20 Best Office Romance Books that Will Refresh Your Life


We understand that you want to read about office affairs between two—or three—dazzling, sizzling, and beautiful characters. We want to see a world similar to ours but still quite different in every way.

Yup. We understand how home it feels to read workplace fiction; today, you’ll have lots of recommendations for this genre. The question is: Are you ready for a bunch of best office romance books?

Part 1. How Many Kinds Of Office Romance Books

Office Romance Novels

Office romance books should contain stories that revolve around the characters’ working environment. Technically, the characters are working people. They could be a lawyer, a hockey player, a biker leader, a ranch owner, a doctor, or anything under the sun, where the story could take place for workplace fiction.

Part 2: 20 Must Read Office Romance Books

Get your list ready! These novels have office romance or workplace drama at the heart of their stories.

Office romance book 3.1. The Autumn Eclipse

Score: 8/10

Tags: Alpha, Loving a Werewolf, Pack, Wizard, Fated


Workplace Romance Books

Malia and Tyrese just got engaged and looking forward to a happy ending with the people dear to them. And here comes an ancient prophecy reminding them of a war lurking in the land of Blood Eclipse Pack. Malia’s grandmother suspected the union of Malia and Ty was the cause of it. Malia is a witch and Ty is a werewolf.

Pros: Superb storyline. It has all the typical elements of werewolf romance but is still somewhat different because of the plot, the characters, and the exposition of the whole storyline.

Cons: The chapters change from one character’s point of view to another.

Read The Autumn Eclipse now.

Office romance book 3.2. The Prince’s Abused Mate

Score: 9/10

Tags: Mate, Fated, Dominant, Werewolf, Prince

Workplace Fiction Online


She was sold off to save the family’s company. They treated her like nothing when they gave her to the rogue boss, who showed interest in her beauty.

And here comes Ahyan Altamonte entering her troubled, broken, unhappy life. He is the prince of dragons and wolves, notorious for being wealthy, handsome, and reckless. Having a mate is the least of his interest until he meets Amara.

Pros: The storyline is the same as all the books in the app, but this one’s distinguishable with the interesting chapters and the consistency of the character’s personality.

Cons: It has sensitive content about abuse and betrayal that may not sound great or appealing to some readers.

Read The Prince’s Abused Mate Now

Office romance book 3.3. Mine To Hold (Southern Wedding #2)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Series, Workplace Romance

Billionaire Office Romance Books


Shelby couldn’t wait to have her happy ending with her future husband.

Until she received a letter from her future husband. But an unexpected twist? It’s not meant for her. It’s for the other girl close to them, and Shelby’s life immediately comes crashing down.

For Ace, Joseph is like a brother. He’s one of the happiest people in the crowd to see him marrying Shelby. But things were not as they seemed.

So when the chance to leave the town came to him, he wasted no time and fled to leave everything behind. Lost in the betrayal and the alcohol, he found Shelby in his arms.

Pros: It’s one of the great storylines with a great writing style and tone you will see in the app.

Cons: Too many characters. Readers might get lost with all the names if they get to read this book first.

Mine To Hold (Southern Wedding #2) Now

Office romance book 3.4. Mine To Have (Southern Wedding #1)


Tags: Family Saga Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romantic, Billionaire

Office Romance Goodreads


Travis woke up on the day of his marriage—what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life but was unexpectedly filled with mishaps. Fire in the kitchen, flowers coming from the funeral, plus his future wife having some sort of allergy, causing her to be rushed to the hospital.

It wasn’t the happiest day everyone expected. Until his ex-girlfriend walks inside the church to witness his wedding—and perhaps, wish him the sweetest congratulations.

He realized that Harlow was the woman he must have right then and now

Pros: It’s a sweet and interesting read.

Cons: It was an interesting workplace fiction, but I felt it needed a stronger ending.

Read Mine To Have (Southern Wedding #1) Now

Office romance book 3.5. Hollywood Prince (Hollywood Royalty #3)

Score: 8.5/10

Tags: Kickass Heroine, Playboy, Forbidden, Drama, Romance

Office Romance Books Goodreads


Hollywood Prince is one of the interesting office romance books. It follows the story of Carter Johnson not being called Hollywood Prince for nothing. He’s got the looks and the charisma plus a talent.

Despite all this, Carter was confident enough to sign a perky agreement that limits his playboy games. Everything seems to be going well until a new PR girl enters the game—or the agreement rather.

Erin has another month to graduate at the top of her class. And for the last five months, she was an intern at Hillcrest Production Company. In her last month, she was given a not-so-impossible task: to change the image of Carter Johnson.

Coworker Romance Books

Pros: If you have been a fan of Natasha Madison, you will love this another masterpiece from her.

Cons: I couldn’t get behind the heroine, Erin, who was supposed to be “the best at what she does” but was consistently acting in ways not befitting someone with so much determination.

Read Hollywood Prince (Hollywood Royalty #3) Now.

Office romance book 3.6. Southern Sunrise (Southern #4)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Romance, Second Chance, Friends to Lovers, Kickass Heroine

Best Workplace Romance Books


Emily and Ethan are best friends, one of the many friendships that ended up taking it to the next level of commitment. They are head over heels, but things get messed up when Ethan has to face some personal problems.

Their relationship was compromised. He thought leaving Emily would be the best decision for both of them. And when he returned five years later, he was almost too late.

Pros: The characters’ connections are so real, like normal people.

Cons: There are only 21 chapters, and it may be little for readers who want to read more about Emily and Ethan.

Read Southern Sunrise (Southern #4) Now

Office romance book 3.7. Their Bridgewater Brides Boxed Set

Score: 9/10

Tags: Sex, Kidnap, Kickass Heroine, Forced Love, Series

Office Romance Books 2020


If you think the recommendations above are not enough, here are hot MFM Historical Cowboy Menage office romance books to occupy you during your rest day. There are only two books in this series, and you’ll love both: Their Kidnapped Bride and Their Wayward Bride.

Bridgewater, Montana has an odd culture where two men shared one woman as their wife. And in these two books, readers will meet two lucky women who set foot in this western land and found the two cowboys to spend the rest of their lives with.

Contemporary Office Romance Novels

Pros: The brides’ (heroines) life started not great before they met the two men to marry, but this does not make them a damsel in distress in the arms of their husbands.

Cons: Sexual content is explicitly written.

Read Their Bridgewater Brides Boxed Set Now

Office romance book 3.8. The Lyon’s Cub Caitlin

Score: 9/10

Tags: Possessive, Drama, Dominant, Love-Hate Relationship, Sports

Office Romance Books 2023


For those four years, Todd has been studying Colton Lyon and all the ways he could to make him agree with his relationship with his daughter. He had his eyes on Caitlin before he saved her from a bully when she was 13, and he was 15. Since then, things have gone smoothly between them. Or bittersweet because her father is standing in between.

Pros: Great fast-paced storyline. Two teens falling in love with each other but being stopped by a strict father—a generic plot, but Jordan Silver makes this book more than just what it is.

Cons: Cliffhanger, yes. It is expected as a series because the author wants to introduce us to more characters in this series.

Read The Lyon’s Cub Caitlin Now

Office romance book 3.9. Lyon

Score: 10/10

Tags: Fall In Love With A Badboy, Forced Love, Hot, Workplace, Badboy

Workplace Romance Novels


Kat was running from a dark past after a horrifying experience no other women would wish for themselves. The experience left her broken and wounded. Colton’s garage became her sanctuary. She applied to be his secretary and was glad to get the job as her first step in saving herself. Her new boss was a distraction no matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes on her goal to survive.

Pros: Smoking hot! Scenes are scorching hot, and they will burn your insides.

Cons: Kat has been through so much in her past, so we understand Colton’s obsession to protect her from all harm, but it sometimes gets annoying.

Read the Lyon on Dreame Now

Office romance book 3.10. The Perfect Luna

Score: 10/10

Tags: Alpha, Kickass Heroine, Werewolf, Luna, Reborn Character

Workplace Fiction Romance


Riannon and Brayden were married for six years. They were a perfect couple from childhood. Brayden Thorn is the Alpha of the Silver River Pack. Everyone already treated her as their Luna, even without the mating bond. Their pack was the strongest and was not at war with anyone.

Until Roxanne came into their life, Brayden’s true mate.

Pros: This is the first story of Marissa Gilbert in the app, but she’s already made history. I swear you would love to read it over and over again.

Cons: Cons? For this book? I don’t think there is a single con for this except for readers wanting to read more!

Read The Perfect Luna Now.

Office romance book 3.11. Taming Her Beastly Mate

Score: 10/10

Tags: Mate, Fated, Possessive, Kickass Heroine, Loving A Werewolf

Best Office Romance Books


Aken didn’t mean to hide from his mate, but things went down like this because of his curse, thanks to the gods. He is Alexis’s mate and the man who keeps following her. He was putting up with not being able with his mate in his will to keep her safe. He could even watch in silence and the distance while she fell for someone else, finally stopping herself from searching for her mate.

Pros: Readers will enjoy this intense office romance novel between Alexis and Aken.

Cons: The scenes are sometimes a bit too predictable.

Read Taming Her Beastly Mate Now

3.12. Night Wolves

Score: 9/10

Tags: Alpha, Mate, Luna, Werewolf, Pack

Workplace Romance Books Dreame


It was natural for werewolves to seek their mates and be with them for a lifetime. But for the Diamond Pack, two Alphas sharing one mate is also realistic, and Alpha Xander Reed and Alpha Elias Samuelson couldn’t wait to find their mate.

That’s when Kalyssa comes into their lives on the night of the Blood Moon Choosing Ceremony.

Pros: The chemistry between the two Alphas and Kalyssa is on fire!

Cons: Well, the characters were believable and relatable to the point that I feel Kalyssa was too much of a pushover sometimes?

Read the Night Wolves Now

Office romance book 3.13. Grade-A Beefcakes Complete Boxed Set: Books 1 – 5

Score: 9/10

Tags: New Adult, Billionaire, Series, Romance, Sexy

Hate To Love Office Romance Books


Here’s for your new billionaire office romance books. This series was on fire, and there’s nothing we could do about it but read them all at once.

The series is as follows: Sir Loin of Beef, T-Bone, Tri-Tip, Porterhouse, Skirt Steak.

A reverse harem intense office romance novel set in a western countryside filled with wild adventures of two rodeos/cowboys sharing their precious beautiful woman.

Pros: This is one hell of an awesome, hot, fantastic read. Good writing, great characters, and setting.

Cons: There are just some conflicting feelings with this series but still a good read.

Read Grade-A Beefcakes Complete Boxed Set: Books 1 – 5 Now

Office romance book 3.14. The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate

Score: 10/10

Tags: Forbidden, One-night Stand, Fated, Forbidden Romance, Werewolf

Billionaire Office Romance Books Dreame


Lancelot Dankworth is the stranger man in question. He’s no ordinary man, the Alpha Prince of London Pride Pack, and why is he letting this human do as she wishes with him? She’s a troubled woman he didn’t want to be connected with, but Lancelot couldn’t let but get lost with Roxanne and the things she could do in his life, who turned out to be his unexpected mate.

Pros: Loved the story. Roxanne was a human from the beginning until the end, unlike in other books where the heroine turns out to be from other supernatural beings.

Cons: Some lapses with the grammar but will not take anything from the story.

Read The Alpha Prince’s Unexpected Mate Now

Office romance book 3.15. The Alpha’s Rejected Bride

Score: 9.5/10

Tags: Rejected, Playboy, Dominant, Pack, Princess

Work Romance Books


Without remorse, Josh rejected Lucy, ultimately choosing their best friend over her and leaving her broken on what was supposed to be a special day.

The betrayal nearly drove her to end her life. It didn’t seem to be the smartest thing she did in her life, but it proved to be a perfect decision to run away because she met the crowned prince of werewolves.

With Rayan Altamonet by her side, she’s confident she could do anything. Be braver and bolder before facing her pack again.

Pros: Romance, humor, drama, and action are all in the same book.

Cons: Another cheating story that could have been much better if it didn’t stick much with the trope.

Read The Alpha’s Rejected Bride Now

Office romance book 3.16. Something So Unscripted (Something So#4)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Kickass Heroine, Doctor, Drama, Single Dad, Powerful

Workplace Novels Fiction Online


Denise has had her share of a tough life. She’s remained stronger as a doctor at Hudson Children’s Oncology Hospital. But witnessing every death of her patient makes her a little less strong than she wanted to be.

Then an NHL player enters the hospital with his son, and things are not the same anymore. Not in Denise’s life, nor in Zack and Jack’s life.

Pros: One of the best office romance books that will remind us just how magical reading is.

Cons: I tried thinking of cons for this one, but I could only think about Zack’s wife.

Read Something So Unscripted (Something So#4) Now

Office romance book 3.17. Something So Irresistible (Something So #3)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Forbidden, Kickass Heroine, Powerful, Drama, Athlete

Best Office Romance Novels


Max Horton is a beast sports star who doesn’t give one cent even if people call him an outcast. It wasn’t that bad if they would ask him.

But the plan to keep his head down got disrupted by public relations for the New York Stingers. Meeting Max proved her father’s opinion to be true with his bad boy persona. But getting to know him deeply proved him wrong, too.

Pros: Beautiful written and crafted with such undeniable talent.

Cons: Just needs to go through mild editing and proofreading.

Read Something So Irresistible (Something So #3) Now

Office romance book 3.18. Ride Me Dirty

Score: 9/10

Tags: Contemporary, Billionaire, Series, Romance, Sexy

Workplace Novels


Another wild office romance book ride is Now Catherine Andrews is a lawyer in the big city of New York and with a property inherited back in her childhood home, Bridgewater, Montana. She had to return home, and although it was expected, she was dumbfounded to meet her childhood crush, Sam Kane, and with another desirable addition, his cousin.

Pros: It’s another steamy read. Lots of wild scenes, but a good thing is the scenes were not put in the chapters for the sake of making it a wild read.

Cons: It was a short, fast-paced read, but the ending seemed unexpected.

Read Ride Me Dirty Now

Office romance book 3.19. Bridgewater County Series Boxed Set: Books 1-6

Score: 9/10

Tags: Contemporary, Billionaire, Series, Romance, Sexy

Office Romance Novels 2020


Still want more? No worries, we got more and another steamy contemporary workplace fiction romance series to binge-read.

Ride Me Dirty is the first book, and below, we listed the other five wild novels in the series: Claim Me, Hard, Take Me Fast, Hold Me Close, Make Me Yours, Kiss Me Crazy. A 1F2M wild romance also set in Bridgewater, Montana.

This series follows the tale of five women and their encounter with their future Bridgewater men. It is full of hot-smoking cowboys with sexy adventures to offer to readers who love reading office romance books.

Pros: These are must-read workplace romance books with real hot stuff to enjoy.

Cons: So far, so good. It’s well-crafted; I could hardly find any cons at all. Lol. These billionaire office romance books are a must-read!

Read the Bridgewater County Series Boxed Set: Books 1-6 Now

Office romance book 3.20. This Is Love (This Is #3)

Score: 9/10

Tags: Sports Fiction, Sports Romance, Amazon, Goodreads

Best Office Romance Books 2020


Viviene found herself coming back in his arms for another passionate moment, all while reminding herself things between them were nothing but temporary. Both gradually fell in love, but Viviene was determined to follow her own rules. Yet, Mark may not have the same thoughts now that he gets him entirely under him. It was all fun and games until it was time to get serious.

Office Romance Book Recommendations

Pros: The connection between Mark and Viviene is too good to be true, but it was true.

Cons: Some plot holes. Not glaring but could be visible to readers who are keen even on small details. Still a good read anyway.

Takeaway: If you’re going to read one of these office romance books, don’t do so on your lunch break.

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