• 1.His Unexpected Mate

    Zander is the alpha of the Red moon pack. He don't really want a mate or luna. The last thing he was expecting was to find the one women to change that. Isabella has been in a bad relationship for two long years. finally having enough courage to leave her friend helps her start over again an hopefully heal her soul an heart. But she wasn't expecting to cross paths with the alpha.

    Jeanetta Miller

  • 2.The Alpha’s Regret

    Ella Benson is a sweet soul with dreams of meeting her perfect mate, until a cruel rejection sets her on an unusual career path. Now, four years on, she has left behind her former girly personality and become a badass soldier for the Werewolf Military Council, excelling far beyond anyone else on her team. Men? She doesn’t need them for anything beyond physical pleasure. She hardened her heart to love a long time ago. That is until she meets a new handsome face who makes her reconsider her ‘no men, no drama’ policy. Lucas is the young, soon to be Alpha of the Blackstone pack. Handsome and strong, he has never had to work hard for any woman. Rejecting his mate was hard but it had to be done. For her own good as well as his. Four years later he finds himself pining for his lost love, his chances of finding happiness dwindling as he is haunted by his past decisions. What do you do when fate provides you with a second chance at love. Do you take it or let it slip through your fingers once again? *Contains scenes of a sexual nature throughout. * STORY COMPLETE Alpha Lucas POV Heading outside the air hits my face and I suck in a deep breath ready to be engulfed with her overwhelming, delicious scent. I grip the railing for dear life and steady my heartbeat as I hear the tapping of her heels approach. I turn to face her and up close I can appreciate her beauty even better. Her skin looks soft and has a tanned glow. Every inch of her body is perfection. My eyes drift up to her perky breasts hugged by her soft gown and I swear I start to grow hard just at the thought of having them in my hands. Her mouth is slightly parted in shock and I can’t help but imagine how good it would feel to run my tongue along those perfect soft lips. Sh*t. I need to get myself under control. “We need to go to our mate! We need to mark her and make her ours right now!!” My wolf claws at my brain begging to be set free to claim her. He knows what I’m about to do and he’s p**ed to say the least. He’s never been on board with the idea of rejecting our mate. It’s taking everything in me to hold him back and to go against every instinct in my body. Her innocent eyes stare right through me and this only strengthens my resolve. She’s too innocent. Too pure. She would be better off without me. I take a deep breath and say the words that I know I have to say... ... Back in my bedroom I drink the whole bottle quickly and allow myself to wallow in my pain and self pity. I close my eyes and instantly picture her beautiful face looking at me with pain and confusion. I feel a tear slide down my face in response. I’ll allow myself this one night to grieve for the relationship that I snuffed out before it even had a chance. As of tomorrow. It’s time to move forward. Without her chocolate eyes. Without her love. Without her.

    Molly Cambria

  • 3.Phoenix (Book Two of the Forbidden Trilogy)

    When you wake up in someone else’s body, it tends to throw you for a loop. At least I knew whose body I was in. Not long ago, I’d learned the devastating secrets hidden in my family’s closet, which had led to the revelation my twin sister, Celeste—who I had been told was dead since birth—was alive, healthy and planning on killing me to start a revolution. Not her revolution, though. Victor’s. The immortal who'd been so severely wronged by my family decided to seek revenge against them and every other member in the Immortal Councils for any injustices caused. While I impatiently waited for this body to accept my soul, and regain my strength, Nikolai, Gabriel, Matt and Erwin were fast at work trying to gain Celeste’s trust. To show her what true, selfless love looked and felt like, because heaven knew Victor only ever fronted his affections for her. Since her birth he had abused her, forsaken her, and broken her in every way imaginable until she was just an obedient puppet. I wanted her to know what real life was like, to know the difference between Victor’s kind of love and real love. I was confident, if we succeeded in doing this, she would turn on her own against Victor and help us win this war. This did not overshadow the main reasons for why I was now a ghost. As my crew faced the daunting task of secretly turning Celeste, I had my own agendas to follow. Thankfully, only a few short weeks into my recovery I was visited by one of the Angelic Deities in the HIC. He’d found me after realizing Celeste was not who she said she was. After listening to my story, he decided to lend me his help in gaining a conference with his fellow Archangels. His suggestion on how to do that, though, was terrifying to say the least and would push me to the limits of everything I knew, to the very limits of my existence. Time would tell if either one of us was strong enough to rise like a phoenix from the ashes we had been chained in, or if we would ultimately perish.


  • 4.Just Say Yes

    After finding her parents dead from an apparent murder suicide at the age of 12, Mackenzie found herself sitting in the hallway of a police station. It was there when she saw a poster across from her listing off all the statistics of children in foster care. About how most of them became drug addicts, homeless or ended up in prison. How the teen pregnancy rate was higher and most of them never finish high school. The image of it burned itself into Mackenzie's mind. She vowed never to be those things. Now at 24 it seemed Mackenzie had kept to her word. She would be graduating with honors and she planned on starting her new job, but her college friends convinced her to go on a trip as a one last Hoorah before they started their lives in different states. Mackenzie had never been on any Vacations in her life. She had never drank alcohol or even had sex! She had been so strict on herself and this was going to be the one time she would let herself be free. To not be the girl who always said no but the girl who said yes to everything she wanted. It was there she met her mystery man, Dan. She wanted him from the moment she saw him and she could not deny herself one night with him. When morning came she was out the door before he opened his eyes and headed on a plane back to reality. To a place where the answer no was the safest way to go. A few weeks later when she found herself pregnant. Not only was this not in the schedule she had planed for her life but she did not even know the Father of her baby last name! Mackenzie poured herself into her work while trying to be excited and not terrified of her expectant motherhood when walking through her office door was none other than him, her Mystery Man! She was not at all prepared for the way her heart seemed to skip in her chest at the sight of him. Not at all prepared for the man who had not only turned her life upside down but also made her forget about saying no and made her only want to just say yes.

    Amanda Marie McCraw

  • 5.The Prophecy

    When packs across the world are attacked simultaneously by a cooperative of supernatural beings, the powerful Lycans are dragged into the fray with an ancient prophecy. Thrown together by fate, the cold and aloof king of the Lycans must best old enemies with the help of his fiery warrior mate. ----- She panted softly and looked up at him with dark expectant eyes. Alexander smirked and stripped his suit jacket off, rolled up his sleeves, and loosened the buttons of his shirt. She raised herself up onto her elbows in shock when he lowered himself onto his knees and began trailing open-mouthed kisses up on her thigh from her knees. Her breath hitched when he approached the apex, but she growled lowly when he skipped it and continued trailing kisses down the other side, back towards her knee. “Alexander we can’t – “ He nipped her thigh at her protest “Hush, let me, please.” He looked up at her, almost pleading. Her eyes widened and she nodded nervously. Grinning, he slid his hands up into her skirt and pulled her panties down, letting them drop on the ground. He continued kissing up and down her thighs, listening intently as her pants turned ragged. Satisfied that she was sufficiently wound up, he ran a tongue up...

    Eva Rawr

  • 6.The Bad Boy's Possession

    "Ace..." I whispered, feeling my breath hitch, as goosebumps covered my skin. "Hmm," he replied, burying his face into the crook of my neck. He took a deep breath, sighing in content, while his hands moved up and down my bare waist. I closed my eyes shut, curling my toes. "Someone... Someone will see us," I managed to squeak out, trying to push at his hands. He took my wrists and pinned them to the wall on either side of me, leaving me helpless. "And?" He pulled away to look me in the eye. I bit my lip, able to hear my own heart beat as his hot breath traced against my lips. "We'll get expelled," I said softly, even as he made it incredibly hard for me to speak. His eyes flickered to my lips momentarily, before he gave me a small smile. His eyes glittered with mischief, as he stared at me. "No one is expelling us, Ava. And when I'm this close to you," he whispered, leaning in even closer, as I pursed my lips, "getting expelled should be the least of your worries." He nudged my nose with his. "What do you want?" I asked, frowning at him. I would be lying if I said I was not slightly excited by our position. But I'd also be lying if I said I was not afraid of what would happen next. "You, obviously," he replied, his grip on my wrists tightening. "This is to remind you who you belong to, Ava. Don't forget that for even a second. I don't like it when that jerk touches you," he said through a clenched jaw. "You're being irrational, Ace. What are you planning to do to me?" I asked, frowning. "You sure you wanna know?" His voice was dangerously low, making me suck in a breath. He let go of one of my hands, and trailed a finger down my waist, making me squirm against him. "Ye-yes." "Okay then. Don't blame me for what's about to happen." - - - - After losing her family in a tragic accident, Ava Clayton shifts to Hillcrest, to start a new life. New town, new school, new friends. Everything would become normal. Or so she hoped. The very first day, she catches the eye of the bullies of Hillcrest High School, who call themselves the 'Wolves'. When they decide to make Ava their new target, she realizes why it was so important to steer clear of them. So what happens when Ava not only challenges their authority, but also ends up punching the leader of their group - the sexy bad boy every girl in Hillcrest High dreams of dating? Of course, Ace Argent wants revenge, and he decides the best way to get it is by shifting to her dorm room, as her new roommate, and make her life hell. Little does he know, the fragile girl is much more stubborn than he thought. When secrets are uncovered, and pasts catch up, Ava realizes the impossible: the bad boy has a heart, and she has unknowingly, stolen it. But his love comes with a price. Ace Argent is possessive. And she is his new belonging. When the Devil falls for the Angel, what could possibly go wrong? - - - A slow-burn romance, with goofy fights, steamy moments, and a whole lot of drama. Book 1


  • 7.Bounded

    “Let me go,” I said softly, words clearly opposing the way that I was inching closer to him. He didn’t seem to mind, but he was sure to let his hands grew dangerously slow to hold me, making me aware that I wanted the touch. A small smile crept in his face, making me feel the way it sizzled when it touched a fraction of my neck. “Why don’t you try hard in muffling your moans this time? Maybe that will back up your lies.” “f**k you.” I moaned as he let his tongue to touch yet another portion of my neck. “Simply delicious.” He whispered, pressing a soft kiss that was enough to make me quiver. “I wonder what kind of faces you’re making now?” How... did this happen? Packed with a suitcase and a plan to change her ways to return back home, Fate Pierce will be surprised entering into a version of world that she had been running away from for years.


  • 8.The Alpha & The Dark Witch Queen

    **COMPLETED** Pythia comes from a long line of dark witches, she killed her mother for her reckless behavior and becomes the queen of the dark witches and teamed up with the Great White Witch and the vampire queen to fight in the battle to keep the balance in all the different worlds, she meets her mate, Tye in the great battle. Tye is the great white witches brother and a alpha. Together they will embark on a battle to correct the elders and take a step forward to peace among the dark witches, the road is long especially when they find out Pythias true royalty line. When realms collide and the moon goddess has to step in and aid because of the new found threat Pythia is forced to train harder, work harder and plan for the absolute unexpected but, as she learns her true powers she starts to realize that she can handle anything that may threaten her and her family. The vampire queen (Ambrosia) and Pythia will become close and discover the true origins of their pasts. They rely on each other when their mates are not around. New family is discovered and it is time they all come together to face one of the toughest moments in the dark witches history.

    Alyssa W.

  • 9.The Hybrid's Wife

    Mya was never a rich girl. She always was late on rent, and being laid off of a waitress job, things were ready to take a drasitc fall.... That is until she recieved a letter in a mail about becoming a surrogant wife. However, things are far from what they seem when she is suddenly snatched from her home and taken to a place known as the secret Hybrid Association. Christian is very different from the others. Not too talkative and very ambitious. A child is the last thing on his mind. However, his mother is pushing for him to father a child. Not caring about the results, Christian signs up for a participant in the surrogancy program. That is where Mya and Christian's story begin....

    Shantae Red

  • 10.Sinful Love

    You don't choose who you love. It was all fun and games until it got too real and they both couldn't stand seeing each other the with other people. They both don't want admit to their feelings, they both push it deep inside and try to forget. But it isn't that simple, when you have to live with him.


  • 11.Spirit Wolf - New Beginning (Book One)

    I remember my mom telling me a story about the spirit wolf. A beautiful ethereal creature with the soft dark almost black translucent fur during the New Moon and glowing silver fur during the Full Moon, with gentle yet powerful ocean deep blue eyes. Just looking at him makes you gasp out of breath and bow in respect. His aura is strong enough to intimidate any enemy making them submit without a fight. She always described the wolf as a strong Alpha who will lead us, werewolves to glory, the Alpha who will always protect us from in this twisted world where we are slowly losing our place and being slaughter like animals. The Alpha, who will unite wolves, those in packs and rogues, and lead us under his leadership. *** As a kid, I believed those stories my mom created. I desperately wished to be that wolf. I wished when I reach my sixteenth birthday I will have a spirit wolf. I will be the most powerful wolf that ever lived and protect my people. I will be the one to lead and protect us all, protect our people and lands. I learned the hard way that it was just a story for the kids. I learned the hard way that there is no possibility of the packs union. I learned that the rogues won't be able to live in a community with other wolves. I learned that they were just bedtime stories, my mom made up to put me sleep. I learned that the day when I lost my parents, my lovely mother, and a strong father with half of the pack.


  • 12.Ruining Rune

    Sometimes, that surreal space between reality and dreams...is the only place fate can find us. Samuel Velasquez couldn't concentrate to save his life, or dissertation. He stared across the library at Rune, the woman who'd been turning his universe upside down for what felt like lifetimes, without so much as an introduction. Was it really her? But she seemed so indifferent? He watched as she searched the shelves. Her slight, but strong frame moved with grace, but the way her fingers trailed over the spines of the books...like she was caressing them in a sensual, otherworldly way... he would die to feel those small hands trailing over his skin in adoration, the way she adored those damned books. The familiar, painful hardness in his jeans raged...driving him toward executing his plan. God, how he wanted to just stride up behind her and wrap his arms around her...feel her curves in his hands...breathe in her scent..pull those damn pins from her hair and see it cascade down her body...kiss the back of her neck and whisper in her ear that she belongs to him...in no uncertain terms. It had to be her...he could feel it. He'd know those eyes as green as mountains, anywhere. They had only haunted and taunted him in his dreams, for over a decade, now. A barely audible growl escaped his lips. "Calm down, Sam", he muttered to himself, trying to get his body to cooperate and let him get up from the table. It's time, he thought to himself. She's mine. **This story takes a bit to warm up, but it gets REALLY HOT**

    MJ Clarke

  • 13.The Shadow Wolf

    Life is beginning when Ezra Powell meets her favorite artist at her sister's bar. She thought she had gained a new best friend only to find that the woman she had idolized is something she thought she could only make up in her stories. The Hemingways are well on their way to conquer the werewolf world with a secret weapon known as the Demon Wolf. A wolf that is starting to find their place in the world. A world that is about to discover that humanity isn't the dominant species anymore. A Blood Of the Beast Story.

    Lily Pierce

  • 14.Just A Favour

    Alex has been in love with Victoria since the time he has known her but the brown eyed boy always failed to believe in his charms and confess his love to Victoria. Everything between them changes when Victoria asks Alex for a favour. New feelings, new people, new problems and a new women enter Alex's life. Just A Favour turns three lives upside down.


  • 15.Falling For a Jock

    When Carly Lukens wanted the perfect senior year, she didn't expect to fall for a jock. Especially an obnoxious one in her AP Psychology class. Drew Rollings. Carly Lukens is top of her class. And very well known throughout school in a great way. Drew Rollings is the star lacrosse player of the school. Also well known but in a horrible way, he's a player on and off of the field. Will Carly get her heart broken by Drew's player ways? Can Drew change himself for the class soon-to-be valedictorian?