8 Inkitt Billionaire Stories and Books to Indulge You


Inkitt is an amazing platform where aspiring writers can pre-publish their novels and get feedback from communities from all around the world. Needless to say, it has a plethora of genres available in it, including billionaire romance stories. Romance enthusiasts who are looking for fresh and interesting ideas from young writers with their takes on billionaire romance stories should definitely check out Inkitt. To make it easier, we have selected the 8 best Inkitt billionaire stories that you can read for free online.

8 Most popular Billionaire love or Billionaire romance books on Inkitt

1. The Billionaire’s Five

inkitt the billionaires five

After losing her job at the daycare, child-loving Maureen gets the job of her dream as the nanny to the children of the Lawson family. Cold billionaire Tobias Lawson is a widower with five children. With five unruly kids to take care of, naturally, Maureen is in over her head. Add in a father that she may or may not be attracted to and the complication multiplies. But despite all that, these seven souls slowly grow closer. Can they truly become a family? Will the billionaire open his heart once more?

Fans of “The Sound of Music” will find the plot familiar. But with a modern touch, this trope never gets old.

Read The Billionaires Five online

2. The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal

inkitt greek billionaire indecent proposal

One unforgettable encounter with a mysterious man at a club leaves an indelible mark in Soraya Eaton’s life. But following their passion-filled night, the man breaks her heart. Six years later, Greek billionaire Xander Adamos still can’t get over Soraya. Now that he’s found her again and realized they now share a little boy, Xander will stop at nothing to get her back. Will the second time be the charm for these two?
Meeting Mr. Billionaire was not the beginning of Soraya’s happy ending. But readers will find plenty of enjoyment following how Soraya and her billionaire lover find their way back to each other.

Read The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal on Dreame

3. The Mysterious Bride of Billionaire

inkitt mysterious bride of billionaire

To pay off her debt to the family who raised her, Sidney reluctantly agrees to marry the brutish son of a powerful billionaire family. Life becomes hell after that, especially since she must leave her lover Arthur. But gradually, her new husband Eric Rogers starts changing: he would behave like a jealous man in love. Could the beastly billionaire truly fall for his forced bride?

Fans of billionaire forced marriage plot will find plenty to love in this story. Fans of the possessive billionaire trope will also enjoy the juicy drama. It offers so many classic beloved elements that make a billionaire romance story so desirable.

Read The Mysterious Bride of Billionaire on Dreame

4. Once and For All

inkitt once and for all

Betrayed by her fiancé, Scarlett Pierce vowed never to fall in love again. And then her father makes her enter an arranged marriage with billionaire Nathaniel Hubert. Being a successful architect at the age of 25, Scarlett is wanting nothing in her life. But her father insists that she says yes to this stranger. What will become of this forced marriage? Is there a happy ending for these two damaged souls?

Read Once And For All online

5. Sign Here For Vengeance

inkitt sign here for vengeance

Olivia Reagan had been betrothed to billionaire Clyde Harrison from a young age. She was truly in love and thought that he was too… until they got married and he betrayed her. Cheated out of all their family money, her parents ended their lives, leaving Olivia penniless and heartbroken.

A year later, she resurfaces to exact revenge on Clyde. This time, she strikes a deal with his sworn enemy Judah Kingston. No two people in the world want Clyde’s downfall more than Judah and Olivia. And now, they are about to join hands with a contract marriage… for vengeance.

Revenge stories are always juicy. Pair it up with faux marriage and billionaire love story and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a dramatic read.

Read Sign Here For Vengeance online

6. The Carrero Effect

inkitt the carrero effect

Emma has worked her ass off to get to where she is now. She survived her traumatic childhood to become a calm and highly organized person that won’t let anything rattle her. Now success is within her grasp – a promotion to her dream job. The only catch: her would-be position requires her to work with playboy billionaire Jake Carrero.

Jake and Emma cannot be more different. He’s fiery, flirtatious, and dominant while she is cool, composed, and no-nonsense. Jake is determined to break her icy exterior but Emma wouldn’t let anyone hurt her again. Can they meet in the middle, or will they break one another?

Read The Carrero Effect online

7. The Carrero Influence

inkitt the carrero influence

A sequel to the addictive billionaire love story Carrero Effect, The Carrero Influence follows Emma after the event of the first novel. The woman who once had it all has lost everything and is slowly trying to recover. Her world is once again turned upside down when billionaire Jake Carrero reappears in her life. There might be a chance of something between them again, but now Emma is even more cautious. Especially when there is another beauty attached to him this time. What will become of Jake and Emma’s romance this time around?

Read The Carrero Influence online

8. Mistress To The Ruthless Billionaire

inkitt mistress to the ruthless billionaire

On the run from a loan shark who threatens her younger sister, Belinda Gibson is determined to do anything to pay off her debt. That includes accepting an offer to become the mistress of Stavros Xenakis, her billionaire ex-lover. Once upon a time when Belinda was rich and Stavros was not, her family had humiliated him. Now, her heart still beats for him but he’s turned into a cold and calculating person. Belinda believes he only wants to spite her, but Stavros has more than one motivation for having her in his life.

Read Mistress to the Ruthless Billionaire online


That concludes the 8 best billionaire love stories you can find on Inkitt. Romance lovers, we can guarantee you will have indulging weekends with these titles!


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