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Lily de Silva, The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife, was having what was supposed to be a flourishing dinner with her husband on the night of their wedding third anniversary when her husband Grey Bradford, CEO of Bradford group broke the ice on her head. I want a divorce, he had bluntly said. Of course, Lily froze. Questions.

Why? Why did he want a divorce? She asked him why he wanted to divorce her, and he gave the excuse that she had not been able to give him an heir, and because he badly needed an heir, he had to divorce her to be free to mingle with other available ladies. Lily knew that it was a lie. He had been secretly seeing another lady, the preferred love of his life, and his first love as well, Natalie. Grey Bradford had married Lily because he wanted to upset and frustrate his father, and it worked perfectly. Mr. Bradford lost a multi-million-dollar business deal that he would have been involved in just because Grey Bradford, his son, got married to a lowly waitress, a nobody, Lily De Silva.

Part 1: Storyline of The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife

The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife Book

The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife, Lily De Silva could not help but reminisce on the good old days when she had her son, Dylan, by Grey Bradford. The infant had died in a car accident. How heart-wrenching. Lily always wished that she was the one that died instead of that innocent child. She could not imagine him having to feel the excruciating pain of being in an accident.

If her son were still alive, she was sure that Grey Bradford would find it difficult to ask for a divorce. It was rumored that Natalie, his preferred love interest was pregnant for him, and carrying the heir to the Bradford group in her womb. This single fact made Grey Bradford very confident to ask her for a divorce. It was like a blow to Lily. It felt worse than a blow.

She pleaded with him, asking him to give her another chance at least for a year, for her to get pregnant again, hopefully with another son, but Grey Bradford bluntly refused, telling Lily that he had made up his mind and that he considered the last three years of his life that he had spent with her as a waste. The pain that Lily felt, as a result, of Geoffrey Bradford’s words was unbearable, and she suddenly snapped. Taking off the ring on her finger, she declared acceptance to be divorced from Grey Bradford since he had put his feet down to the last.

As if the heartbreak that Lily experienced at the hands of grey was not enough, she hurried home to spend time with her mother, only for the old lady to draw her last breath in front of Lily and died. Pain, unbearable pain was what Lily felt.

The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife Book has only four chapters out, but the synopsis reveals to readers that soon after Lily De Silva left Grey Bradford, it was discovered that she was pregnant, and had been pregnant for a couple of months before the divorce.

All hell broke loose as a result of this when Grey Bradford found out. Will he go back after Lily De Silva, hereby calling off the divorce? Or, will he be too proud to go back to someone that he had rejected? Also, on Lily’s part, will she accept Grey Bradford back if he ever returned to ignite their marriage again?

Part 2: Main Characters of The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife

Lily De Silva

The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife Lily De Silva

Lily De Silva is The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife. She was a lowly waitress who happened to have found herself in the corridors of wealth and influence, as she got married to Grey Bradford, CEO of Bradford group.

This sort of elevation would normally make an average waitress happy in life, but that was not the case with Lily De Silva. Her husband, Greg Bradford, did not love her and married her as a form of punishment for his father. Lily felt pain, unimaginable pain in this book.

She had just received the shocker of her life on her third wedding anniversary to her husband, which she accepted with an aching heart. She went home to visit her mother, only for the old lady to die the following morning. Lily De Silva felt as if the world was against her at this moment.

As if the ruthless divorce by Grey Bradford was not enough, her mother had to embellish it with a sudden death. Lily, just like she had wished when her son, Dylan, died, she also wished for her to take her mother’s place on the deathbed. Lily’s life was full of pain.

Grey Bradford

The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife Grey Bradford

Grey Bradford is the billionaire in The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife Book. He mindlessly announced his intention to divorce Lily De Silva, his wife of three years and counting, giving a flimsy excuse of her not being able to give birth to a son for him after they lost their infant to an accident.

In reality, Grey Bradford, CEO of Bradford group, had been attracted to some other lady called Natalie, whom Lily De Silva even confessed to seeing in a controversial position with her husband Grey Bradford.

According to the synopsis of the book, Lily De Silva later found out that she was pregnant after she had divorced Grey Bradford, and all hell broke lose because, of course, Grey Bradford would want to take possession of his child which was hopefully a son, and heir to the Bradford group.

Part 3: Evaluate The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife

The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife By Fleurdelyse

The first question one would ask is why the book has only a few chapters. From the reviews and comments however, it is already obvious that the book, The Billionaires Pregnant Ex-Wife is a must-read, as scanty as it is.

Though the writer’s written English is not fluent, thereby making the book somewhat difficult to read, Fleurdelyse did not fail to pass the message of the book across to the targeted readers precisely. Abrupt and straight to the point, the book breaks down the difficult life of the lead female, Lili De Silva.

One thing I like about the book is the fact that amidst the difficulty that the lead female character faced, she did not allow it to make her a weakling as could be seen when she decided to turn her back on her husband who insisted on divorce on their third-anniversary dinner.


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