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In Second Life Ranker, Jeong-woo suddenly went missing from home. His mother was sick, and he was desperate to find a way out for her when he stumbled upon “a way out.” He received a text message from an unknown number, stating that he would receive anything he wished, as in, anything at all in this world. Jeong-Woo of course, was dumbfounded.

Curious as a cat, and the fact that his mother was sick in the hospital and that wishes he could help his mother out, he pressed the “yes,” button on the message. Jeong-Woo thought that something would happen immediately, but nothing did.

Disappointment filled his mind and he tossed the message aside, forgetting about it as he thought it was a prank, but he started to have dreams of climbing a tower. In the world where this tower was, it appeared magical, but the truth was that it was a real place. There were elves, dwarves, and monsters, and it was said that if anyone could climb to the ninety-ninth floor, would receive a heavy reward, besides, Jeong-Woo heard of a magical existence called an “‘Elixir,” this he would use to bring his mother out of sickness.

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Part 1: All About Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker Book

In Second Life Ranker, when Jeong-Woo decided to take up the quest, he thought to tell his brother, but how would he tell his brother that he stumbled on a text message that directed him to a magical world which happened to exist in reality? His brother either won’t believe him or he would want to take his place, so he disappeared, and that was how he got lost.

For two years, Yeon-Woo, the elder twin of Jeong-Woo, looked for Jeong-Woo all over the city but he didn’t find him. Of course, his heart shattered. After a depressing time of deep thought and reflection, Yeon-Woo asked to be transferred to Africa where he would work and hopefully forget about Jeong-Woo. But how was that possible?

Suddenly, he heard that Jeong-Woo’s body had been found and that he should return for the funeral. The man that met Yeong-Woo when he returned from Africa, gave Yeong-Woo what he found in the hands of Jeong-Woo before he died. It was a pocket watch, the same pocket watch that Yeong-Woo had given to him on a special occasion where they exchanged gifts.

Yeon-Woo was looking closely at the watch when he stumbled on a message from Jeong-Woo. It was a message directed at Yeon-Woo, saying that by the time he received the message, he, (Jeong-Woo) would have been dead. This was how the Second Life Ranker started to be born in Yeon-Woo.

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Jeong-Woo explained everything that happened to him from when he left home suddenly, to when he got to the tower and started to climb it, to how he formed the best team and was succeeding with his team at first until everything started to go wrong, and he eventually met his death. Jeong-Woo stated everything in a diary and informed his brother of every detail that happened to him.

Yeon-Woo, the Second Life Ranker could not stop replaying the message from his brother. When he heard his brother’s voice, nostalgia hit him immensely. This was a voice that he thought he would not hear again in his life, but here he was, listening to it, and in the most painful way.

After a while of listening to his brother’s diary, something started to happen to Yeon-Woo. His body started to transform. His skeleton started to shift as if he was transforming into something else. His bowel was suddenly filled with mana, and his thoughts and memories started to be replaced with that of his brother, and that was how the Second Life Ranker was born.

A system even appeared in front of Yeon-Woo, and he acquired every skill and every single feature that his brother had while he was at the tower. Yeon-Woo even made contact with a dragon on one of the floors of the tower. He had acquired “‘draconic eyes,” and had the ability to communicate with dragons. Not to forget that the tower was infested with all sorts of dangers including monsters and beasts.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Second Life Ranker

Chapter 1-2

Second Life Ranker Yeon Woo

The first and second chapters of Second Life Ranker narrate the early stages of Yeon-Woo’s return after three years of staying in Africa for a military assignment.

He returned for the funeral of his brother and received the urn in which his brother’s remains were put, as well as what was left of his brother’s belongings which included the pocket watch that Yeon-Woo had given him on a special occasion before he got missing.

Observing the pocket watch and reminiscing on what used to be in the past, Yeon-Woo mistakenly clicked on something that got the watch working again after he had concluded that the watch had gone bad beyond repair. In Second Life Ranker, while the pocket-watch started ticking, a message entered Yeon-Woo’s memory.

He was hearing his brother’s voice directly in his head, and he heard everything that happened to his brother, and how his brother disappeared to a certain tower and died there as a result of betrayal. After hearing this, Yeon-Woo started to transform into his brother from the inside.

Thus, the Second Life Ranker was born, and Yeon-Woo set out to the tower, determined to meet with everyone; humans and monsters alike. Everyone that had to do with his brother’s death was going to meet Jeong-Woo again, but this time as the Second Life Ranker, Yeon-Woo.

Part 3: Evaluate Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker Full Book

Second Life Ranker is a fascinating book. I love the plot, the author definitely had something to write about. An easy-to-read type of book, Second Life Ranker is guaranteed to let readers stay glued to every chapter, as it is an interesting piece. A hundred percent, I recommend this book to readers.

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