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Patience and kindness have their limits. Clement has allowed his in-laws to walk all over him for far too long. Now, with money and power, he is determined to make them eat their own words and repent for their mistakes.

Homme Inaccessible is a tremendous story about modesty, ambition and achievement in a society where money makes the world go round. Without wealth and status, even your family looks down on you.

The novel portrays Clement’s journey from rags to riches while developing the romance between himself and Chloe, the woman who stood by his side despite her family’s disapproval.

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Part 1: Homme Inaccessible, The Tale Of A Despised Son On Law

On Mrs Xavier’s birthday, the eldest member of the family, everyone gathered to offer their presents. As usual, they compete in bringing the most expensive and luxurious items, hoping they could gain more favors from the old lady.

The only one standing a bit farther from the party was Clement. He was the son in law who married the beautiful Chloe, the eldest grand-daughter of the family. He was orphan and penniless, so he wasn’t bringing any gift.

Amidst the fuss created around the excitement of opening presents, Clement suddenly dared to speak. He needed to borrow one hundred thousand euros from Mrs Xavier to pay for Lea’s medical bills.

Lea was the woman who raised Clement, he owed her his life and now she needed a kidney transplant. As his sole family, he needed to help her. Mrs Xavier’s good mood suddenly changed and scolded the good-for-nothing man.

Homme Inaccessible Clement

Every other member of the family joined her in bullying Clement when suddenly the old woman had an idea. She would lend the money to him if Chloe would divorce him and marry Victor Charles, a man coming from a wealthy family and who wanted to court her.

Chloe refused her grandmother’s offer, standing by her husband. She wanted to support him more, but she knew she couldn’t turn her back on the Xavier family lest she wanted to be cast out.

Everyone waited for Clement to leave for the hospital to ambush Chloe and demand that she divorced the man. Even Yvon, who was Vivian’s fiancée, rooted for her divorce as he secretly wanted Chloe for himself.

At the hospital, Clement learned that Lea had been transferred to a better, private facility to receive the best treatment possible and a third of the medical fees has already been covered.

Looking around, Clement spotted Savin, an old man who served his parent’s family for years. Upon the death of his father and mother, his grandfather cut ties with everyone. But now, the old man wanted Clement to claim his rightful place and inherit the family fortune.

Proof of the old man’s intentions laid in the black card prepared especially for Clement, which held a limitless amount of money. Furthermore, he could immediately take over the family business.

Clement agreed but decided to keep the information for himself at the moment. Holding a great deal of power and money, he slowly starts to get back on his in-laws, while helping his wife score points with Mrs Xavier.

With Clement’s anonymous help, Chloe became the CEO of the Xavier family company, sealing multi-million-euro contracts. She believed it was just luck, never suspecting that her own husband was behind her success.

What will Chloe do when she learns that Clement is actually the heir of a powerful wealthy family? Will she forgive him for lying to her?

Part 2: Homme Inaccessible Novel Review

Homme Inaccessible Chloe

If you’re wondering whether Homme Inaccessible is one of those stories with an indefinite amount of chapters that simply drag on the storyline, I must tell you that you’re partially right. Yes, it has a great del of chapters but no, they don’t drag the storyline.

On the contrary, as you dive into the story, you’ll find it more and more interesting and appealing. Homme Inaccessible Clement conducts an interesting game with his in-laws after becoming rich and powerful. He stays in the shadows while propelling his wife as the company’s CEO.

He still allows his wife’s family to mock him, knowing that he would retaliate later. It’s a cat and mouse game here, as Clement leaves his enemies the impression that they are one step forward when he actually allows them to take the lead for a second before catching them again and again.

This false feeling of triumph frustrates his in-laws, who don’t have the faintest idea of who might be behind their misfortune. They eventually start doubting Chloe as it seems that she is the only one with good luck in the Xavier family.

Overall, the novel is a worthy reading. It’s fun and engaging and you’ll love the chemistry between Clement and Chloe. Although she comes from an arrogant, rich family, she’s humble and she truly loves her husband.

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Homme Inaccessible Romance

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The man had been raised in an orphanage. He was used to harsh life, so his wife’s mistreat didn’t really bother him. He swallowed every harsh word and every slap hoping that one day Nicole would give in. And then, he would vent his anger towards her.

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