• 1.Your Chaser (Indonesia)

    While having his duty off, Billy meets this doctor-to-be girl in a hotel, playing piano. Later on, they meet each other and set up a date together. Juwita didn't like her brother brother-in-law because he is a soldier. She oftenly went somewhere else if her in-law is off duty. She met a charming handsome man during her runaway. However, things can't just be easy right? These two person then involve in a complicated love story. --- "I'll chase you, Juwita. No matter how far, and how long will it take, I will chase you." Ini bukanlah cerita favoritmu mungkin. Hanya cerita klise tentang bagaimana sebuah perasaan tentang benci, kecewa, terluka dan cinta di gabungkan dan membentuk sebuah kisah antara Billy dan Juwita. Ketika cinta itu mulai dibuka oleh Juwita kembali untuk mulai percaya, maka saat itulah cintanya, perasaannya kembali di uji. xoxo, a.p.

    Abigail Prasetyo

  • 2.Red Hood

    No one knew his name, no one saw his face. Nobody knew that the skilled knight in training was actually a woman in disguise. When a threat to the kingdom draws near, Aurora must embark on an adventure with the prince and his most entrusted knights to gain the cure for his ailing father and put a stop to the evil that threatens to take over the kingdom.

    Sky Njemakati

  • 3.Chains

    Tatlong babae ang kinidnap ng isang lalaki. Ikinulong, inaabuso at pinahihirapan... Magawa kaya nilang takasan ang kadenang nakatali sa kanila?

    Kuya Soju

  • 4.Beks With Benefits

    Napatunayan ni Justeen na trulaloo ang chismaks na kumakalat sa kanilang schoolembang na bekibels ang classmate niya na heartthrob na si Josef nang mahuli niya ito sa kwarto nito na putok na putok ang make up at nakasuot pa ng long pink gown habang rumarampa ito ala-supermowdel. Upang mapagtakpan ang chismaks about kay Josef ay nagpanggap sila nito na magjowa. Iyon ay para na rin mapagselos niya ang kanyang ex-boyfriend at baka sakaling balikan siya nito.

    Kuya Soju

  • 5.Ang Paglalayas Ni Junjun

    Gwapo, macho, mayaman at happy-go-lucky... Iyan ang naging "ticket" ni Aldrian Montero para paglaruan ang puso ng mga babae. After na machuk-chak niya ang isang girl ay wala nang pakialam ang lalaking ito. Pero paano kung sa sobrang playboy niya ay mainis sa kanya si "Jun Jun" at layasan siya nito? Yes, hihiwalay sa katawan niya si "Junjun" at may sarili din itong POV! Kaloka! At ang way lang para bumalik ito ay true love!

    Kuya Soju

  • 6.Not Your Average High School Experience

    Her name is Elizabeth Grey. You could say that her time in High School has been the best time of her life. You could say that she's made tons of friends. You could also say that she's made some great memories. That would be a lie. You could say that she's the school popular. You could say that she has at least four fashion crazy and drop dead gorgeous blondes following her around everywhere. You could also say that she's dating the quarterback of the football team. That would be a lie. You could say that she has perfect grades in all her classes and her teachers love her. You could say that she hasn't done anything that would get her into trouble with the Principal. That would be a lie. The truth about Elizabeth is that she hasn't had the best time in High School, she has no friends and not that many good memories. She's not a popular blonde with poise and the quarterback by her side at all times. She's always in trouble with the Principal and all her teachers hate her because she's allowing all her grades to slip. Well, almost all her grades are slipping. Her history grades are okay and that would be because of her girlfriend, who just so happens to be her history teacher as well.

    Natalie G

  • 7.The Kings Want Her

    Lunar Eclipse happened to be the day of vampires hunting for their prey. What is waiting for Kayla when she is captured and given to the terrifying King of Vampires, Damon? What could be worst when Kayla’s blood excites all the vampires to suck it from her. King Damon marked her as his property. She wants to escape from Damon and the vampires. A sudden attack from the werewolves forcing her to be kidnapped by the werewolves. Who will Kayla choose when both of the kings are head over heels for her? The possessive or the gentle one. She knows it is him that she want to spend her entire life with.


  • 8.Drowning

    No matter how I wanted to let go of the past, it keeps on haunting me like a ghost. I thought no one was going to pull me from the dark abyss I was in until I meet my mate. Fifth book of the werewolf series. Paige Rios.

    Dan McGivney

  • 9.The Prince's Beloved

    Seamus Reegan is the soon to be Vampire king. He has everything he could possibly want: money, power, a palace, girls at his beck and call. He has everything except the one thing he desperately needs. His mate. His beloved. Gemma Faye is your ordinary girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and has a decent group of friends. But what she didn't know was that she is the new kid's only hope, and that she was a part of a prophecy that would change her entire life.

    Eire Lee Faye

  • 10.Guilty Pleasures (mature +18)

    Julie and Henry are for sure what could only be considered as an odd couple --no wonder there since they are brother and sister. Guilty pleasures... a story of unadulterated forbidden love, raw steamy sex and unforgettable hard-to-forgive betrayal.

    Larose Semsem

  • 11.Angel's Anguish

    Now she was on her hands and knees. Her hair cascaded down her arched back as Gideon held her from behind. His hands cupped around her hips, he slammed into her willing body over and over again. 18+ only Mature content August is an angel and is kidnapped by a pack of psychic werewolves, each with different designs for her. One wants to mate her, one wants to protect her, and one wants to slaughter her. As if that's not enough, the last wants to sell her to the highest bidder at a supernatural auction. Will she manage to escape their clutches with her sanity intact, or will she submit to their desires and let the pack have its way?

    Maria Warren

  • 12.First Love

    The love That lasts Forever.... Even Death failed to separate them. Excerpt*** I stepped closer and wrapped her arms up around her head, sinking my head into her neck and whispered "when you taste my dick you will crave for me. Because I'm the only one who will satisfy you in bed." "Get your hands off me! You are crazy!" Angel tried to release her hands from my tight grip and pushed me. But I pushed her to the bed and topped her with my boiling body that eagerly wanted her badly, squeezing her ass, beaming to her angelic face " tonight, you will be mine. Go take a shower and wait for me in bed! Naked! Or I will rape you."I licked my lips seductively warning her.

    Bosy Elselhdar

  • 13.Yes, I Do(n't)

    First and foremost, she is an independent woman from the 21st century who is known as a savvy yet ruthless businesswoman and one of the richest individuals in the world. Why on earth she suddenly transmigrated to God knows where she is? The only thing that she is thankful is that she has transmigrated into a body that 1/2 her age and a ravishing beauty too. The only downside is that the original owner of the body is one stupid girl. Too stupid that it nearly made her have a heart attack when she learned all about the original owner's mishaps and misfortunes caused by her very own silliness that the world is a beautiful place to live in. And for her to keep on waiting year by year for her fiancé to marry her is the ultimate stupidity of all time because that man decided to marry someone else as his crown princess and their engagement is nothing much than an empty promise. As the original body owner has been reborn, she too transmigrated into the same body. Due to the meek nature of the original owner, she had taken over the body without a hitch. This (old) woman (and, a little help from the original owner of the body) will make sure that the road of success will be paved by her own two hands in this ancient world where the sky is only the limit.


  • 14.Being His Mate

    //Daily Update// I don't believe in werewolves they're Myths, they're fictional and they're only shown in TV-shows. People in my town believe that werewolves really do exist because they've seen one or a pack of them, but what do I think? I think they're delusional. Amanda saw one, but I know she's lying; she's stupid and a gossip queen. She's just making that story up for attention. Well at least she got the attention she wants... Until I came in. The journalism's editor-in-chief asked me to get a picture of a werewolf, a REAL werewolf! They're all delusional; sadly I still need to do it, why? Because I'm the school paper's photo journalist and I need this to get into a good college. I just think everyone in town is crazy for believing stories. But that's not what I'm going to think when I cross paths with one, a Werewolf.


  • 15.The Vampire's Witch

    +18 Mature Star turned to lean her back against the vampire's chest, he wrapped a possessive arm around the witch's shoulders as she reached a hand out towards the quiet wolf. She pulled him closer to the two of them by his shirt, Will put his hand on his hip and helped the witch bring him in closer. The vampire leaned his head over the redhead's shoulder to pull the wolf into a kiss, the redhead shifted between the two men rubbing her legs together. Being between them as they kissed was doing things to her libido that she hadn't experienced yet. The wolf pulled back smelling the redhead's arousal, he growled low in his throat before moving to kiss her as well. The kiss wasn't like the chaste innocent kiss they had shared before, it was hungry and demanding and she swooned for the wolf at that moment. She felt that she would have fallen if the vampire behind her hadn't been holding her up. *** Star arrives home into the apocalypse, she and her vampire mate Will set off to the safety of his Sire with their werewolf friend Zane. Will they be safe or will there be dangers lurking behind the facade of protection.

    Jane Knight