Beautiful Romance Book: Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy


What do you do when all your hope gets shattered in mere seconds? Selena is over the moon when she learns she is pregnant with triplets and she is eager to tell Finneas, her boyfriend, the good news.

Unfortunately, her sister springs the worse news to her. She is the real woman who’s pregnant with Finneas and Selena bedded a stranger seven months before when she got pregnant. The shocking pieces of news and Finneas’s brutal behavior towards Selena cause her to give birth prematurely, altering her entire life.

Will she be able to recover after the greatest loss of her life? Will Selena ever find true love?

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Part 1: Main Story Of Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy

Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy Selena

The story begins abruptly with Selena learning that she’s pregnant with three healthy babies. The seven months pregnant lady, holding her 4D ultrasound, happily walks down the street, imagining telling Finneas, her boyfriend, the good news.

Tired and out of breath, Selena needs to take a break and sits on a bench, admiring the fresh photo of her three little babies and wondering whom will they look like. Succumbed in her own thoughts, the woman doesn’t notice the figure approaching her. In a split second, that person snatches the ultrasound report from Selena’s hand.

Megan, the woman’s sister, disdainfully looks at the ultrasound picture and calls the children bastards, as they surely aren’t Finneas’s kids. Confused, Selena asks her sister what she means by saying such mean words and Megan reveals that Finneas Lake never bedded her, it was a stranger who made love to Selena that night.

Before the heavily pregnant woman could even process the awful news, Megan fell to the ground and grabbed her sister with both hands, begging her to not hurt her child, as she is also pregnant.

Selena didn’t have time to react, as Finneas came out of nowhere and pushed the woman out of the way, helping Megan up. He didn’t care about Selena at all, even telling her he breaks up with her as he loves Megan.

Finneas decides to take his new girlfriend for a check-up, leaving Selena in the middle of the street all alone. Not giving up and in desperate need of an explanation, Selena hurries towards Finneas and grabs his hand, but the man pushes her away, making the woman trip and fall backward into a stairwell.

Upon waking up in the hospital, Selena finds out she gave birth to the triplets. The little girl is healthy and beautiful but, unfortunately, her twin boys didn’t make it. All alone and heartbroken, she realizes she will have to raise the little girl without a father.

Four years later, Selena is still very much affected by losing her precious boys, so, every year, on their birthday, she drinks heavily. As she is drunk and ready to go home, she meets the sweetest four-year-old twin boys, whom she’ll love instantly.

Life will have a surprise for Selena as she will meet the real father of her triplets. Will she be ready to be happy again?

A tough decision, you can only read about in Secret Baby!

Part 2: Hot Chapter From Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy

Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy Novel

Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy is an intense novel. The readers dive right into the middle of the story, as we don’t actually get to have a full picture of what happened the night when Selena got pregnant with her triplets.

Obviously, at first, we assume that Finneas is the father of the babies, and even when Megan reveals that she actually booked a stranger to bed her sister, I admit I still had my doubts. I thought it was just a ruse, to make Selena give up on Finneas.

Things really started to add up when Pierre came into the picture, a single father of four-year-old twin boys. Of course that the age of the boys is not just a coincidence, nor is the fact that the precious kids immediately felt drawn toward Selena. But no heavy spoilers for now. Let’s get a little sneak peek into the story.

Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy Chapter 7

Selena had no idea how she ended up in Pierre’s arms, so everything seemed awkward to her. Trying to release herself from his grip, Pierre kept hugging her, softly whispering that she was the one who threw herself at him.

The beautiful Selena reminded the man that his sons were sleeping upstairs and using full force, she managed to roll Pierre’s body off of her and stand up. She glanced at him, calling him a pervert, and hurried upstairs before the man could make another move.

Grinning, Pierre kept looking after her. He had her right where he wanted. Finally reaching her room, Selena started panting heavily. She still had feelings for Finneas, but her heart never pounded so fast as it pounds now after being in Pierre’s arms. She tried to pull herself together to go to sleep, but it was hard.

In the morning, Selena went to check on the precious boys, but she found the room empty. Even the couch was vacated. She only found a note from Pierre, excusing the boys for making trouble and telling her they left home.

Oddly, Selena felt hollow, like a part of her went missing all of a sudden. Sitting in his office, Pierre was troubled. He had to know exactly what the woman wanted from the twins. Soon enough, Niall enters his office with a file containing information regarding the woman’s past.

The file revealed that Selena Yard was a successful CEO of a famous corporation dealing with wedding gowns, she became pregnant four years ago and she was kicked out by her own family. She struggled to build a life for herself.

Also, Selena is Meredith’s sister, the mother of his twin boys, who doesn’t really pay much attention to them. The coincidence of the pregnancies was weird, so Pierre decided it was time he investigated things by himself.

At Forever Gown, Selena hurries to get to an important meeting and accidentally bumps into someone. After apologizing, she realizes she bumped into her own sister. Megan is stunned to see Selena in such a famous building and, thinking that she is a mere employee there, she urges her to kneel and wipe her clothes clean.

Part 3: For More Romance Like Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy, You Can Also Read This

Baby Alliance: Helping Daddy Get A Rich Mommy Pierre

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