• 1.The Model Project

    L.J is not your typical girly girl, who gets dressed to impress. She fixes cars, skateboards, and hangs with a bunch of guys all the time. Half of the female population in Miami Lakes hates her because she has the three hottest guys as her best friends. L.J never cared about looking hot or cute, and never in her entire life worried about getting a boyfriend, until a new transfer student came to town and she absolutely wanted to have him as her own. Cam, Aaron and Shane helped her to become the best version of her she could be. Three guys who have had too many girlfriends to count would, of course, know what guys want in a girl. They trained her, groomed her, and stripped away the tomboy that she once was. Her best friends soon realized that changing her was not what they should have done. Drama builds between them, as humor keeps them close. What will happen when two of her best friends start competing with each other for her? Read more in The model Project.

    Dawn Taylor

  • 2.A Game of Love

    It all started with a 'spin the bottle' game. A kiss that might change everything even your sexuality. Will you take the risk and fall in love or will you agree to play this so called 'a game of love'?


  • 3.I am the Moon Spirit

    Danielle is the epitome of a real survivor. After she was found by a small family of hunters, abandoned in the woods in the middle of a harsh winter when she was just three years old she was given a new home and raised as one of them. But after her adoptive family was murdered by a rogue alpha, Danielle made a promise upon their graves to avenge their deaths and to prevent such terrible things from ever happening again. Now she had a new purpose. And living as a shadow Danielle has been putting down any supernatural who threaten the peace in what she calls ‘her land’; ‘her home’. She has become a legend; THE legend. And everything was going just fine until she crossed paths with one of the most powerful warrior packs in service for the alpha king - a figure very few have met and lived to tell. When she unknowingly saved the future alpha of the warrior pack she accidentally made herself known. They saw her when no one was supposed to even know she existed, much less that she was just a human.

    Ayfe Cat. Lewis

  • 4.His Little Fighter

    I slip on my dark hoodie, pulling it down enough that it's shielding my eyes away from everyone along with my identity. Staring into the crowd, I instantly recognise Indigo sitting at the front cheering me on and I smile to myself knowing that he's the only person that gives me motivation. I give him a quick nod and put my mouth guard on before walking inside the ring taking my place in front of my opponent. Based on every opponent I had, I can already tell that this one will be hard to beat. His 8 rock hard abs protrude proudly instantly showing of his v- line with his loose white shorts barely covering it. His tan skin glistens with sweat indicating his success with his previous opponents so far and as my eyes travel up to his face, nothing was there but a shadow. A shadow formed from his own hat. A baseball cap to be precise. As cringy as it sounds, the front of the cap did well to hide his features. Mysterious as this man already is, what makes him more mysterious is the one word he uttered under his breath: "Mate." ~~~ In the real world, I am known as Amy Gonzales. The girl who was left without her parents and the girl who was left feeling so down in life that she truly believed that there was no such thing as going up. In the boxing ring, I am known as The Shadow. My moves are faster than however long it takes for you to fall. My accuracy is more accurate than a mans aim at a urinal and my confidence is debatably larger than the devils horns.


  • 5.Killing Me Softly

    Juliet Moreno is an ordinary girl trying to survive high school. At least she thinks she's ordinary until she meets Grayson Mitchell. Grayson has a secret and Juliet will go to any length to discover his secret. As Juliet uncovers Grayson's secret, she discovers herself and what she is, connecting her to both worlds between humans and werewolves. Juliet learns that she may be more important than she thinks.


  • 6.Dominated

    Elena took a deep breath and tried to prevent her legs from trembling as she met his brown eyes with her emerald ones. "Get your hands off me, I am in a happy relationship." She snapped, ripping his hand off her back. "I know angel, that what makes this game so much more interesting." Elena watched in anger and frustration as his lips raised into a cruel smile. "And its going to make devouring you so much fun." A story of denial, dominance, and pain.


  • 7.Zach's Light (completed)

    Rated: MATURE, MxM...... Zach, the alpha's son, hates me. And I hate him because he hates me. So, we hate each other. But. . . Who would have thought that the goddess of the moon also hated us too that Zach and I ended up as mates. Great, right? *** (Second book of the werewolf series) 1. The Ideal Mate 2. Zach's Light 3. Hear Me Say 4. It's Complicated

    Dan McGivney

  • 8.His To Own

    Naomi was a regular girl until the night, she woke up in the back of a van with other girls. They find out that they are being sold to male vampires, who are able to use them to their freewill. Naomi ends up going to one of the auctioner's nephew, Kain, who is anything, but playful. He's a badboy, a billionaire and he gets turned on by BDSM. Naomi, who is pure from the start, begins to see what it's like to be slave. What happens when she begins to fall for him? Will she accept his torturous ways? Or will she need to find another male to treat her better than Kain?

    Shantae Red

  • 9.Cruel love ( the story of unconditional love and betray )

    he thrust into me again and again, so mercilessly so brutally, he doesn't care about my tears, my pain, my sobbings, my every begging, crying and pleading went into his deaf eyes, I hate him, I hate him so much from the bottom my heart. his every thrust is turning me into pieces. he is kneading my blossoms so mercilessly and so painfully. he used me like his slut, his bed sex slave, his personal whore, his pleasure toy and I let him. he is biting me, sucking me, licking me and pounding inside me deep so, so deeply. I screamed, I screamed so loud to stop him but it's of no use. I belong to him and only him. he has all the rights on me, I can't deny him, I can't say no to him. I lost everything, my family, my dignity, my hopes and life. Sometimes he treated me like his princess, he took care of my all needs, he never beat me, but he hurt me so deeply, he is an animal, so cruel but I'll not call him heartless. His heart beats for someone who loves him so much

    neha Kanade

  • 10.The Hot Mom

    Neilson Luna is considered as one of the most eligible bachelor, being a billionaire and heir of Adison Automobiles Ltd and Luna Corporates Ltd. The Lancers are also rich billionaires who want to marry their only daughter Tracy Lancer to Neilson Luna. During a dinner invitation Neilson discovers a beauty in the household of Lancer’s and feels attracted to her. Neilson keeps visiting Lancers hoping to see the girl. He discovers that she is Juliana and falls in love with her. But to his total surprise he finds out that the girl is a mother to a child. She was hot but a HOT MOM! On one hand he wanted to pursue the intimate relation, on the other hand he could not forget that she is a mother of a child, after all he can’t be with someone who is already married. Yet there was a way out, a dangerous plan made by his best friend Damien. What will he do? ------ Neilson’s POV She is hot ! A HOT MOM ! “She was now all wet. Her white dress was completely soaked and showed her curves even more prominently. Her breasts were wet and became transparent. She had lovely round and inviting breasts.” Juliana’s POV “He slowly sucked in my lower lips and soon his tongue entered my mouth, tasting every inch of it. His right hand cupped my soft and round breast and left hand travelled down right to my wetness. My heart was racing, my body was melting in his, but I know this is not right! He is perfect for me ! But I can’t, how can I be his first when am already a MOM !” They both came across each other by fate and fell for each other. But their reality was different….


  • 11.The Bride of the Zodiac King

    The Sun Kingdom ,the highest Kingdom in the Zodiac World,believes that if a child is to be conceived between a Solas and a Lunas, that could bring peace between the Kingdoms.But for that to happen they will have to find the chosen one who has a close bloodline with Venus,the Queen of the Taureans. But if ever she is to be found ,the King had other plans for her , revenge , for the death of his great grand father who died of a broken heart because of his love for a Taurean woman who are considered to be the most beautiful female species of the Kingdom. The chosen one is found on a planet called Earth, she was kidnapped and brought to the kingdom to suffer the fate of her ancestors. For Ella Russels she has no idea that a blind date could turn into a nightmare,turning her whole world upside down.Turning into the bride of a ruthless King overnight in a world so different from hers, Ella has to fight against hatred and even love . A world where mortal enemies will fight for power ,could love be the miracle the Kingdoms awaits for eternal peace? Could opposite attract or it will be a recipe for disaster?


  • 12.Blatant (Book 2 to Shameless)

    Blatant: Not ashamed or embarrassed, done openly and unashamedly. contains content not everyone is comfortable with! Sequel to Shameless(18+) Will not be writing the story description to avoid giving off spoilers. *READ THE WHOLE OF BOOK ONE, SHAMELESS, BEFORE READING THIS, OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE A LOT OF CONFUSION*


  • 13.Dragon's Blood

    “And who said you could leave,” His gruff voice sent a delicious chill up my spine. My breath came in short huffs as he leaned in closer to me using his forearm to pin me and keep the door shut. “Little mate.” He was beautiful in a soft way that I wasn’t familiar with. His cheekbones were high, his jaw angular, his nose straight and unbroken his skin was pale. Silver hair, still damp from the snow, curled around his brow and I itched to run my hands through it. My gaze flickered to his dark hungry eyes and an emotion flashed through them before he growled a low guttural sound coming from the back of his throat. “Well?” I flinched. Coming out of whatever trance I was in I suddenly remembered why I’d been so ready to get as far away from the man in front of me. A fire flourished in my chest and filled my veins. Glaring at him through my long lashes I shoved at his chest harshly, hating his Lycan genes when he didn’t even move an inch. Still, I shoved him again. He rolled his eyes at my effort to get him to budge and, if anything, just moved closer. “I’m leaving,” I growled at him. “Get out of my way.” “No.”


  • 14.Being His Fake Girlfriend

    He got up, “it’s really simply, be my fake girlfriend for the rest of the semester.” “What’s in it for me?” I asked. “Well Brittany, I’ll make sure no one bullies you and your friend”, he said. “No one would ever believe we are dating”, I pointed out. “Well we’ll just have to prove it muffin”, he winked. “No falling in love, right?” I asked. “That’s our number one rule”, he answered. “Okay, one semester fake dating you? I’m in, but after all this is done I’ll be the one breaking up with you”, I stated. ************* Brittany Rogers was your typical high school junior year girl, good grades, quiet and has one real friend. The only problem was, she and her friend got bully by the school's typically queen bee, she carry mean to another level. Zachary Grant, totally eye candy and was the school's golden boy, also the queen bee's ex. He can't stand the way his ex was treating other people especially Brittany and her friend so he offered her help. What happens when the school's most popular guy asks the least popular girl to fake date him? Trouble that's for sure. Not only do they have to convince the entire school, but Zachary's ex who doesn't look convince. Will they succeed this also impossible mission? Read to find out.


  • 15.The Alpha's Prisoner

    Parents killed by The Blue Moon Mafia, Nena is taken prisoner by the members of the gang to be of good use to the Alpha where she experiences unknown pleasure for the first time in her life. Knowing that they killed her parents, she can't help, but to fall in love after spending so many nights with the pack and the leader alone....

    Shantae Red