• 1.In Love With My Rival

    Life has led Zephyr Hernandez to promise himself two things: seek justice for his loving parents and never get involved with women. He's stuck to his guns and weapons until now, when Ava Lauren O'Kelly, an independent CEO, begs him to kill her instead. As a dangerously mysterious person, he has been longing for justice... But what about the chances of love in the company of a beautiful woman whom he's wanted since the moment he laid eyes on her? Zephyr knows there’s no contest when it comes to one of his vows: he is a bodyguard and he will protect her with all his might. But can he stick to his promise—and keep Ava Lauren at arm's length?

    Ashira Scarlet

  • 2.Vengeance Of The Mafia Leader

    [Update Schedule:- Daily] (Caution :- Contains 21+ mature content and violence) Amy have everything that a girl wants, in her life a loving family, a loving fiancé, Money, Power and everything, that she desires.She was like an innocent girl who believed in everyone. It was her wedding day ,but how did this happy occasion turn out to be the last day of her life . Kris was the man who was the love of her life but he was the same person, who f****d himself on her in front of his friends. He said to his friends, " If you want you can also enjoy her. One by one or all at once, I don't care. " She blurted out "If there is something like second chance , I pray that you will be die, 100 times worse than me ,Kris." Same day same time on other place . Kate was the leader, of the Mafia, who only knows how to kill and how to get the things she wants. She have thousands of enemies, but she didn't care one bit. She don't trust people easily.she was cold as ice.She was on her balcony with her red wine ,but someone pushed her of the balcony, she didn't saw that person face, but she made an oath to herself, that if she will get another chance ,she will kill that person with her bare hand.When she woke up ,she found herself in the body of some fragile looking girl.


  • 3.The Brave Mate of The Unknown

    Dawn has known her whole life that she was born with a prophecy but was never told what it was. Her story starts from the day of birth as a dragon shifter/ elf hybrid princess to the day she fulfills her prophecy. Through the different stages of her life she's crossed paths again and again with a boy of an unknown new species. Does her destiny have anything to with him? Could he be her mate? This story captures Dawn in her childhood, teen years and as a young adult. Follow her story as she experiences friendship, family, adventure, doubt and love. "My first couple of memories are the most precious of mine, almost as precious as the day I met my mate. I remember a few things before the age of six, dragons were known to have good memories so a few of them even go all the way back to the ages of two and three. To completely understand my story these first couple of memories are something you need to know, at one point I was shy, small, always scared, easily startled. Maybe I grew out of that and maybe I didn’t but I still love that little girl. " "I couldn't help want to meet him again, who was he? I'm not supposed to leave the castle gates, especially not at night. If I shift and fly maybe no one would know because of all this fog. I shifted into my dragon form and flew over the gates, I heard the guards yelling but I didn't care. All I wanted in this moment was to know him" Book 3 in "The Mate of a" Series but can be read without reading book 1 or 2 because it's a separate story that doesn't rely on the others.

    Jasmine Kennedy

  • 4.The Lost Princess

    Eyes like gems peered from the balcony out into the driveway of the Moore Manor. It seemed the entire town had petitioned to attend the masquerade ball and by the minute hordes of people could be seen entering. For the first time in years the curtains were drawn and light shone out from within the Manor. What soul could resist the temptation of setting foot in the once desolate structure, revived merely by the efforts of a few. “Are the preparations complete?” She asked without turning, she didn’t need to turn to know he was there. He was always there. “Yes, madam.” From her perch the masked girl watched as her extended family entered an air of arrogance about all of them. A delightful smirk slipped onto her lips, “Let's go.” ---- Moore Manor had once been known as the haunted house of Crestview, but now it's doors and blood will stain its walls once again.


  • 5.A Love To Die For

    When tragedy hits Nina's family, she finds herself in a world unknown to herself. Feeling alone and hurt by her friends and family, Nina leaves the only home she has ever known to find a new beginning. As Nina struggles to get on her feet in the city of New Orleans, she begins to question her decision to run away. However, when she gets a job and makes a friend, Nina begins to feel more at home. Bumping into a stranger ends up changing the trajectory of Nina's life. Troy is a mystery to Nina, someone that she just can't seem to forget. After falling for Troy, Nina learns that there's a lot more to this world than she ever imagined. Nina will be f****d to choose between her head, her heart and fate as she navigates life as an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world.

    Toni Elliot

  • 6.Always HIS

    When a relationship webbed with strings of lust, attachment, love and possessiveness is put to its final test, it has all come down to one question: will they fight through the odds, or will they lose it all? [ Zach Davis is an infamous CEO by work, and a rockstar by passion. Anna Collins was his personal assistant. After two years of a platonic relationship, when a one night stand changes equations between them, they soon come to realise it wasn't just lust. There was more. However, there was a lot of difference between only wanting to be together and having to fight the world and circumstances for it. As their relationship is exposed to the public eye and the two get caught up in a scandal, they begin questioning every thing. Was their relationship doomed to failure? Or is their love stronger than what they thought of it to be? ] It gets deeper. It gets bolder. It gets better. Sequel to my first book, 'HIS'.


  • 7.The Dragon's Daughter

    They met as children. He knew she was his mate, but he didn't want her. Her father killed his mother, but still he protected her. Now, 15 years later, destiny decided they should meet again. As she grew up, Kendy always wondered why Aakesh didn't like he. Why did he always avoid her when she came near? It hurt as she grew up, and it still stung. Now, meeting him again as a grown woman, it's her turn to avoid him. But what if fate has other plans? Will her demeanor change when she hears why he's back? And, what will her father say?! The first sequel to "The Dragon's Ready Mate Family" is where Kendy and Aakesh finally have to deal with being mates! Second sequel to follow will be called: Mated to the dragon's dad.


  • 8.In Thrall with a Vamp

    AAs children, for one wonderful summer, they were best friends. Family threw them apart. In years of darkness, it was the one light they had both held on too. Now 13 years later, they meet again. He's five years younger than her, but he has been hiding a forbidden secret for a lot longer than her lifespan. Meeting again after all this time, is it coincidence or is it fate? And how will they cross over the bridge of family that had had torn them apart? A love story about children growing up to be lovers and then, once more having to cross over so much to finally be together. Fighting battles and fighting for a love they both know is more than just the normal. Let's see where they go together! Hope you will enjoy it as much as me. ********************************************************************************************************* In such stark contrast to his earlier blinding fast movement, his finger traced slowly from her hair line, over her cheek bone and down to her jaw. Amy’s eyes drifted shut at the soft touch and Ethan took in the dark eye lashes against her pearly colored skin. Swallowing hard, he could barely force his words above a whisper. “I don’t want to hurt you.” Her eyes flickered open, taking in face, smiling softly, trusting, making him swallow once more at the trust in them when he haven’t told her anything. “You won’t Ethan, I know you won’t. You could never hurt me.”


  • 9.Breaking The Cycle

    After a rough childhood and the start to a rough adult life, Sarah is looking for a way out of the unending cycle of a***e she is stuck in. She wants out of her messed up life and to provide better for her 2 small children, but where is a person like her to go? No one will ever want her with all her baggage and starting her entire life over seems impossible. Sarah fears starting over, but after running into an old friend who helps her get back on her feet and feel whole again, she begins to see a light at the end of this dark tunnel she has been wandering down. Will she finally end the cycle of a***e in her life and her kids? Will she find the happiness she truly deserves? Or will she forever fall at the feet of her abusers and hide from the world? Follow Sarah as she flashes back to her nightmare of a childhood and how it brought her to the monster she calls a husband and how he brings her to deaths door after things are finally going good for her. She will battle for life, death, and happiness, but which will win out on this roller coaster she calls life?



    Aidan Ruiz. A wolf shifter, and a future alpha. Also, a typical teenager with a normal life doing everyday things. He studies, trains, and meets with his friends. However, his ordinary life suddenly changed. Aidan begun doing unusual things. He started to behave in ways that aren't known to him. Most importantly, he developed an overwhelming feeling that he cannot name. All because of the sudden appearance of a guy named, Rain Bowen Alvez.


  • 11.The olympians forbidden young love

    An olympic horse rider moves into a quiet village where a horse crazy college girl begins to work on his yard. although they are drawn to each other the age gap is a barrier... notto mention his Dad's a billionairewhere as her parents are very working class... none of their friends or family will ever accept a relationship... but they just can't seem to keep apart.


  • 12.The billionaires proposal

    Kate is what you would call an independent lady. Due to joblessness she is f****d to take up a proposal she didn’t ask for. Having no choice but to work for her crush since high school, read how their love story materialize

    shantella perpetual

  • 13.An Ember's Touch

    (21 and over, certain Explicit Chapters) When Kassandra Folks gets pulled into her brother's mess, she didn't expect to be spending time with Loan Shark Sebastian Klause. Nor did she expect losing her virginity to him. She soon learns her brother is running deeper than he's leading on, messing with a massively underground organization that is known as the System. As stubborn as strategic, Sebastian can't help but be intoxicated by this woman. But as she presses to get closer to him, Sebastian builds walls to keep her out of his world and away from the System. Before they know it, they're bending their ways find and darker secrets about each other. But can they survive as the world around them is turning into ashes.

    M. Harris

  • 14.A Dangerous Romance

    “You don’t mean that you’re drunk” He can be so callous and mean when he drinks, just for him to not remember what was said in the morning. “You think you’re better than me but you’re not. Little Miss. Goody Goody, fucking virgin.” He says sitting on my couch. I should just put him out and make him go home, but unlike him, I refuse to let him make me something I’m not. “f**k you! You think because you have a lot of money that gives you the right to be a d**k to everyone around you, but it doesn’t. Honestly, I like you better when you’re sober and not using your money to buy your fans or friends” I say with tears streaming down my face, I leave him on the couch and go to my room. I pace the floor trying to get it together and stop crying, why do I feel like this. I knew all along I wasn’t meant for him yet here I am wishing it weren’t true. Someone knocks on the door and I pray it’s Julia. There he stands in my doorway eyes dark and heavy, He pulls me into him and he kisses me. I melt into him and lose myself as I’ve done many times before but this time we’re in my bedroom and he’s locking the door behind himself.



    STAND ALONE BOOK FROM GRAVITY SERIES Sana Olsen was saved by a boy when she was young. He wasn't a normal boy; he's unique in a way that could only be fate, but after hearing that he's back to their hometown, she soon realizes that he had changed. Albie had been gone from his hometown in Finland for a crime the werewolves thought he did. He did do it, but all of it was to save his mate. A decade later and his pack rules haven't changed. humans and werewolves don't mix He doesn't care about that rule, but what he cares about is the trouble that came with him and to keep his mate safe.