• 1.Shameless (18+)

    "You know daddy,if only you'd allow me, you and i could have a lot of fun together." When an overly flirtatious, dirty-mouthed and sexy as hell Bianca, sets her shameless eyes on the forbidden fruit : Her father, a twisted game of seduction is bound to begin. "What are you doing?" Michael asked, his eyes shifting to the hand sneaking underneath his jeans. "i don't know daddy," Bianca whispered in his ear,her fingers pulling at the waistband of his briefs,"what do you think i'm doing?" "Babygirl stop, we,re in a cab for fucksake!" "Don't worry,daddy," Bianca leaned down to his crotch,"this won't take long." A smug smirk arose on her face as her eyes met those of the driver in the rear-view mirror. "Bon appetit." update Schedule: Seven chapters very week, until the story is complete.


  • 2.The Prince's Secret

    Have you ever been in-love? How does loving someone supposed to feel? Isn’t love supposed to make a couple happy? In a time where peace and co-existence of humans and vampires is already established, why a love between these races is still difficult, if not, impossible? Cloud is a teacher in La Anjou Famille Academy, a private school where teenagers from the human and vampire race co-exist. As a teacher, he appears to be strict but is still very charismatic. He is cunning, or maybe manipulative? He is popular with the females but he prefers to mingle with the students. What is he up to? Is there any reason for this preference? Henri is a pure-blood noble vampire and one of Cloud’s students. He seems to have some special privilege based on how Cloud is treating him. Like a young master, he usually acts just the way he wants. He sometimes show some bratty attitude but he can remain calm and take control of any situation…usually through his intimidating aura. Despite being a part of the few noble vampires in the country, he doesn’t appear in any media coverage. No information is available about him that makes him more mysterious. Sayaka is a student who is reserved and elegant, a young lady from a renowned family in the country. She has been a student of Cloud and a classmate of Henri since middle school. She seems to have a knowledge of the relationship of the two and she’s one of the few humans who is close to both. Sayaka is undeniably special in the alluring eyes of the two vampires. She is constantly being watched, guarded and tempted. How would Sayaka respond to the affection from these adored vampires?


  • 3.Alpha Prince Charming

    ❝Hello my piccolo Companga.❞ He murmured into my ear while biting my earlobe and then kissing my beet red cheek. ❝I-I'm sorry what? I can't be. I'm only human.❞ I gasped when I felt his arms wrap tightly and firmly around my petite waist. Nineteen year old Ana Bennett moved into a werewolf infected town, unaware with the fact that it's ruled by a powerful Alpha King, let alone it being a town full of wolves. But her family has been invited by the Alpha King himself to an annual masquerade ball that is always held by the royal werewolf family. Twenty Five year old Greyson Black is the Alpha King's son. And he's been craving for his mate ever since he was eighteen years old. He wants a mate to become his Luna Queen and rule the werewolf kingdom with him. But him being mate less has made him cruel. He kills any rogue on sight. He doesn't care if it's a male, female, or a pup. When they cross him they die. But what happens when the Charming Alpha Prince happens to be her mate? The same mate that this masquerade was held for? Will Ana witness her true destiny? And can she handle the fate that she has with this stunning prince?


  • 4.Cupid's Arrow

    Everything starts with a small fight. They slowly became friends and they fell in love with each other but never confess to each other. Unfortunately due to some misunderstanding, they broke apart that's when after a few years they both met once again. They both force into marriage life and become husband and wife. They both are destiny to be together. Will they give love a second chance ? will they able to fell in love once again with each other?

    hariteravati baskaran

  • 5.Ruining Rune

    Sam couldn't concentrate to save his life, or dissertation. He stared across the library at Rune, the woman who'd been turning his world upside down for months now, without so much as an introduction. He watched as she searched the shelves. Her slight, but strong frame moved with grace, and the way her fingers trailed over the spines of the books on the shelves...like she was caressing them in a sensually, otherworldly way. He would die to feel those small hands trailing over his skin in adoration, the way she adored those damned books. The familiar, painful hardness in his jeans raged...driving him toward executing his plan. God, how he wanted to just stride up behind her and wrap his arms around her...feel her curves in his hands...breathe in her scent..pull those damn pins from her hair and see it cascade down her body...kiss the back of her neck and whisper in her ear that she belongs to him...in no uncertain terms. A barely audible growl escaped his lips. "Calm down, Sam", he muttered to himself, trying to get his body to cooperate and let him get up from the table. It's time, he thought to himself. She's mine. **This steamy story takes a couple of episodes to warm up, but it gets REALLY HOT**

    MJ Clarke

  • 6.Not Your Average High School Experience

    Her name is Elizabeth Grey. You could say that her time in High School has been the best time of her life. You could say that she's made tons of friends. You could also say that she's made some great memories. That would be a lie. You could say that she's the school popular. You could say that she has at least four fashion crazy and drop dead gorgeous blondes following her around everywhere. You could also say that she's dating the quarterback of the football team. That would be a lie. You could say that she has perfect grades in all her classes and her teachers love her. You could say that she hasn't done anything that would get her into trouble with the Principal. That would be a lie. The truth about Elizabeth is that she hasn't had the best time in High School, she has no friends and not that many good memories. She's not a popular blonde with poise and the quarterback by her side at all times. She's always in trouble with the Principal and all her teachers hate her because she's allowing all her grades to slip. Well, almost all her grades are slipping. Her history grades are okay and that would be because of her girlfriend, who just so happens to be her history teacher as well.

    Natalie G

  • 7.The Kings Want Her

    Lunar Eclipse happened to be the day of vampires hunting for their prey. What is waiting for Kayla when she is captured and given to the terrifying King of Vampires, Damon? What could be worst when Kayla’s blood excites all the vampires to suck it from her. King Damon marked her as his property. She wants to escape from Damon and the vampires. A sudden attack from the werewolves forcing her to be kidnapped by the werewolves. Who will Kayla choose when both of the kings are head over heels for her? The possessive or the gentle one. She knows it is him that she want to spend her entire life with.


  • 8.Drowning

    No matter how I wanted to let go of the past, it keeps on haunting me like a ghost. I thought no one was going to pull me from the dark abyss I was in until I meet my mate. Fifth book of the werewolf series. Paige Rios.

    Dan McGivney

  • 9.The Prince's Beloved

    Seamus Reegan is the soon to be Vampire king. He has everything he could possibly want: money, power, a palace, girls at his beck and call. He has everything except the one thing he desperately needs. His mate. His beloved. Gemma Faye is your ordinary girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and has a decent group of friends. But what she didn't know was that she is the new kid's only hope, and that she was a part of a prophecy that would change her entire life.

    Eire Lee Faye

  • 10.The Pack's Tainted Angel

    Now she was on her hands and knees. Her hair cascaded down her arched back as Gideon held her from behind. His hands cupped around her hips, he slammed into her willing body over and over again. 18+ only Mature content August is an angel and is kidnapped by a pack of psychic werewolves, each with different designs for her. One wants to mate her, one wants to protect her, and one wants to slaughter her. As if that's not enough, the last wants to sell her to the highest bidder at a supernatural auction. Will she manage to escape their clutches with her sanity intact, or will she submit to their desires and let the pack have its way?

    Maria Warren

  • 11.The Girl in the Middle

    Without any memory of her past and not knowing why people react to her as they do, a young woman has to learn to survive in the hard underworld of the city, among gangs and the unwanted citizens. Her apparent resemblance with Clay's dead girlfriend Amber, places her in the middle of a war that easily can cost her and others their lives. In her quest to find her identity, Clay gives her the name Amber. Now the new Amber has to learn to tell friend from foe. To see behind the lies and decide if Clay's past matters at all. When Clay asks Tom to train Amber he gets pulled into the war happening around him, far more than he wants to be. Tom's alliance with Clay hangs in a thin thread, when he not only develop feelings for Amber but also starts a relationship with Kattie, who already has a boyfriend in Michael, Clay's second in command. Will Clay's brother Zombie start the war he is threatening with ? What is it Amber feels for Zac ? A member of the gang 'the stars', who sees women as less than men. Will Amber ever find out who she really is ? And how will they get through the war ?

    Lost in love

  • 12.Twisted Obsession

    They started of as strangers and journeyed down the road of friendship. If only Samuel knew that the friendship he sought out would be twisted into something he never thought. But don't worry Robin isn't crazy....he just doesn't want to lose Samuel. After all he loved him.

    K. T. Gloster

  • 13.✔ Forced: The Final Fight (Book Four) - Erotic ✔

    Raven and Alexander's Wedding day is fast approaching and things are changing, But when the Vampire killer decides to up their game and start hitting close to home, The family has to pull rank to keep each other safe. Is it going to be enough? When there is a terrifying incident, Alex and Raven have to cut their Honeymoon short and come home to find someone close to them has been taken... Will they get them back safe and sound, Or will innocence become the next victim? ~~Uploads Once or Twice a week!~~

    Vampire Whore

  • 14.Seduced by my Step-brother

    Olivia and Xavier who never knew each other before, by a wicked twist of fate happened to meet as a family- as step-brother and step-sister. From the moment they laid their sights on each other, they knew their heart's desire. They wanted each other and both are not going to hold themselves because of the word 'family.' So, what is fate is wicked? Their love and seduction are much more wicked than fate itself. ---- The moment Xavier's eyes fell on Olivia, he felt a primal desire inside him. He wanted to do nothing but take her then and there. He was the man who leaves women wanting more, but with Olivia, he ended up being the one wanting more. She was wildfire and he wanted her, even it meant to be burnt into ashes.


  • 15.Through a Demon's Eyes

    The cool atmosphere of Acredell, the brilliance of Heaven, and the fiery depths of Hell. What would happen if those three were to clash? What would happen if a war erupted between the three realms? Death. That's what. This is not your average fantasy story. Ruby Akuma is a powerful demon and destined to become one of the pillars holding the universe together. What happens when multiple enemies challenge that power or wish to have it for themselves? This fantasy story delves into orthodox beliefs and conventional standards by challenging those who believe they have a true understanding of life, the universe, and the supernatural. Following Ruby Akuma, someone who's been alive since before our galaxy sprang into existence, she's someone who truly understands what the meaning of life is. Let's see where her story takes us, yeah?

    Ruby Akuma