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20th is the hot chapter of this novel. The Blessed Land started to fall apart at the node. Just a few seconds before, two persons were flying above the desert. Sage Xu from the Soaring Clouds Clan and Sage Lu from the Luo Sheng Sword School were the two sages that Ge Hongru had invited to assist him and summoned using the Celestial Inviting Incense. Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison The evening following the attack by the Yellow Sands King, the two Golden Core Sages arrived to the Aspirant Cultivators Academy.

Not long after they arrived, they were searching for the Demon King while soaring through the arid skies. However, they had overestimated the Yellow Sands King’s ingenuity, failing to anticipate that he would conceal himself in the Blessed Land beneath the enormous desert. Because of this, not even the two Golden Core Sages were able to find the Demon King. Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison Nevertheless, they persisted in their search and spent two nights thoroughly combing the entire desert.

The ley lines changed as Miao Yun set off the magic things, and they were practically visible with the naked eye. For a moment, it appeared as though the entire planet was made of yellow sand. The desert had submerged more than 100 feet, creating a large lake of sand. Sands were moving within it as opposed to water.

Part 1: Characters Settings & Main Storyline

Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison - Characters Settings & Main Storyline

I think the main character is amazing. He has the perfect amount of naivety, which I adore. A naive main can quickly anger me, but Yuan never does. He isn’t stupid, but sometimes he just doesn’t fully grasp ideas that are clear to other people, especially the NPCs in the game. Which, in my opinion, gives his character a great touch that I am loving and is one of the things I love most about this novel the most.

Sage Lu’s blade quickly expanded into a much larger sword. He pushed the other four pupils onto it without touching them as he stood on top of it with Chen Jingzhai. They were engulfed in sword light and vanished without saying a word. Sage Xu informed Ge Hongru that the Yellow Sands King had been killed and that the academy may attempt to find the demon soldiers who had survived before she left.

When his sister joins the game and is able to play alongside him, that is one thing that I can scarcely wait for as of the time of this review. To observe how she responds to who he is in the game will be quite intriguing.Right now, it appears that the globe is a typical farming world from a video game. I awarded it five stars since I don’t mind that sort of thing, and I know the author will improve it and make it even better, just like they did with their prior novel.

Part 2: Ending & Author’s Thoughts

Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison - Ending and Author Thoughts

Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison Yu Chen’s Primordial Chaos Art attained the fourth level of the fourth realm in the first year. Xi Ling was working tirelessly outside to protect her country from danger. Yu Chen’s Primordial Chaos Art attained the eighth level of the fourth realm in the second year. Outside, Xi Ling once more put her plan forward to the Hunyuan Sect’s leaders. It was again turned down. Yu Chen’s Primordial Chaos Art attained the tenth level of the fourth realm in the third year.

Yu Chen was forced to begin practicing the Blood God Mental Cultivation Technique since he lacked the next Primordial Chaos Art cultivation technique. Yuan was born with a crippling disease that rendered everything below his head worthless and caused him to go blind at a young age. His parents soon gave up on him because they believed he was hopeless and unredeemable, and everyone else disregarded him. His younger sister became his only reason for existing in this silent, dark world. Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison.

Part 3: Closing Words

Closing words - Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison

This novel The Fantasy Talent Tree: Cultivation For 20 Years In Prison starts with MC. SO MC was therefore charged with stealing a highly pertinent method. He wasn’t subjected to torture, and they decided to simply keep him locked up and fed. The perfect defense for this would be that since the sect of Buddhism involved teaches non-violence and monks spend a lot of time doing meditation, the MC is not negatively affected by studying the Buddha’s teachings while imprisoned. Or that the MC is related to an elder and will be imprisoned to protect the male bloodline until the elder emerges from seclusion and engages in negotiations.

You will enjoy reading this novel and their move with the changing environment and the seasonal affect on MC. You will be feeling committed while reading this novel. Would suggest you to please give it a read for 20rs. I would suggest you read some similar novels like. Additionally, even though the pace might seem a touch too quick, I actually quite like it. Many novels I can’t get into because the plot just seems to drag on, but not this one, and I really like not having to slog through numerous chapters that are just there to increase the word count. It isn’t like that in this story, which is just another aspect of it that I love.

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