• 1.Russian Bastard

    When an attack on the Vasiliev Estate leaves Russian Princess Tatiana Belluchi injured and instigates the return of her disappeared mother, Don Vasiliev proposes a merger that would place Tatiana under the direct protection of his son, Zeke Vasiliev. Amidst the chaos of attacks and betrayals left and right, she couldn't help being drawn to the man who belonged to another woman, with blue eyes and scars on his back. _____ In a world of vicious mafia politics, Tatiana Belluchi must tread dangerous waters as she distributes ammunition under the orders of her family that could supercharge the impending war, all under the guise of attending glamourous parties. A simple job, but not so easy when people discover who she really is. And now she has a target on her back. Zeke Vasiliev didn't have the easiest life. Being born out of wedlock does that. It was bad enough that his father was a Russian mafia Don and on top of that, his wife was a jealous woman, angered at her husband and his son who was born from a French actress. He has had to look over his shoulder his whole life, a stain in his step-mother's home, an unwanted pest. She wasn't beyond trying to have him killed. A life of constant darkness, until a woman as enchanting as an angel crashes into his life. However, this particular angel had a target on her back, And he wasn't going to let anyone take her away from him. A series of attacks, mass shootings and betrayals left and right. Not all will survive unscathed, and it is not the time to be thinking about some woman. He shouldn't pursue her. But he couldn't help being enchanted by her. _____ A story with over 8K reads and 1.8K votes!


  • 2.The Last Alpha

    Onyx was raised as a human and unaware of the truth of his identity. He started experiencing bizarre complications when a werewolf approaches him, his mate. Despite ignoring his fate as werewolf, onyx had his first shift in the woods and a wave of enormous power rises inside his body. Curious of his abilities, he went in search of finding the truth which was kept hidden from him. On his way to become the fated werewolf, Onyx made few friend and enemies but the one who is waiting for him patiently is yet to face him. What happens when Onyx realizes that he is the last Alpha of his clan and he is the only one who can save both the worlds from the doomsday.

    Ashea Sparks

  • 3.Heal Me

    "They're beautiful." he speaks up. I don't look at him as my ears burn brightly from just hearing his voice. What is wrong with me? My heart beats faster as I hear him move gradually closer to me. I slowly turn back to his gaze, and this time I don't know if I can ever look away. "The stars are pretty." I whisper. He raises one hand and takes off my glasses as I freeze in place. "No, not the stars. I mean your eyes." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emily's a strong girl, but her life is constantly falling apart. With school bullies and a abusive parent, she watches her sanity start to deteriorate to nothing. Her only safety line Ms. Foecher, a old woman who was her close neighbor, died recently. Can the mysterious boy who just moved in next door help her glue back the pieces of her mentality before it's too late?


  • 4.Rogues: Rise of The King

    Trouble came in the form of a beautiful five-foot nine-inch woman with a sense of adventure. Alexian Victor never believed in love at first sight until Sloane Vanderbilt strolled into his life a little over a year ago. Within weeks, his life was tossed into a summersault he thought he'd never get out of. Things seem to settle down, yet he fears that the worse is yet to come. The Werewolf King demands for a partner, to help reign over those who choose the life outside the packs. Alexian finds himself in a bind when he is chosen to become the king he doesn't want to be. The mark on his arm is proof enough of the task that has paved a new path in his life. A path that can lead him to greatness. The last thing Sloane wanted was the burden of what it means to be the Royal Family to all Rogues. Yet, she sees the potential and ambition starting to shine in her mate. Rogues are nothing like pack wolves. Rules bind a pack wolf but nothing holds a Rogue back. She knows Alexian is holding back the Don she's heard so much about. It's time for him to do what he was born to be. (Rogues Sequel)

    Lily Pierce

  • 5.UNIQUE LOVE ( G X G )


    Saleha Mundia

  • 6.Lunar wolves: His to own (Book 1)

    NOTE: ONLY FOR 1*+ READERS. LANGUAGE, s*x, AND VIOLENCE.* Book 1: “I can’t wait. I want you now.” He whispers, his hot breath blowing softly on her cheek. Goosebumps forming on her arms. Her dress pulled up over her hips when he pulled her onto his lap. She unhooks his belt without saying anything, unzipping his pants, she kisses him. His hard ready and waiting for her, feeling how wet she already is, he moans. “I can’t wait either.” She says sliding him inside her. “Oh, goddess!! For a virgin my little wolf you sure as hell caught up fast!” *All the characters, places, ideas, or events mentioned in this book are pure fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. The story is in a fantasy universe so the characters are purely fictional but even then it does not support any sort of p********a tendencies or human trafficking. Whatever happens in the book takes place with full consent. All the story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. WARNING: No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publishers or the author,

    Ella Meriwether

  • 7.The Royal Shadow

    Natasha is an assassin wanted by the Royal Family. But when she goes to the palace her life changes. Meeting a Royal Guard who has secrets of his own and a Prince who is hiding something that could change everything. How will she react when she finds out she has to give her life to save a Kingdom that took everything from her.


  • 8.Emotionally Distracted

    They had a perfect relationship, they did everything together and spoke the same love language nothing would be able to separate them at least that's what they believed. One day Brie went out with her boss and had s*x with him, having never experienced being with a man. She starts cheating on her girlfriend with the man she met. Was I ever a lesbian? She asked herself


  • 9.Ravishing Desire

    Parental Advisory: Explicit content Age restriction: 1*+ “Please let's not do this Rob. I thought I made it clear that we can’t let people know about us” Ayanna hissed at Robert who scoffed leaning pulling her closer to himself. “And I said I still want to meet you! I don’t care about anything else; I just want you and your body!’ He said biting her earlobes. She tried to resist him but couldn’t help letting out a soft moan. She couldn’t control herself whenever he was near despite knowing it is wrong for her to be doing this. They were enemies to the world but lovers in secret. They met through unusual circumstances. She was only looking for a way to ease her stress and he was trying to forget about the pain he feels. I want to thank you my readers for all your support. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to write but you always push me to write with your encouraging words and also wonderful comments. For me, getting feedback from you is very important and I am grateful for it as it helps me improve my writing.


  • 10.When Love Happes..

    Most of the time people live their lives because of someone. Some live because they have to take care of someone, some live because they want to prove people wrong and some live because they believe God has a purpose over their lives. For me I didn’t know the reason why I was living until I met ‘Him’…. My Jas! My Man! Well he isn’t entirely mine because he belongs to someone else and I want him. I have never wanted something so much until I met him! Jason Watson.


  • 11.Starlight Love

    After the death of her mother, Olivia is taken to live with her aunt who comes from a rich family. All her life she has been taught good morals by her mother but when she enrolls at a prestigious school and meeting Ethan Houston, everything she has believed in goes out the window except for one thing; that’s being pure until the day she will get married. Ethan Houston is the school’s most notorious gang leader when he meets Olivia, he is determined to make her his and take away her purity. But after spending time with her, his plans change as he enjoys being around her and is in love with her.


  • 12.Boys, Beers and Bad Behavior

    Seventeen-year-old Neveah Thomas has got a problem. She drinks to excess, blacks out and finds herself next to strangers in bed the next day. So, when her parents finally call it enough after Nevaeh staggers in drunk to a family wedding, she is sent off to delinquent camp in Alaska. But despite the cold, wet climate, and Nevaeh’s seemingly never-ending passion for getting into trouble, delinquent camp is ruled by Zachary Thomas – master arsonist and d**g dealer. And when you throw together a school aimed to ensure delinquents are kept in line, what do you do? You rebel of course. The two delinquents may have the same surname, but when it comes to outdoing each other? Well, that’s a concoction of love only the fearless can desire. - Some strong themes that some readers may find triggering. I would recommend for YA readers 16 and above.


  • 13.Taking her place

    The first time I used magic I remembered everything. For one I remembered my past life, it was amazing to know that there is more to the world than just this dimension. I would have appreciated this event if that was all I remembered but... I seem to have seen my future as well. A future where my sister Lenna is killed. A future where I become a cold blooded killer and hold nothing close to human emotion as I lose everything that is important to me. While I suffer in pain from the loss of my sister, Alec Moretti the man responsible for her death marries a woman and lives his last days in joy. Soon after, I will die at the hands of a man who I thought was my friend. That's how my life is supposed to end but I won't allow it. Since I was able to see the future before it happens, doesn't that mean I can change it? Hell, even if it doesn't, I'll do everything in my power to make sure it does. Even if it means sacrificing myself.

    Yazmin Sanchez

  • 14.Omega. Playboy

    With wolves, ranks mean everything. Clara Hansen is a lowly omega, despite her parents being Deltas. On the Wolf's scale of importance, omegas are at the very bottom, the least regarded, the servants. Omegas exist to serve and all Clara Hansen has known in her life is servitude. Her parents are indifferent to her existence, her pack treat her like garbage and the people at school bully her everyday. The icing on her rotten cake is being rejected by her mate. Jake White is hot and he knows it. He is a gamma, a very rare breed of wolves and his looks and position make him cocky. There are girls willing to warm his bed every night and he is willing to give them a good time so what does he need a mate for? He is not willing to give up his playboy lifestyle for a plain faced omega who doesn’t even have nice boobs! What a joke. Follow Clara and Jake on their journey through rejection, betrayal and perhaps... Love? ** Hello, my name is Clara Hansen, a bland name for a bland girl. Well, I want to tell you a story, a story of an omega and a gamma, a rejected and a coveted and... A servant and a prince because Jake White was treated like a prince! This is the story of how the servant girl found herself to be mated to a playboy prince and how the playboy took the news – Not very well because the playboy had a healthy appetite for hot girls and I was only cute on my best days.