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Revenge can awake unknown feelings and build strength you never knew you had. In every mundane world, the strong ones rule over weaklings, forcing them to submit to their will and power.

What happens though when a weakling rises, achieving strength and influencing even the most powerful people in the city? A Healer’s Journey brings forward the story of a young man whom, fed up with being overpowered by ruthless narcissists, decides to turn the tables and give them a taste of their own medicine.

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Part 1: The Events That Changed Finnegan’s Life In A Healer’s Journey

A Healer’s Journey novel begins after the events that changed Finnegan’s path in life. To be more specific, five years later.

He used to be a regular, inconspicuous young boy, living with his beautiful family and enjoying his parent’s love and devotion. Everything changed one night when Finnigan witnessed the beautiful Bernice being attacked by Killian.

Killian was known to be a powerful, spoiled young boy. It seemed that he wanted Bernice’s body, even against her wishes. As a gentleman, Finnegan couldn’t hold back and rescued the beautiful girl, aware of the fact that his actions would put him on Killian’s black list.

It took five years for Finnegan to recover from his injuries. During this time, he stayed far away from his family, afraid that Killian might unleash his wrath on his parents and sister.

Finnegan didn’t waste this whole time though. He mastered the art of healing, becoming one of the most popular healers. His technique was flawless and consisted only of natural herbs and energy.

Apart from helping people, he managed to gather quite a fortune throughout the years, not to mention the respect and obedience of some of the most important people from the nearby cities.

Finally, after five years of being away from his family, Finnegan decided to go home. There were no happier parents than Desmond and Quiana upon seeing their boy alive and well. Even Desmond, whom looked frail and crippled wanted to move on with his life.

Their house looked old, poor and empty. It wasn’t anything like it used to be five years ago. Finnegan couldn’t stop himself from asking what happened. After all, when he went away, their home was nice and his father was in good health.

Quiana confessed to her son that Killian never let them off the hook after Finnegan disappeared. He asked for money as compensation for her son’s interference with his personal business and afterwards he vented his anger upon Desmond, crippling him.

A Healer's Journey Finnegan

An enraged Finnegan vowed to avenge his dad while promising to cure him within a month. He just needed the right herbs and he could make it happen.

Further on, Quiana told her son that Bernice Zimmerman has always been grateful for Finnegan’s help that night and she kept visiting them. She even paid For Rhia’s education.

Unfortunately, for the past month she wasn’t able to visit them anymore, as a strange disease put her in a coma and no one could make sense of her illness.

Finnegan put together a plan on the spot. He went to visit the Zimmermans and offered his healing services in return for some rare herbs that he needed to help his father.

Initially, the Zimmermans mocked the boy. If the most prestigious doctor from the hospital couldn’t help their daughter, how can a young healer without proper education claim to succeed?

Finnegan didn’t take their words to heart and decided to prove his abilities by taming Patrick Zimmerman’s headache. Using his non-treatment methods, he took away the man’s pain in mere seconds.

Stunned, Patrick and Jennifer got on their knees and begged for forgiveness for disbelieving him and pleading for help.

Finnegan never planned to leave the place without awaking Bernice, but he took the opportunity to ask the Zimmermans to go seek for the herbs he needed for his father. Then, he woke up the beautiful Bernice.

A Healer's Journey Novel

As news of his arrival started to spread around the city, Finnegan started having unwanted visitors. Python wanted the Larkin residence, as the place stood in the way of his project to develop the area. He wanted the family gone so he could demolish the house and carry on the project.

Desmond and Quiana Larkin never wanted to sign the documents, but now Python threatened to take the place by force and have his way with the family’s young daughter, Rhia. Finnegan showed a small amount of his strength by taking down Python and his men.

He stood against everyone without difficulty. He knew the word will spread and eventually Killian will come looking for him.

Meanwhile, Rhia pleaded with her brother to go on a blind date with her senior, Lindsey and maybe even marry her. Although he eventually agreed, Finnegan’s mind was already occupied with Bernice.

Who will the healer choose? The frail, sick Lindsey or the beautiful, bold Bernice? Will be find peace after taking down Killian?

Part 2: Finnegan, The Young Boy With The Mind Of An Elder In A Healer’s Journey

A Healer’s Journey Finnegan is a straightforward character. He is aware of his strength and he isn’t afraid to use it. He can be tricky and thorny, punishing his enemies at the right time.

Finnegan never rushes into things, taking time to asses the problems and finding the right solution. He spent five years cultivating his knowledge and building his strength before coming back to his family.

He made sure that, when he would come back, his parents and sister would be well protected.

A Healer's Journey Bernice

One thing I found interesting about Finnegan was his ability to play with people’s minds and coerce them into doing what he wanted without actually being vocal about his needs. He easily convinced the Zimmermans to beg him to cure their daughter. he pretended to walk away, knowing they would stop him.

Finnegan’s rage and ambition for revenge are definitely fueled by his enemies’ boldness to tell him they would bed his younger sister. Killian even dares to say he would sleep with Rhia for a few days before killing her, earning him four broken limbs with painful twitching every hour.

Our leading character never takes leaps of faith. Every move he makes is well considered and planned ahead to ensure his success.

Part 3: Apart From A Healer’s Journey, Read This Book Also

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