Best-Selling Werewolf Book Review: My Miracle Luna

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My Miracle Luna is a best-selling romantic werewolf novel by Eunie Lee, available on It tells the tale of a young werewolf girl Rylee Duquesne, whose pack is brutally wiped out by an enemy pack, leaving her as the only survivor. Enslaved by the victorious pack and forced to work as their servant, Rylee dreams of the day of her liberation at the age of eighteen. This is complicated by the fact that she has been betrothed to the son of the pack alpha, who is a cold and contemptuous werewolf named Ash.

The main plot of My Miracle Luna

Rylee is a 17-year-old she-wolf girl. She has been enslaved to the Halfmoon Pack after they wiped out her own. Though openly contemptuous of her captors, she nevertheless stays because she has nowhere else to go. Also, she is a slave.

Ash is the son of the Pack Alpha. He has conflicting feelings about Rylee – his human side despises her and thinks her beneath him, but his wolf side (named Kano) desires her greatly. This is affecting Ash’s own judgment because the man and the wolf share a single soul.

As things grow to a head and Rylee wrestles with her impending 18th birthday, the appearance of her own wolf side, and a romantic complication in the form of another young werewolf – the hunky and mysterious Wyatt Valencia, of the Blue Lake pack.

Rylee finds herself asking several important questions. Does she actually have undiscovered feelings for the promiscuous and cold Ash, despite making it plain that she really really hates him? Can she let go of her damaged past in order to fully embrace a new life with Wyatt? And what will happen if either pack finds out that she is one of the mythic True Alphas – a pup born of two Alpha wolves? Only time will tell as Rylee finds out that, though there is nothing new under the sun, the same cannot be said of the moon…

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The main characters in the My Miracle Luna book

  • Rylee Duquesne: The protagonist of My Miracle Luna and one of three POV characters. Headstrong, independent and ferocious, Rylee is actually a True Alpha, and as such the most powerful of all werewolves. But can she choose between the two Alpha wolves on the hunt for her heart?
  • Ash Patterson: The son of the Alpha of the Halfmoon Pack, and a thoroughly nasty customer. Brooding and yet somehow still sensual, cruel, and yet still with a killer six-pack, Ash is the bad boy’s bad boy. But can his wild soul be tamed by Rylee?
  • Wyatt Valencia: Brooding, handsome and pensive, Wyatt is the thinking man’s werewolf. Kind, considerate, compassionate, and yet still with a killer six-pack, Wyatt is an alluring wild card that just might cut Rylee’s deck. But can he tame the unbridled ferocity of the damaged Rylee?
  • Eric Patterson: The Alpha of the Halfmoon Pack and slayer of Rylee’s entire family. Ill-tempered, uncouth, and a thoroughly unpleasant man, Rylee completely despise this man for everything he has done to her. But could it be that Rylee has developed daughterly feelings for this cruel Alpha wolf?
  • Emma Patterson: Eric’s “Luna” (his mate and the most senior she-wolf of the pack). She is spiteful, vicious, and irascible, and makes life very difficult for Rylee.
  • Kendrick: Wyatt’s “beta” – his best friend and second-in-command.

The writing style of My Miracle Luna by Eunie Lee

Fast-paced and minimalist without sacrificing world-building or vivid descriptions, My Miracle Luna is a book that adopts an almost Rashomon style of multiple unreliable narrator POVs. We might see a scene from Rylee’s perspective and then the same scene again (with some added context) from Ash or Wyatt’s. This means that the reader is left constantly eager for the next chapter; the fresh wrinkles and recontextualizations of previous scenes mean that the story is constantly evolving in unexpected and surprising ways!

Eunice Lee’s prose is flowing and evocative whilst never dragging; indeed, her ability to keep the story moving whilst never losing sight of the plot means that the reader is always engaged, engrossed, and champing at the bit to get to the next big development.

Eunice’s characters are compelling and well-drawn without ever resorting to clichés or archetypes. Her heroes are flawed and complicated whilst the villains have depth and nuanced motivations. Indeed, sometimes it’s hard to unequivocally state who, exactly is a hero and who is a villain. Right up until the end, characters make surprising decisions and choices – but those choices are always consistent with who that character is.

My Miracle Luna is a bold entry into the pantheon of werewolf romance fiction, and its unique and compelling take on the genre never does anything less than thrill or enthrall.

About the author Eunie Lee

Eunie Lee is a freelancer writer with Dreame. Originally from a banking background, Eunie Lee decided to start afresh and became a freelance writer in March of 2020. A prolific and driven author, she had, at the time of writing, completed six novels, all of which can be found on

Eunie is one of the undisputed masters of the werewolf romance sub-genre. In addition to her best-selling novel My Miracle Luna, she has published:

  • The Prophecy: Luna. It is a story regarding the prophecy of a ‘purebred’ werewolf who is untainted by intermingling with humans.
  • The Desert Storm series. It revolves around an orphaned Korean-American girl, Alison Park, who flees to Las Vegas after being raped by her boyfriend. It is there that she finds acceptance and, eventually, becomes embroiled in the werewolf politics of the Silver State.
  • Their Gemini Wolves. It is a novel that concerns itself with orphaned twin werewolves and the pack that takes them in. This book is an ingenious crossover with both the My Miracle Luna and Desert Storm series.
  • The Prophecy: Orphaned Princess. It is the sequel to The Prophecy: Luna in which a young werewolf, exiled by her adoptive pack, struggles to find her own way in life.

Read all of Eunie’s stories and more at!


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