• 1.The Unholy Trinity

    Triplet witches Joey, Zoey, and Chloey are set to start their final year of school at the prestigious Stromine Academy. The daughters of a well known Dark Vampiric Warlock and the Chancellor’s right hand woman, they think they know all about good and evil. They’re hoping for a smooth and fun year, but the girls quickly learn they’re in way over their heads. Though they are incredibly different, their bond is strong and nothing ever comes between their sisterhood. Accustomed to their powers and feelings being linked, they’re caught off guard by an uncontrollable powerful blue energy that protects them, yet endangers everyone around them. The girls know they need each other now more than ever, but when each girl falls in love they find themselves being pulled in different directions. Even worse, with a battle on the horizon for the fate of the Witching Domain they may find themselves on opposite sides of the inevitable war.

    Shelly Marie

  • 2.The Enchanted Luna

    Unknowingly Callie's wolf was being suppressed by her foster parents. At 13 Callie's parents died in a horrible accident on their way home from a date night causing Callie to live with the ruthless Alpha. When she turned 18 she was going to leave but couldn't escape the grasp of her unforgiving Alpha and his Luna and their soon-to-be Alpha son who enjoys torturing her and trying to use her to produce an heir. On the night of the Alpha ceremony, Callie decides to flee but when she crosses the pack's border she passes out and is taken. The next time she wakes she is tied up and surrounded by darkness. *Warning* This story contains abusive situations and possible trigger warnings



    Karen was In a sweet relationship with her darling husband, Jake, when she found out about her pregnancy, just at that time, she notices the sudden change in Jake. Their marriage clashed into unsorted pieces when Karen caught Jake with another woman in his office and it results to the ending of every relationship between the two. 4 years later, Karen is leading a life with her daughter and 3 year old son, just when she thought their life could go easily, circumstances brought Jake back into her life. And he'll do anything to have her back. Anything!


  • 4.The Rebel

    "Lower your eyes mate" He said with a hint of warning in his tone. She didn't flinch under his cold fingers coiled around her neck, instead with a smirk on her bruised lips,she looks back at him. Daring to defy him. "Submit!" He growled at her this time, frustrated with her ability to infuriate him to the extent of forcing him to hurt her. "Many have tried mate" The word mate leaving her lips sounded more of a mockery, making his grip on her neck to tighten slightly. "I am not others Vera. I am your mate. Your superior. Submit this instant!" She again smiled, managing to roll her eyes at him. "You can try . But remember,you will never succeed in it." He could end her with just a little more pressure on her neck, having the fate as many others who have dared to defy him,but something in those eyes was stopping him. He wanted to extinguish that fire in them, to see them rolling over as he thrusted inside her, to see them begining him to continue as he denied her. He wanted her to submit.Badly. Completely to him in all respects. Body and soul both. To let him be her protector,her punisher, her dominant,her lover her mate. Her everything. But little did he knew that his mate was not an ordinary Luna who happily submits to her mate's whims and needs. She was who they all popularly call as "The rebel" The mysterious protector of good and savior of women. The man who gives justice to the inequality created by men. If only they knew he was a women instead. .................................................... "The day I submit to a man will be the last day of my life mate. Vera Red was born as a rebel, will live as a rebel and will also die as a Rebel. With or without a cause"


  • 5.The Cursed Castle

    The castle was cursed thousands of years ago by a mother who sacrificed her son for her people. She was the queen of the Vampires and was married to the vampire king but she had relations with the king of the demons, the devil. She got pregnant with the devil's child and bore a beast, a Vampire-Demon. Half Vampire, half demon. he was uncontrollable and just had to be locked up least he wiped out their race. she locked herself in the castle with her son and cursed the castle - whatever came into it would never go out except the beast was killed, which was nearly impossible as no one could ever touch the beast.


  • 6.The Curse of Mystic Valley

    Kinsley, has no idea that her life is about to change she just married her high school sweetheart and took a job half way across country, when he husband decides that he will not be going with her , her and her best friend and his girlfriend join her on her new adventure, when she gets there she finds out that her life has been a life and that everyone in her family has been hiding the truth from her, The truth is that her and her twin Brother are the descendants of the Queen of Witches and the Last Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, She alone is the only one that can save her bloodline and break the curse on her family.

    Star Diamond D

  • 7.Bound for Revenge

    Star never thought that she would be alive for her High School Graduation, not until she did something that gave her the freedom, she was missing. Throughout the years since she gained her freedom, she has helped people that were in the same situation as she gains their own freedom as well, she takes listens, follows, and avenges the ones that are unable to do it themselves, she has found strength in knowing that she is able to help those ones hurt sleep better at night. But when someone close to her fails in love with one of the victims’ things become harder, they have to figure out how to save them both

    Star Diamond D

  • 8.Amara: The Forbidden Child

    Growing up in Mistbrite didn’t come easy for Amara, a young girl who lost her mother during childbirth and her father abandon her shortly after, she was raised by her aunt who didn’t want her around and treated her like she was a burden and a grandmother who shamed her because she knew that she was Nephilim and blamed her for the death of her beloved daughter. When they lost her mother they lost the power, the money and support of the title that her mother held leaving to have to leave in poor condition. Things started to look up when she was giving a full scholarship to the Pristine Academy for the Enchanted. Amara has possessed very powerful magically abilities since she was baby. She grew up with practicing her Witch Magic, but she doesn’t that she is one of the rarest beings alive she is the Only Living Nephilim in the world. When she starts noticing changes in her Magic right before her 21st birthday, Will she be able to survive her ultimate transformation

    Star Diamond D

  • 9.Rebirth Of The Heroine

    Stary writing Academy III Girl power: Rebirth of the Heroine. Les, who was killed by a man who wants the position of a queen for his daughter, was reborn as a new lady who later discovered that she is a white dragon whose mission is to end the life of the world fiend, Arthur. Arthur is a dragon slayer/pendragon and also a black dragon who killed the six legendary dragons all because of the aim of becoming the world leader who will rule over humans and all other creatures. Mia, also named Les, got empowered by the dragon crystals of all six legendary dragons. "Your mission as a reborn dragon is to get rid of Arthur fiend, the killer of all dragons. Avenge the deaths of all other dragons that had been killed and save the world from being perished by him." Seer Ellen said. "Me??" Les asked. "Yes you." Seer Ellen said. "Why me? I don't kill and I dislike dragons." Les refused. "You can't escape it, Les. You already have the markings on your feet." Seer Ellen said. ---------- This is a system book to those who love system books and this book plans to update daily... Invite your friends to read so we could have a lot of views and followers. Together, we will get this book to a 250+ chapter. Please, don't just view the book, add it to your library, follow and comment. Goals: December 2021-chapter 60✓ January 2022-Chapter 110 February 2022-Chaptet 160 March 2022-Chapter 210 April 2022-Chapter 260 May 2022-Until then... Thank you, love from CSManga.( ˘ ³˘)♥


  • 10.Invisible Mate ( Mate Series Book 1)

    Adele Green was a werewolf in the Silverlake pack born to an Alpha family. She trained with her father and brother from a young age and became the pack head warrior at the age of 18. She was a very skilled warrior and also very intelligent with good leadership qualities. When she was 20, she found out that she had not 1 but 2 mates Chris Black and Liam Taylor who were the Alpha and Beta of the most powerful pack in the world, Blackwood pack. Adele was very ecstatic as she was told mate bond is the most sacred bond which needs to be cherished but her mates did not share the same idea. Chris and Liam were best friends from childhood and their friendship turned to love by the time they were 15. When they were 18, they became the Alpha and Beta of Blackwood pack. Both hated woman and even the concept of mates. According to them women are good only for one thing , to bare pups and take care of them. **** This book can be read as Standalone ****

    V S Rain

  • 11.The Winter Clock

    A merry Christmas eve turned out to be miserable and vindictive when Reina's best friend went missing and was declared dead. Being able to see people's death time at night and as a secret intelligence agent, she took the mission of finding her best friend's missing body, and the serial murderer who, mysteriously, cuts and leaves his victim's pinky finger. With the help of Reina's childhood best friend who can often see the future through dreams, and her colleague who has prosopagnosia - known as face blindness, will she be able to achieve the retribution and justice she yearns for? Or will she be caught by the trap the serial killer prepared?

    Khrystine D

  • 12.Billionaire's Psycho Wife

    Fall For A Billionaire- Billionaire Romantic Suspense October 7th, 2012, Morning 10.00 Am, I thought it would be a normal day as usual in my mental asylum. My name is Jayakumar, I'm a psychiatrist with five years of experience. "Doctor !", that day I heard a wild roar of a girl standing in the centre of our asylum. I saw the by-product of this cruel world. She wore a night suit that was torn in several places revealing the scars all over her body. She was stinking as hell. Her hands and legs were tied together with an iron chain. But the thing that terrified me was the broken piece of glass in her hand. It was soaked in blood. Those pair of eyes were rose red and widened in shock. " Doctor ! Doctor ! Where is Doctor ! ", she pointed glass in front of my chest. " Easy ! Easy kid ! I'm the doctor of this asylum. See ! " I pointed my index towards the stethoscope around my neck and said " This stethoscope is mine ". The bloodshot eyes gazed at me and my stethoscope and finally calmed down. She dropped the piece of glass. " Hey Valey ! Pass the anesthesia syringe ", I whispered to my nurse who stood blood frozen behind me. " Doctor ! ". " Yes ? What do you want kid ?" " Doctor ! Everyone around me says that I-I am a psycho, witch and no one play with me. Cure me doctor ! please cure me ", she joined her hands together and dropped onto her knees. What had made a little 14 years old girl into this, that day I asked myself. I approached her and wiped the drops out of her eyes. The pain behind those bloodshot eyes were clearly visible. " What's your name kid ? " " Janagi. My mother call me Jaanu. Will you cure me ? " I buried her face over my chest. I was surprised to feel my own tears running down my cheeks. Nine years had passed. From my experience, I have learnt that the real psychopath is the filthy corrupted society that poisoned these seeds. 90% of the people inside the asylum are the purest creations of god. Jaanu is one of them. Seven years have passed like nothing. Today the CEO of Wuiz Corp.inc came to my asylum all alone and demanded for the custody of Jaanu. I wonder why that cold blooded monster is chasing her.


  • 13.The Vampire Covenant

    The Clemonte family lives with skeletons hidden in their cupboards. When Ophelia Clemonte is saved from a near-death experience by a mysterious man, she throws all rules and caution of the family into the air and resolves to get to know Seth. However, digging into the past is like digging a grave, and soon, Ophelia realizes that not only has she been lied to her whole life, but a sinister entity also lurks in the shadows, counting down the days of the Clemonte family. It's a race against time, as she tries to find a way to break the curse, not realizing the monster is closer than she thinks. - Seth stood for a moment with a slight smile. In the dim light, he looked like a beautiful mirage; the kind of unearthly beautiful creatures you could only see in dreams and Ophelia wondered if this was a dream. If perhaps she was still lying on the bathroom floor and hadn't found the courage to leave. Or maybe she was still asleep on the first day they had moved into the mansion, and Seth Bonavich was not a real person, but a figment of her imagination.

    Black Fairy

  • 14.Discovering the Secrets of a Murderer

    Right from the start, there is something about her. Mayhap it is her stiff posture, the composed movements, and the air she gives off that intimidates everyone she meets. Or it may be the stoic expression she plasters on her face. Better yet the cold eyes that stare with intent naught but to scare someone. There is no certainty. For the woman is Amelia Vernice. The woman who was locked up for years and has only been welcomed to the Society. This is her story and her journey towards the ugly truth in the world of reality. ~•~ Doctor Alexander Fersen was hired to determine the mental illness of the most controversial and celebrated murderer in the whole country of Genrovia—Amelia Vernice. As they both go back to the past and unravel the mystery her life possesses, Alexander was torn in feeling sympathy, hatred, or something deeper he cannot deem name nor acknowledge. But one thing is for certain, he has to know everything, he has to know what she hides, her secrets, and lies. Because if he has not been wise, he would not think Amelia may have been tricking him to fall into a trap.

    Lov Obog

  • 15.The Wolf Within

    Alandra, seventeen years old, is planning the start of her life. She's planning for college, being on her own, and hopefully, finding love. But when she meets Jonathan, suddenly her world is tipped upside down, and something awakens inside of her. Can she trust this mysterious man? Can this all really be happening? But, most importantly, can Alandra live the life she has always wanted?

    Kandii Omeria

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