Best Romance Book Review: The Summer Proposal


A book like a summer night’s dream. You know those hot summer dreams that are so enchanting and vivid and sexy that make you wake up all sweaty and aroused? This is exactly how this book will make you feel.

The Summer Proposal novel is vibrant and everything about this narrative seems realistic. The characters, the plot, and the places, all of them are drawn from real life, as it depicts events that we encounter in our daily lives such as blind dates, break ups, sports events, and so on.

I truly liked the chemistry between the lead characters and the fact that they interacted with each other from the starting point. They are both mesmerized by one another, while they set their minds on having just a fling. Things change rapidly though, as their little love game turns into something more serious.

If you wish to start your day well, with a great read, you need to look for The Summer Proposal on Dreame. It’s worth all your time and effort, you’ll enjoy every bit of this wonderful tale of Maxx and Georgia!

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Part 1: The Central Story ofThe Summer Proposal

The Summer Proposal Story

The novel begins with Georgia in a bar, waiting for her blind date. She had gotten there a few minutes earlier than she was supposed to and needed a drink to gain a little courage. Her last blind date was almost seven years prior and it had been awful.

Since then, she tended to avoid being set up on dates, but her mother insisted on her meeting with her friend’s grandnephew, an average-looking boy with an average job.

To Georgia’s surprise, a gorgeous man enters the bar and comes straight to her. Believing that the man was Adam, the girl is very happy, as the man was tall, handsome, and had the cutest dimples ever. Not to mention that he was also smart.

Right in the middle of their talk, the real Adam shows up and introduces himself to Georgia, leaving the girl dumbfounded. Realizing her mistake, she tries to scold the man who pretended to be Adam, but he tells her that he liked her, that his real name is Max, and that he will wait for her at a hockey game later if things don’t go well with Adam.

As expected, Georgia and Adam have a dull date and the girl decides to go watch the game with Max. To her dismay, the man is nowhere to be found, and, just as Georgia turns around to leave, she gets a glimpse of the player’s eyes and dimples. It was Max.

She waits for Max to finish the game and they go out on their first real date. Georgia confesses that she is in an open relationship with a man who had also been her fiance but this won’t scare Max off. On the contrary, he seizes the opportunity to make a pact with the girl. Spend the summer together, no strings attached!

If you want to know whether they succeeded to keep their promise and just be friends with benefits or if they fall madly in love with each other, read the novel! I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Part 2: Meet Vi Keeland, Author of The Summer Proposal

Vi Keeland is a bestselling author, known for her funny and descriptive writing. Her novels are catchy, entertaining and so well described that you’ll feel like you are part of the story.

The Summer Proposal Romance

Her engaging writing and hot characters round up an entertaining narrative, perfect for spare time reading. One minor flaw though. Her books are so addictive, that you can forget about chores and other responsibilities. Trust me, once the story lures into its universe, it will be hard to let go, even for a minute.

Vi Keeland has millions of books sold as her titles have already been translated into twenty-six languages. You can choose the printed pages or you can go for the online editions. Either way, the thrill is the same.

The easier and faster way to of finding the book is online, on the Dreame platform.

Besides The Summer Proposal, you can also find other titles such as The Baller, Bossman, the Boss Project, The Game, Inappropriate, The Invitation, Sex, Not Love, and so on. Every one of these books has been devoured by numerous readers, becoming very popular throughout the world.

Don’t miss out on having fun reading Vi Keeland’s books. She is a terrific author, truly committed to writing engaging stories for her readers.

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Part 3: The Summer Proposal Book Review

The first thing I need to say about The summer Proposal novel is that I love Vi Keeland’s writing. It’s engaging and it lures you into the story right away.

The Summer Proposal Fantasy

Another thing that I like is the portrayal of the female lead character. She’s not that shy, ordinary, abandoned girl that no one cares about. On the contrary, Georgia is a strong, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it.

Max is a smart jock, a successful hockey player, who is also charming and loving. For him, it’s love at first sight and he is adamant about winning Georgia’s heart, even if he might be heartbroken at the end of their deal. The girl could return to her fiance once the summer ended, and he could remain all alone and devastated.

All the character’s interactions are juicy and entertaining. They will pump you up with adrenaline as you find yourself rooting for Georgia and Max to remain together in the end. Don’t worry though, the author won’t disappoint you. She created the perfect ending to a perfect book. Your only sorrow will be not having more chapters to read.

I honestly recommend adding this book and all Vi Keelands books to your reading list. You’ll love her writing and her storylines, as all of them are different but they all revolve around the idea of romance and amusement.

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