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This is the story of two people brought together by fate. Xaviera is abandoned by her fiancée in favor of her sister, while Caleb is stood up by his fiancée at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Since both of them needed a partner, they decide to tie the knot, at least temporary. They don’t even question each other’s identity when taking such major step, plunging head first in a tumultuous relationship which will mess with other people’s plans.

Curious about the ploy around Xaviera and Caleb? Keep reading to find out more.

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Part 1: Xaviera And Caleb’s Journey In Claiming My Possessive CEO

Xaviera’s background in the Evans family hasn’t been easy whatsoever. A week after her mother’s funeral, her father remarried and his new wife already had a daughter whom her dad claimed it was his.

As soon as her stepmother and stepsister moved into her home, Xaviera had to move out. She was sent away to live in the countryside and she didn’t return until she was old enough to make her own decisions.

Due to an understanding between the Evans and Mamet families, a union through marriage was adamant to keep their business going, thus Xaviera was betrothed to Moore Mamet.

As the girl was gathering her things, her sister Mag came to see her, begging her to not marry Moore. Mag was apparently a fragile, innocent girl, deeply in love with the Mamet family’s young son.

Xaviera needed this marriage to gain control over her assets, as it was the sole condition for her to get in possession of her heritage. Before she could say anything, Mag threw herself on the floor clutching her belly, begging her sister to spare her and her baby.

Moore rushed in and held his beloved whom was feigning a terrible pain in her abdomen. He only glanced at Xaviera, threatening her to pay with her own life if something were to happen to his child.

Nevertheless, Xaviera knew the truth. There was no baby, Mag was just playing the victim to bring the wrath of both Evans and More families upon her, while preventing her from taking over her assets.

Mag underestimated Xaviera since the latter was brought up in the countryside, but the girl had many secret talents she wasn’t ready to reveal just yet. Xaviera had been an overachiever. She was witty and bold and she could easily overthrow any vicious plan coming from her sister.

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Caleb

She managed to prove with videos the truth about Mag’s scheming. Of course, there was no child and no pushing coming from Xaviera. Holding the truth in his own hands didn’t stop Moore from comforting and loving Mag, finding poor excuses for her behavior.

Still needing a husband, Xaviera was standing in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, watching the passer byers, hoping to find someone suited for her. She only needed a marriage certificate to take her assets and then she could get a divorce.

In front of the same bureau was also standing the handsome Caleb Mamet. He was waiting for his fiancée, whom was taking her sweet time to get there. Fed up with waiting, Caleb decided to go on his way, when a gorgeous woman, casually dressed in an oversized t-shirt approached him.

Xaviera overheard Caleb talking to his driver about leaving when his fiancée failed to show up, thus she decided that he was the perfect match for her needs. He needed a wife, she needed a husband.

Xaviera bluntly made her proposition to Caleb who agreed on the spot. In less than an hour, the two of them walked out of Civil Affairs Bureau with a marriage license.

Although the two of them never planned to stay together for too long, Xaviera was reluctant to let him go after having her first taste of his skin. Once she tastes his lips, her fate is sealed forever.

After a terrible accident, everything tasted bitter for Xaviera, but somehow Caleb brought the sweetness back in her life. She wants to savor him everyday and finds different ways to get closer to him, while Caleb tries to dodge her moves.

Will Caleb realize his wife’s dependence towards him? Will he open up his heart to Xaviera?

Part 2: The Leading Characters From Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Xaviera

Claiming My Possessive CEO Xaviera is a clever girl. Life forced her to become independent when her own father cast her out of the family as soon as he remarried.

Since Xaviera knew she couldn’t rely on anyone, she strived to become a powerful woman who can take care of herself without the support of a man. She became a prestigious, anonymous computer hacker, a good business woman and a smart competitor.

The only thing standing between her and her fortune was a marriage contract that she would easily obtain and afterwards she planned on becoming free again. Her understanding with Caleb should have been temporary, but having tasted his sweet fingers and lips, Xaviera became addicted.

It looks like Caleb had become her own drug. She fought for him with all her might trying to get closer. It’s like Caleb and Xaviera’s roles have reversed with her being the bold partner, constantly coming on to her shy husband.

Caleb is a handsome man with his own agenda. Although he doesn’t realize he loves Xaviera already, he still respects her and puts his maids in their places upon offending the new lady of the house.

He also constantly supports her and offers his help whenever she seems to be in trouble, regardless of the fact that her enemy is none other than his nephew.

Caleb is a fair man and once he realizes that he has fallen for Xaviera, he is ready to put the world at her feet.

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Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband Novel

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Kalev is a cold man who can have any woman he wants, yet his body and soul seem to be focused on Marsh. Did she really melt his icy heart?

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