• 1.The Cursed Hybrid

    "Why are you following me?" Kaylene asked the Vampire that was following her. "Your life is precious to me so I need to make sure that you are safe" Victor told her After her mother and aunt are killed Kaylene is taken to live at the dark moon park, she runs away a day before her ritual vowing she will come back for her vengeance. She starts living as a heartless witch who will do anything to get what she wants! What happens when during her quest she meets the man who killed her family and he saves her life? Will she forgive him? Will she fulfill her promise to her deceased Mother? Join me starting 1st December as we start our daily updates! All rights reserved!


  • 2.Chamber of Magic

    Ellora Stone has found herself in a world of magic, good vs evil and she wants answers. She finds out she isn't the only one with powerful abilities and soon she is thrown into a world that opens up desires she never thought possible. However, will she truly be able to do the right thing? Adam Richards is star-struck when he meets Ellora for the first time. He is the founder of the safe-haven house and he wants her. He will do whatever it takes to win her heart, but will she let him in? Jareth Yates won't admit that Ellora is his other half. Pushing her away yet drawing her closer sends out unnecessary mixed signals. He knows she wants him, he wants her too but he is too busy trying to figure out the mystery around Forest Hill. "Kiss me," I suddenly blurt out. Jareth stared at me as if I was crazy and I immediately regretted saying those two little words. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole. I looked down and was just about to make some lame excuse to get out of the room when he pulled me roughly against his chest. "This is what you want?" he asked me in that sexy hoarse voice of his, I nodded and he leaned in. My heart was beating so fast as I closed my eyes, I was ready to have my very first kiss. "I don't kiss sluts," he whispered and I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe he just said that. Tears welled up in my eyes and I pushed away from him. I didn't want him to see me cry, so I did what I do best, I ran.

    Elon Desa

  • 3.The Forced Wife

    After the death of her father and step mother Gabrielle would do anything for her little brother. But when she meets her step mothers family for the first time and they try and take him away from her, she agrees to marry in exchange for staying with her brother. But after several failed escape attempts she has to decide if staying with her brother is worth the marriage and if she really wants to leave.


  • 4.The arrogant mate of mine

    He's the most feared in the city but no one has ever seen him because you'll be dead the next second you set your eyes on him, that's what people keep saying about him. Adrien is a powerful man in our community, no one knows his and his people's identity but they are known to be dangerous when crossed path with. I didn't used to believe that until one day when we had an encounter with his people and some of his people were murdered by the community during our field trip. He swore to take revenge on all the survivors of the attack and guess what, I'm the only survivor. After hiding in vain, Adrien finally got me and guess what, I'm his long lost mate. Katrina is a weird human girl who always knows how to get in trouble because of her curiosity and she was a victim and only survivor of an attack of the unknown species in their town. As it turns out, she's their leaders mate. Will he finally accept his long lost mate or will he keep his words on taking revenge of his deceased people?


  • 5.The Wolf Heir

    Katherine had been having dreams, strange dreams that tugged at her heart, telling her there was something about them... something important. Every day she woke up feeling confused but never mentioned anything to her parents, she was almost an adult, she had to prepare herself for her future husband since she was living in the early nineteen-hundreds. On her eighteenth birthday, Katherine heads off to start her day like she normally does; chores. But as the day continues, she begins to feel sick and can no longer stand. That same night, she wakes up with an excruciating pain running through her body, she can barely move. Yet, something inside of her tells her she needs to go outside and when she does, she shifts into a werewolf. Confused and distressed, she wants answers to all of her questions. Meanwhile, her best friend turns out to be a werewolf and neither of them knows what that means, so they head out on a quest. Along the way, they find others, male werewolves, and together, they will learn the power of the mate bond as jealousy, possessiveness, and survival follows them on their journey to find a powerful witch; Morgan.

    Katherine Sanchez

  • 6.✔ Cry Little Sister

    Megan Stevens' life was turned upside down when she discovered she was adopted after her parents died in a car accident at a young age, But she handled it pretty well. She moved to America to live with Biological brother and never complained about having to give up everything she loved, But unbeknown to her older brother, Megan is being abused sexually by his friends.. Will she eventually build up the courage to tell him? Or will she let it continue until she can't take it anymore and see's a razorblade and death as her only way out of her nightmare?... Warning, this story contains chapters of Rape and Sexual abuse.

    Vampire Whore

  • 7.Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II)

    Marco Freniere a handsome and wealthy man. He has everything except one. To be able to avenge the woman who hurt him, not physically but his heart has been broken to this day. Mirana Vaughn Welch, the woman who regrets everything that happened. And now begins a new life with her son. But the day will come when everything will change. Will Marco accept a decision of destiny for both of them?


  • 8.The Older Brother

    Dayna is outspoken, with friends who are mostly out there, loud and open bringing attention to themselves anywhere they go. Lincoln is quiet, keeping mostly to himself and dodging anything that has to do with attention or attachment. All that changes the day Dayna gets caught up in deep trouble and the only one that seems to be able to help, is the unwilling and annoyed Lincoln. Suddenly, it's as though Lincoln can't shake the damn girl off. Suddenly she's started to grow on him. All he wanted was to pick up his younger brother from the party. Turns out he got more than he bargained for. Some of which, doesn't come with a return label. WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS VIOLENCE & TRAGEDY


  • 9.Mafia Vengeance (Dark Romance)

    Chloe: I'm not going to stay here anymore. You're no man but a coward! She yelled all this on his face venomously, his eyes darkened more on her statement. The black orbs shining with so much intensity that she felt her legs going weak. In an instant his fingers wrapped around her neck and he was choking her. Her eyes widened, and a gasp left her mouth. She tried to pry his hand off but it was of no use. It became difficult for her to breath. Her face became red. Andrew: Tonight I'll make sure that you'll never be able to leave me. In complete rage he wrapped his fingers around her neck and was choking her ruthlessly. When he saw her struggles stop and she closed her eyes as if waiting for death to come. He threw her on the bed. Andrew: I won't even let death to take you away from me.


  • 10.Rewrite The Stars

    This is not a love story, but a story about love. It's a story about walking the path that our stars have lightened up for us. This is a story about Zoe Coleman; a young girl who decides to leave her old life behind and run away from home, in order to follow her dreams. But what Zoe doesn't know is that, she is about to enter a new crazy world which belongs to a boy, standing along her path. This is the story of how she learns to rewrite her stars.


  • 11.Spy Girl

    Michelle Morgan works at the top-secret SSOST ( Secret Society Of Smart Teens) She and her best friend, Jordan, are called to Miami for, after years of training, their first mission. They are to uncover a teen bomber who has been making friends with the wrong people and bombing several SSOST sites. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem. Michelle used to live in Miami and all her old bullies, haters, and enemies are still there, in the same high school which she is to attend. Will Michelle finally stand up to them? Or will they rip open the half-healed wounds of the past, putting the safety of the mission-and her-in danger?

    Alexandria Jade

  • 12.My Mate That I Don't Want

    I know love. I know what it does to you. I also know where it leads you. I know love only brings destruction. I have been there and suffered through the trauma it brought. I had to deal with the consequences. I may tell you I love you, but it’s all a lie. I will never break the promise I made that fateful day. Words cannot begin to describe how painful it is to lose the single most important person in your life. So I promised myself that no one was going to feel my love again, I enclosed my self from the brutal feeling. Besides the three people I have left, I cannot say I love anyone. ------------ I just started university, hoping for a fresh start. That will be good for me, right? But after my first class, I’m not so sure. That’s when I met him. That’s the day he started going against all my morals. And even though I never let him close, I always find myself making up excuses for his actions. I find myself debating with myself because love and hate turned out to not be that different as I first thought. *on-going* (This story is only edited with Grammarly so please excuse any grammatical mistakes as English isn't my first language.)


  • 13.The Boy Next Door

    The story of a girl named Jade who moved into a new town and the boy named Riley who lived next door. The true definition of opposites attract. Not your typical love story

    Anonymousq3 x

  • 14.Mistakenly Forgotten

    Lucas Santiago is world's biggest money laundering boss. He is suave, self-absorbed and manipulative and loves his life full of guns, fights, designer clothing and women. The thirty-four years old, hot shot, valorous lord of world’s largest money laundering mafia, that knew of only two things in his life. Guns and Women. And also… alcohol and his business. So basically, four things. When his armory deal in New York is raided by the commissioner, he orders his men to kidnap the commissioner's daughter, a day before her wedding. As a confusion, instead of the bride, her cousin, Arya Scott gets abducted. Arya Scott is a beautiful, brown headed, witty girl, who has excellent combat skills. But her only flaw is her memory, as she suffers from Amnesia. Taking advantage of her memory loss, Lucas uses Arya by making her believe that she is his spy against the Gordon family and makes him work for her. He makes her, his human war machine, while leading to adventures where she starts picking back the pieces of her memories. Fighting enemies, mafias, wars and gangs; the fire within Arya clashes with the ice within Lucas's heart. He is no hero but a scheming villain, while she is the hero everyone deserves. How will this no good versus no bad combination blend and ignite the fire between the two? Click follow and read to find out more.

    Amna Riaz

  • 15.Shadow wolves: His dirty witch (Book 2)

    NOTE: ONLY FOR 18+ READERS. LANGUAGE, SEX, AND VIOLENCE* He picked me up and slid his hard, hot huge dick inside me bit by bit. I put my hands on each side of his head grasping the headboard. He leaned in sucking one of my breasts until it was hard with ache for more. I was wet inside and out by now. He was halfway inside me and I was aching for him to fill me over and over. “Please” I begged him and he smiled at me. “Please what beautiful?” he teased. “Please fuck me.” I begged again. “But I am fucking you.” He teased me again. “No you are teasing me.” I tried moving all the way down to have him all the way inside me, but he had a tight grip on my hips moving ever so slowly filling me bit by bit. “Please Leo.” I begged again. “Please what beautiful?” he asked again. “Please fill me with you hard dick” I begged. I was aching, every muscle pulling tighter and tighter. *All the characters, places, ideas or events mentioned in this book are purely fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. The story is in a fantasy universe so the characters are purely fictional but even then it does not support any sort of pedophilia tendencies or human trafficking. Whatever happens in the book takes place with full consent. All the story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. WARNING: No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publishers or the author,

    Ella Meriwether