Brynjar laid there in Eira's arms, unconscious. The large amount of poison intake has finally taken its toll on his body. Eira tried her hardest to wake him up, but he was not responding at all. Just seeing him like that, hurt her harder than anything else. The man she loved was fatally injured and it was her fault. As she held her husband and sobbed to herself, all of that came to an abrupt stop when she heard a laughter from behind her. "Now, to deal with you." Dregon said to Eira. At that moment, she did not care. She was useless at that point. Weak and depressed. she felt that her life was not needed at that moment. But, someone else did. A person who felt Eira's pain. Eira rested Brynjar on the cold grass and she slowly got off the ground. She turned around and faced Dregon for what seemed like the last time. She closed her eyes, ready for her end to come. Dregon smiled as he raised Brynjar's fallen sword above his head, ready to bring it down and end that war once and for all. When Dregon brought it down above Eira's hand, a voice popped into Eira's head. Unknown: Not today.... *** Eira has been found out by the clan of witches and must leave Fjoll to protect herself from the dangerous clan. In order for her to be protected, she needed to marry someone powerful and able to protect her. That's where Brynjar, the Jarl of Dragons comes in. Meeting Eira, he falls for her and feels the need to protect her even if his clan doesn't agree with it.

    Shantae Red

  • 3.Hanging Out With The Bad Boys

    Anastasia Montez is an average teenagers, she's also the nerd of the school, her only friend are her books, she socially awkward and has no taste fashion, not to mention the Queen bee of the school bullies her everyday. During her first week of senior year, she bump into the bad boys of the school, Kyle, Jordan& Jacob who are twins, Justin, Luke and Carlos. They took an interest in her and turn her world around. She wouldn't be the nerd who gets bullied anymore. _______


  • 4.Revenge ( the story of betrayal)

    This story revolve around three brothers and one girl, all the three boys fell in love with one girl but that girl chose only one boy. things took ugly turn when Shanaya Singhaniya entered in their life and fell in love with kabir , but when she found out that he is in love with middle class girl, she become wild . she wants kabir at any cost. join the journey of Neha , Kabir, Krish, Kartik , Shanaya and Siddhart and find out how shanaya destroyed everyone life because of her selfish love, why Neha married to Alexender and how she got her revenge from Shanaya . will neha ever meet her love , her kabir or she'll never get her happy ending.

    neha Kanade

  • 5.Love of lucifer

    tried to convenience you but you denied me now you'll stay with me if not with love then with force, "said Lucifer with his sadist's voice and tears roll down from Neha's eyes. she walk near Lucifer and slapped him so hard , Lucifer look Neha " what do you think, what i am to you, i am not a weak girl Lucifer , you called yourself devil right , now i would like to see how you'll live in my hell " said Neha in very confident voice and Lucifer actually felt scared after seeing the fire in Neha's eyes this story is about neha who was mishandled by the guy, in this story you'll read how Neha took the revenge from that guy and how that guy madly fell in love with the same girl whom he manhandled in past. Yes, it's a sequel of forced love of Lucifer, don't judge a book by its cover. Read the whole book then give your point of view.

    neha Kanade

  • 6.Hers To Claim

    Before you read this book, you need to read His to Own first.... I stood in front of Dale, outside of his house. We both stared at each other for a long period of time. I felt the tension in the air just from us two alone. I smirked at him, ready for anything to happen. "You need to stay away from her." Dale warned me. "Or there will be problems." I chuckled, flashing my fangs at him. He knew that me staying away from her would be difficult. Not only was we still linked, we had our son. I glanced at my hand, watching the nails on my hand grow with length and sharpness. He was going to learn his place once it came to dealing with me. "Looks like there's no way around this." Dale said as his eyes glowed a bloody red color. In his stance, he ran towards me in fleet mode. Dale was strong, but I was stronger. "You fight me if you want to." I told him as he gotten closer. "This will be the last time your sister will see you alive." ** Dale is in love with his sister, Naomi. So is Kain, which makes it hard for Naomi to choose. She's still in love with Kain, due to the fact that he was her first and they had a kid together. However, she loves Dale as well for being kind to her from the jump. Kain, however, will do whatever it takes to get her and their son back. Who will Naomi choose: Kain or Dale? Will she make the decision before the two men decide to get rid if the other? This is Kain's Story.....

    Shantae Red

  • 7.The Omega 's fight

    Avery is low on the totem pole , being born to the life of an omega she works odd jobs for the pack until graduation when she will be assigned a perminant job . Her mother was a pack nurse, her father attended to the packs farm . But when a sudden rouge attack happens Avery steps up defending the betas mate and child her position in the pack is re evaluated. oh did I forget to mention she found her mate , don't get to happy because it doesn't end well, what will happen as avery discovers her self in a new light. Warning it may have scenes of violents and unwanted sexual advances that may be triggering to some , read at your own will.


  • 8.The Devil's Bride

    Amelia's life is rather messed up at twenty-three. She didn't have the guts to leave the family nest, never succeeded in keeping a boyfriend... and when her parents pass away, and she finds herself the demon king's prisoner, it's not looking any better. Will she ever escape him? Hell, after some time together, will she even want to? King Liam is a rather handsome devil after all... albeit not entirely pleasant. What is she to do? Read on and find out.

    Larose Semsem

  • 9.His Curvy Mate

    Dame un beso, And I’ll give you a thousand more… “Will you?” Kyle shouted over the music, and I frowned, perplexed, at him. “Give me a thousand kisses if I gave you one?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. I blushed and shrugged, “Maybe.” Everything happened too fast. One second, Kyle was leaning forward, his intent clear and evident to all, even to oblivious little me –and I was anticipating the kiss like a mad woman seeing as it would be my first. The next, a hand grabbed my arm and I was ripped out of his gentle hold, only to collide face first with a hard chest. I looked up, startled and angry, into the eyes of the one who had dared ruin this moment for me, and was met with Ethan’s enraged chocolate brown eyes. What got his pants in a twist? I thought angrily as I glared at him. .............................. My stepsister did not hate me, and was in no way mean to me... but that was before. Before her boyfriend took interest in me, making my life turn upside down.

    Larose Semsem

  • 10.Spare Me, Alpha

    "My, my, my, what a feisty Luna you are," Damien observed half-amused. "Oh, don't start with your Luna bullshit again." She told him, feeling her eyes heat up, and realizing that for the first time in her short life, they had changed pitch-black out of anger. She, the ever patient, the ever gentle she-wolf, had been driven to the edge of wanting to shift and fight over simple words... aggravating words, they may be, but words nonetheless. Being mates with Damien didn't make Heather immune to his powerful aura. Only instead of whimpering out of fear whenever he let it out, her insides flipped happily, danced merrily, and white hot desire pooled at her secret entrance. ..................................................... Heather is a nobody in her pack... that is until her pack is attacked by rogues and she has to flee. Where to? To alpha Damien's territory of course - the most ruthless alpha known thus far. He abides by the rules and lives for the rules. What awaits Heather and her little sister Lilly when they lay feet in his territory? Read on and find out.

    Larose Semsem

  • 11.The Alpha's Girl

    East Wood High was a high school that was far from normal; inhabited by students that were far from human, anyone in the outside world would be totally clueless to what was really going on. Despite the very different student population; in every school there's bound to be cliches and a social ladder. At the top of that ladder was Morpheus Mitchell. He was the school's golden boy, captain of the football team, beloved by the student population and also alpha of the Blood Moon pack who was on the lookout for his mate. Amethyst Jones was your average high school student in her eyes. She was completely oblivious to the world around her and had no idea of the secrets that were brewing in her life. Amethyst was a nerd and she never really mingled with the popular kids and they've never really acknowledged her existence. When the most popular boy in school asks her on a date she's more than shocked and she has no idea what she's really getting herself into saying yes. She has no idea how drastically her life is going to to change, the trials and tribulations she's about to face as she becomes... The Alpha's Girl.


  • 12.AMORA

    All he wanted was her heart, But in the end it tore her apart. *** Struggling to make ends meet with her dead-end job at the local diner, and living at home with an abusive boyfriend, Amora struggles to find some good in her life. -Until one day, a mysterious stranger and a bite turn her life upside down.


  • 13.Billionaire's passionate love

    **Completed** They were passionate lovers in high school, with story of their love famous throughout the school. However, their story got a huge bumper when they have to part after high school getting admission in different universities to pursue their dreams. That is when their life has a huge turns drifting them apart, making them forget about their love. Now after seven years that love which they used to have is just a vague memory for them or is it really so? What will happen when a cold hearted billionaire Ethan King will meet Olivia who is herself hiding a big secret in her heart with a big smile on her lips? Join in the journey of Olivia and Ethan, which will be filled with pain, hurt and erotic feelings and at top passionate love.