• 1.Beyond The Night (MxM)

    *COMPLETED* Alex blushed hearing himself moan just like a woman. He tried to put his hands on his mouth to stop himself. But each time Vincent touched him, Alex trembled uncontrollably. Feeling his erection harden, there was no strength left in his body. Alex didn’t want to be pushed down by another man! But he felt so good that he couldn’t push Vincent away. His thights trembled and opened wider on their own accord... Then, he woke up. Alex had been having these types of dreams ever since his boss, the CEO of LIBERATED - Vincent Raycarlton had confessed his feelings to him. Is their relationship going to florish or falter with the given circamstances?

    Takano Masamune

  • 2.My Best Mate

    For Nichole Amberts, Kyle Heith Irvine - the beta's son and her childhood friend was the first man she hopelessly fell for. Her affection for him is that of an open book and made no effort to hide it. She desperately prayed that he would one day reciprocate her feelings before they would meet each other's mates. Will she be given a chance or will their predetermined fates catch up before then?

    The Aceann

  • 3.The Alpha's Wanted Queen

    Sequel to The Alpha's Burning Flower. Need to read the first book to fully understand everything in this one! Annabella and Elijah King survived through pain and separation to get where they are now. But, even being together and in the strongest positions of power they can be, a major threat still looms over their head: war. A select group of vampires who disagree with Bella's rule have decided to gather an army to fight back. But fourteen years after her family is threatened, no one has made a move. Bella leads the vampire clan with ease and comfort as Queen while helping Eli to care for their pack as Alpha and Luna. Training at the clan and the pack continues at an increased pace in preparation for the impending war, no matter how long they have to wait. With their growing family, no amount of safety is too much. But what will happen when war finally hits? What will Bella and Eli do when their pups are threatened? Will the sacrifice of war be too much for them to handle?


  • 4.Secret of the Crescent Moons (Book 2 of His Unexpected Mate)

    They defeated their enemy. They were able to unite their packs. Now it is time to fulfill their promises to each other. To live a happy life together and to build their own family. Dylan and Cailean thought that achieving these goals will be easy. But they were so wrong. They have no idea what's waiting for them. More heartaches, more betrayals, and more lies! And nothing can stop this, not unless they will learn about the SECRET OF THE CRESCENT MOONS. ONGOING! SECRET OF THE CRESCENT MOONS (Book 2 of HIS UNEXPECTED MATE) A SEQUEL


  • 5.His Possession or His Princess

    Everything in life can change in a moment. This is a hard lesson the Calliope (Cal) has to learn during her senior year of high school. From her long time boyfriend, Alexander breaking up with her to finding out her dad has kept a huge secret from her- Cal is struggling to stay afloat. Titus Hale has had a hard life. His father, the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack died when he was young during a rouge attack. His mom didn’t know how to train him to be an Alpha so she sent him and his two best friends the future Beta and Gamma of the pack off to be trained by different packs around the globe. He’s finally 18 and is ready to take over his pack the only issue is he still hasn’t found his mate. He enrolls into his local high school in hopes of finding her. His wolf is stir crazy and can sense her presence but he’s been unable to find her scent and it’s driving him crazy. On top of that Alexander Stone is the upcoming Alpha of the Starry Shadows pack and he constantly is trying to make an alliance with Titus but only if Titus will mate with Alexander’s sister, Haley. The ultimatum is making Titus crazy. All he wants is peace and his mate but right now he’s not sure if he’ll be able to get either. Will Cal be able to move forward from her breakup? Will she be able to handle all the obstacles life is throwing at her? Will Titus ever find his Luna? Will he be able to keep peace between Crescent Moon and Starry Shadows?

    Brooklyn Hemphill

  • 6.Her Soul Bonded Mate

    Nefertiti Hill's life was changed forever the day she found her parents in bed murdered. The police ruled it death by wild animal, but what kind of wild animal can sneak into a three story house, leave a claw mark on a person chest while the rest of the body remained in tact before disappearing without a trace. Months later, Neffi is in college still searching for clues about her parents' murder that she is convinced was not done by any wild animal she knew. Along the way she runs into Liam, the most popular boy from her previous school and secret crush who now attends the same college as her. As they grow closer they realize that Liam is more than what he seems and the secret he is unaware of is connected to the murder of her parents and the reason behind it.


  • 7.Deceived By Her Billionaire

    My name is Cynthia (Thea) .... I am on the verge of taking my life today. Why, you would ask ... because death is my salvation .... because I don’t want to give him more chances to trample on me ..... hurt me ..... destroy me. Liam, the man I loved ardently, with my entire being threw that love in my face ..... trampled upon it mercilessly - filling me with hatred and vengeance. Today I’m alive but not living for he has closed all means of my survival .... not letting me run or escape. I pray that I don’t survive today because if I do, then that will be the end of him ….. his power ….. his vast empire …. Once her heart was full of love and passion for Liam but now she is full of intense and all consuming hatred. Will she succeed in getting her revenge? With her life bereft of hope, trust and love ... will she be able to find her happy ever after?


  • 8.The Bad Boy's Attraction

    Senior year... A year to do anything and everything forbidden in a high schooler's life, but Natalie couldn't care less. Her to do list for her high school's senior year only includes getting the best grades for her prefered college admission. It's the only way she and her father would get the life she wants for them after her father's business goes under. Even though that puts her in the nerd category that would never ever be admitted in the elite's circle at Blackwood high, it doesn't bother her much because it's her preferred camouflage that keeps her from ever being in the spotlight that she hates so much. But when Blackwood high's most coveted bad boy crashes his lips on hers in front of everyone there is nothing she can do to hide away from both the spotlight and the boy who steals her first kiss... Brendan is the king of Blackwood high. And every maiden in his kingdom is his for the taking but of course he has a preferred taste and his own rules for all his relationships. Every girl that has been with him knows he won't kiss them no matter how beautiful they are but when his desire to get back at his overbearing father makes him break his own golden rule, he ends up kissing the one girl that doesn't fit his taste in any way and to his surprise, she leaves him wanting more. They both have a different expectation of how their senior year should turn out but what happens when that one kiss changes both their expectations in a way they could have never imagined.



    Lisa and Adrian meet while in campus through Lesley, Lisa's friend, their relationship is something everyone wishes to have ,their love has a lot of ups and downs just like any normal relationship but they both make grave mistakes that they wish they would turn back the clock and change everything but it's already to late for that,what is done is already done and there's nothing they can do about rather than live in regrets over their own mistakes. Are they going to forgive themselves after hurting each other's feelings?

    laizah ruth

  • 10.Her Abused Italian Mate

    Hugo was born different and for this reason he was rejected and ridiculed by the pack. For 16 years of his life he has lived in Abuse and Torment until finally on his 20th Birthday a voice speaks to him telling him to run away. Raima is a rich and spoiled Alpha's daughter and also the daddy's girl. She has a high social status and loves money but also cares about her family. What happens when the two meet by chance. Will she accept Hugo with all his flaws and broken past or will she reject him. And Hugo will he ever let go of his past and start a new life or will it haunt him forever. We both stood there looking at each other as the rain poured on us The voice in my head was begging me to close the distance between us and mark her as mine but I couldn't. She was beautiful and rich I was a nobody with scars and a past that haunts me in my sleep. She will never accept me... I was about to turn around and leave when- Will the two ever get together and mend their broken relationship.?

    Mila Gros

  • 11.The Bad Boy's Muse

    Jasper Rohan Arya a 16-year-old rebellious teenager who was bent on winning the award as the worst bad-boy the world will ever produce in retaliation to the pressure mounted on him by his Dad insisted he must be a doctor. However, Rohan finds himself in a public school in New York where for the first time, he is free to pursue his passion and lives a mysterious, quiet life that made the ladies asking for more. Not until he met Grace, a hopeless romantic who thought the world was like the novels she reads. Armed with trying to protect her and being mysterious at the same time; Rohan is awakened with a rude shock when he discovers a hidden ability that only he possesses and Grace was the gateway to these abilities... *** “Rohan…” I called out shakily “what are you doing?”. “what does it seem like?” his brown eyes pierced into mine with a smirk. He enjoyed the way he affected me. “You’re my muse Grace, whenever I paint, thoughts of you naked, lying beside me causes perfection in every stroke of my brush. I am obsessed with you”. “I-is it a good thing?” I stuttered. His breath was on my neck. “It depends on your definition of good but what does it matter, you belong to me” I inhaled the rich scents of her hair, trying so much not to run my hands through it. “I sound like a piece of property” she chuckled nervously. “Maybe you are” I smirked, arranging the clothes around her beautiful form, this drawing must be perfect. “Now, remember I need you to remember as quiet as you can be and hold this pose, this has to be perfect; you’re perfect”. As I settled behind the easel, I knew I wanted her to be more than my muse.

    Dorcas Joseph

  • 12.Her Powerful Witch Mate

    In the world of witches it is a well known fact that males exist. But they are mostly reclusive, not easily found. They have to go through trials, tribulations and self realisation to become witches. An all powerful Alpha, Waru, from one of the oldest wolf clans of Australia, decides to destroy all the witches. Some solitary witches go into hiding, nurturing a prophecy. The most powerful witch of their time would save them. Kirra, is the heiress of the Waru’s wolf clan. What happens when she finds an extraordinary mate who is shouldering the weight of a prophecy that would save his kind? Can she erase the past animosity and convince her mate to honour their bond? The most powerful witch grew up in a reclusive family. Destined by a prophecy to save their kind from persecution. What happens after meeting Kirra? Will their love mean the end of all witches or will their love be the end of werewolves or will they decide to remain enemies and be the end of each other? In this struggle of animosity, power, deceptions and conspiracies who will survive? Credits for the book cover: Wolf image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Man with the wolf tattoo image by Sabel Blanco from Pexels

    Kat Kyle

  • 13.Innocent love of a bad boy

    "Get off me, you jerk", Gwen screamed on Tyler and pushed him hard to get off from his grip. He didn't move an inch and gripped her hard. She yelped in pain and tears started building up in her eyes. she lowered her head and blinked her eyes to back off the tears. She didn't want to give him any kind of satisfaction. He leaned on her and there was no space between them. He put his finger under her chin and lift her face a little up to his level. "Next time... when you mess with me, keep this in my mind love.... who is the boss here?" he brushed his lips to her cheeks and she shivered a little due to this sudden contact. Tyle held her a little more hard again. There was a weird sensation in his bodies now. He never feels this kind of feeling before but now. He was looking straight onto her face as her eyes were shut and then his gaze went to her rosy plump lips that were a little parted and very tempting right now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Gwen Rosemary and Tyler Williams in their journey of the last year of high school. Gwen was no one in the school and Tyler was the famous hottest bad boy of the school. This is their story of fate how they get close to each other and stay together while facing every hurdle together.

    neelu singh

  • 14.The Billionaire High School Bully

    My name is Sophia. I'm a 17-year old scholarship student at Highlands Highschool. All rich kids come here to study business, home-caretaking, arts, and many more. I got here by an accident and I considered myself lucky. Until I met him. The richest bully I've ever met. He was taller than an average guy, his eyes were full of intense emotions, and his smile was to kill for. Yet his words and behavior didn't match his image at all. The handsome guy turned into a devil, who enjoys my suffering together with his lot. I want to finish my studies and fall in love as a normal high-school girl!


  • 15.Sold to the Billionaire Alpha

    I awoke in a cage, not a cell, a literal cage fashioned for some over-grown bird. The cage was in a dimly lit cellar. All around me were other girls in other cages. Most of them were sleeping or just unconscious, probably chloroformed just like I had been. I called to a red-haired, freckled girl near to me. She was one of the few who were awake. “Hey! Do you know where we are?” I asked, trying not to dissolve into tears. “In the holding bay,” she said in a tone that was much more knowledgable than I had expected. “Do you know why we’re here?” I said, gripping the bars of my cage. “For the auction,” the girl said matter-of-factly. “I’m Orchid,” I said, hoping introducing myself would make her more willing to talk. She seemed to know a lot. “Rose,” she said. “We’re both flowers,” I said softly, finding common ground. She smiled sadly. “We’ve been plucked,” she joked, reaching for humour in the darkest of times. I instantly liked her. I smiled. “Hopefully we don’t wilt,” I said. I took a deep breath. “Who would buy us?” I asked, afraid of the answer. She looked at me strangely. She came closer. I noticed she had a thick silver collar or choker of some sort that seemed to be irritating the skin on her neck. Her eyes widened. She gasped. “You’re human,” she whispered, looking at my bare neck. Sold to the Billionaire Alpha by Joanna J Orchid is overworked and burnt out. She's a young doctor paying off student loans and her parents' debt. When her abusive boyfriend and her thankless job both replace her, she feels totally lost. She has mere seconds to feel this way though because mere moments later, she is abducted for the auction and sold to the highest bidder, the billionaire alpha who ordered her in the first place.

    Joanna J