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Novels whose plots are set in the supernatural world have that dangerous vibe, thus enticing us with the prospect of danger lurking in every scene. Mixed with a forbidden love story, the novel is bound to have the readers glued to its chapters.

The Vampire’s Servant is a such alluring tale, with a powerful, yet fair sexy vampire who contemplates the idea of making his servant his actual lover. He is her rescuer, yet her deepest desire is to be free.

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Part 1: Echo’s Story From Being A Blood Bank To Being A Free Lady: The Vampire’s Servant

This is the story of a literally cold-blooded handsome, rich and powerful man vampire, known not only for his wealth, but also for being fair and playing by the rules, especially since most of the rules were initiated by himself.

Vampires are supposed to obey strict, yet simple directives and one of the most important ones is to never feed on the innocent, especially children.

For the past fifteen years, Victor Nightshade has been hunting for the ‘son’ who betrayed his trust. After turning him and looking out for him for years, Springer took all Victor’s money and fled, living a lavish life and feeding off a young, minor girl, thus breaking a sacred rule.

Finally putting his hands on Springer, Victor urges his to return what’s left of his assets and put him in contact with the persons who are willingly offering their daughter as weekly snack.

Devising a plan with Silence, the human blood agent, Victor finds the so-called loving family who makes money out of their daughter’s pain.

Echo, a young and beautiful girl, loves her brother and sister very much. Although she shared the same womb with them, she was born a few minutes later than them, right after midnight, making the brother and sisters have different birthdays.

The Vampire's Servant Echo

Their mother, Verity, literally hates Echo, always reproaching her daughter that she took something away from her brother and sister when she was born.

As result, the woman never misses an opportunity to sell her daughter’s blood as it seems to be addictive to most vampires. They are willing to pay a fortune just to have a taste.

As it is Saturday, Echo happily goes to help her sister get ready for her big date. She helped the girl with her hair and make-up, being as enthusiast as if she was going out herself. Although they looked very much alike, Harmony was a bit tanned, while Echo was pale since she wasn’t allowed to leave her house.

After seeing her sister off on her date, Echo starts preparing the meal for the evening, while her brother Valor keeps updating her with the latest news from school. She is happy to learn about anything going on outside her home and she’s always ready to offer her sibling a piece of advice if needed.

As the evening comes, Harmony and Echo are ready to go see a movie. They plead with Verity to let Echo tag along, but the woman glances at her daughter, urging her to make up an excuse for not going out. After all, she is set to be some vampire’s meal tonight.

When Victor comes, he pretends to be unaware of Verity’s true business in selling her daughter’s blood and requests to feed on the woman.

Startled, Verity offered Echo’s blood, telling the vampire that there are high bids from different vampires to buy the girl for themselves. Victor makes his own offer, one that Verity cannot deny.

She convinces her daughter to let Victor feed on her and leave with him, as the money they would get would help Harmony and Valor later in life. The woman knew that her siblings were her weak spot, so Echo agrees.

After making the transaction, Victor reveals knowing about Verity’s dirty business and threatens her, promising to come back for her if she would ever do the same thing to her other children.

Echo is thrilled to know that the vampire who freed her never intended to drink her blood and only wished to set her free from her mother. She becomes Victor’s servant and slowly, she develops feelings towards the man.

Unbeknownst to her, Echo is a dhampir and this is the reason why there are so many vampires drawn to her. Besides being delicious, she’s also powerful and able to bear vampire children. How will she cope with her newfound identity? Will Victor manage to keep her by his side forever?

Part 2: A Taste Of This Fantastic Novel: The Vampire’s Servant Hot Chapters

If you still need to wrap your head around this book, here is a preview of The Vampire’s Servant novel.

The Vampire's Servant Victor

The Vampire’s Servant Chapter 5

An Acquisition And A Warning

Echo’s dad officially introduced his daughter to Victor, the vampire who was going to feed on her tonight.

Terrified, the girl asked Victor if he preferred a certain place for his feeding, but sensing her discomfort and seeing her swollen red eyes, the vampire couldn’t feign anymore and told her he didn’t plan on feeding on her.

Distraught, Echo pleaded with him to atone for the mistake she didn’t s know she did to change his mind, but Victor ignored her speech and wondered what would her parents do if he backed out of their deal and didn’t buy the girl.

Echo couldn’t help herself but admit the truth. Her parents would be extremely mad and lock her up while searching for another buyer until her eighteenth birthday. Without hesitating, Victor placed a call to get the two million he needed to get the young girl.

He had a feeling that Echo was more than a simple human, as she smelled different and she bore no visible scar. Without further details, he asked the girl to pack her things, as she was going to be his servant and she would never have to feed anyone else ever again.

After leaving a simple goodbye note to her siblings, Echo joined her new master while he was making the money transaction.

Before leaving, Victor happily threatened Verity that the Council is on to her for trying to sell her kid and that the members already knew she had two more children and it wouldn’t go well for her if she were to go back to her old schemes again.

On the way to his mansion, Victor explained to Echo her chores, while also being appalled by the girl’s mistreatment throughout the years. He planned to enroll her to school, buy her new clothes and even allow her to do what she pleased when her chores were done.

Hearing Victor’s plan to treat Echo right and even give her his surname to protect her, she opened up about being called the evil one by her mother. The vampire’s grip on the steering wheel tightened, he was visibly enraged, yet he composed himself, urging the girl to never say that again about herself.

The Vampire’s Servant Chapter 6

Getting Comfortable

After reaching the mansion, Victor took Echo to the second floor, where he opened the door to a large room, adorned with nice, fluffy things.

The space was three times bigger than the little basement Echo used to call her room so she was already grateful for the vampire who rescued her.

Victor knew the house lacked commodities but he also knew that Echo had managed everything in her parent’s house, from cooking and cleaning, to gardening and even styling her sister and mother. He was confident that his servant would know exactly how to make the huge mansion feel like home.

His plan also included setting Echo free, allowing her to choose her own path in life. Victor only wished that the girl would remain his servant even after learning about her true heritage and grasping just how powerful she really was.

Part 3: The Overall Picture Of The Vampire’s Servant

The Vampire's Servant Fantasy Book

To be fair, I forgot how much I missed vampire stories until I came across The Vampire’s Servant Dreame novel. Without question, stories revolving around supernatural beings are the best, regardless of the nature of the protagonist.

Witches, werewolves, fairies and vampires, they are all attractive as their figures are surrounded by mystery and danger, while engaging in a relationship with such monster can only lead to a perpetual hazard.

The Vampire’s Servant fits the fantastic romance genre just fine, as Victor and Echo are both different supernatural beings, brought closer by fate but deeply desiring to be independent.

Following Echo’s journey in finding herself and gaining self-respect and confidence, while trying to understand love and passion is definitely a story worth reading.

Immerse yourself in reading the amazing The Vampire’s Servant!

Read The Vampire’s Servant Online Now

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