• 1.SIXTH BLOODLINE: City of Eden

    If misfortune had to take on a human shape, then Mikhael - a half-blood, would be the walking definition of it. Twenty years ago, a major war that resulted in death of the Seventh Pureblood - one of the highest ranking vampire, loses to half of humanity and vampires both, extermination of entire city of New York, creation of Edens - cities populated purely by vampires and W.E.R.P. - group of the best human in the world gathered to control the order seemed like a nightmare for both humanity and vampires. And the only link between those seemingly separate matters is Mikhael, the oldest half-blood known to the world. Or unknown. If Mikhael was good at something, then it's hiding his own identity. To humanity, half-bloods are key to immortality without having to turn into vampires. To vampires, half-bloods are mass-producing factories of superior vampires that could be used for more bloodshed or inner struggles. In such environment, the only thing Mikhael could do is hide and make sure to never, absolutely ever come in contact with a Pureblood! But destiny had its own plans for Mikhael. What started of as a chivalrous deed to save a human, it ended up with Mikhael being arrested by W.E.R.P., sent straight to Eden and provoking the Sixth Pureblood before being forced to live and work with him. But the series of weird circumstances such as damage to the barrier of Eden, rebellion of Noble vampires and untimely visits from the Hunters HQ, slowly turned his new life upside down. Becoming entangled with Ethan - the Sixth Pureblood, Mikhael slowly begins to realize that everything from the Great War to now is merely a chess game between Purebloods to contend for throne, while someone out there has set their eyes on him.

    Ayla D. Viktoreva

  • 2.Wolf Blood

    As a newly bitten werewolf and still discovering that werewolves and vampires exist, Selene Westmore is thrown into a paranormal world she never knew existed. One werewolf wants her as his mate and his brother wants to date her. She’s pulled in two different directions by two men, but neither of them holds the answer to what she truly wants: a cure.

    C. A. Ross

  • 3.Return of the Legendary Lycan

    ***Previously called Mysterious Ways*** Who knew that finding your mate at 15 could lead to such an interesting life? Charlotte, or Char as she is called, has always been a bit different since she was born, but it's not until her Mama passes away on her 15 birthday that she finds out how unique she really is. Her Daddy's side of the family has mental abilities and she is the most powerful of them all. Her grief causes her to send out a mind burst to everyone in her pack at the moment her Mama drew her last breath, which is something only an Alpha can usually do. Her Daddy is the Delta and pack trainer, but there is something about his heritage even he doesn't know yet. Char searches the planet for a calming mind to hide in for the night so she doesn't have to face her pain, only to find herself mind to mind with her Lycan mate, Julius. Will her family secrets tear her away from the one male who should love her above all else? Will her stubbornness and determination to do everything on her own drive Julius to reject her as soon as she turns 16? They say a lot can happen in one year and Char is here to prove them right. Will love conquer all or is she just too young to be his forever.

    Becky S David

  • 4.Mist (Book Three of the Royals Trilogy)

    The end is near. Skylar has now brought her sister home and left the Royale Brothers in custody, but her mission is not over just yet. Learning the truth about Elda has put her and her friends on edge. Elda must be stopped by all means or else it would mean chaos for the world. But they must be discrete and wise before closing in on the camp leader. Elda has her own agenda, she's closer than ever to achieving her goal. All she's missing, is the map that leads to the Temple of Supernatural. Meanwhile, Mark tries to become closer to Skylar, he wants to break her walls and be the one to stand by her side, no matter what but Skylar is hesitant to give her heart. At least now, she has the freedom to choose her own path, her own destiny and she may now be able to follow her heart in these Dark times.

    Katherine Sanchez

  • 5.My Fucking Boss

    You try to avoid him and not to fall in love with him however, your heart and body can not resist him, can not resist the fact that he is a extraordinary man. It's not just that he's very handsome but it's also the way he stares at you, the way he touches you with his hot and comfortable touch. All that makes your body tremble, feel weak and want more of him.


  • 6.Kidnapped

    When you're kidnapped, maybe you think you'll find your true destiny in another world (not me), or maybe you'll be kidnapped by One Direction, or something like that (still not me) or maybe you'll be kidnapped by a super-hot guy (yes, but he hates me). Do you expect to get beaten? To be treated like a slave? To be sold like a slave? Maybe, maybe not. But there's always one thought we kidnapped have in common: ESCAPE.


  • 7.Dr.Knight and Virgin Mary

    I'm sorry, Doctor, I just didn't know because well I haven't...you know; He said and his eyebrows pulled together. Well surely you've masturbated; He said and my eyes widened at his upfront nature. Who says that? I guess it must be a doctor thing, he must be desensitized to these things. I said exasperatedly as I sat up straight and fumbled with the ends of my gown. So you've never climaxed before? He asked and I got the impression he was also a curious cat as well. I whispered. Do you want to? He asked.


  • 8.The wife

    Innocence kills. A billionaire resolves to marry a simple woman to pacify his mother but he sure makes a hell of a mistake when he marries the daughter of a man he destroyed. He learn a little too early that Karma doesn't go on holidays.


  • 9.The Rogue's Daughter

    Avery Soren is an unshifted rogue living in a world where strong packs are the law. She’s been on the run all her life with her best friend Marco and his father Old John. Things change when handsome and deadly Alpha Bane Cohen -son of the all powerful Titus Cohen and infamous Alpha’s daughter Gabrielle Bancroft- starts attending her school. Avery does what she can to avoid him but it’s proven difficult when his bright silver eyes catch hers. ((Sequel to The Alphas Daughter but you don't necessarily need to read that to understand this one))


  • 10.The Prince and Me

    As a young 19 year old in college, Rhett Parr had no intensions of pursuing any sort of relationship with any one. That is, until she wakes up in the bed of the most notorious bachelor in England, Prince William Alexander II. Not only is she shocked but her own actions, but thought the next few months, she's shocked by his. After the drunken one-night-stand, Rhett believes the prince would leave her be until he shows up at her apartment asking for more... Who was she to turn down the request of royalty?


  • 11.CHIEDZA

    Found at the border of the North-End Kingdom, Chiedza leaves a simple day to day life as a farming/trading daughter in the north-end kingdom but however, she is different than any other normal girl. But one fateful day changes her life when is she going back home. Chiedza gets tangled in a web of desires, secrets, and lies.

    Kuda Sibanda

  • 12.The Richling's Trip-Married To Mr. Rich Jerk 2

    "You don't feel anything. Do you?" She seethed pausing a bit as she suddenly came closer, looking at him; her eyes taunting him for a reason. "You know it's not true." Finally, he chose to reply turning another way; not able to match her accusing, piercing gaze, "I don't want to hurt you." Yet, he managed to whisper heaving out a silent sigh. "Of course," her response came out as derision, leaving him cheerless. Keeping the glass of alcohol away, she got up to leave. It brought different things while she was with him, "Oh come on, Mr. Parker, I'm not that naïve actually as I seem to be," she let out a satirical chuckle stepping away as he manages only a deep set of frowns as his response. "Never mind. My mistake though. I wouldn't repeat it." She muttered completely giving up; gulping the last sip of her drink. As she places the empty bottle away, she directly walks away, leaving him alarmed. "I do not tend to repeat it," she deliberately repeated her last sentence in contempt; staring back at him and struggling to fight back her tears of anger mixed with hurt; while he just managed to look at her with what appeared like hope and love. RYDEN PARKER, The name says it all about his power. He absolutely got everything. However, something made his heart weak and build these big and wide walls around his heart. SARAH REEVES, Optimistic yet clumsy. But life's quite hard on her. Doesn't believe in fairy tales and fantasies. Her life changes when she meets the great, Ryden Parker, mysterious but an easy chap. Is it a beginning of a Perfect Romance or is it going to be a fire ice relationship?

    Diksha (Taani)

  • 13.After That One Night Stand

    Dynasty "Karma" Jones is a courageous woman who goes after bad guys and kills them. Dynasty isn't like the average female. She doesn't want love nor has she ever been in love. Dynasty doesn't care about anything, except for her job and her half-sister, Desirae. Well, that begins to change once she is sent on a mission to Chicago to kill the most dangerous drug lord who has ever existed, Chance Combs but better known as Murda. ** MATURE CONTENT - Vulgar Language, Explicit Scenes **


  • 14.Shadow Wolves: Her addiction

    She had never been intimate with anyone. The only experience she had was her research off the internet that she used for her novels. Internet sex was scary. He was her shadow, her protector. The fact that she was still a virgin and his mate was what made her so special to him. Would he be able to touch her, kiss her, hold her, love her, or would he for ever stay in the shadows, watching her, wishing? Their lives would be turned upside down after a misunderstanding and she decides to return to city life and explore her sexuality for the first time. No holds barred and no turning back.

    Ella Meriwether

  • 15.Pretty Little Street Racer

    The Drop. The most dangerous place in all of Maine. It Just so happens to be the hot spot for street racers as well. Alexandria Delacruz is the best racer that has ever been to the Drop. She holds the title of Queen. She took royalty, as the racers call it, from her psycho ex boyfriend; Carlos Ortega. The biggest crook in the Northeast. Every cop would love to get their hands on him. When Alex finds out that she is carrying his baby, the only thing that she can do to be able to keep it is pull off the biggest heist she's ever done. A 60 million dollar heist to be exact.

    Dayton Messick