• 1.Caught in his chain

    Victoria lives a picture perfect life , her husband is a high ranking well paid actor ,she feels he is the one. Blessed with two kids . One day she unlocks a dark secret her husband had kept from her , it break her so much that she realizes she didnt marry the picture perfect man she thought. She then meets Christian and his bestfriend . Victoria falls inlove again , but she has to choose only one ? Or will she choose two?

    Loraine Kat

  • 2.Diablo's Queen

    I work as a sheriff on a correctional facility, I got a transfer from Ohio to Texas one of the most dangerous prisons in the world. I was prepared for my work . For a pretty face it's intimidating but am used to it . Then I met him. Something about him triggered me. I had a feeling I was connected to him and indeed I was right. He and I are deeply connected , soon we will share more than I could have ever imagined .

    Loraine Kat

  • 3.Angel by the wings

    I always had a curiosity as to how humans thing . I wish to know why Father values them so much that he created an Angel like myself to look after this mortals. So I came down to earth took a body that had deceased and decided to learn more on humans . I didn't come alone . Someone else was roaming around the earth he planted a seed . My task is to find that seed and kill it ... Will I really do it ? Or will my emotions take the better part of me ?

    Loraine Kat

  • 4.My Two Alphas

    Laney is seventeen years old and a werewolf, but an accident when she was young made her lose her wolf. Josh is Laney's boyfriend and soon to be Alpha. When Laney is almost eighteen and her wolf still hasn’t returned. Many wonder if Josh is her true mate. Laney's father asks the State Alpha for help to bring his daughter’s wolf back, but will he want more from Laney? Laney ends up stuck between two Alphas, and a secret the entire town has hidden from her changes her life forever.

    Jane Anne

  • 5. Saint Laurent's Most Eligible Vampires

    Every year the Supreme Council selects five girls to attend the all exclusive School of Mystics. The humans know it as Saint Laurent's Academy. Every school across the Country hopes someone is selected from their school. Noone realizes that each year one of those girls never returns. Lina Shope is a straight-A student. When she is approached by Principal Peters about finishing her Senior Year at the all exclusive school. Something like this will look good on her College Applications. But when Lina arrives she quickly realizes this is not a normal school. It is here that the Supernatural Species reside. Johnny Laurent's family founded the School of the Mystic. It's his turn to find a bride, and though they don't know it the five girls chosen will compete for his love. He is taken in by Lina the moment he meets her but he still has four more girls to meet. Which one will become his Vampire Bride and rule over the Kingdom with him? Stay tuned to find out.

    Jane Anne

  • 6.Becoming Mrs. Martin

    "Lets go home.." I pleaded as I look into his lovely eyes. Oh, how I've missed those eyes! Oh, I missed him so much! "Please.." I pleaded tightening my grip on his arm, not wanting to lose him.. "What are you talking about?" he asked looking totally confused. "I don't even know you.." And I froze upon hearing those words. *** Austin Martin is poor, very poor. But he is smart, intelligent actually. If not for his family, he would have wanted to quit school so badly. He's the ONLY hope of his family, so he has to suceed no matter what. Then he met "Iza", the girl who captured his heart. She became his inspiration, his life and his everything. He's even willing to give up his dreams and goals in life, for her..until she broke his heart. Will he be able to forget his past and move on? Or will he choose to stay in love with the woman he had loved? Anica Elaine Adams is a spoiled brat who gets everything she wants. She's pretty and smart but clumsy. That's because she always have someone to do things for her. She likes everything to be perfect. And when she met Austin, she made up her mind to be his wife. That is when she realized that she can't get everything she wants. Will she be able to get the man of her dreams love her back? Loiuse Gaile "Iza" Araojo is a sweet, nice and kind woman with a broken heart. She was f****d to break the heart of the man she truly loves. Will she be able to fight for her love until the very end? Will they be able to find their way to happiness? Or will they experience the "Heart Ache" of a lifetime?


  • 7.Evergreen Eyes

    Olesia is your average girl, right? But her life is thrown for a tailspin when her father puts her in an arranged marriage. Being the good little girl she is, she goes along with the whole idea, but is it really what she wants? In this story of Love, Lust, and Hurt; not everything is what it seems.


  • 8.Village Love

    The story of a rejected man and the village teacher. It was their wedding night. But he bought her out in the dead night. The day were he marked her his infornt of family and relatives. But now he bought her to talk where other couples in their place would have been knowing each other. All alone in the field, with the man who is her husband, a partial stranger. Can she trust him?? He wanted to talk something. But what?? Is it that important that he bought her out at this time that to on their wedding night. What he must talk??


  • 9.Marked mask

    Eighteen years ago, Kevin’s parents were brutally murdered while he was still a baby. Seventeen years after their death, Kevin was f****d to watch as his fiancée was tortured. Kevin moved into a new city with hopes of starting his life anew, leaving behind his devastating past. But things didn’t go as planned. He never expected to fall for the daughter of a man hunting for his kind. Natasha was raped, and remained in the hospital for several days. Agitated by this, Kevin went after the gang that had raped her, exposing the truth about himself when he decided to kill them all. Several days after his arrival to the new city, piles of tortured bodies were found lying around the city. However, when the horror from his past returned, Kevin is f****d to end his relationship with his lover –or watch her fall victim to a ghoul who takes pleasure in tormenting him.

    Jeffrey Pope

  • 10.Arranged To Marry The Beast

    She was the bride of the Beast. On her eighteenth birthday, he'd come for her. She was arranged to marry and given to the legendary Son Of The Moon before she was even born. He was entitled to everything that's hers, her heart, mind, soul, her lips, her body and her innocence. But she wasn't his mate and he didn't love her, not even one tiny bit, but he was going to own his virgin bride forever. Her mother had taken something from the Beast, and as punishment, she had to sacrifice her only daughter to him. Blaire, who has never been kissed or had a boyfriend, finds herself stuck in the palace of the King who wants nothing but to destroy her for what her mother did. She has to be in love with him after a year of marriage, or she gets killed. But how can she love a Beast? *what to expect* "You did not let Lucas kiss you, right? Blaire, look at me when I'm talking to you!" Jessica could already imagine his wrath. Without a doubt, she knew he was watching. The Son of The Moon was always watching. Blaire gave her brief side glances, she was too ashamed to look her mother in the eyes. "No, Lucas did not kiss me, mommy, no one has ever kissed me." "Good girl. You know who your lips and innocence are reserved for, right sweetie?" Blaire nodded yet again, her eyes falling to her exposed thighs. "Yes mommy, only my future husband can kiss me, my innocence is reserved for the King of Amborwa."


  • 11.The Shapeshifter's Bride

    Daisy Sawyer was a twenty-five-year-old junkie who lived in LA as a party girl until she got busted one night and had to call her older brother, Alec, for help. As a teen, she escaped her clan’s stronghold in Northern California and went off to New York to attend university before settling in Los Angeles. Daisy is a wereleopard allergic to other wereleopards. When she is around them, her skin blisters, and she suffers from deep tissue agony. It had always been this way and only got worse as she got older. She’d been using opiates as a way to suppress the pain and slow down the Change. In exchange for springing her out of jail, Alec wants her to come home… provided that she cleans herself up and takes her place at his side. But Alec did not tell her that someone has been systematically murdering the pregnant leopards of their clan. Alec instead hires a bodyguard for Daisy, a mysterious man named Christian Eastwick. Alec once saved his life, so in turn, Christian made a blood vow to serve Alec at his greatest time of need. But even Alec doesn’t know who or what Christian really is. If he did, he wouldn’t have entrusted the safety of his only living sibling to the man. Christian is one of the last true shapeshifters. Not only can shift into any animal he chooses, but he could also copy the appearance, mannerisms, and personality of any person, too. Most of his kind had been slaughtered over generations because no one could trust them. But Christian knows Daisy is essential and must be kept alive. He will protect her at all costs. Even if he has to bind her to himself and take her away from everything she has ever known.

    Eva Harlowe

  • 12.A night to remember

    Nora Clements who is bored with alot of heart break she has gotten from her ex's has given up on her grandiose ideas on men and marriage.the question is will she ever fall in love again or will she remain a celibacy for the rest of her life. And now she's going to have one night...a night that will change all the thought and reasons to move on.

    Tovia Obaseki

  • 13.The Dragon's Pearl Bride

    I want to change, I want to change the way I am Adrian said. Don't worry, I will help you to get out of its magical trap, I will find the Pearl of Ocean and make your own old self. saying this they hug each other. there were tears of joy in Adrian's eyes. till today, no one has thought about him and his pain, but now he felt that there is someone who cares and thinks for him. his tears converts into form of pearls which is purely new for him to discover. he doesn't know, that he is reviving his ability with Andrea's love and he will attain his full ability when he will take the pearl of ocean.


  • 14.A Walk Towards An Endless Roads..

    It's story of a girl who is mostly found herself struggling in love.. so as they say " you never get to know something until you go for it by yourself" It's story of a boy who wanted to punish himself for hurting many people.. most of them are his closed one.. Let's see their journey and how they are connected to each other..

    Aditi Rai

  • 15.Love is Like A For*bid*den Fruit

    Thomas Strauss is a 30 yr old billionaire running his company Strauss Pharmaceuticals. He is a rude person and would not blink before making anything his in seconds. His work ethics are only to expand his empire and to not give a damn about anything. Elena Lockwood is a 28 yr old down to earth girl and would love to enjoy everything to the fullest, as her life motto is "TO LIVE TODAY LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW". What happens when the worlds of these two collide? Will the lively girl turn the rude billionaire into a lover boy or will fail in doing so? Fate brings them in front of one another, before tying them in a different relationship. Will the feelings change just because there is a hypothetical bond between their families? Will Thomas and Elena become a FOR*BID*DEN FRUIT to one another? Read and follow to know.

    Ana Rach