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Special delivery: billionaire’s secret baby tells about the imperfection of life, how one could be dealt differently and probably undeserving while another could go from brokenness to joy. A story from poor to rich, servant to landlady and a controversial one nightstand that changed the lives of two people forever:

Mr. Elliot Brady, a twenty eight years old billionaire and CEO of Brady Industries and Ms. Amanda Johnson, a twenty five years old, poor, jobless and pregnant woman.

Below, let us have a glimpse into the storyline briefly…

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Part 1: Intriguing Storyline of Special Delivery: Billionaire’s Secret Baby by S. Cinders

Ms. Mandi and her older sister were born into an average American family. Their mother was a good woman, but she had her moments and the girls had to put up with it. Her elder sister became like a mother to her and together they were moving through life, helping each other out.

Mandi was working as a personal assistant in one of the big conglomerates in the city. She had a best friend named Shey, and her kind of jobs were the kind that came up at luxurious places within town. Today, she was serving at a high profile dinner, at one of the seven star hotels.

There’d been too much work and more hands were need. As soon as Mandi got off work, she rushed to help out at the dinner for extra earning. It was at this dinner that she saw a handsome man, who tickled all the sexual fantasy in her body as she began to flirt with him.

She was standing at the entrance, trying to go home after her job here was done, when the handsome man arrived very timely to stand beside her. Both adults had such sexual chemistry that a passerby could even feel. Together they went to his hotel room and it was the best experience Mandi ever had.

special delivery: billionaire's secret baby, brady

The man kept asking about her name, but she wouldn’t give it. She knew she was enjoying a rare opportunity and this rich folks were prone to having numerous women. She therefore, knew not to expect anything from the one night stand. She was putting on a mask, the one she’d worn during the dinner party and had left it on all through the times she was with him.

When he offered to take her home, she agreed, but gave him a fake address and later ran home after he drove off. It was a great night and she would pay the price of it, when after a month she began to experience pregnancy signs.

Mr. Elliot Brady, at his end had also seen a very pretty woman. He really did like her, they were really great together. The pleasure of the night was the kind he couldn’t forget, not even when he was with other women. Their father had died when he was young, leaving their mother with he and his two siblings and singled handedly, she’d raised them.

After his business started yielding so much profit, his mother worked very hard to help other single mothers. Which was why when his doctor called to plead for a favour about a single mother, who was heavily pregnant and in need of a job, he’d decided to give him a listening ear.

His intentions had been to only see the lady and kindly send her away, since he wasn’t searching for new employees and wasn’t a charity organization. But when Ms. Mandi came into his office, he once again saw the perfect beauty even though she was pregnant. He was so attracted to her that he began to make arrangements for her employment, which would come with accommodations and all.

Mandi accpeted the job, she recognized Elliot, but he simply thought she looked familiar. She was to move into his apartment building the following morning, when she discovered her sister who’d been married for years and searching for the miracle of a child had gotten pregnant, only her husband had decided to leave her.

Elliot waited for her to come as scheduled and when she didn’t answer her calls, he went looking for her at the address she’d listed. The place was a slum and he wanted nothing but to get her away from there as soon as possible.

special delivery: billionaire's secret baby, mandi

What happens when Billionaire Elliot Brady discovers that the woman he was so attracted to was, in fact, carrying his child? Let’s see below…

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Special Delivery: Billionaire’s Secret Baby Read Online

special delivery: billionaire’s secret baby chapter 4:

Ms. Mandi was so nervous on arrival at the skyscraper which housed the Brady Industries. The receptionist had addressed her as a brave girl after she’d stated her mission about an appointment with the CEO. She was therefore, anxious about what she might find.

She almost ran back down when the elevator dinged at the penthouse, which was Mr. Elliot Brady’s office. But he grabbed her by the hand and helped her into his office. It didn’t help her nerves that he was the same man she’d slept with months ago, and had gotten pregnant.

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special delivery: billionaire’s secret baby chapter 5:

Ms. Mandi arrived at her sisters shop only to find that she was locked in a heated argument with her husband of five years. They’d been desperately looking for a child. The shop was full and Mandi began to help out. When they finally surfaced, it turned out her sister had broken the news about her pregnancy to her husband and he’d decided to bolt. Said he didn’t want a child and definitely not going to be tied down.

Mr. Elliot waited for Mandi for hours but she didn’t show, then he ran off in search of her.

Part 3: Personal Observation of Special Delivery: Billionaire’s Secret Baby Free Online

As we have seen in this brief review, special delivery: billionaire’s secret baby novel is simply superb. Funny how a bright light can shine in other people’s misery while others have to just sit and wallow. Imagine a husband abandoning their wife because she finally got pregnant.

special delivery: billionaire's secret baby

But Mandi of special delivery: billionaire’s secret baby, was really the luckiest woman of the century, when she found her baby dady and he was still hooked to her. The story has only 47 chapters, is completed and entertaining thousands of readers.

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