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Storytelling through video games may seem unusual but it has increased in popularity over the years. The way that the author manages to explain, as in a walkthrough, the battles and the leveling up of the characters is truly amazing. Even non gamers, such as myself, can easily understand the narrative through game association.

These connections to video games are used as powerful instruments in constructing the narrative and the characters. Their lives revolve around power, mana, abilities and even spells. Gathering them will help the leading personages achieve a higher level.

Cultivation Online uses video-game as a mean to reconstruct a character who has been left blind and crippled at a very young age. The game will completely change his life for the better. Through cultivation, he will restore his body to perfect health and begin a whole new life, even abandoning his old name and adopting his game name, Yuan.

Will Yuan finally find the peace and love he longed for all his life? Will he find the strength to forgive his family? You can only find out by reading the book.

Part 1: Narrative of Cultivation Online

Cultivation Online Video Game Fantasy

Yuan is a young boy, who was born with an incurable illness that leaves him blind and disabled. Unfortunately, his parents, along with everybody else will ignore him. The only one who will remain besides Yuan will be his sister, who will love him unconditionally.

The story begins with Yuan’s sister, Yu Rou, climbing on top of Yuan’s bed and putting a helmet on his head that she had previously prepared. This will help Yuan play online while she is busy with school.

While exploring his new game, Yuan discovers that he plays Cultivation Online. He is a good adventurer and fast learner and, since there is nothing else he can do besides staying in bed and playing games, he begins to master Cultivation online.

Upon being kicked out of his parent’s home, Yu Rou will help Yuan find shelter. This will only increase his desire to be a better player. His username in the cultivation world will be Player Yuan and no one will know his true identity. The cultivation he gathers in the game combined with the treasures he finds will heal his body completely, making him a healthy, handsome man.

Being a whole person again will make women feel drawn to him, which will make his sister feel jealous. Yuan has a rough path to take in his life. Will his journey finally bring him the happiness he deserves?

Part 2: Meet the Leading Characters of Cultivation Online

This novel brings forward different typologies of characters. You have the poor, lonely, disabled, needy male lead, the compassionate sister, the soulless parents and the famous person’s wannabe friends. Together, they round up a beautiful narrative that you will enjoy without a doubt.


Yuan is the protagonist of the book. His bad luck follows him since birth. He had an incurable disease that left him a crippled, blind person. Not even his parents wanted him, as he represented a liability to them. Yuan’s only companion in his life is his half-sister, Yu Rou.

When discovering cultivation Online, Yuan is determined to master the game and sets up an anonymous character. The only person to know the player’s true identity will be his sister. Winning battles and finding treasures in the game will help Yuan restore his health in real life.

He will be tall, handsome, with silky black hair and brown eyes. His long, curled lashes will make women feel jealous. Along the way, after getting his eyesight back, Yuan’s eyes will turn red. Once he is fully recovered, he will have many flings.

Cultivation Online Yuan

Yu Rou

Yu Rou is Yuan’s sister and companion throughout the novel. She takes care of her brother when her parents fail to offer him the support he needs. Yu Rou encourages Yuan to pursue his gaming career and even provides him with a special helmet when he was paralyzed.

She is the one who encourages Meixiu to quit her job as maid for Yu family and go take care of Yuan. She will later become his lover. Yu Rou secretly develops feelings for Yuan but she doesn’t wish to tell him, fearing rejection.

Chu Liuxiang

Chu Liuxiang is Yuan’s childhood friend. They grew up in the same orphanage, until both of them were adopted by Yu, respectively Chu families. When Yuan begins his online cultivation, Chu is already a cultivation master, as she had begun her training years before cultivation was available online.

Liuxiang is able to discover on her own the identity of the player who was so famous online. She realized he was Yuan and goes to seek for him at Six Spiritual Families. The two characters rekindle their relationship and, even though her parents don’t agree to them being together, due to Yuan’s lack of social status, he takes her away. Both Liuxiang and Meixiu are aware of both being intimate with Yuan, but the two of them talk and agree to share him.

Part 3: Where to Read Cultivation Online?

Cultivation Online Story

If I stirred your curiosity to read Cultivation Online, you need to know that you can find the book by searching it on Google. There are more than fifty free available chapters that you can enjoy.

The translation of the book is good, so you won’t have any problems understanding the narrative. Trust me when I say this, you won’t need to read all fifty chapters to know that you will want to unlock the rest of the story. The ten first chapters will convince you.

If you are interested in the original version, look for mo dao zu shi read online. Either way, you get to enjoy Yuan’s journey, full of adventure, love and friendship.


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