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Keira Akan was a member of the White Howlers Pack. How did she become a member of the pack? Well, she would have been a rogue if she had not been saved and accepted by the pack. In Banished With His Heir Novel, it was narrated that Keira found luck and love in the White Howlers Pack. She became close to the Alpha River Colden.

River Colden was without a mate, just like Keira, and they became so close to the extent that they thought they would end up as mates. Unfortunately, the moon goddess had a different plan for them. Keira and River were literally in love. It was as if River accepted his fate and settled with Keira.

If you read Banished With His Heir Novel, you will find River complaining about the fact that he had not found a mate, even to the extent of crying in Keira’s arms. Eventually, Keira and River became inseparable, and everyone thought that they would eventually end up as chosen mates until the inevitable happened.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Banished With His Heir

Chapter 9

Banished With His Heir Chapter 9

A new life had indeed started for Keira after she had been banished from the White Howlers Pack. She lived with her son called Neo whom she had deliberately named that in a bid to highlight the start of a new journey for her. It’s easy to tell that Neo is the son of Alpha River.

River banished his long-life friend because of his mate. Tears. Anyway, gladly Banished With His Heir portrays Keira as a strong woman, so I guarantee that she took it in good faith, as you will come to find out in while reading the book.

It will be a big problem for Alpha River if he finds out that Keira has his heir, and then Ivy maybe kept on giving birth to she-wolves. Even worse, it will be catastrophic if Ivy ended up barren.

I won’t even pity her if the mood goddess strikes her with such a curse because she was beyond wicked to Keira. I mean, she already had Alpha River’s utmost attention, so she didn’t have to be so wicked to Keira and have her Banished With His Heir.

Part 2: All About Banished With His Heir

Banished With His Heir By Lovette

Banished With His Heir is a very emotional contemporary romance novel about a she-wolf called Keira. Keira Akari had been accepted into the White Howlers Pack, luckily for her.

She would naturally be seen as an omega wolf for the fact that she had been merely saved from turning rogue, but the strength and tenacity in Keira would not allow her to remain lowly. She stood up to her circumstances and soon became noticed and loved by the members of the White Howlers Pack, including the would-be Alpha River Colden.

According to Banished With His Heir Novel, Alpha River and Keira sparked a relationship that bordered on them eventually becoming life-long partners.

Alpha River had not yet met his mate, and it bothered him tremendously because when he became the Alpha eventually, he would need an heir. The members of the pack looked up to him for a mate and Luna, and his younger brother saw him as a hero. As a result, Alpha River knew that he dared not fail to meet up to expectations from him.

Often crying in the arms of his best friend who also had not found her mate, River found solace in Keira’s arms, presence and company, and everyone around them drastically thought that they would become mates eventually. At least fated mates, and that was as a result of how close they had become over the years, but something happened.

Banished With His Heir narrated that Alpha River’s mate suddenly showed up. A wolf, and Alpha at that, who had longed for his mate for so many years and had promised to worship the ground she walked on if he ever met her, eventually had his dreams come through.

One can only imagine the joy that filled his heart for this great achievement of his. Ivy, that was her name. Ivy became River’s mate and eventually the Luna of White Howlers Pack, and nothing was the same for Keira after that.

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Ivy was a very beautiful she-wolf. As a human and as a wolf, she was dazzling, and everyone smiled and welcomed her being the Luna because she was everything that they expected their Alpha’s mate to be. According to Banished By His Heir Novel, it was as if Keira had been put in her place after Ivy arrived.

After all, Keira didn’t even look like a White Howler at all. White Howlers had their fur mostly white, but Keira was a shiny black wolf. Ivy’s presence reminded her that she was indeed a stranger.

As if the feeling of watching the man you have loved for so many years suddenly forget about your existence and fall in love with someone else was not enough, Ivy proceeded to make Keira’s life a living hell. Ivy became the Luna, so she had the power to do anything she wanted to any wolf in the White Howlers Pack, and Keira was not an exception.

Ivy tormented Keira night and day, as you can see that the title of the first chapter of the book is called Hell Every day. Keira was in hell. Imagine a situation where the former girlfriend of the Alpha of a pack is suddenly subjected to cleaning the toilets. Yes! Banished By His Hier spewed a lot of ill treatments done by Ivy to Keira, including beating her up.

The icing on the cake was when Ivy eventually humiliated Keira in front of the entire pack. Could Keira bear it all? Luckily, she had a friend in Zane. Zane was Alpha River’s best friend, and he made sure to always be there for her, especially after Ivy must have humiliated her.

Zane helped Keira talk to River about the way he allowed Ivy to humiliate Keira, and River promised to make it stop, but in fact, it continued with more intensity.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Banished With His Heir

Banished With His Heir Novel

Banished With His Heir Novel is an outstanding web novel. From the first chapter of the book, the author does well to capture the mind of readers with an intriguing story line, plot and pace. Intense emotions boil and bubble as the story develops into a thrilling rhythm, and then bursts into a heavy climax. Kudos to the author for delivering a fantastic and perfect writing on Banished With His Heir.

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