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She was glad to break bonds to discover her Bonds after the loss of her mother and her mother’s Bonded. She was confident that if she had them, everything would be OK. It wasn’t the case. Her people’s fate is in her hands, and she knows they will be better off if she is alone. After five years on the run, she is apprehended and hauled back to face the men she fled.

She believed she was acting correctly. In broken bonds, She is no longer certain. North, Nox, Gryphon, Atlas, and Gabe may never forgive her, but one thing is certain: she will never be forgotten. She’ll never forgive herself.

Part 1: What I Like About Broken Bonds?

Broken Bonds - Part 1 What I Like on Broken Bonds?

The world-building was fantastic! We are not bombarded with information; rather, it is delivered to us gradually to help us comprehend how the world works and what to expect.

People with a variety of extraordinary abilities, power brokers and corrupt politicians, a supernatural school environment, and a fresh spin on the fated mates cliché. All of this is woven into a one-of-a-kind narrative that you can’t help but fall in love with.

The lack of communication in broken bonds, which is normally a deal breaker for me, was also handled effectively in this case with Oli and her decision to keep secrets from her Bonds. It caused them so much struggle and suffering, but the way Bree set things up and developed this point would work so well for readers.

Even if you didn’t agree with their actions, you could see where everyone was coming from.

The Bonds themselves are unusual yes because of broken bonds. You will be captivated by all of them. The author did an excellent job at building interesting and well-developed characters, and you’ll appreciate how unique each of the guys was. The contrasts were really strong at times, and you’ll adore how that was played up.

You’ll like the revelation of Oli’s present. The entire finale of this book will make you so delighted and eager about what will happen next that you will rush out to get the sequel.

This is a novel that you will enjoy. It’s an action-packed paranormal RH with twists and turns with a wonderful female heroine, an amazing narrative, and interesting world-building.

Part 2: What Are the Main Characters and Background?

Broken Bonds - Part 2 Main Characters and Background

Following are the characters of Broken Bonds. Our main character, Oli, will quickly become one of your favorites. She is a powerful female heroine, a badass with a snarky attitude, a dirty mouth, and a temper.

She’s compassionate, and even when she appears defenseless, she understands how to hold her own against everything and everyone, suffering anything they throw at her but refusing to be pushed down in broken bonds

She’s smart, calculated, and terrifyingly strong, and you can’t wait to see what else she has in store for you. She may be frustrating at times, owing to her challenging personality, but you would still adore her. Finally, you’ll understand her motivations and all the sacrifices she made for these men in this broken bond novel.

Then her 5 male Bonds Gabe Ardern, He’ll be the first one you like. He was upset by what Oli did, and he cared about her even though he didn’t express it much. He’s also a shapeshifter.

Gryphon Beach, This boy is quiet and broody. He’s unapproachable, but he has a tender side that makes you swoon.

Atlas Bassinger, broken bonds were the only one who wasn’t upset with Oli or pretending to be wounded by what she had done and was solely interested in getting to know her and spending time with her.

North Draven is a crazy control freak who will irritate you, but he’s also an important character in this world with a lot of duties, and he’s probably the sort that can’t sleep because of the tension. However, he does not treat Oli properly.

Nox Draven possesses dark abilities as well as a terrible temper, which is a deadly mix. He’s the worst of the group, continuously attempting to harm Oli, but he’s probably simply damaged by broken bonds.

Part 3: What’s the Best Plot on My Heart?

Broken Bonds - Part 3 Plot

Part 3 of Broken Bonds is a NA reverse harem paranormal romance with excellent worldbuilding, a compelling narrative, and memorable characters. Oleander had a good life with her mother and friends until an unfortunate catastrophe ruined everything.

She concludes that being alone is preferable for everyone since she does not want to jeopardize her ties. However, after 5 years on the run, she is apprehended and returned to them. She may never be forgiven for what she did.

When Oli returns to the lads, they are enraged, if not hurt. They have no idea why she fled, and she refuses to tell them. In broken bonds, It’s difficult for them to forgive her, and she doesn’t help matters.

even though she is being bullied, she never lets her guard down since she is hiding a horrible truth from them. Broken bodies She convinces them she has no powers since her power is considered to be too hazardous to utilize and that if she does, she would destroy them. It was fascinating to see this all unfold!


Broken Bonds Summary

This is a hate-to-love slow-burning romance of broken bonds, which is also one of the reasons you’ll enjoy this novel since nothing seems hurried. The relationships are gradually growing, and because this is a six-book series, there will be plenty of time for them to fully bind. Sage and Oli’s lovely and caring friendship is also worth highlighting.

You’ll like seeing how it happens and how much they help one other.

Because of Oli’s thinking throughout, there is one scene with one of the Bonds that are quite tough to get through. In the story, there is one sizzling moment with a large, exceedingly doubtful consent warning. I believe some will perceive it as sexual assault, so please use caution when reading this. I highly recommend you read broken bonds.


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