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One weekend with the billionaire novel is the kind of stories that would tickle your intelligence while reading it. Gives you the errier feeling of, “where have I heard something similar before?” and you’re not thinking about books, but someone in the neighborhood. Hopefully, not every woman is experiencing or experienced, what Julia Thompson did in one weekend with the billionaire, as not so many would be as lucky as Julia in this story.

Julia, a twenty four year old house wife. Braxton, a twenty seven years old billionaire and Muller Thompson, a twenty six years old accountant.

Let’s take a brief look into the storyline below…

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Part 1: Captivating Storyline of One Weekend With The Billionaire Read online

Julia and Muller Thompson met in high school and had the all time tornado of romance only teenagers enjoy. They dreamt about their future together, a future where Julia desired to be an artist and was studying Arts working towards her goals, while Muller studied Accounting to become a fulfilled accountant.

They loved each other, alright. But the kind of love teenagers feel which grows with them into adulthood if they stuck together, is actually too pure for anyone to sustain a life time relationship on. This was the case of Muller and Julia.

Julia in her innocence trusted Muller extremely, since she wasn’t exposed, he was her eyes in the world. She thought life was that simple, when she made the mistake of getting married to him as soon as they graduated college.

Well, immediately the cuffs for a ring slipped on her finger, Muller transformed. It turned out he had such an obsession with both himself and pornography. Guy was so hooked that he would be lust, watching it on the trains to and from work. Was so obsessed he would abandon work and simply watch porn with company time, wifi and computer.

one weekend with the billionaire, braxton

He was so dull at his job that Braxton —the CEO of the company, had to notice. Muller knew how terrible he was and how lucky he’d been to acquire a pretty wife such as Julia for himself. He therefore decided to cage her. He stopped her from doing anything profitable, kept her as a house wife, encouraged her to abandon her dreams, housed her at a little community outside town.

Was earning a little too heavy for the little job he could do and still placing her on a tiny allowance. Guy hated to see Julia glow as knowing himself fully, he would hate for other men to even admire her in public. Never allowed her to express herself, not even as much as complain without getting him upset.

He even made her do the things he saw in the porn videos. But one day, he was invited to the company party and had gone with Julia. She was in a beautiful red dress and that was the first day Braxton saw her. But Muller was too upset to let them enjoy anything, complained about how her dress was too revealing.

Braxton had wanted a word with her, but because of other guests he couldn’t reach her before they left. Today, he’d decided Muller Thompson had done enough harm to the company, and tonight at the company dinner he would present him with a deal. He had two choices, accept and keep his precious job or decline and lose it.

Braxton sent his personal assistant to invite Thompson to the dinner and specifically ask him to make sure to bring his wife along. He’d by known found out that the lady in the red dress was Mrs. Thompson and he’d refused to fire his ass, only because he wanted a chance to get to know Julia, and Thompson wasn’t in the habit of inviting his wife to the company dinners.

Muller did accept the invitation and invited his wife as directed. But he’d asked her to come a little late, and instructed her to be sure to dressed in her silver gown. Needless to say she arrive after dinner and he was displeased to see how great she looked. He’d stashed her at the balcony and Braxton had his chance. Thankfully, Mrs. Thompson was obviously attracted to him and her part in the deal seemed positive.

one weekend with the billionaire, thompsons

What happens when Mr. Muller Thompson receives the deal? Let’s find out in the hot chapters below…

Part 2: Hot Chapters of One Weekend With The Billionaire By Bella Moondragon

one weekend with the billionaire chapter 3: a party

Julia’s only duties since after getting married to Muller and moving to the city to chase her dreams, had been to wash his clothes, cook for him, clean the house and other house chores. She’d recently started painting in secret, but had hidden it away from Muller.

She was going to the mall to prepare a marriage anniversary dinner for her husband before he got home from work, when a text message entered her phone. She read it to discover it was a party invitation from Muller.

When she arrived at the party, it was almost over.

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one weekend with the billionaire chapter 4: a balcony

She was mad to find that she’d arrived at the party way behind time. She was hungry and stressed out from all the getting ready and hurrying down. His invitation had come as a surprise to her, but thank God, she could at least enjoy herself after a long time.

But alas, the party was almost over. She’d been calling Muller to no avail and she found him drunk, standing by a corner and discussing with his friends. He wasn’t happy to see her and disapproved of the dress he’d instructed her specifically to wear. He abandoned her on the balcony and Braxton came to her.

Part 3: Personal Observation of One Weekend With The Billionaire Novel

In conclusion, I am certain that simply from reading the not too detailed review of this story, you have come to agree with me when I wrote that it is captivating. The story is quite a fantasy… for wouldn’t it be such a heaven to be liberated after making the all time mistake of marrying wrongly?

one weekend with the billionaire, braxton

In one weekend with the billionaire, Julia was blessed with the singular opportunity to rewrite her happiness. The book has over eighty chapters, is completed and favourited by thousands of readers.

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