• 1.Mr Billionaire's young love

    "you.....!!!", Jennifer blurted. "yes me, your Ex-boyfiend", said in agitated voice. "oh... yeah!,who you betrayed for money" added with irritation. . . . . one who once loved each other more than their life turned to be sworn enemies. who cannot take each others presence. whether there is a chance for love to once again knock there door which they closed long back or there will be even more secrets. to know, need to read the story .

    sakura knight

  • 2.Passionate Love Affair

    “Am sorry Camilla! We both know we were not supposed to fall in love! I have a fiancé and she’s a good woman who deserves the best” Nick said to Camilla “Am sorry! I know it was just a secret affair but I fell hard! I fell in love with you! Even when I knew that you were with someone else, I fell for you. I will walk out of your life and I wish you the very best” Camilla said to Nick as tears rolled from her eyes Nick looked at where she was going! He never wanted all this to happen! It was supposed to be a way of them just fulfilling their sexual desires!!


  • 3.The Life I Chose

    A woman who was born from a nobody! That is me! I was raised by foster parents but after I fell pregnant, I had to find out who i was. I was adopted! My father threw me out of his house and I had to go back to the man who took advantage of me not Knowing he was a demon. I had to go through his abuse emotionally, Physically and Sexually! But I had to ran away for my safefty. But here I am now! I am the CEO of Strauss group


  • 4.The Cursed Hybrid

    "Why are you following me?" Kaylene asked the Vampire that was following her. "Your life is precious to me so I need to make sure that you are safe" Victor told her After her mother and aunt are killed Kaylene is taken to live at the dark moon park, she runs away a day before her ritual vowing she will come back for her vengeance. She starts living as a heartless witch who will do anything to get what she wants! What happens when during her quest she meets the man who killed her family and he saves her life? Will she forgive him? Will she fulfill her promise to her deceased Mother? Join me starting 1st December as we start our daily updates! All rights reserved!


  • 5.Destined to the Alpha Prince

    Her name is Lyra Summer, the new girl in Poris Town which she doesn't know that all people that surround her were werewolves. The persons she wanted to see ever since she was young. The place that other human included into this town because they knew the truth, and her family who have been friend to the royal family who had different bloods from all wolves. Lyra didn't expect that she will be mated into the Alpha Prince as she steps her feet into their land.



    He wanted her. He needed her. He will have her. She was his to love ....his to touch ... his to fu*k... She was naive , untouched with the brutality of the real world. Protected under her father's shelter which was built only for her away from reality of inhumane thought of people who only wanted to steal her away... He was bought up to be ruthless and grew up to be heartless ... he knew what he was and accepted that ... inflicting pain bought him pleasure and he loved to play.. She was not meant for his world and he was only looking for a toy... He didn't realise when his want for her turned into obsession... he wanted her all the time , in his arms and on his bed ... and he will never let her go...


  • 7.My Lonely Duke

    ON-GOING Troy, the son of God of thunder and Lightening has been banished from heaven. He is living as a Demi-God on Earth in secret. He is still arrogant and considers human below him. Until the day he meets a girl who would turn his world around. The mere human girl who would be the answer to his sudden banishment and the only way he could go back to heaven. He just doesn’t know how. Hazel has learned to take care of herself after being abandoned by her parents, and moving to a new town to earn money for herself and her Grandma. Nothing ever goes right for her be her job or her love life, but this time things have been crazy for her when she decides to come back to her home and cross paths with not just one stranger but two. Both of them being devilish handsome and equally arrogant.


  • 8.Blood and Victory Academy

    A school for vampire hunters. Ash Miller is a notorious girl who got kicked out of high school. Little did she know that destiny is already waiting at the front step of her door. Simon Hale is willing to help her through her training in becoming a vampire hunter whilst Tyrone Eastaughffe is ready to make her life a living hell. Juggling being a vampire hunter and falling in love is one of the things that made everything so difficult. What will become of Ash Miller who has her heart torn between two opposite predators?

    Fumise Love

  • 9.Naughty But Nice! (Christmas Romance)

    When Santa becomes deathly Ill, His son, Nicky, Has to return to the North Pole and start his training. His birthright has always been to eventually take over when his father passes away and become the new ''Santa Claus'', But he doesn't want that. He's NEVER wanted that! When Nicky comes home, He does everything he can show his parents and everyone else that he doesn't want to be Santa, but then Nicky meets Mistletoe, The Elf's daughter. She is just the distraction he needs. As the month's pass and with Christmas drawing closer, Nicky decides to reject everything and everyone and run away with Mistletoe, effectively ruining Christmas forever. There's only one choice... Mistletoe must be the one to save Christmas by giving up her whole entire life and leave the Northpole... forever.

    Vampire Whore

  • 10.The Heart of A Pendragon

    Lily never had a real family. All she remembers are the countless foster homes she's been in. Closing in on her eighteenth birthday, she is approached by a woman who claims to know who her father is. A woman who can do things that she's only read in books. Her life is flipped upside as the stories of her childhood reveal themselves to be true. These strangers claim she is the daughter of none other than King Arthur himself and the Evil Queen of Camelot. One of the girls can summon fire with a wave of her hand. Another can turn into a knight with a click of her pen. The boy she's had a crush on since she was twelve vows to protect her with his life. Whether what they are saying is true or not, there are people who want her dead as well as people who want to ensure her survival. All she wanted was her freedom from the system, not to rule a world she thought only existed in a legend. She has to make a choice. The answer lies in her heart. The question is, will she choose the path of Light as her father before her or will she bring the kingdom to its knees in the path of Darkness like her mother?

    Lily Pierce

  • 11.Stained By Sin

    Elara's life took a turn for worse when the Ivory clan staged a coup and killed both her family and most of her clan -- the Crow clan. From the powerful princess of the entire vampire race, she became a hunted vampire overnight. Armed with her anger and her need for revenge, she rebuilt her clan and vowed to do whatever it takes to kill the vampires that planned the rebellion. But when she became the prisoner of the very man she swore to kill, Elara's resolve began to waver. How could her clan's killer be this kind and gentle? As their history begins to unfold, will Elara be able to get her revenge? Or will she end up falling in love with the very man she swore to kill?


  • 12.The Alpha Calls Me Cupcake

    Caught up in a totally different world Madison has a lot of obstacles to face before she can find her right place on earth, with a heartbreaking truth to face and two dangerously handsome beasts ready to sweep her off her feet this snarky, sarcastic and unbearably funny lady is about to have the time of her life. But who was she to fear what the future held, as long as she had cupcakes in her grasp everything else would fall into place. Or so she thought.


  • 13.Two Princesses, One Throne

    Sorceress. Only one out of thousands is born as a SORCERESS. People call it "gift" if they go on the right path of magic but curse if they go to the dark side of magic. Many centuries ago, a twin of sorceress was born; not one out of thousands but two out of thousands. Growing up they were inseparable until they reach the age of 300 years old where they met a man who would change their fates. The man was the son of the King but that’s not the problem. The man was mated to one and the other loved him before the fated mates met each other. Jealousy and betrayal lead the other twin to destroy her sister’s life thus she seduced the prince and ended up carrying his daughter at the same time the fated mate is carrying his daughter as well. The conflict between the twins led to a huge war; a war where they both lost their lives but that’s not the end of the story because right before they died, they gave birth to their child. Both born as a princess and both born as a sorceress but only one is the rightful heir to the throne and the rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Magic.

    Cristine S.

  • 14.Addicted To His Maid

    Helena Roberts was poor girl who leaved with her dad. Her dad was a farm and was unable to pay his debut. For the Smithson family so Helena decided she will work as a maid at the Smithson's house.  The house rules were very strict and must obedient especially the rule about the young master space and boundary. Helena was ordered to serve dinner for the family that's when Mark and her made an eye contact. That same night she met Mark smoking in the kitchen and had an akward moment. The head mistress saw them together and gave her an advice about Mark but Helena was never accepted it.  After several days Mark's parents were having an argument about sending him to the army. Mark was tired of there argument so he decided to take a walk around the lake. As he arrived there he saw Helena sitting on a rock near by the lake. Mark went close to her and started a conversation. They both enjoyed each others company. When they both arrived at the house Mark asked her out on a date and her answer was yes after all he was her boss. Their first date was at the lake which they fall in love. At the end of the night Mark gave her his first kiss so did she.


  • 15.Fall In Love With A Feline

    Kevin has always been an aloof, hardworking programmer who goes home to his cat. All he does is work and home and taking care of his weird, beloved feline who seems to be conversing with him with every meows. Lonely during his birthday which nobody remembered, he went home to his cat as always, slightly intoxicated. Moved by his loneliness, he lighted the candle of the chocolate cake he bought for himself, he wishes for his cat to be a person so he could have someone to really talk to. Unbeknownst to Kevin, the feline named Abey also understands every word he says and feel his emotions. She wishes the same, to become a person so that she could comfort him. But then, their wishes came true.