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A son for a billionaire was between Ms. Ivy Rivera, a twenty six years old director and professional photographer and Ace Clark, a twenty nine years old billionaire and the vice president of a conglomerate and Arthur Young, a former professional photographer, also twenty nine.

The novel features a hot love triangle between two cousins and an exceptionally pretty woman. It wasn’t by their making or carelessness, but who would be ready when fate decides to throw one of your life’s twists at you?

Below, let’s have a glimpse into what happened in the storyline…

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Part 1: Captivating Storyline of A Son for a Billionaire Read Online

It was ten years ago, Ivy Rivera was at a night club. She was a three hundred level, 18yr old, university student and since her family had gone poor after her birth, she was seeing herself through college. The problem had started around the event of her birth, which had been surrounded by a lot of misfortune.

Her father had been involved in a ghastly accident on the day she was born. He didn’t die, but he sustained injuries that rendered him a dependent for the rest of his life. The family had been doing well, not extremely well, but a little above average well, before the accident.

Now her mother had a baby to raise and a husband to watch after. Because of this, the family did not only plunge into poverty, but Ivy would be hated by her parents for circumstances she couldn’t control. Both for the sake of the bad reputation and unsolicited hatred, Ivy chose to be putting her needs first.

This far, even though it hadn’t been easy, she was doing very well for herself as a third year, Theater Arts student. She was at the party with her friend, who introduced her to a handsome young man. The man seemed rich enough to provide the much financial help she so desperately needed.

She wouldn’t have been out here, especially not tonight. But her exams were coming up, she’d saved some money from working night shits at a restaurant located within the campus. But her savings were not enough to clear her debt, not in the short period left. She was at the risk of missing out this semester.

a son for a billionaire, ivy

Mr. Ace Clark as he would later introduce himself, offered her a mouth watering sum with the condition that she accompanied him to his hotel room and spend the night in his bed. Ivy was still a virgin at the time and it wasn’t too easy to accept, but her needs had to be met and if that’s all she needed to do to rescue her future, then she was in.

When Ace inquired as to her name, she couldn’t give him her real name. She was afraid he would identify her tomorrow or in the future as that whore. Instead of Ivy Rivera, she said her name was Bethany. They both shared a memorable one night stand, one which Ace Clark could never forget and neither Bethany, as he’d been the first man to sleep with her.

That, plus the fact that she got pregnant, probably as punishment afterwards. Gave birth, finished college and achieved her dreams of becoming a movie Director, professional photographer and everything photos and movies. She began to work for and with Arthur Young, and things kicked off nicely between them.

To the extent that Arthur was beginning to consider proposing to her. Arthur’s maternal cousin was about to be forced into marriage, if he was going to be confirmed the vice president of the family’s conglomerate. The family had taken their precious time and selected a proper match, from among the wealthy families of New York city.

Camilla was beautiful, had all the qualities, but his cousin wasn’t ready to be married, neither was he in love with Camilla. But since the family wanted him married, he was going to play along. Arthur had retired from photography and was now playing bigger games, but Camila needed a photographer for the pre-wedding shoots.

When Ivy arrived at the studio, Ace Clark -the groom to be, recognized themselves. Arthur kept warning Ace about his intentions for Ivy, but he had no idea what was going on here. They both could tell they looked family, but Bethany was who he’d met not Ivy. Ace was older, but definitely resembled the man she’d given herself to and the father of her ten year old son.

a son for a billionaire, ace

What happens when Ivy and Ace discovers themselves? Let’s see the hot chapters below…

Part 2: Hot Chapters of A Son for a Billionaire Novel

a son for a billionaire chapter 2: I don’t want to get married

Arthur was in the family house and so was Ace. He’d had a long day, having been hopping from one meeting to another at the office building, and now it was the end of the day. He was sharing a drink with Arthur and they were discussing his marriage.

While Arthur was excited or faking excitement about Ace’s forthcoming wedding, Ace was uninterested. Would admit to it that he didn’t like his fiance and wasn’t ready to be married. That was before Camila arrived and began the preparation for the engagement party the following day.

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a son for a billionaire chapter 3: a call from a boss

Ivy was at home with her son, she was really spoiling him rotten when Arthur who was her boss called, and requested her presence at the office. It was about taking the photographs of the about-to-wed couple. While Camila was excited, Ace wasn’t.

They’d agreed to Ivy snapping them because Arthur had assured them she was good. When she arrived, they recognized her from an Oscar award and Ace thought she looked really familiar.

Part 3: Personal Observation of A Son for a Billionaire Free Online

A son for a billionaire novel tells quite an enthralling story. I really loved. that the heroine, which is the female lead -Ivy, wasn’t the kind of cry baby female leads most billionaire romance novels promote. She’s a girl that stood up for her right, and fought in the midst of every negativity until she prospered in her dreams.

a son for a billionaire

A son for a billionaire novel is completed, has seventy chapters and hundreds of thousands of readers.

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