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When it comes to marriages, one could easily compare them to rocky roads. There are bumps ahead that you can only overcome if you keep your direction straight and your mind focused.

In Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship Sharon and Jameson are no strangers to the hardship of an unwanted marriage. They didn’t marry because they had fallen in love, they married because Sharon got pregnant.

Once the baby was out of the picture, Jameson openly despised the idea of becoming a father, while Sharon felt the need to gain her freedom again. How will they embrace their new lives as single people again? Are they ready to give up on each other?

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Part 1: True Love Story Timeline: Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship

Sharon Allyson married Jameson Proctor when she got pregnant after a one night stand. Unfortunately, she lost the baby and everyone accused her of marrying the gorgeous billionaire by faking a pregnancy.

Jameson despised his wife thinking she used such a low trick to become his spouse and he was determined to make her pay for her ruse every day throughout their life together.

Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship Sharon

After three years of loveless marriage, on their anniversary, Sharon called her husband announcing she had some great news for him. Reluctantly, Jameson came home thinking that his wife wanted him to fulfill his marital duties, but, to his surprise, she only served him their divorce papers.

Chuckling, the handsome man believed it was just one of his wife’s schemes to get some money from him and simply asked her to name a price, but, upon seeing that she already signed the document, he became bewildered.

Of course, over the past three years, Sharon fell in love with her husband, but now she learnt that he got mis mistress, Sheila, pregnant, thus she had to clear the way for them to get married.

Sheila never missed an opportunity to mock Sharon for deceiving Jameson and marrying him. After a while, Sharon got tired of trying to explain that she lost her baby due to an accident caused by Jameson’s cousin, Erica, and simply let everyone slander her.

Once the divorce process is finalized, Sharon learned that Jameson had always been faithful to her. Even more, she was now carrying his child, but her former husband made it clear to her that he would never allow any woman to bear his child, not even his own wife.

This is the reason why she could never resume a relationship with the man, she needed to protect her unborn baby.

She goes back to work as a jewelry designer and, to everyone’s surprise, she turns out to be a famous designer known as Ally, who once won a prestigious contest and was given a scholarship in Paris to study together with her former lover, Martin.

Unfortunately, she had to pass the opportunity. Her father had gained a great deal of debts, thus she had to ask for money instead of the scholarship to help Josh. Afterwards, her pregnancy came and marriage, thus she had to retire from work.

But now, she was free and had someone to fight for. To protect her baby, she had to keep her pregnancy hidden from her husband. But how can she stay away from him when he is constantly looking for her now?

Divorced, with Erica and Martin back in town, with Sheila always looking for opportunities to embarrass her and cause trouble and with Jameson openly declaring that he doesn’t want the baby in her belly, what will Sharon do?

Will she be able to keep the pregnancy this time and will Jameson finally embrace fatherhood?

Part 2: The Multiple Intrigues In Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship

Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship Romance

Like in most romance novels, or novels in general, in Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship there is a main plot and various small subplots that create a series of events and character interactions to keep the readers invested in the book.

Mainly, we have Sharon and Jameson’s love story, which is constantly put to test not just by the man’s family, but also by the main characters themselves. Jameson, with his stubbornness and lack of trust in Sharon, continuously keeps pushing her away, while also dragging her back into his life.

It’s an endless back and forth game that is actually quite endearing, as we witness Jameson and Sharon in various situations, expressing different emotions. They indeed gain life experience throughout the novel as their character’s growth is undeniable in the end.

A minor subplot, that has changed the course of events throughout the novel, is the relationship between Sharon and Josh, her father. A gambling drunkard, he keeps harassing his daughter, endlessly asking for money under the pretense of helping Ruben, the girl’s brother, go to school.

If it weren’t for Josh, Sharon would have gone to Paris when she won the contest instead of trying to repay one of her father’s debts. She constantly needs to borrow money to help the old man, thus getting away from Jameson becomes impossible.

When it comes To Martin, Erica and Sharon, this triangle is quite intriguing. Erica is Jameson’s cousin, she is the one who caused Sharon’s miscarriage and she is now pursuing Sharon’s ex-boyfriend.

Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship Love Story

Martin is Sharon’s first love and he never got over her, thus he is still willing to get back together with her, despite her pregnancy with Jameson. Just as Josh and just as Sheila, Erica troubles the girl over and over.

Another fascinating triangle with its own intriguing plot is represented by Sharon, Jameson and Sheila. The latter uses a fake pregnancy to determine our protagonist to divorce her husband and she even succeeds. She acts like a mistress, although Jameson repeatedly stated that he has nothing to do with her.

All these subplots create a web of conspiracies and lies around Sharon and Jameson’s love story, but they keep us entertained and interested in this amazing novel.

Part 3: Similar Book To Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Relationship

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When Garrie finally manages to flee from her dreading marriage to Lucas, she finds herself trapped in the same house as her husband. Since he failed to tell his grandmother that they had gotten a divorce, Garrie must act like a loving wife now.

Will Garrie and Lucas rekindle their romance?

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