Best 5 Space Adventure Books Online in 2022

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We all know that Space is an unknown and mysterious place, notwithstanding there are secrets there and it is unexplored. Getting yourself immersed in a space adventure books can be the place of our destiny and satisfaction.

Space adventure books are popular because of the feeling it gives of wanting to reach an aesthetically pleasing Atmosphere.

Also people like the feeling of exploring something new that possibly put them in danger if they spent only a few seconds there.

It could also remind you of something you find comfort in, a person, a pet, whatever the thing is, you stare at the sky and you stay there mesmerized. Humans are known to associate images or memories with things they find beautiful.

Part 1: Best 5 action and adventure books online

1. Spellbound

Spellbound 1-space adventure books


4.0 out of 5


Adventure, genius, magical world.


In one of these best space adventure books, a rift war broke out in Lumos land and a demon-like creature emerged from space. Just to halt the demons’ invasion, humans and demons engaged in a desperate rift battle.

Linden Torres was one of mankind’s leaders, the “God of Flame” of Lumos Land, and one of the Eight Elemental Magic Gods!

Linden looked around and found himself in a dingy dungeon clatter whenever he made small movements. The icy sensation served as a reminder of his unfavorable circumstance.

He tried to free himself from the cold handcuffs and anklets but found that he could not use his strength at all. His magic, once powerful enough to destroy cities, was now gone in one of the fastening space adventure books.

Spellbound 2-space adventure books

It seemed to Linden like had inherited everything from this young man. His memory, his power, his body. He was once a Sorcerer King, capable of leading a war. Now, he has been reduced to a frail young man. Perhaps this is the price to pay for performing such magic.

Based on the memory of the previous host, Linden knew that had been set up by Ivan, one of the family’s elders. After his father, Wilkin Crest, went missing while on a mission, Ivan showed his true colors. Ivan not only tried to seize all of Wilkin’s fights and possessions within the family, but he also wanted to exterminate his entire family.


If you like magic then enough for you in the book.


Humans and demons made a show of superiority and the male lead had a terrible time.

2. A Life Shore

A Life Shore 1-space adventure books


4.0*out of 5


Adventure, Male lead, Realistic world.


Having survived the capsizing of a ship while being stranded in a stormy sea where he saved his boss in these best adventure books.

Christopher got accused of not being a good man by his boss. She believed he had wanted to molest her when she was unconscious.

He could not believe what he was seeing. He saved her out of kindness, but she kicked his stomach and threatened to fire him instead in this space adventure book.

A Life Shore 2-space adventure books

When he had time to think about what happened and what Queenie said to him, he got infuriated. Someone was gossiping about him behind which led to the grudge between Harold Locke and his ex-girlfriend-Lillian Chester.

Lillian was his ex-girlfriend, and she was his colleague as well. They had entered the company at the same time and worked under different teams in the advertising department. He performed decently over the last three years and worked overtime on most days, but he did not get the promotion.

She, on the other hand, spent all her time scrolling through her phone. He never saw her work, but she was promoted to director in the end. That baffled him, and he was slightly miffed.


Travel into a realistic world and a fascinating adventure.


The character expressed betrayal and blackmail.

3. Dark Fall

Dark Fall-space adventure books


4.0 out of 5


Apocalypse, special ability, supernatural earth.


As one of the best adventure books, this story is about a young lad named Alex Crowe, a man cursed with having to live through such an age filled with strife and tragedy.

Earth’s greatest nations couldn’t do anything as their defense and early warning systems hadn’t been able to detect the approaching threat until it was already too late.

Millions upon millions of human lives were snuffed from existence and yet all people could do was watch on or run away as the end of the world as they knew it, fell from the heavens.

Many lost loved ones on that day. Husbands lost wives, and wives lost husbands, Fathers and mothers had to watch their families die right before their eyes while children had to bear witness to their parents’ sacrifice as they tried to keep them alive in this best adventure book.


A battle over strife and unprecedented havoc on the earth.


Male lead had to deal with the death of family members and loved ones.

4. Beast Blood

Beast blood 1-space adventure books


4.5 out of 5


Adventure, Male lead, Harem.


Leon had his grandmother and his aunt closest people to him. He was truly grateful to them from the bottom of his heart. If they had not fought so hard to protect him, he might have been strangled to death by his mother as soon as he was born.

That was right, his mother loved him, but she also hated him, she could be truly gentle with him, but he could still feel the hate radiating from her. She wished that he would just disappear so that she would not have to suffer the humiliation of having given birth to a “mongrel”.

Beast blood 2-space adventure books

Leon did not want to die, he wanted to live. Even if it was humiliating, he wanted to live, only so that he could be cleared from this humiliation one day in the future.

Being one of these best sci-fi adventure books, Humans, beastmen, as well as a small number of elves, undead, and goblins existed on this continent. For what reason in this great world, formed by the four continents in each direction, are children born from the unification of a human and a beastman to be called ” mongrels”?

He wondered even if humans and beastmen had been at war with each other for hundreds of years. Enjoy one of the best sci-fi adventure books online.


Fascinating adventure boo which entails human and beastman.


War at by human and beast-like.

5. Desert Island survival Log

Desert Island survival Log 1-space adventure books


4.7 out of 5


Adventure, Realistic earth, passionate


You will the storyline in one of the best sci-fi adventure books on the internet, the eldest daughter of the Latham family suddenly insists on going on a cruise ship on the high seas to gamble. The cruise ship ended up colliding with a reef when an accident happened. Miss Latham lay on the beach in an unbelievably seductive and charming position.

Owing to her entire body being soaked in seawater, her loose white shirt clung tightly to her body and completely exposed her flawless figure

Miss Latham usually never wore a bra and only used pasties. Right now, the pasties were washed away by the seawater, so there was nothing left inside.

He naturally knew the first aid for drowning. It’s just CPR and artificial respiration. Since life was on the line, he didn’t have time to overthink it. He simply pressed his hands directly on Miss Latham’s chest.

Desert Island survival Log 2-space adventure books

Working for the Latham family as a security guard since he left the army. Although his status wasn’t high, he earned quite a lot and had screwed many women over the years. However, Miss Latham was the only one whom he couldn’t resist the temptation to fondle.

After performing CPR for a while, he felt very good kneading, he stopped his movements and switched to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation instead.

Looking at Miss Latham’s red lips, my hands which are holding her chin trembled slightly. When her lips pressed onto hers, he only felt a cool sensation, you love to read one of the best sci-fi adventure books online.


If you like seeing the male lead rescuing their loved characters then this book is for you.


The book contains adult content. If you like a disliked book with sexual stimulation then you have got to pass.

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