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The luna and her twin mates novel throws more light in different directions concerning the werewolf fantasy genre. Has a setting where instead of werewolves living in village packs, a village pack house and running around in forests, they live in big cities, fly around the world, live luxuriantly and freely.

The story is between Avianna Leondale who just turned 18, Alpha Mirco who is twenty and Alpha Zan also twenty. Imagine being mated to two Alphas, that is, the luna and her twin mates.

Let’s take a look into the storyline briefly…

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Part 1: Captivating Storyline ofThe Luna and Her Twin Mates by Lea_kim

Avianna had studied in the normal community high school for all her high school days. She was going to school with human kids and mixing well. But her parents, especially her mother thought this was why she couldn’t find her mate as soon as she turned eighteen.

They’d been considering sending her to the special werewolf high school, located in a forests of a remote country. They were anxious to see that things began to change in their daughter’s life, and wanted a normal werewolf life for her.

It wasn’t too advisable to deny their daughter what she truly was. To make matters clearer, they’d both been sent to a mission in Italy and Avianna now seriously needed not just a change of environment, or a new school, but also a place to live.

Now, there were many reasons to take her to the special werewolves high school where she could learn to be herself. Her mother really hoped she would find her mate there and was all about it from the moment Avianna started packing her bags in preparation.

the luna and her twin mates, zen

Her mother was hell bent on getting it into her head about how desperately she needed to be mated. Since there was no escaping her cautious reprimands, Avianna endured all the way to school.

The road they were on was all forests, no sign of civilization for a lot of miles now. And finally they arrived at Amaranthine Institute of Werewolves. Judging from the lack of civilization on their way up the mountain, Avianna had expected to be disappointed, but alas, the structure before her was modern, huge and beautifully painted.

The decorations seemed really expensive and antique. And since Mr. and Mrs Leondale were almost late for their flight, they left Avianna under the care of the headmaster who was friends with Mr. Leondale, but not until after Mrs. Leondale reminded Avianna for the umpteenth time to let them know when she found her mate.

Finding her mate was the last thing in Avianna’s mind. She wasn’t ready for all the animalistic whatnots that followed after the finding of a mate. She simply wanted to finish high school and finally be able to move out of the house.

The principal was going to show Mr. and Mrs. Leondale out and Avianna wanted a tour of the school premises. She was doing this, wondering what the importance of a mate could be, when she felt a rumble in her stomach. Apparently, she was hungry and therefore, headed towards the cafeteria.

On arrival, the sweetest scents she ever perceived entered her nostrils. She froze by the entrance and scanned the small crowd seated about, when her eyes locked with a handsome Alpha. She was admiring him, marveling at the power of mate finding, when her instincts drew her attention to another corner and there was another one.

Avianna turned around and ran away. What was happening? She’d heard of all the mate findings and how they happen, but nobody told her it was possible for a shewolf to be mated to two werewolves. And in her case, not just any werewolves, but two Alphas of different packs. That was huge!

She had to talk to the principal, he was excited for her and let her understand it was normal even though it was rare. Encouraged her that the moon goddess made no mistakes and must have a reason for this. Avianna who didn’t even want a mate was going to be luna of two packs? No, she wasn’t ready.

the luna and her twin mates, avianna

She continued to hide herself hoping she didn’t run into them. Retrieved her dorm keys and decided to eat at the cafeteria first before retiring to her room. Thankfully, the Alphas had left, but immediately she finished eating, they were here and she ran again. The news has spread, the two most powerful Alphas were mates to one shewolf.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of The Luna and Her Twin Mates Read Online

the luna and her twin mates chapter 2: avoiding them

Avianna had been shocked to find and mate to her mates. She’d been surprised the most to find that her mate were two. She found her twin mates who weren’t really twins, just her mates and Alpha’s of two packs. Her solution to the problem was to run.

She’d ran earlier at the cafeteria, she was running again this evening at the cafeteria… she was able to make an exit and found two friends outside. One happened to be her roommate and would show her to their room.

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the luna and her twin mates chapter 3: no more escape

At the room, her new roommate made her understand that the rumors of the strongest Alphas finding their mates had circulated the entire school. The new roommate didn’t understand Avianna was the mate in the rumors.

She said how they must go join her pack somewhere in the campus, said their Alpha had an announcement. Avianna still wanted to hide, but her roommate dragged her along. When she discovered their Alpha was one of her mates, she tried to run again and the both Alphas caught her.

the luna and her twin mates, mirco

Part 3: Personal Observation of The Luna and Her Twin Mates Free Online

The luna and her twin mates is just that sweet, I’m sure you agree, especially after reading this brief review. The novel gave me butterflies as I read it, very sure every reader feel the same. The story is quite a fantasy, very different from the werewolf stories we’re used to.

The luna and her twin mates is completed, has many chapters and is favourited by hundreds of thousands of readers.

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