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When Zaia’s perfect life shatters, she learns a significant lesson that will guide her throughout her journey as a single woman and mother: never put your life and happiness in the hands of one man.

Although she can’t seem to understand the real reasons behind Alpha Sebastian’s decision to reject her, she copes with the situation, determined to protect her unborn child. Caught in a web of lies, accused of wrongdoings by her own sister and abhorred by the love of her life, Zaia vows to rise above her former husband and his new lover and gain her dignity back.

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Part 1: A Little Dive Into The Novel I Am The Luna

Zaia is over the moon upon learning she is pregnant. Her husband, Alpha Sebastian, wants an heir to take over the pack one day and finally his wish is granted.

Luna Zaia tries to surprise her mate with the wonderful news, but instead Sebastian shocks her with divorce papers and bluntly announcing that his former lover and Zaia’s sister, Annalise, is back and they will resume their relationship.

Furthermore, the Alpha seems to believe Annalise’s claims that Zaia kidnapped her and kept her away from the pack so she could steal her boyfriend all those years ago. From a beloved and respected Luna, Zaia is seen like a pariah, a monster that hurt her own flesh and blood.

Disappointed, heartbroken and incredulous of the fact that the man she shared a mate bond with would easily believe such callous lies, Zaia accepts Sebastian’s rejection and leaves her former pack and mate. Her priority is her pup, and being caught in such dirty schemes and secrets would only harm her baby.

I Am The Luna Zaia

Unbeknownst to everyone, Zaia gives birth to her child and goes back to her father’s pack, proving herself to be a worthy werewolf leader and Alpha.

Although the last thing on her list right now is reigniting old flames, Alpha Sebastian comes back into her life, adamant in being close to his mate. He yearns for his mate, but he wants to keep their relationship behind closed doors.

First, her husband cheats on Zaia with her own sister, then he despises and humiliates her, rejects her and now he wants his Luna back, but as his mistress? Zaia may be confused, but now she is Alpha of her own pack, a mother, a strong she-wolf who doesn’t rely on the strength or love of a man.

Being so close to Zaia, Sebastian knows that he won’t be able to let her and their child go now, so he needs to find a way to tell his beloved mate the truth about his rejection. Zaia’s fate is sealed by a dark secret and the Alpha only tried to protect her by parting ways with her.

He knew that the only way for his wife to let go of him is by deeply hurting her feelings and betraying her trust. Now, he needs her back in his life.

Who is after Luna Zaia and their baby? Who lurks in the dark just waiting to strike the powerful she-wolf? Will Sebastian remain by her side this time? Zaia is no ordinary wolf, she holds incommensurable power, making her target for some dark enemies.

Part 2: Amazing Chapters From I Am The Luna

Without a doubt, I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse has one of the most interesting storylines I have read so far. It’s engaging, entertaining, not to mention that there are plenty of hot, steamy scenes to awake your hunger for more interesting chapters.

Let’s immerse into some of the hottest stages of the book so far.

I Am The Luna Chapter 9

Sebastian POV

I Am The Luna Annalise

Sebastian is taken aback by the sight of his mother throwing two suitcases on the street while screaming at Annalise to get out from the pack house. Finally getting sight of her son, the woman’s eyes flash dangerously while scolding Sebastian for taking a mistress and kicking his wife out.

Annalise tries to play the victim and pleads with the alpha to acknowledge her as his new lover, but Sebastian needs time to talk to his mother, thus calls Ethan to take the girl and accommodate her in a flat.

Ambushed and reprimanded by his parents for divorcing Zaia, Alpha Sebastian lies that they were not compatible, thus they had to separate, but his father is still disappointed by his choice.

An angry Sebastian drives off to Annalise’s flat to make sure she is safe. Although he feels responsible for the girl, he has to admit that he misses his mate, Zaia. He still has a hard time digesting the fact that his lover was behind Annalise’s kidnapping.

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I Am The Luna Chapter 13

Zaia POV

Zaia has a hard time watching Alpha Sebastian and Annalise together, but knowing that she is carrying his child makes her wonder why he hasn’t made her his Luna yet. After all, it’s been four months since they got divorced.

Valerie looks incredulous upon hearing about Annalise’s pregnancy, especially since the Alpha never mentioned anything about that and the woman wears skin tight clothes at home and she is as skinny as ever.

Zaia realizes that her sister deceived her and she never carried her husband’s pup. Even more, she dared to threaten her unborn child. Although Sebastian has been tricked by the woman, Zaia decides to let it go and joins Atticus for a dance, thanking him for standing up for her in front of everyone.

Alpha Atticus seems very fond of the girl in front of him. Despite her carrying another man’s child, he knows that Zaia is born to be a Luna and he is willing to wait patiently until she is ready to move on and love again.

Part 3: Werewolf Romance Novel Review: I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna Story

There’s no denying to the fact that werewolf romance is epic. The instant connection of the characters, their mate bond and heightened senses practically leap from the story, as the reader shares the feelings of their favorite wolf.

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse is definitely an addicting werewolf romance novel. The characters are well developed, each having an intriguing storyline, surrounded by mystery.

You never know what to expect from them, as their actions keep surprising the readers. Seemingly good guys turn out to be evil, while some who seem to be dark or twisted turn out to be good.

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Heartbroken and threatened by her mate, Cassandra flees from her family and pack and disappears. Miles regrets his actions and tries to find his mate, but she is nowhere to be found. Years later, a beautiful, strong Cassandra returns but will Miles win her love and trust back?

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