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Bernard and Eleanor’s relationship started off as a one-time thing only, but, upon seeing Eleanor’s stunning similarity to the love of his life, Sophie, Bernard offered the woman a contract she couldn’t deny. A lot of money in exchange for her body on regular basis.

A Second Chance At Forever novel draws a fine line between real and substitute love, as the main character seems to have a deep misunderstanding the two concepts. He easily mistakes his feelings for Eleanor for lust, as her similarity to Sophie is uncanny.

Once the truth sinks in and Bernards comes to terms with the fact that Eleanor is more than meets the eye, his struggle to get her back is quite endearing.

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Part 1: A Second Chance At Forever, A Story Like None Other

Here is an overview of the beautiful story of Eleanor and Bernard, a woman willing to sell her body for the people she loves and a man eager to not let anyone touch what belongs to him. And Eleanor now belongs to him.

Wearing only a sheer nightgown, Eleanor is nervous knowing how eager Bernard must be to possess her body after being away for three months. Sure enough, without showing a glance of emotion, the man satisfied his needs on and on for the entire night.

When finally awakening the next morning, Eleanor is startled to see that the man is still in the room. He never lingered after their encounters. Every time she woke up, he would be already gone without a word. This time, something must have changed.

Without keeping too much suspense, Bernard told the woman that their contract is suspended, as he no longer requires her services. Eleanor is startled. Yes, they had a contract that stated she is supposed to fulfill his desires upon request, but she hoped she could stay by his side until the end.

A Second Chance At Forever Eleanor

Although the contract was supposed to expire in six months, she only needed three more months by his side. That’s how long she was supposed to live before her heart failed. Her condition had worsened and the doctor already warned her that her time was almost up.

Unfortunately, she can’t change the man’s cold gaze, nor his decision. Eleanor signed the termination of the contract without hesitation, falsely professing that she was also thinking about leaving Bernard and pursuing a real relationship and family, a man to love her.

Seeing no reaction from Bernard when telling she would be with another man only proved just how little the man considered of Eleanor. Now, that she had only little time left. Everything that Bernard wanted to leave her, the house, the money, were nothing, thus she rejected everything.

Soon, rumors about Bernard and his former sweetheart, Sophie, emerged, making Eleanor understand the reason why the man abandoned her. Seeing Sophie in person and realizing the resemblance between her and that woman even showed her why Bernard had chosen her in the first place.

Although Eleanor decides to quit her job and live a peaceful life until death came, she finds herself trapped in a difficult situation as a ruthless, disgusting, billionaire womanizer set his eyes on her.

Unwilling to take no for an answer, Josef tries to rape her, but Eleanor escapes at the last minute promising to help him get a deal with Bernard. As business man, Josef can’t escape the opportunity and agrees to let Eleanor off the hook, but, if Eleanor fails, her friend will suffer.

Seeing Josef openly pursuing Eleanor makes Bernard jealous, humiliating the woman by pouring wine over her head in public. But when learning that Eleanor never gave herself to Josef and is only protecting her friend, he saves the woman and urges her to contact him whenever she is in trouble.

Bernard acts like a savior, but he does so without revealing his identity to Eleanor. He wants the woman for himself, but can he overcome prejudices and allow himself to have an open relationship with Eleanor?

Part 2: Why You Should Read A Second Chance At Forever

A Second Chance At Forever Bernard

Among many romance books whose plots surround the idea of contract and substitute love, why should A Second Chance At Forever novel stand out and why should you read it?

Well, first off, this novel kept surprising me chapter after chapter. After ending the contract between the main characters right from the beginning of the novel, I expected the female lead to have some chapters of her own, see her adjust to her new single life, focus on her health, maybe even get acquainted with a nice guy.

But, surprisingly, Bernard never let the girl out of his sight even though the love of his life, Sophie was back in his arms. His constant hot and cold demeanor and reluctance to let Eleanor be is intriguing and appealing altogether.

Another thing that is both entertaining and somehow captivating is Eleanor’s boldness to retaliate to everything Bernard says or does. She seldom provokes him to speak his mind just to learn his true opinions about her.

Bernard never misses an opportunity to taunt Eleanor, accusing her of bedding another man for money and being a tainted woman. Although knowing she could easily discard all accusations, Eleanor often falsely agrees with his statements, just to watch his reactions.

Eleanor is a woman who speaks her mind. She is smart, witty and she can go to extreme lengths to protect her friend and the man she loves.

As the story progresses, it’s also interesting to watch secrets unfold, learn the real reason why Eleanor agreed to sign a contract with Bernard, why the man set his eyes on this particular woman and why is the man now so reluctant to let her be.

It’s a great book, definitely worth reading, with twisting plots and unexpected events. But, as you dive in further and further, you get to actually get a scoop into A Second Chance At Forever Eleanor and Bernard’s relationship once it’s flourished. I won’t give you any more details, no spoilers for now.

Part 3: Intriguing Chapters From A Second Chance At Forever

Although there are plenty of bits and pieces worth detailing here, I believe these particular chapters will catch your eye. It’s the absolute proof that Bernard has fallen in love with Eleanor, playing a game he knows he could lose if he revealed his true identity.

A Second Chance At Forever Romance

A Second Chance At Forever Chapter 36

Knowing that Josef sent someone to ruin Hailey’s wedding and probably harm her and her husband made Eleonor anxious. She started pleading with the masked man in front of her, who pretended to be Josef until few seconds ago.

She kept telling the stranger she had to see Josef to give him the fake contract, otherwise Hailey would be killed. Hearing about a contract made the man curious. Fidgeting with the phone, he threatened to call Josef and inquire about the contract, leaving no choice to Eleanor but admit her plan.

She told him how she had to trick the despicable man into thinking he would sign a contract with the famous CEO Bernard in order to escape from being raped by Josef and prevent him from harming her friends.

The masked man had only one last question for Eleanor before taking action. He needed to know whether Josef had ever touched her. The woman shouted with anger that she never intended to have anything to do with that man.

Her response earned her having the rope cut from around her writs. Wasting no time, Eleanor urged the stranger to flee, as Josef was coming to get the promised contract.

Although clearly stating that he is not afraid of some billionaire jerk, the woman still hid the unknown man in the bathroom when Josef started pounding on the door.

A Second Chance At Love Chapter 39

After Josef left, Eleanor never expected the stranger to pin her against the wall and kiss her so fiercely. She started crying, thinking about Bernard, but the man was adamant in taking ownership of her body. He even boldly told her that she belonged to him.

After having his way with her, the stranger took Eleanor in his arms, carried her to the bathroom, cleaned her and laid her body on the bed. Composed and dizzy from the drugs she ingested together with the wine earlier, she asked the man if he intended to kill her.

His response consisted in a fierce kiss he planted on Eleanor’s lips. Then, he proceeded to free her arms, so the woman seized the opportunity and grabbed the dagger she had hidden to protect herself.

Fortunately, he caught her wrist and snatched the dagger from the girl, while holding her tightly in his arms. The man apologized for his actions, telling her he couldn’t help himself as he missed her. Even if Eleanor didn’t realize, the stranger was none other than Bernard, her savior.

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