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Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead story brings forward an intriguing, yet realistic aspect of everyday life. Money and power achieve everything.

Jazmine finds herself trapped in a deadly marriage with Giancarlo, a man whom she loves and despises altogether. She tries to get away and from her sickening marriage, but her husband, using his wealth and connections, manages to trap her again and again.

What’s even more astounding is the fact that Giancarlo also possesses the ability to tamper with his wife’s health and body, making her donate a kidney and lose her pregnancy. Stay tuned to read about a great heartbreaking story. With a happy ending though!

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Part 1: The Sobbing Story Of Victoria In Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead

This is a classical story of a frail woman who transforms into a powerful, fearless lady by the end of the book. Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead Jazmine would give up her life for her husband, the handsome billionaire Giancarlo, while the man only has eyes for his mistress, Yoselin.

Years prior, Yoselin pretended to have miscarried Giancarlo’s baby at the hands of Jazmine, making the man cruel towards his wife. After the loss of his child, his thirst for revenge overwhelmed him, so he never missed a chance to humiliate Jazmine and punish her.

The billionaire husband planned to ruin his wife’s family company, purchase their assets and put her father in jail. At the same time, he drove away the sole person who dared to stand up to him in order to protect Jazmine.

Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead Jazmine

Even after seeing her frail body ambushed by injuries and bruises, even after witnessing the woman’s breakdowns, Giancarlo still wanted to take his final strike. He decided to impregnate Jazmine and take her child away, for Yoselin to raise as her own.

When the beautiful young lady finally gets pregnant, Yoselin devises a plan to get rid of the baby, as she never wanted to raise a bastard, she already hated the child in Jasmine’s womb. So, she pretends to get sick and have Giancarlo make his wife donate a kidney to save her life at the expense of the baby in her belly.

Giancarlo doesn’t hesitate for a second and has his men restraint Jazmine and take her in the operating room by force. The premature death of her child angers the girl who tris to flee, but Giancarlo traps her, taking revenge once again by putting her father in jail.

He doesn’t wait long to try and impregnate his wife again and forces himself on her over and over, despite her poor health. Soon enough, it is discovered that both Jazmine and Yoselin are pregnant, but the man still keeps his wife trapped inside his home.

After few more attempts of fleeing, Jazmine realizes that her only escape is death, thus she manages to fake her and her child’s death. Nevertheless, Giancarlo feels guilty for losing his wife and baby, but he never lets his cold expression change.

Five years later, he casually encounters Jazmine again together with a beautiful little girl, his daughter. Stunned, but happy, he is determined to win them back. Is Jazmine ready to be the man’s wife again?

Part 2: Amazing Chapters From Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead

Sir Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead Chapter 8

Yoselin was fuming with anger at the realization that Jazmine was pregnant with Giancarlo. She never intended to be a mother to a bastard, let alone Jazmine’s child.

She was determined to never let that baby live, so she had to make up a perfect plan. She feigned illness and convinced the doctor to tell Giancarlo she needed a kidney transplant within a week, or else she would die.

Giancarlo found himself at a loss for seeking donors, thus he rushed to the villa and demanded Jazmine to donate her kidney to Yoselin. He forcefully grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the hospital.

With disgust in his voice, he let Jazmine know that he didn’t care about the child in her womb, she had to make an abortion and give up her kidney. No matter how much his wife pleaded for the life of her unborn baby, the man was as cold as ice and adamant in his request.

As Jazmine was being brutally carried towards the operating room, she once again understood the hatred that Giancarlo harbored for her and his cruel need for revenge.

Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead, Chapter 94

Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead Giancarlo

For the very first time, Jazmine watched Giancarlo looking at her with softness in his eyes. Sensing Yoselin’s change of mood, she mocked her ex-husband for ignoring the new Ms Tapia.

Never averting his gave from Jazmine, Giancarlo coldly said that Yoselin is no Ms Tapia. Jennie couldn’t help wondering who the real Ms Tapia was, as the man’s girlfriend didn’t hold the position, and Giancarlo simply said that Jazmine is still his wife.

For the first time ever, Jennie and Jazmine held the upper hand and allowed themselves to mock Yoselin for always being a mistress.

Soon, Nina showed up, all smiles and ready to take her mommy inside the store. As soon as Giancarlo’s eyes locked with hers, he knew she was his daughter.

Yoselin started feeling uncomfortable with the situation, thus she urged Giancarlo to hurry and pick up their son from kindergarten.

Part 3: Main Characters Of Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead

I feel obliged to admit that Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead personages who make up this intriguing story were somehow difficult to label as some of them, especially the handsome Giancarlo, continuously fiddled between being good or bad.

Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead Romance


Let’s be honest here. She is one tough cookie. While other women in her situation would crawl at their men’s feet, begging for freedom, Jazmine always stood her ground and accepted her fate with pride.

Although her only sin seems to be the love she holds for her husband, she is held accountable for various other deeds, while her nemesis Yoselin is seen as the poor victim.

The good news is, when you’re finally fed up with Giancarlo breaking her over and over, Jazmine finally makes an unexpected move that will completely change her life and put her in higher position that both her husband and his mistress. And this is when the real fun of the book begins.

If, at first we get to see a frightened woman, with no self-respect, as the story progresses and Nina comes into her life, Jazmine becomes a little arrogant, using sarcasm as a weapon to defeat Yoselin in their direct altercations.

Her new confidence and strong aura are the things that eventually bring Giancarlo back into her arms.


Although he is the main character of the novel, his actions are definitely blurring the line between good and evil.

When he is good towards his former girlfriend Yoselin, he is purely evil towards Jazmine, and when he finally shows some sympathy towards his wife, he ruins everything with a snarky comment or a thoughtless action such as running in the arms of his ex.

I know men are difficult to read, but Giancarlo here is impossible. I mean, one of his reasons for continuously punishing Jazmine is the loss of his child with Yoselin, but there he is, ready to make his wife abort their child to save his mistress’s life.

His rare displays of affections are endearing though and, in the end, he is a lovable character. He is that bad boy you wish to stay away from but you aren’t able to. He draws you right back into his life.

Part 4: Quick Review Of Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead

Did I enjoy reading Sir, Your Ex-Wife Is Already Dead? Yes. Would I Read It Again? Maybe. Now, with all the events fresh in my memory, I still feel conflicted towards the injustice that Jazmine suffered at the hands of her husband in the beginning.

I believe that it would have been nice to have Giancarlo experience a little bit more jealousy, get a taste of his own medicine, as Yoselin was always clinging to his arm, despite the presence of Jazmine.

Overall, it’s an entertaining novel that will keep you invested, so don’t hesitate to add it on your list for further readings.

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