8 Movies Like Vivarium You Must Be Crazy For


The movie Vivarium is a science fiction horror film released in 2019. Unlike movies similar to Vivarium, the plot revolves around a couple who travels to a suburban neighborhood where all the houses look the same. When they try to leave the labyrinth-like complex, each road suddenly leads them back to the beginning.

You could fill an entire book with speculations about the metaphors in this movie and how they all connect. The movie also uses the horror of an alien species combined with mundane lifestyles.

But even these backdrops, easter eggs, and so on have layers of deeper interpretation. They depend on how specific you want to go down the rabbit hole.

Speaking of going down the rabbit hole, this post features eight movies like Vivarium.

Heroes in Vivarium

movies like vivarium heroes

Before we go to movies like Vivarium, let’s talk about Vivarium’s heroes first.

The heroes in Vivarium are a young couple, Gemma and Tom. In the movie, they are abducted and forced to raise a child in a pod.

After visiting a creepy realtor, Tom and Gemma are brought and abandoned in Yonder, a uniformed version of a gated community.

Each house is green, each cloud looks like a painting, and each backyard is mowed in Yonder. The couple tries to escape, but they cannot find the exit.

As a result, they settle in at house #9 (no street address, since the houses are all the same). They then get care packages with vacuum-sealed flavorless food items like eggs, meat, and coffee. One day, the package involves a human baby. The said box states: “Raise the child and be released.”

Unwilling to accept their fate, Gemma and Tom descend into madness. Just like other movies similar to Vivarium, the film’s ending features a journey through multiple realities. The film’s final scene is just as mysterious as it is brutal.

Why Vivarium Is Awesome for Sci-Fi Fans

For one, unlike your typical modern movies similar to Vivarium, the film features a couple who finds themselves enslaved to interdimensional humanoids. These aliens force humans to nurture their kind as they grow unnaturally quickly.

Like movies similar to Vivarium, however, the aliens lure the couple into a labyrinth-like maze with uniformed green houses. The humanoids promise the couple to set them free once the baby becomes an adult.

In addition, the creatures of Vivarium, whatever they are, act like humans. They do the work to ensure their survival. This makes the movies more relatable for sci-fi fans.

Ready to explore movies similar to Vivarium? The next section highlights the best movies like Vivarium.

8 Movies Similar to Vivarium You Cannot Miss Out

Here are the best eight movies similar to Vivarium:

Movies Like Vivarium 1: Fractured

Ray, his wife, and their daughter are driving cross-country when they stop at a highway rest stop. They had to do this because his daughter falls and breaks her arm.

Ray is finally able to get her to a doctor after a frantic dash to the hospital and a spat with the check-in nurse. He slips out in a chair in the lobby while his wife and daughter walk downstairs for an MRI. They have no record or knowledge of Ray’s family being checked in when they wake up.

Movies Like Vivarium 2: The Perfection

Unexpected twists and turns abound in this exquisite and scary thriller film. When Charlotte (Allison Williams), a troubled musical genius, seeks out Elizabeth (Logan Browning), the new star pupil at her old school, the encounter leads both musicians down a devious path with shocking repercussions.

Movies Like Vivarium 3: Cam

A sensual webcam performer finds her fans hijacked by a doppelganger who hijacks her channel. The being pushes the sexual envelope further and otherwise seems out to destroy her life. It’s a form of identity theft that may or may not be supernatural.

Movies Like Vivarium 4: Wounds

Will works at a cockroach-infested pub in New Orleans. Alicia (one of his exes), her (present) boyfriend Jeffrey, a drunk Eric, and some college students visit the bar one night.

Eric gets stabbed in the cheek with a shattered bottle after fighting another guest. Will realizes that one of the kids left their phone at the pub. Will returns to his house with Carrie. While inspecting the phone, he receives texts from Garrett, who thinks something from the tunnel is following him.

Movies Like Vivarium 5: Clinical

A psychiatrist (Vinessa Shaw) tries to restore her life after being traumatized by a patient who brutally attacks her by assisting a new patient who has his own horrific history. The patient in question has been through a lot in his life.

Movies Like Vivarium 6: Radius

After being in a vehicle accident, Liam wakes up but has no idea who he is. As he makes his way into town in search of assistance, he discovers nothing but dead bodies.

All of them have peculiarly pale eyes. The first thing that comes to Liam’s mind is that there must be a virus in the air, but he quickly learns that this is not the case.

Movies Like Vivarium 7: Rebirth

White-collar suburban dad Kyle gets a pleasant surprise when his long-lost college friend Zack shows up at his office.

Zack is as wild and reckless as ever, and he is bursting with excitement about a self-actualization program called Rebirth that he has recently finished. He convinces Kyle to attend a Rebirth weekend retreat, during which Kyle is required to hand over his keys, wallet, and phone. This marks the beginning of his descent into an absurd rabbit hole filled with psychodrama, seduction, and violence.

Movies Like Vivarium 8: Black Box

The story of Black Box follows a man who survives a terrible vehicle accident but struggles to remember what happened afterward.

While he is working hard to bring up his daughter, he undergoes an experimental treatment that enables him to delve into his history. All of a sudden, it appears to be much more sinister than it should be for someone like him.


Which of the movies like Vivarium do you want to watch first? Let us know in the comment section below!

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