Comic & Novel Review: Esper’s Game


This novel, the Esper’s game, is about a fictional character Luke who is champion in programming. His only purpose in life is all about coding. Every time his head is just covered up with the thoughts of coding environment. The warm rays of a fake sun were shining down on Game’s similarly fake skin as he unwinds in the nexus that was the digital universe while lounging on a fantastic beach chair. Everything was going well until his most recent issue chose to show up.

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Even for a VR Manhwa, the main theme of this esper’s game is quite unusual. It’s a mix of good predator drama and VRMMO. The main character is overpowering from the start and extremely badass. Side roles are also beautifully crafted. The art is stunning, and the action sequences are wonderfully portrayed. If you’re looking for a nice hunter type Olympic vr esper’s game with deed and solid melodrama, give this a shot.

Part 1: Main Characters & Storyline on Esper’s Game

Main Characters & Storyline on Esper's Game

The storyline of esper’s game is based on the Seven Heroes saving the planet from oblivion seventeen years ago. But Semoun Yeop, the strongest of them all, had to be sacrificed in order for it to happen. The Seven Heroes, known as Espers, no longer have any necessity for their magical abilities now that there is peace. Battlefield, an action VR game made expressly to let Esper’s display their abilities, comes into play in this situation.

It’s unfortunate that Korea hasn’t fared well in recent competitions; it’s difficult to imagine that it once gave birth to the greatest Esper in history. But just as it looks like there is no hope left, Semoun Yeop appears out of nowhere.

Esper’s game MC’s face has limited expressions, as if he is gritting with his teeth out most of the time, yet it is manageable thanks to fantastic art. Very refreshing novel in which the MC, despite skipping time, does not continue to do what he used to do or remain fixated on vengeance. It’s decent if you like instructor-type manga in esper’s game.

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Part 2: Exciting Plots and Hot Chapters on Esper’s Game

Exciting Plots and Hot Chapters on Esper's Game

In Esper’s game the planet answers to the universe’s decision to kill it in forty-two days by dispersing its spirit to all of its inhabitants, both human and animal. To stop monsters from invading through gateways from an alien world, they must use this essence. One is becoming stronger and stronger the more substance they have.

Jeong-u Park, a worker at a game studio, learns that Earth has selected him to be one of its saviours, although he initially only receives a small amount of essence. Because of his obsession with preserving Earth, he concludes that killing other people is the only way to gather enough essence to shut all the gates. Jeong-u must deal with an increasing number of terrifying monsters spilling out of the gates as Earth hurtles into its demise, as well as more people.

The hot chapter in this esper’s game novel is fight for your life where Luke finally opens his eyes after a while. After living in the shapeless vacuum, it feels good to have a body. It resembles swimming in extremely thick liquid. Excellent comfort. He saw the bedroom he was currently residing in as he looked about the space. Conveniently, it included the majority of what he required. On a nearby table were a phone, a laptop, a PC, and some papers. He received a notification from the system just as he was going to do some additional tasks.

It was previously death or life in esper’s game, but everybody takes esports extremely seriously!” That is the basic premise. Only clicked because he was bore.

ed to tears, but what rescued the whole clip for me was the MC saying it was lame and he didn’t desire to participate in esports, like. Yeah, I can see that, bro. They converted what you fought for your living opposed into a game for the public to enjoy. Isn’t that stupid? I would have dismissed it right away if he had just jumped into gaming without hesitation, but he didn’t. Morons gone insane in esports simply manipulated and seduced him until he accepted. Esper’s game would have come out a lot better.

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