Beautiful Second-Chance Novel: Billionaire’s Reborn Baby


There’s nothing more frustrating and humiliating than having your family treat you like a retard and use you for fulfilling dirty purposes. Life hasn’t been kind to Emily, but everything takes an unexpected turn when she falls into a rich man’s pool and almost drowns.

Emily realizes that she went through the same experience before, more specifically seven years prior and the handsome rich man, the owner of the house, actually saved her. This time, Emily saved herself and weirdly, she comes to the conclusion that she went back in time. Will she change future tragic events and turn the odds in her favor?

If you’re into second chances novels and beautiful romance, you need to access Dreame.

It’s a wonderful story about letting go of the past and embracing the future and better choices.

Part 1: The Story Of Billionaire’s Reborn Baby

As the door is pushed open, a beautiful young girl staggers in, obviously flustered and confused. Panting heavily, she calls for her brother Elliot, too afraid to move in the dark.

Unbeknownst to the girl, there is also the young, handsome owner of the house, who watches the confused girl, but believes it’s just a ruse so that she could get closer to him. With a broken voice, Emily cries out again but no one answers.

Billionaire's Reborn Baby Emily

Gathering her strength, the girl takes small steps, trying to find her brother, but she eventually ends up in the swimming pool. Vincent Scavo sees her fall but makes no move. His guards, also hiding in the dark are still convinced the girl is a good actress, feigning to be a damsel in distress in order to determine their boss to save her.

Not even the sound of water bubbling will make the guards change their minds. As Emily continued to sink, she struggled to get out of the pool but eventually, she gave in and her body started sinking to the bottom.

After a moment of complete stillness, Emily resurfaces, swimming toward the edge of the swimming pool like a true professional. Smiling, the guards tell Vincent that they were right, it was just a trick meant to get his attention.

Out of the water, Emily started coughing, experiencing heavy pain in her chest. Looking at her hands and legs, she is surprised to see that her scars were gone. Even her face wasn’t disfigured anymore. She went back in time seven years!

As tears started rolling down her cheeks, she couldn’t believe that life offered her a second chance and she went back in time at the exact moment when her awful accident happened that altered her entire life.

Watching her, Vincent realizes that the girl must be the retard of the Britts. He watched her as she tried to squeeze some water out of her white dress. Usually, the girls pretending to get lost in Vincent’s room are half-naked but this woman is fully dressed and decent.

The man decides to approach Emily, who bluntly reveals to Vincent that she returned from the future and she knows that her family made her come to the swimming pool area on purpose, with the sole intention of obtaining money from him. She also tells him that he is going to die within a year.

Intrigued by her reveal, Vincent takes great interest in Emily, surprising everyone. Will he be able to fight off all prejudices surrounding the girl and build a relationship with her?

Part 2: Main Characters Of Billionaire’s Reborn Baby

Billionaire's Reborn Baby Vincent

One of the things I first noticed about the female lead character from Billionaire’s Reborn Baby is that she isn’t the typical heroine. Of course that she is beautiful, innocent, and witty, but she is also considered to be a retard, mocked by her family and everyone in town.

Emily is a shy girl that most people avoid as she bears the stigma of being a retard. Everyone in the city knows about her lack of intelligence and her scars resulted from the pool accident she suffered seven years ago.

By chance, she was then saved by a handsome billionaire, but her life was never the same after that tragic event. Fortunately, life offers her a second chance and she goes back in time, having the possibility of changing her future.

This time, she is bold enough to take a stand for herself, protect Vincent and admit her love for him.

Vincent Scavo is a billionaire, gorgeous guy who has everything he wants. Unfortunately, he is often pursued by girls who are after his money. They keep pretending to get lost so that the billionaire can find and save them. The girls try to entice him with their nakedness, but Vincent is cautious and learned to avoid them.

Vincent is a respected boss, as all his employees are set on protecting him from gold diggers. Although he is also reluctant about Emily in the beginning, he soon realizes that the girl is not interested in his money, she is actually a sweet woman, wronged by her family and the whole town.

Part 3: Romance Novel Similar To Billionaire’s Reborn Baby

Billionaire's Reborn Baby Novel

If you’re into rebirths and do-overs, you need to check out Reborn To Redeem on Dreame. Sometimes, our favorite characters do get second chances to redeem themselves.

Bryan Shaw is the CEO of a great company. Despite having success in his career, he is still considered a loser. His attitude towards family and friends causes him to remain alone. Losing his social status will lead to a mental breakdown that will put him in an asylum, where he will be tortured.

He ultimately dies alone and is transported back in time, before everything in his life spiraled down. He has a chance to redeem himself and make up for all the mistakes he made towards his loved ones.

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