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Falling for my husband novel is a blooming story about a teenager and an older man. Kiara an 18 year old, final grade high school student and Arjun Singhania, the heir of the Singhania industries, which was the leading business industry in the world, according to Forbes. The most handsome, twenty five year old male Kiara and her friends ever saw. The story reveals the possibility of a childhood fantasy coming true to reality.

As we continue, we will see how this story developed in a recap of the storyline below…

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Part 1: Enthralling Storyline of Falling For My Husband by Thecrazyfangirl26

Kiara was an 18 year old, still in the final years of high school and was studying at the community high school. She had developed this crush on one of her beloved superstars, and was constantly dreaming about him coming to profess his love to her in her dreams.

Then the crush became more than one young man. She developed a few more for other handsome and young movie stars of the time. And when she’s dreaming about one, the others interrupted the dream, and she was always waking up to the weird rhythm of the music, “who let the dogs out,” lol. Had once caught herself hoping anyone who tried to steal her crush were torn to pieces by the meanest werewolves and all… but she had no idea, her life’s plot twist was about to happen.

Arjun Singhania on the other hand was the apparent CEO of the Singhania Industries. He was to be named in the coming week and hurrying on his way to see his father at one of his mansions in the city. He’d been in two previous meetings and was already tired by the end of the day.

He was speeding to make up time and wondering why this particular meeting with his almighty father sounded so urgent. He had a wife he himself wasn’t to fund of, as the lady had come to them around the period when his mother died. His father had taken a liking to her and had chosen to marry her. But Arjun himself couldn’t trust her, for all he knew, she was an opportunistic gold digger trying to replace his mother.

falling for my husband, arjun

He wasn’t too happy as he sped along, hurrying towards his father’s mansion. It had rained and the ground was flooded and as he drove by two community high school students, he splashed some water on them.

The two students were Kiara and her best friend, Maahi. Arjun wouldn’t have stopped but Kiara had flung a few profanity at the crazy driver as the water hit her school uniform. That, plus the fact that the traffic light had changed to stop. He alighted and instead of apologizing decided to fight.

Kiara herself was stunned by the handsome greek god, who just alighted from an expensive looking vehicle and was coming at her. He wanted her to repeat what she’d said, but Kiara had lost her voice, mopping at the handsome young man. And when she found them again, she too decided she was right to fight.

Maahi watched as her friend and the handsome, wealthy, famous heir of Singhania threw a back and forth before her presence and knew love was by the corner. After the whole brawl, Arjun arrived at his father’s house only to be told he was expected to be married before being named CEO of Singhania Industries. His step mother had suggested it, but his father couldn’t let him know as he already hated the lady.

He was pissed and stormed out of the house angry. Kiara on her side was having a date with one of her enstranged friends at a restaurant. She was surprised to find that the girl was excited about her having found her prince charming. What could she be talking about? The news about the famous brawl with a billionaire had already made its circles among friends. And her friends already think something was going to sprout just like it happens in wattpad billionaire fantasy.

But what happens when Arjun’s father is caught in an accident and is saved by an innocent high school student, who also returned his suitcase full of money few days later?

falling for my husband, Kiara and friends

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Falling For My Husband Free Online

falling for my husband chapter 5: curiosity killed the cat

Arjun’s father was sitting in his car, packed at the edge of the road just by the office district. He was thinking about how it was his present wife who brought the idea of getting Arjun married before he was named CEO. And thinking how Arjun hated her, when a bus missed its track and knocked him off the road.

He was struggling for control when he saw a girl coming to his rescue. He passed out and when he woke up at the hospital, the girl came visiting and returned his briefcase full of money. She had a smile exactly as his late wife used to have, there and then he decided Arjun must marry her, and if he wasted any time, he would help him with the needful.

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falling for my husband chapter 6: prince charming

Kiara was listening to her friend rejoicing and teasing her about a certain prince charming who’d suddenly appeared in her life. Kiara had been very dumbfounded as no such things had happened, but she didn’t know Maahi had relayed the news about the famous fight to her.

She was in the middle of the decision to be either mad or pleased, when she dropped her purse mistakenly and attempted to pick it. But someone had already done that and was pleasantly trying to give it back. Behold, it was Arjun Singhania, speak of the devil.

Part 3: Personal Observations of Falling For My Husband Novel

Falling for my husband novel is suspenseful, enthralling and quite captivating. Falling for my husband tries to shed light at the simple fact that even though we all don’t get what we desire, there’s a few parcentage who are lucky enough to have it.

falling for my husband, singhania snr

It has only six chapters presently and is still ongoing. The author Thecrazyfangirl26 did a good job at crafting it. At some point you’d think you’re reading a werewolf fantasy and the next it’s a billionaire. The plot twist is what every web novel lover is looking for.

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