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In The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Book Celia Kane was going to be sold to the Shaw family based on her father Adrien Kane being indebted to them. Celia no longer lived with Adrien Kane after her mother died and he married another woman called Mabel. She lived on her own until one day Adrien Kane lured her back to the Kane family house.

Adrien Kane told Celia that he had found some of her mother’s belongings that she must come to collect. Innocently, and desperate to fulfill her mother’s last wishes, Celia set off for the Kane family house to pick up the items.

There and then, Adrien coaxed her into having a meal before she left the house. Celia considered it out of place for Adrien to offer such a kind gesture to her, so she declined the meal, but instead ofher to come off as rude and decline a kind offer from Adrien, she resorted to just having a drink, unknown to her that having the said drink was as bad as having the meal.

Before Celia knew what was going on, she was on the way to her wedding in a wedding dress.

Part 1: Main Story of The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon

The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Full Book

I beg your pardon, where are we headed? Celia asked when she woke up from the trance of the drug-induced drink that she had at Adrien’s house. Adrien had sold her. She was paying Adrien’s debt. Was Celia Adrien’s real daughter, or was she already her mother’s daughter before her mother got married to Adrien? The author is not clear on this part. Keep quiet! We will rape her! Let’s rape her!

The bodyguards that Adrien sent to take Celia to her wedding were deliberating in the car. Celia woke up from her trance and saw that she was being looked at like a common meal. The guard that was with her behind was staring at her body and licking his lips deliciously. Needless to say, they started trying to sleep with Celia.

Seriously. Luckily, Celia was trained physically in the past so she fought with them and managed to escape.

She was fortunate enough to see a luxury car headed in the opposite direction from them, and because she struggled with the driver, the car that Celia was in, collided with the other luxury truck, and there was a standstill. Celia begged for help.

If only she knew that she was begging for help from the very man that she was going to get married to, Tyson Shaw. That was the first natural meeting of The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon.

Do you know whose bride you are about to whisk away? It is Shaws’ bride. She is going to get married to the Shaws family. Are you courting death? the bodyguard that was handling Celia barked words like that at the owner of the car that they had slammed into.

Tyson Shaw scoffed. If only the silly guards knew that he was the one they were all afraid of. He dismissed them and asked his guards to deal with them for trying to rape Celia. Now, there’s a back story to this.

Adrien might have only given Celia a potion so that she would sleep off and be easy to take to the wedding, but her step-sister had gone a tad bit further by adding something else to the drink. It would make Celia horny. After adding the substance, Celia’s step-sister went as far as telling the guards what she did, so they were all expecting Celia to become horny.

As soon as they saw her face flush, they attacked her and started to carry out their intentions but Celia refused. Now she was in the arms of the man that she was supposed to marry in the first place, unknown to her. The story does go on, and it is very interesting.

Tyson Shaw, who was upset to marry Celia in the first place, realized that she was horny and was going to have sex with another man apart from him before she ever showed up to the wedding, and it upset him.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon

Chapter 1

The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Celia

The first chapters of any book usually tell a lot about the entirety of the book. In The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Book, Celia was snatched away by force to get married to whoever Tyson Shaw was. She had been drugged, and by the time she opened her eyes, she was putting on a wedding gown and being taken away. She was shocked to the last.

At the time, no matter how much she pleaded and struggled, there was no escaping, as she was held bound by strong bodyguards, and the residue of the drug she had been lured to take earlier still lingered. Amidst her crying and nagging, she was whisked away by the guards, headed for her wedding to whom she was not even aware of

Chapter 3

The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Tyson Shaw

In this chapter of The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon, Celia had started to react to the drug that her step-sister put in her drink. She had become horny, and the bodyguards had noticed, so they started to try to rape her but Celia put up a fight.

She struggled and she eventually managed to serve them into confusion so the guards forgot about her and could only think of a way to save their lives. They slammed into a car that was headed in their direction, and then Celia hurried to the car, crying and begging for help.

While she was begging for help, Celia had not the slightest idea that she was asking the man she was going to get married to for help. His name was Tyson Shaw.

Chapter 6

The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon By Irita Sarkar

A lot had happened between Celia and Tyson Shaw in the chapters before this one in The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Book. As a result of the sex drug that she had mistakenly taken, she pounced on Tyson Shaw while he was taking her to safety from the hands of the guards that wanted to rape her. Tyson Shaw was ditching the wedding initially until he met Celia, his bride, on the road.

He met her distressed. Tyson Shaw tried to restrain himself from being sexual with Celia, but she was not going to give up, and gave herself to him willingly, so Tyson Shaw took her. After that, they slept off. The following morning, Celia woke up, regretting her actions, and ran away after leaving a note and some money for Tyson Shaw.

Part 3: Evaluate The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon

The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Book

The Substitute Bride And The Mysterious Tycoon Book is action-packed. Celia was attached to a ring that she had to take from her father on behalf of her late mother. The ring was what made Celia finally agree to marry the Shaw male, even though she would rather not.

I am thinking, would I have been so attached to that ring on behalf of a dead person to the extent of getting married to someone Id rather not get married to? Hardly. But Celia did it, and eventually realized that the man that she had a one-night stand with was the husband she was going to get married to.

The suspense that that part of the book carries is enough to get readers hooked. I’ll score the book a hundred percent because of the intense pace, and because it is properly written.


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