• 1.Alpha's Secretive Young Mate

    Katya had just turned fifteen when her Mate Alpha Nico Martino found her. Nico was twenty-three, he refused to leave her. He talked her father into letting her move to New Orleans with him. No one told her why she had to live with him. When she arrived at his pack Nico would not allow her off the third floor. He had a gate installed to keep her in and others room out. He loved the fact that she was beautiful, sweet and innocent. He wanted to keep her way. When Katya became old enough and they mated. A few months later he cheats on her. He was not prepared for the change that happened. Everyone wanted Katya even the King. He doesn't know why and his Mate denies that she knows. When rogues attacks he sees his young Mate is a fighter a survival. But who is she? He wonders. Why will she not tell him.

    Deborah C

  • 2.My Unexpected King

    My eyes wander around until finally her eyes and my eyes met, I've lost in her gaze. Her warm blue eyes, it is captivating. She is gorgeous. For a while, I felt the World stop and forget about our situation until she yelled at me. “Pull me up” I’m startled but pull her up anyways, it’s like my body has a mind of its own, it moves naturally. I don’t know where I get that strength to be able to pull her up; almost half of her body lifts. I almost got her, but there’s a loud sound that ring in my ears causes me to let my grip loose on her arms. I shut my eyes as I cover my ears and I groan “Arrghhh” then in quick seconds, I do not hear it anymore. I heard someone yelling “Aaaah.” I snap immediately; I look around the woman is falling. But still, I knew she even in my reach, without thinking I dive. I envelop her whole body in my arms. I manage to flip and change our position while falling in the air, from a thirty-floor high building. I held her as I close my eyes. I know we were going to fall. I don’t know if it means that death knocks at my door. “No, I don’t want her to die” that suddenly comes in my mind. “I open my eyes to feel the air passing through my skin, “What the heck I ‘am thinking?” I scolded myself. I’m willing to die for I don’t want this woman to die. Note: Please follow me and add my story to your library also you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

    January Garneth

  • 3.Teaching love

    "Oh God.. holy shit". She is panting slightly and I know I am doing the same. I am staring at her, half in shock. "You.. you kissed me back". She looks almost scared. "What ? No, no you kissed me". "You did Paige. You kissed me back. Do you...?" I don't get a change to finish my question because she cuts me of. "I don't know what you are talking about". She is backing away, but I step forward, crowding her against the locker. "Paige, you do know what I am talking about. You kissed me back. Do.. do you have feelings for me ?" We are at Blue River High School were three male teachers with their own set of problems try to navigate through students, parents and other teachers to find the love they all seek and long for. How will their year go ? Will they find love ? Will they get what they dream of ? Or will it all end badly when secret after secret tumbles out of the closet ?

    Lost in love


    "Perhaps , I'm just really unlucky in love, I'm cursed when it comes to that what people call a beautiful and passionate feeling, love.The people I love always leave me just like my parents did and now....him. I know,I was there.I saw the great void and emptiness in his soul, maybe at that moment he too saw mine.I always wanted someone to love me,I wanted him to love me,I thought it was him. I thought he was mine ,then he's taken away,I wish I never had him,so that it wouldn't hurt as much as it does right now." Rina had waited all her life for something and it killed her when it found her.All in the name of love, the traces of love.

    Ikelly 001

  • 5.Mob Mistress

    **** You met them in Mob Princess and now you can follow Stefano and Lily on their own journey to find true love ** Lily I have always had the worst luck with men and that didn’t change when I met Stefano. Dark and dangerous, he’s my best friends husbands right-hand man and I suspect a killer. But the heart wants what it wants and I can’t deny that I want him. There’s only one problem… He’s already married and I won’t become his mistress no matter how much I want him. Ok there’s more than one problem. He is the only person my friend trusts to keep me safe as she takes over the New York under world which means I’m stuck trying not to give in to him until its safe to go home. He has so many secrets, secrets that will rock my world and bring new dangers into my life. I’m just a nursing student from England, I’m not ready to be a Mob Mistress. Stefano Lily… She had already been through so much but I just can’t stay away from her. She’s like a drug to me and if that means lying to keep her close then so be it. She deserves a cookie cutter life with a man who will worship her and not a made man who has so much blood on his hands it’s a miracle they aren’t stained red. She may just run screaming when I finally get her into bed… Not that I will ever let her go. I am not man enough to do that. One way or another she will belong to me. ***This is book 2 of The New York Underground series but can be read as a standalone***

    Emma Mountford

  • 6.Stuck with the Prince

    “We can’t be together people will never accept me as your wife! ” Ximena told Alexander as tears rolled out of her eyes Nothing in this world feels beautiful than being with the love of your life. But what happens when you realize that sometimes love is not enough to make you stay? Or that sometimes it's best to move on.


  • 7.Sinful Indulgence

    "This is all wrong Vincent," my breath was labored, head angled back to give more access to his mouth. "You think I don't know that?"He whispered against my neck. "Then why don't you stop?" He snapped his head up, the lust in his eyes mirroring the one in me. "Tell me to stop then because unless you say it, you know I can't bring myself to stop," He leaned towards my lips.

    Lyn Monreal

  • 8.My Lonely Demon

    DAILY UPDATED 'What I won’t give to just be an average girl. Average means being comfortable around people Average means not to be noticed by someone Average means boring.' Rosalie thought to herself Roselie has a soul that attracts trouble. Her blessing has been a curse, so when she came to a new town, she expected her life to be a little less adventurous then it had been her entire life. She expected to be an average girl, but no one gets what they wish for especially when your first love has been a beautiful, hot, jaw-dropping Demon. Augustine has escaped Hell on one condition and he would go to any end to keep his end of the bargain with the devil himself. Or so had he thought before a certain girl enters his life and makes his life hell itself. But there is something about that girl which makes him insane and he doesn’t know what he is losing yet.


  • 9.Billionairs Heart

    Elise Rose a student at one of the finest colleges, East Wood College. Living with her best friend of 8 years, Sophia Diamond. They always shared secrets, no matter how dark they were. Kai Knox, most famous billionaire in the world arranges a meet and greet with fans in New York City. When Elise and Sophia decided to go to one of Kai's meet and greets, what happens when Kai has the need to get closer to Elise? Daily Updates

    Charlotte Stockdale

  • 10.A Hundred Days to Our Wedding

    With just a hundred days left to their wedding, nobody thought any thing could go wrong. Lana Williams always wanted the perfect wedding. She forever wanted her future husband to be committed to her in a bondage she tagged as marriage. Who thought 100 days couldn't change an entire wedding plan? Follow this emotional rollercoaster with unpredictable, erratic plot twists.

    Faith Odulesi

  • 11.The Girl that has an Alpha for a Mate

    Amanda Light, I am a normal girl but the thing is I don't live in a normal town and I don't go to a normal high school either I go to a highschool of werewolves because you guessed it I 'm human also I get bullied by the Stone Rock Fab 4 they call me humi plus they are gorgeous, and they told everyone at the school do not talk to me that also including my cousins Arica, Xavier plus Xavier is one of the Fab 4 he is best friends with the demon himself Sage Stone, The Future Alpha of the Stone Rock Pack. So now its been a week since school started. I am heading to the Library but just as I was walking down the hallway. I heard a growl then when I look up I saw the most blueish grey eyes I have ever seen it was Sage Stone and next minute I felt being lifted up in the air and on to his shoulder he then shoved me in the Janitors closet I feel heavy breathing on my neck .."humi I mean girl" he says but then I wasn't focusing on him I was focusing on the locked door I was scared of him now then he says "you better not be talking to other guys " then he slammed me in the wall and says something in my ear stop wearing slutty clothes and showing your bits no one wants to see that and look at the filth" then I look down at myself then thought I just wore jeans also a T-shirt but then I look up at Sage he had his hands on my hips growling and he is clenching his fingers it was hurting then I said get off Sage now.

    Amanda S

  • 12.The Angel of Death Is My Savior

    Echo. A normal girl with a difficult past. Azrael. The ancient angel of death. Lucifer. The angel of hell. These are all what you'd describe these people as at a glance, but you'd be very wrong. Nothing is ever as it seems. Echo is not good. Lucifer is not bad. Azrael is not deadly. What are they to eachother? Mates. Two angels and a human who has extraordinary and untouched power. When the time comes, Echo will have to choose her mate, and who will help her powers grow, despite the threat looming over her.


  • 13.Games of Pleasure: The Billionaire's Game

    Adriana is a beautiful dancer in Miami's well-known gentlemen club. Her life was going no where until she met Ric, a wealthy businessman that believe appearances matter. Their paths crosses when he saves her from a near death experience twice. When Ric decides he wants the beautiful dancer for his pleasure, he tricks Adriana into a contract as his Mistress. Little did she know that's not the only thing he tricked her on. Temptation, desire, trust and betrayal lies ahead in this game of pleasure. Can Adriana win this game or will her heart interfere?

    Pretty Portia

  • 14. Female Alpha and Her Two Alpha Mates

    Greenlee is a Vampire Lycan Hybrid and Future Queen Of the Vampire Di'Mera Coven. Mates. Her Mates are Alpha of Silver Crescent and Raging River. Packs She has many emeies that are trying to discredit her pack. Stalkers that wants Greenlee for themselves and to kill her Mates to have her. . Her Mates are Alphas of Silver Crescent and Raging River. Packs

    Deborah C

  • 15.Owning The Yakuza (Yakuza book 1)

    Akito Kondo is the leader of the Yakuza crime syndicate. In the 43 years of life he has seen everything and killed more people than Satan himself. He has never taken a wife only because no woman can live up to his sexual appetite and accept his crime life. He loves a good chase and playing the game but it never goes past a one night stand. He gave up on finding the one woman who would rule by his side a long time ago. Blood thirst became him, protecting his son, his Yakuza and family was all he lived for. That is until... Sloane Vans, 21 year old engineer collage student. She is smart, sassy, feisty and speaks what is on her mind. The Yakuza is about to find out that waiting was the best and smartest thing he ever did. When Sloane wants something she makes it very clear in her own way. This half American half French woman is about to show one man how good life can be even if he is a blood thirsty killer. Will she own the Yakuza's heart? Only one man has the answer to that. (This is book 1 of the series and all translation comes from Google. If there are any mistakes please understand I do not speak Japanese)