20 Best Urban Fantasy Books List


Urban Fantasy books are characterized by high magic and the presence of non-human characters (such as werewolves and vampires).

Still, those characters are generally indistinguishable from the rest of society, which allows the author to explore themes like the relationship between humans and magic without creating too much tension within their world.

Part 1: Kinds of Urban Fantasy Books

Themes of Urban Fantasy Books typically include identity crisis, rebellion, society disarray and politics (including government), crime organization and drug trafficking/cocaine use, science/technology gone awry, environmental collapse (including nuclear war), supernatural psychic powers, and time travel.

Two classic urban fantasy series are Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files and Patricia Briggs’ Her Mercy Thompson series. Both are fantastic, enjoyable reads.

Part 2: Best Urban Fantasy Series

Best Urban Fantasy Series

First best urban fantasy book recommendation is City of Bones from author Clare.

Fifteen-year-old Clary suddenly saw invisible creatures killing humans without a trace of blood. Calling anyone cops to report a crime would be ridiculous because even the body would disappear into thin air. When her mother disappears and Clary is attacked by the demons, she meets the Shadowhunters and Jace.

A terrifyingly great world-building and characterization. It’s a young adult urban fantasy read well for everyone who wants to have a magical, bumpy adventure.

YA Urban Fantasy

Another urban fantasy series from an urban fantasy author Ilona Andrews. Magic Bites tells us the story of Kate Daniels. Her job is to clean after the magical problems after technology returns and the magic spell breaks. She didn’t mind the magical mess around her until her guardian was murdered. Seeking justice, she’s torn between the two of Atlanta’s magic circles.

Part 3: 20 Best Urban Fantasy Books To Read

The genre of Urban Fantasy can offer readers an escape from reality, a world where technology is accessible, and magic is real. With that, get ready to experience a new flight from reality with these urban fantasy book recommendations!

Urban fantasy book 3.1. The Autumn Eclipse

Score: 8/10

Tags: Alpha, Loving a Werewolf, Pack, Wizard, Fated

Best Urban Fantasy Books


As a werewolf and a witch, Malia and Tyrese’s engagement got tied with an ancient prophecy, telling of a coming war between the werewolves and the coven of witches.

When they all thought they were about to have a happy ending, the Blood Eclipse Pack would be in shock to be in the middle of a war. Malia and Ty were torn between responsibilities and the desires of their hearts.

Pros: Great exposition of the storyline from the beginning to the end; there was consistency with the plot and the characters’ goals.

Cons: Different internal monologues from different characters tend to be confusing if not executed very well.

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Urban fantasy book 3.2. Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder(Breeder#1)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Dominant, Urban Fantasy, Werewolf, Abused, Billionaire

Urban Fantasy Series


Twenty-year-old Rosalie was to become a breeder after her father sold her off to the Alpha King. Alpha Ethan only wanted an heir from her, nothing more, nothing else. But knowing his reputation, Rosalie was sure she would never hear the end of it once she gave him what he wanted.

Pros: Unique storyline. I also love Rosalie. She started weakly but later showed her power over Alpha Ethan when they started to have affection for each other.

Cons: Fast-paced but tend to rush things too quickly and barely explain some details.

Read Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder(Breeder#1) Now

Urban fantasy book 3.3. Luna of the White Moon Pack

Score: 8/10

Tags: Werewolf, Teenage, Sexy, Love Triangle, Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy Romance


Danica is a shy mute fourteen-year-old girl who left the family and only took her in as a status symbol. Henry and Ashley are a couple of rogues who take her in and truly care for her while she stays in their camp.

But the land turns out to be a property of the White Moon Pack. Danica is seventeen and meets her triplet mates, who are the son of the Alpha. As their captive, they are to serve the White Moon Pack now, and the triplets are yet to find out Danica is their mate because she shifted earlier than them.

But Danica is worried that what they may only want from her is an heir.

Pros: Fast-paced, suspenseful read. Readers will keep looking forward to more interaction between Danica and the triplets.

Cons: I understand Danica is shy and mute, but she tends to drag her character too much.

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Urban fantasy book 3.4. The Wanted Alpha

Score: 9/10

Tags: Alpha, Urban Fantasy, Werewolf, Urban Fantasy, Luna

Urban Fantasy Author


April is now all by herself after her family and pack gets slaughtered. They are after her now, and luckily for her, she ends up in the territory of a powerful Alpha.

Or maybe not so lucky because this Alpha turns out to be her mate—who despises rogues like her. What was supposed to be a nice encounter may be another nightmare for April.

Pros: Although quite unpleasant encounters, the characters’ connection is solid and superb. It felt real!

Cons: I think the Alpha’s being too much to punish April as he did when they hardly know each other. Just her being a rogue.

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Urban fantasy book 3.5. The Alpha’s Warrior Princess

Score: 10/10

Tags: Werewolf, Kickass Heroine, Urban Fantasy, Fated, Happy Ending

Urban Fantasy Novels


April Raine Storm was seventeen when her father moved them all to the land of his best friend Alpha in Wolf County, Pennsylvania. Alexander Maxim Moon is the future Alpha of Diamond Lake Pack. He thinks he is all that special with the title, the skills, and the looks. Until he meets April.

Pros: Good characterization. I love the banters between April and Alexander. Probably because he thought he was all-knowing, and she proved him wrong.

Cons: Scenes are too detailed. It’s nice to have things explicitly explained to the readers, but it tends to be over detailed.

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Urban fantasy book 3.6. Wolfblood

Score: 10/10

Tags: Alpha, Urban Fantasy, Crime VS. Justice, Powerful, Wild

Urban Fantasy Romance Books


Talia has a mission to find a wolfbane and get revenge on John, who killed her mother. The man she is hunting is an Alpha of the Pine Forest Pack. When Talia finally got her revenge, she thought it was all done. Until she discovers that the man’s son is her mate—and he witnessed her kill his father.

Talia had no time to treasure the encounter with her mate as she shifted into a rogue wolf form and ran to the woods.

Pros: Great world-building. Incredible, and the first chapters are engaging to read. It keeps the readers enchanted.

Cons: Talia’s character was promising at first. Determined, strong young woman, but it gets plopped later in the story. What happened?

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Urban fantasy book 3.7. Their Mafia Kitten

Score: 9/10

Tags: Love Triangle, Mafia, Thriller

Urban Fantasy Book Series


Cassidy is one of the luckiest fictional characters in the best urban fantasy series. She has five protective, handsome, and hot-smoking men around her—all by herself. Alex, Max, Kai, Enzo, and Francesco are willing to share one woman in their life.

No one could get past these strong men and get Cassidy. She was untouchable with them alone, but now she’s risen as the official mafia queen and has become more powerful.

Pros: It’s a fast-paced yet long read. If you want something to keep you occupied for the rest of the day, save this book in your library. Be careful with the scorching scenes.

Cons: One reason it’s a long read is that some scenes could be edited and make the story move and flow more naturally.

Read Their Mafia Kitten here.

Urban fantasy book 3.8. Royally Desired

Score: 9/10

Tags: Alpha, Kickass Heroine, Urban Fantasy, Dominant, Loving A Werewolf

Urban Fantasy Romance Online


It was easy for Tiana Aldrige’s mate to reject her because she is the reason his brother died twelve years ago. It wasn’t like she was not mourning the death of her best friend up to this day, but the whole world was blaming her for it. Almost taking her off the right to mourn at all.

They hate her so much that she is given as a tribute to the Alpha Prince Ryder. Unexpectedly, he is her second chance mate, but even he is not pleased with the thought.

Pros: It’s filled with drama. Tiana is strong in her way. Glad she has Ryder with her now.

Cons: Visible lapses with grammar that can be fixed with some good proofreading. All in all a good read.

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Urban fantasy book 3.9. Mine To Hold (Southern Wedding #2)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Series, Workplace Romance

Read Urban Fantasy Books


On her wedding day, Shelby received a letter from her husband—only to realize it wasn’t meant for her. It’s for the girlfriend of his best friend Ace.

Ace wants to be happy for Shelby and Joseph as his best friend, but how could he? After learning that Joseph has been sleeping with his girlfriend.

Instead of doing anything, he left the town and was confused to find Shelby in his arms. Did he do something about it? Yes. He keeps her in his arms and realizes he wants her more than anything.

Pros: Perfectly, professionally, well-written. If you want some good reading from a great skilled writer, you will find the book and author for you. Grab your chance to read this urban fantasy book now.

Cons: The characters are overwhelming. They appear from one place to another, and then they’re gone again. This is common for serialized books, so that’s a given.

Read Mine To Hold (Southern Wedding #2) Now

Urban fantasy book 3.10. Mine To Have (Southern Wedding #1)

Score: 10/10

Tags: Family Saga Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romantic, Billionaire

Best Urban Fantasy Series Online


It was the day of Travis’s wedding, and it was yet to become a wonderful day for him. Her bride was rushed to the hospital for an allergy, and his ex-girlfriend walks into the church to watch him marry someone else.

Maybe that’s where his wonderful day starts. He thought Harlow was distracting him, but it was the world distracting him from marrying the wrong woman. When the one she should be marrying is the woman who came to be a guest.

Pros: Sweet, sweet fantastic romance. Harlow and Travis are both mature individuals, and you will love them in every single way throughout the story.

Cons: Is it me, or was the ending rushed? It ended abruptly, and it’s weak.

Read Mine To Have (Southern Wedding #1) Now

Urban fantasy book 3.11. Hollywood Prince (Hollywood Royalty #3)

Score: 8.5/10

Tags: Kickass Heroine, Playboy, Urban Fantasy, Drama, Romance

List Of Urban Fantasy Books Online


Erin agreed to work as a PR girl for the Hollywood Prince Carter Johnson during her last month as an intern at Hillcrest Production Company.

Her job is to make Carter’s playboy image clean. It’s a challenge for Erin but not an impossible mission. His charisma got no power over her. Yet, Carter is determined to prove her wrong, especially knowing they only have 30 days to stay together.

Pros: A whirlwind of emotion from such a short, sweet read urban fantasy romance.

Cons: Erin doesn’t seem too empowered around Carter. She’s supposed to prove to him his playboy ways won’t work on her.

Read Hollywood Prince (Hollywood Royalty #3) Now

Urban fantasy book 3.12. Waiting For His Luna

Score: 8/10

Tags: Luna, Urban Fantasy, Kickass Heroine, Alpha, Happy Ending

Read Urban Fantasy Novels


Josie had been told many times by guys that they were her mates. She soon got tired of it and warned them she would believe none of their claims unless it came from her wolf.

Archer is the Future Alpha who plans to immediately tell Josie she is his mate. But after accidentally hearing her warning another guy about her fated mate, he lost his courage to speak up. Archer’s only way to prove to Josie they are mated is to wait until her eighteenth birthday.

Pros: Slow-burn, sweet romance of two teens falling in love and their connection getting stronger because of the mate bond.

Cons: Needs some editing since it takes away the fun reading experience for the readers. Still a good storyline.

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Urban fantasy book 3.13. The Fairy’s Forbidden Mate


Tags: Possessive, Shifter, Kickass Heroine, Werewolf, Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy Books Download


Rhea is a princess of the Fairy Kingdom. She’s a half werewolf and half fairy. She has yet to meet her wolf, which means she has yet to find her mate, too, at the age of twenty.

In search of love, Rhea will soon find herself away from home and dealing with dragon politics. Love would be nothing without her wolf, but Rhea might have a chance to see it without it, but what are the consequences? And why would she be in the land of the dragons of all places?

Pros: Great series, the author keeps coming for more, yet readers still want more. It’s that addictingly good! Also such a terrific urban fantasy world.

Cons: It’s not entirely a con, but I’m confused about who the prologue is.

Read The Fairy’s Forbidden Mate Now

Urban fantasy book 3.14. The Lyon’s Cub Caitlin

Score: 9/10

Tags: Possessive, Drama, Dominant, Love-Hate Relationship, Sports

Urban Fantasy Romance Dreame


Caitlin Lyon’s father is Colton Lyon, the toughest, saddest biker leader. He’s stern and very protective of her, and because of that, she and her boyfriend of four years, Todd, could hardly make their relationship public.

Todd used to be scared of Colton Lyon, but after studying him for four years while in serious training, he believed now, he could face him squarely. Now, he could prove to the biker leader why he’s the one meant to protect his precious daughter.

Pros: Fall in love with Todd’s determination. He’s cool, sweet, strong, patient, and reserved all at the same time. His persistence in proving his worth to Colton is very admirable.

Cons: Ended too quickly. It’s unfair. Readers want more of Todd and Caitlin.

Read The Lyon’s Cub Caitlin Now

Urban fantasy book 3.15. Lyon

Score: 10/10

Tags: Fall In Love With A Badboy, Forced Love, Hot, Workplace, Badboy

Urban Fantasy Books Series Romance


Colton is the toughest bad boy, plus a biker with tattoos and piercings. He has no time for love until Katarina Sloane comes into his life and applies to be his secretary. She came into his life wounded and terrified for his life. She was a stranger to him, but his protectiveness kicked in. He was the boss, but she got him wrapped around her fingers in his territory.

Pros: It’s a ten out of ten because why not? It’s a fast-paced yet slow-burn romance. Do you know what I mean?

Cons: Colton is seductively hot but way protective of Kat. It gets out of hand sometimes. He makes things worse.

Read Lyon Now

Urban fantasy book 3.16. The Alpha’s Commoner Bride

Score: 9/10

Tags: Alpha, Fated, Pack, Urban Fantasy, Badboy, Werewolf

Urban Fantasy Series Online


Alpha Gunther is doing his best to protect unmated commoners of North Woods Pack because they are prey to the royal werewolves.

Aurora Hunter is among them, and the tale of an unmated commoner who died running from the palace still haunts her. Added to it was her experience of nearly being assaulted by a group of rogues. Thanks to the man who saved her, she came home alive.

But he turns out to be Aurora’s mate—a royal.

Pros: Aurora is surprisingly strong and brave for her personality. She needs to keep it going, even around some asshole royals werewolves.

Cons: Sensitive content with sexual and deception themes. Still one of the promising urban fantasy books.

Read The Alpha’s Commoner Bride Now

Urban fantasy book 3.17. The Dragon’s Love

Score: 9/10

Tags: Adventure, Kickass Heroine, Urban Fantasy, Dragon, Queen

Urban Fantasy Novels Online


Laelia is the woman of virtue. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and strong. People looked up to her and always followed her. She’s powerful alone, especially now that she has Ashes by her side.

But when he got trapped by his brothers, Laelia would help save him from Blaze and Sirrush. She would ask Ashes to let go of the throne. However, he couldn’t do that, not after what happened. And even if it means putting their relationship at risk.

Pros: I thought little of this book but was proven wrong after reading it. It’s worth it. A very good read and recommended.

Cons: I was shocked at how Laelia first reacted to the Elf Prince. She seemed to be falling easily for him while Ashes were on the brink of dying.

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Urban fantasy book 3.18. His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies

Score: 9/10

Tags: Billionaire, Contract Marriage, One-Night Stand, Mafia, Drama

Urban Fantasy Authors Romance


Serena works as a stripper until her boss makes her pregnant and now she has to live a luxurious life with his family. He’s from a not-so-ordinary wealthy family because he is the heir to a mafia clan.

It was a play-pretend deal between them and should end once she gives birth. But things took an unexpected turn with the appearance of her birth parents. Danger follows their relationship and Christian must work to save her and the babies in her womb.

Pros: Another perfect couple fit for each other in an urban romance. It’s a good combination of thrill and romance.

Cons: Some wordy chapters sometimes lose the excitement while reading.

Read His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies Now

3.19. The Dragon’s Calls

Score: 9/10

Tags: Urban Fantasy, Kickass Heroine, Shape-shifter, Drama, Dragon

Urban Fantasy Books Romance


Ashes and his brothers are on a trip to the North to kill King James and end human rule over the North. Humans are considered a threat to the dragons in the South, while dragons cause fear to the humans of the North.

But meeting a feisty human princess was not what Ashes and his brothers expected. Laelia refused to bow down even if they were the men sent to kill her. Just like that, Ashes had changed a plan, leading them to take Laelia taken to the South back with them as their captive.

Pros: I love Laelia’s unique way of always coming up with something brilliant. She just kept on surprising the brothers, especially Ashes. And, of course, the readers.

Cons: Too many characters and supernatural creatures. It would be great to have them have distinct powers over one another.

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Urban fantasy book 3.20. Alpha’s Black Furred Slave Mate

Score: 8/10

Tags: Possessive, Urban Fantasy, Forced Love, Suspense, One Night Stand With The Stranger

YA Urban Fantasy Online


Deonna’s wolf is an all-black fur werewolf. As much as she wants to love it, she can’t. Black furs are considered unclean, uneducated, and low-born.

And upon meeting Marlon Roessler, master of the Roessler family, she was surprised that he was not disgusted at her wolf. Or perhaps, it’s because they were sent to be a slave to the noblemen in the first place?

An intimate scene between them will lead to another until things are no longer about colors and powers.

Pros: Hot-addicting read! It started after Deonna and Marlon sorted out their problems and differences. Marlon’s character from cold and ruthless to nice and caring.

Cons: Abusive scenes and actions will always be a con, so I suggest being more careful with the details and consent.

Read Alpha’s Black Furred Slave Mate Now

Choose which of this list of urban fantasy books to read first and prepare to reawaken your imagination or have renewed joy in reading urban fantasy books!


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